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  1. Honestly, i was worried about it being too much at first, but i don't even notice it anymore. One thing i will say though is i know when i start it up every morning at my apartment complex, everyone can hear it lol.
  2. Hey nycen, i can't really see on the pictures u posted, but does your mirror come out as much as mine?
  3. I don't see there being any delay, should be on time. They probably have less orders coming in due to what's going on, meaning more time to complete the orders already made on time.
  4. I have the borla atak and I love it. Here's a clip :
  5. Overall pretty satisfied (9/10) with the CX Revo. Was hesitant due to all the negative reviews online but it seems pretty sturdy. The shape of the rear glass opening could be a bit better if it was curved more towards the tailgate. You can see it sticks out a little bit. Tried sticking my hand through and its a pretty tight fit so not too worried about that. May end up switching over to the new Leer model coming out soon but who knows. See pics below :
  6. this is the CX Revo right? how is the gap between the glass and the tailgate? can you stick your hand in there? also how much did it cost? thanks
  7. I’m sorry I worded this poorly, I installed the gm Cai MYSELF, then brought the truck over to the dealership for a RE-TUNE. the dealership is trying to charge me for the re-tune
  8. This is what I’m saying, I installed it myself and brought to dealership for re-tune, should be covered right ?
  9. Installed the GM CAI on my 2019 silverado 1500 couple weeks ago, then took to the dealership for a re-tune, but then they tried to charge me for labor for re-tune but i showed them the labor code and receipt and insisted the labor was included in the purchase price. They honored it that day but now calling me back saying that there is no labor included and they were wrong. Anyone who's been through this process know how i can explain this to them? or what do i need to show them exactly? thanks
  10. Js had the borla atak installed on my 6.2l 2019 1500, soundclip below:
  11. Honestly couldn’t tell that much of a difference, and I had the borla atak installed immediately after so no way to tell now lol, taking it in for re-tune tomorrow morning
  12. Installed the GM Console Lock Box, really happy with the fitment and how sturdy it is. Perfect for locking away certain items https://www.shopchevyparts.com/cargo-management/2019-silverado-1500-front-center-console-lockable-storage-box-black/84081567-p-92300787.html
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