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  1. Do you replace the gasket between the TB and intake when you reinstall it?
  2. Where’s the PCV Valve located on a 2017 Silverado 5.3 engine?
  3. I took my 2017 Silverado W/T Reg Cab long bed out today to see where the speed limiter was set, but more so to check for any vibrations. Smooth as glass right to 110 and everything in between. , didn’t want to push the issue, but so much for the 100mph limiter!!! BTW, the truck is a 5.3 4WD with 6 speed transmission, stock tires, with 3:42 gears. Truck felt like it had much more in it, but didn’t want to test some CHP’s radar gun.
  4. Go to : mightymousesolutions.com Search OEM connectors.
  5. Definitely keep your receipts for oil and filters and any other gear lube changing that you do yourself. Make sure you using the lubes GM calls for, doesn’t mean it has to be GM, but the specs they call for.
  6. Check your exit vents behind your cab. There’s on one each side, make sure they are installed.
  7. Dealerships will do anything to void your warranty. Some I suppose are neutral about it, but I’m not going to take the chance of some pencil pusher voiding mine. They might not say a thing about it, but be rest assured they have it documented for future visits.
  8. I installed that Amazon can which is a China knock off of the ADD-1 can which costs hundreds more. I added some stainless scrub pad into the baffle and wow, 400 miles and have almost 1/2 inch of oil already. Dont want that stuff coating my intake system. Hooked mine up with OEM quick disconnects, in case I have to visit my dealer, can have it out with my 15mm wrench and a blade screwdriver in less than 5 mins. I keep both tools and my stock PVC line in a bag behind my seat.
  9. Why would your drive shaft blowout? ITS BALANCED !
  10. This message is for ChevTech77. You stated in this thread about a half dozen pages back that this is the way Chevrolet Engineers designed the gas pedal for our 14-18 K2’s because the Chev 900 series had complaints of Vibraion when in AFM mode. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT? So you’re saying that a slight vibration is going to interfere with Gas Mileage in our new trucks? please come back and explain, cause a lot of us are not Techs as yourself and would like to know why Chev designed the pedal with flex in it. Thank you
  11. Do you have a Catch Can on it. ???? You got great mileage out of her, just wondering.
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