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  1. I've got 295 60 20 Nitto Terra Grappler on stock rims with a 2 inch level and they fit and ride perfectly. IMO 35s look better with at least a 3 or 4 inch lift. With the leveling kit the 34s look nice and don't look like they're stuffed in there. But either way they'll look better than factory tires.
  2. The same exact thing is happening on my 2019 LT. Especially when I turn right and up or down an incline like my driveway. Sometimes it's louder than others. I don't know what to do to fix it. I've got the noise narrowed down to the left rear. If I step into the left side of my rear bumper and bounce the bed a little bit it makes the noise once or twice and then goes away. But eventually it comes back. Only have 3000 miles on my truck and it just started doing this. It's one of those things that if I take it to the dealer I feel like I won't be able to replicate it enough for them to figure it out because sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't but it's annoying as hell when it does. I have a 2 inch front level and the stock 20 inch rims but with 295 60 Nitto Terra Grappler. I saw on another thread somebody had a leveling kit and oversized tires on their truck and the dealer blamed the noise on that...
  3. 295 60 20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 with 2 inch Rough Country level kit. No rubbing and rides nice. I had the old Terra grapplers on my old truck and they lasted forever. Nitto makes a solid tire.
  4. I have the GM CAI on my 2019 LT 5.3 looks like there is a couple of the Amsoil filters that might fit. Not sure if the 5.3 uses the same filter as the 6.2. Looks like the Amsoil filter is a good one. Keep us updated and please let me know how to use the GM trucks discount.
  5. You can fit 33's without a leveling kit with plenty of room. The stock wheels that came on my truck were 275 60 20 which is a 33. With the leveling kit you can go with a wider 33 or taller than 33. I have the 2 inch Rough Country level which is a bottom spacer with 295 60 20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 and it rides nice. I don't know if a top or bottom spacer is supposed to be better but so far I like the bottom spacer on my truck.
  6. It's all good. No issues. Rides like factory. No rubbing. Tires do not stick out.
  7. I have a rough country 2in level on my 2 wheel drive LT 5.3 l and it looks good but from what I've seen and read online I think it takes less than 2 inches for trail bosses. If you look on the wheel and tire thread there are people who have done less than 2 inches leveling. There's a picture of my truck with the 2 inch level and Nitto Terra Grappler G2 295 60-20 tires.
  8. Thanks. I went back to the same shop that put my leveling kit on and spoke to the owner of the shop one last time before I took it to the dealership. He sent me to another one of his stores that had a more experienced tech and they finally got my steering wheel perfectly centered. It's like new again. Make sure you get the leveling kit put on by someone that's experienced with the 2019 or just get it done at the dealership. I found out later that the dealership would have done the leveling kit for the same price as the shop I got it done at. I paid 500 for the leveling kit and alignment. Don't let any shop tell you they can't get it perfectly centered because they can. I went with the 2 in rough country leveling kit. It came out perfectly level and rides like factory.
  9. Charles89 not sure on the 2018. I think it's tougher to get bigger tires on the 2018 because of the shape of the wheel well and the 2019 comes a little higher in the front from the factory. Worth a shot though. It will be close. It's not really that big of a deal if it rubs a little at full lock. I'm really glad mine didn't rub but if it was a slight rub I would have still put them on.
  10. It will be very close. Mine don't rub but were close to the back side of the wheel well and the control arm. There was only a few millimeters of clearance. I would do a test fit if you can first. If the 305/55 doesn't fit you will be happy with the 295/60. My tires are basically 34 in diameter but it didn't throw off my speedometer and the acceleration is still great. I checked the speedometer with the speed on my phone's GPS at 70 mph and it was showing the same. The pros of my tire size are the truck rides slightly higher, it fills the wheel well nicely, and it still looks a lot wider than stock tires. It's amazing how much better the truck looks with just a 2in level and a large A/T tire. My dad just got the same exact truck as mine except in Cajun red. The difference in stance is very noticeable when they are parked next to each other. The only problem is now I'm starting to second-guess the color I got lol. Post some pics when you get your new tires put on.
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