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  1. Badges

    Be careful if you use heat to remove the emblems as that can distort the clear-coat underneath if you get it too hot. Just use fishing line to "cut" the emblems off and like mentioned above, some adhesive remover to remove what is left behind and then buff/polish the area.
  2. @Cheverado, I'd recommend WAMS (http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/) or MVI (https://www.gm-navigation.com/). Chris (WAMS) does a lot of custom programming for a lot of the vendors including MVI. Anthony (MVI) has top notch customer service. If you're interested, they may be able to upgrade your system some more like adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but that would require a newer HMI at least.
  3. Denali cluster in SLT

    @Loafer987, it's best to contact Chris through his website, http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/. He's a very busy guy.
  4. Denali cluster in SLT

    A 2016 may fit in a 2015.5. Check with Chris to be sure. If you're an early 2015, probably so.
  5. Denali cluster in SLT

    Just find a 2018 Denali VIN off of a site like Autotrader, Cars.com, etc and have the dealership look up the cluster for that VIN. 6.0 vs 6.2 shouldn't matter. As long as it's a gas and not a diesel, you should be good. The online part sites aren't complete and up-to-date as the dealerships. Just think smarter than dealerships parts guys.
  6. Bump for Price Drop The lens is in perfect condition. No scratches or broken tabs. Get you something nice for X-mas!!!
  7. 2015 GMC From Canada

    Like mentioned above, you can purchase custom BCM programming from WAMS (www.whiteautoandmedia.com) but the truck can't run without the BCM. What was mentioned above was for without the HMI. You can also try this from Ben Tyler of BT Diesel Works https://www.btdieselworks.com/collections/tuning/products/2015-2018-autosync
  8. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    @Denali_King, I'd like to see a pic of the TCM you're referencing. The last time I knew they were all inside the trans like @tbarn said. They've been there since the 6-speeds. They aren't serviceable separately to my knowledge.
  9. ^^^^This^^^^ It's pretty interesting though when a charcoal canister blows up!!!
  10. Possibly but the odds are against it... If you can force the programming for an LTZ VIN into it but then do a VIN relearn to your actual VIN, then theoretically yes. I was able to do this on my 2010 Silverado LT when I essentially converted it to an LTZ. I needed another 2010 LTZ though with the same options I added and then relearned my VIN into it after programming the BCM for the other trucks options. I then had to re-flash a couple other things including the navigation headunit to make everything work. This was on a 900 series truck back in 2011 before I heard of anyone offering custom programming. The K2 trucks are more complex though so this may not be possible as I haven't tried. The downside with the J2534 or dealer programming, is it checks for stock software based on your VIN on how it came from GM and programs stock files per that VIN. So you have to be able to trick it though in some instances, it does ask for RPO codes. Unfortunately, just adding the RPO code option doesn't always work as there are other things down the line of the communication network that needs changing thus bringing the need for custom programming. In my opinion, the easiest and simplest option is to purchase custom programming if you don't want to rely on things like resistors. That is the route I will take, going with WAMS, if I can make it to this mod on my long list for my 2500. I don't know if adding the 1500 LED taillights is even possible for the 2500 as I've heard conflicting things but if my pocketbook allows it, I will find out.
  11. Just something to think about here... It's actually a relatively simple way of doing things. I also highly doubt it was about saving a couple dollars as well. They've had BCMs for this for over a decade now at least. With today's vehicle communication networks (LIN, CAN, FlexRay, etc), they are able to do everything that they do and do it efficiently. There are less modules and wiring that have single uses. The weight savings alone from this is tremendous. This also simplifies diagnostics as long as you have a way to communicate with the vehicle. If you don't have the ability to communicate, it's going to cost you by either gambling on parts or paying someone else to fix it. In my opinion, if you have any inclination of working on your own vehicle of today, I highly recommend buying a bidirectional communication scan tool and possibly the J2534 programmer. People complain about the cost to repair today's vehicles but have no idea what it takes to properly diagnose them or where to begin sometimes. Also, to solve a common misconception, scan tools don't tell you what is actually the cause of the problem, they just help point you in the direction of the problem.
  12. Denali cluster in SLT

    For anyone needing a 2018 Diesel UHS (Denali) cluster, I have one for sale here on the forum.
  13. I would check with WAMS to be 100% for sure if it would or not. I do know 100% a gas cluster WON'T work on a diesel. Diesels require the glow plug/wait to start indicator which the gas clusters don't have and they will trip a CEL. Also the diesels tachometer is only to 5k RPM vs the gas 6k and the diesels oil pressure guage reads to 120psi vs only 80psi on a gas cluster.

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