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  1. Driver side mirror got smacked off parked on the side of the street. Got a "new" used mirror and installed it. Turn signal works, but power fold and power adjust doesn't. Not sure about defrost, but probably not. To my knowledge, all DL3 mirrors had power everything and DL8 doesn't. Do they need to be programmed or anything? Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks
  2. I gotchya. I just dropped the truck off at the dealership for this issue today. We'll see what they come back with.
  3. Why did they not cover it under warranty?
  4. I can't tell from the pics, but do these have power fold and puddle lamps as well?
  5. Apparently there is some strain on the airbox after installing MIT intake tube. I had the hood opened yesterday for another reason and notice the lid to my airbox was not seated properly and 3/4 screws were almost stripped out and one was missing completely. Anybody else have this problem?
  6. How much rub do you have with that tire size?
  7. Haven't chimed into this thread in a while, but I actually had a blow out on my tranny last week. Picked the dog up from the vet and just trying to merge into traffic, rpm start flaring, hard engagement into gear, slipping, lunging, etc. Barely made it home to drop the pup off and limp to the dealership. Haven't got a full diagnosis yet. Hope to hear more by tomorrow.
  8. You should be. Might get very slight rub at full lock or going over bumps, but nothing much more than that
  9. On the fence about trading my rims to go back to OEM. Rims are in perfect condition, but just like switching up the look. Tires will stay unless someone has something comparable to trade with. Let me know what you've got. No shipping, located in Houston. 20x10 Fuel Maverick -12 Offset. Tires are 295/55/20 Toyo AT2 Looking for either of these 2 wheels.
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