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  1. Please keep us informed regarding your pending repair.
  2. This message is for ChevTech77. You stated in this thread about a half dozen pages back that this is the way Chevrolet Engineers designed the gas pedal for our 14-18 K2’s because the Chev 900 series had complaints of Vibraion when in AFM mode. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT? So you’re saying that a slight vibration is going to interfere with Gas Mileage in our new trucks? please come back and explain, cause a lot of us are not Techs as yourself and would like to know why Chev designed the pedal with flex in it. Thank you
  3. Do you have a Catch Can on it. ???? You got great mileage out of her, just wondering.
  4. Just did the fix on my 2017 Silverado 5.3 and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Thanks for the post. 😃
  5. I just purchased a 2017 Silverado, and my truck had a leak just like yours. The dealer found the leak, it was the cabin air vent leading out the rear of the the cabin on the drivers side.
  6. I purchased a 2017 Silverado a few months back, it’s only got 22500 miles on it, and it runs great. Just got through changing the Oil 8 qts of 0-20w Castrol. Anyhow, while underneath the truck, I notice no grease fittings on the upper or lower A frame ball joints. You mean to tell me they don’t get greased anymore? whats with that?
  7. How many miles on that intake valve?
  8. For all of you who rotate your own tires, do you follow the direction indicated in your owners manual? When I do mine , I leave the spare out of the rotation, and simply put the front tires on the rear and the rears on the front. I work the right side first, then the left. Whats best and why?

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