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  1. @Crobinson16, I may know someone how can take it off your hands. Shoot me a PM when you get it.
  2. The diesels are different as there's no glow plug circuit in the gas clusters so you'll get a check engine light. I'd just look for a 2015 Denali diesel on the internet and get the VIN and take it to the dealer to the part #.
  3. I believe you're correct as I don't think there's any difference between the LT/LTZ leather with the bench seat. Only difference would be in the buckets with the ventilated seats with the perforated areas.
  4. These are the LTZ headrests that should work if you don't give into your OCD.
  5. Ignore that, I was incorrect... also I just checked and the HC is double stitched on the side but single on the headrests but have the piping. I'm a bag of misinformation this morning. I can get you an 18 Denali VIN from my brother if you want.
  6. Use my VIN I gave you for the pedal sensor, that's the LTZ/HC/SLT/Denali lid.
  7. I can't blame you. I've thought that's the route I should have gone instead of the black HC covers. I love the piping on the HC but the Denali pattern and stitching is niecer IMO.
  8. I feel you. If it drives you crazy enough, take my leather seat covers off my hands!
  9. Phil, I believe the Denali seats are the only ones with double stitching. LTZ/HC are single.
  10. PM me any offers. I have these listed on ebay but I could do a better price through here to avoid the ebay fees!
  11. There are various different options/features along the lines you have mentioned, from screen mirroring to Blu-ray/DVD capabilities to a single rearview camera up to 360 cameras. I would contact either MVI (Anthony Brush - www.gm-navigation.com) or WAMS (Chris White - www.whiteautoandmedia.com) to get all the details as they offer more stuff than I've mentioned. I've bought stuff from both MVI and WAMS and highly recommend both.

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