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  1. Straighten me out here....we are concerned about making this car in the US and putting American Autoworkers to work. We would rather have the Chinese and Mexicans building our cars for us. I guess this is why we bailed GM out and saved them from going under. Make America Great Again.....
  2. Can't believe folks are still discussing this as an issue. My dealership (#1 in the nation, Laura Buick GMC in Collinsville IL) brought someone in from the outside and did the repair on my 2015 Sierra, 1500. I have 30K on the truck now with no more seat issues. I believe he was an upholster, someone that deals with furniture.
  3. I asked the very same question....the rad is replaced because it now has leaks and the Therm recycles more slowly preventing the new rad from leaking again (laymans terms)
  4. Don't wait! If you are having the issue get it serviced. I just had my Radiator and Thermostat replaced on my 2015 Sierra 1500, SLT under a service bulletin that is out. Evidently the issue is being caused by the Thermostat creating to much pressure in the Radiator causing it to leak. If you are smelling Anti-freeze and/or seeing steam coming from under the hood.....get'er in.
  5. I have had this issue and the computer was reprogrammed to fix it. The problem has returned. The screen is blank and nothing is working. I restart the truck and it works again. A couple of times have required several restarts before its functional again. Currently at the dealership for oil change tire rotation and to replace the Rad and Therm for leaking Radiator issue. They are going to look at the radio issue again.
  6. My 2015 Sierra (15k, 6.2, max tow) is at the dealership as we speak getting replaced Rad and Therm. The explanation, Therm opening to quickly and then to much pressure released into the Rad causing it to leak. New therm opens more slowly. I noticed occasional mist on the drivers side coming from under the hood and the anti-freeze smell when exiting the truck. I will get my truck back on Monday.
  7. Yup Laura Buick/GMC in Collinsville, IL has deep discounts on new trucks.....check them out you'll be glad you made the drive. Their website is loaded with 1500 SLTs. Mine has the tow package with the 6.2, 420hp and camper mirrors.
  8. Yup Laura Buick/GMC in Collinsville, IL has deep discounts on new trucks.....check them out you'll be glad you made the drive. Their website is loaded with 1500 SLTs. Mine has the tow package with the 6.2, 420hp and camper mirrors.
  9. Be sure and ask the Field Engineer what his expectations are regarding the test before it begins. Get that in writing if possible. If he believes the GM story line, the results will be predictable. And you will be wasting your time. Reference my Test with GM oversight from Feb2014. The report is posted there. (Posted 12 February 2014 - 04:12 PM) Good luck and I look forward to your posting of the outcome of your test.
  10. Sorry to see this remains an issue after I first posted it back in Dec 2013. Luckily I live in a fairly rural area, southern Illinois, so I can put up with the problem. I did go by a dead skunk the other day that wasn't very pleasant. I did trade my '14 for a '15, same issue, but I do love the truck. The '15 has the 6.2L with the camper mirrors......420 horse, whoa......maybe GM will fix this and correct the problem for all of us...until they do, enjoy the ride, cause there isn't another truck like it!!
  11. Interesting...Ford to the best of my knowledge still isn't using hose clamps on their seats. By the way, I had my dealer fix my seat last summer. They ordered the parts and then farmed the work out to an Upholster who removed the seat cover to perform the repair. The problem has not returned and its been over 7 months.
  12. I had the dealer order the parts and they have an outside upholster come in to do the repair. They told me that all work like that is farmed out. Its been 3 weeks and all is well. Maybe you need to have the right trade doing the work. Something that a wrench turner may not be that good at. And he didn't remove the seat to fix it, the guy removed the seat cover to do the repair. This was explained to me, now I wish I would have asked to watch him do it. Will keep an eye on it, but so-far-so-good!! I'm happy again!!
  13. I have given up for the time being....check out my 8 March post. There is a document attached that gives us options. The dealerships should have been aware of this document or maybe communications between the Service Manager and the techs is not the best. I have stopped doing GM surveys because I don';t know how to answer them....
  14. So is this another 'functioning as designed'. So is this another 'functioning as designed'.
  15. This related issue goes directly to the problem. Apparently at GM the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Even though we are all being told that the operation of the recirculation feature of the HVAC system is as designed, according to the attached document someone is unaware of the choice that the customer/owner has in this. As a customer and an owner it seems as though we do have a say on how the HVAC should work. Some in this forum have been able to get several facts out to us because of discussions they are having with their service departments or other research. What is unfortunate here in this case, we conducted a test to determine whether or not in the HVAC Recirculate mode that outside air was being introduced into the cabin of the truck. The outcome of the testing was predictable but GMs response was not. They clearly understood that the situation was not acceptable to the owner and yet they failed to meet expectations which they so clearly outlined in their response. Someone is not doing their homework. Now I have been told that the door when in the recirculation mode is closing all the way, others have been told that it is closing 90%. Both could be true and depending on what the issue is should drive the response. After reading the attached document #PIT5229A which is discussing Excessive Dust Intruding into the Cabin Interior - (Jan 15, 2014) we are left with a choice. I remain convinced that my dealership is telling me that the door is closing all of the way which for them is equal to 90%. This will be my next question to them. Unfortunately these fine folks are unable to think outside of the box. I don't believe they possess the skills necessary to properly satisfy the customer...if they did they would have ensured that the door on my Sierra was closing all the way (100%) and then set me on my merry way, another happy customer. Instead I suspect this testing charade was created without truly analyzing the problem. Someone got credit for opening a case and then closing it as resolved without satisfying the customer by correcting the problem when choices are clearly available. I suggest we all print the attached document off and present it to our dealerships and let them explain why they were unable to present these options to us. Then - just fix it so I don’t smell stuff in my truck anymore!!
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