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  1. I’m sorry I worded this poorly, I installed the gm Cai MYSELF, then brought the truck over to the dealership for a RE-TUNE. the dealership is trying to charge me for the re-tune
  2. This is what I’m saying, I installed it myself and brought to dealership for re-tune, should be covered right ?
  3. Installed the GM CAI on my 2019 silverado 1500 couple weeks ago, then took to the dealership for a re-tune, but then they tried to charge me for labor for re-tune but i showed them the labor code and receipt and insisted the labor was included in the purchase price. They honored it that day but now calling me back saying that there is no labor included and they were wrong. Anyone who's been through this process know how i can explain this to them? or what do i need to show them exactly? thanks
  4. Js had the borla atak installed on my 6.2l 2019 1500, soundclip below:
  5. Honestly couldn’t tell that much of a difference, and I had the borla atak installed immediately after so no way to tell now lol, taking it in for re-tune tomorrow morning
  6. Installed the GM Console Lock Box, really happy with the fitment and how sturdy it is. Perfect for locking away certain items https://www.shopchevyparts.com/cargo-management/2019-silverado-1500-front-center-console-lockable-storage-box-black/84081567-p-92300787.html
  7. Vinyl wrapped the chrome on front and rear bumper ,
  8. Recently ordered the BORLA ATAK for my 2019 Silverado 1500 6.2L. Here is the before and after VIDEOS on cold start: BEFORE: AFTER: Overall, extremely satisfied with the sound. Nice deep growl, not as crazy as i thought it would be, which is a good thing considering I was about to get the Sport because i thought this would sound TOO aggressive Here's the link to the exhaust: https://www.borla.com/products/silverado_sierra_1500_62l_catback_exhaust_atak_part__140776bc.html
  9. Finally came to a decision and went with the BORLA ATAK for my 2019 Silverado 6.2L LTZ. I know there aren't any videos out for people to hear/review so I will make sure to post up here once its installed near the end of next week ! I'll also be installing the GM CAI from shopchevyparts.com , will report dealership experience and post pics as well ! Anyone already have this set-up installed? Opinions? I've only heard the ATAK on older models and am just going for it. Wish me luck
  10. So i stopped by my local store today to look at some potential camper shells for my 2019 silverado, and came across the ARE CX REVO. By far, my favorite. Was about to put in the order but came across this video : ** Because the back window now sits flush with the truck, this customer is able to stick his hand under and flex the window to the point of UNLOCKING the cap when locked ! Does anyone here have this cap on their silverado and if so, do you see the same issues? Thanks
  11. MSRP: 61k my price: 48k Here is what i did recently to get 20% off of my truck. On the last week of August i stopped by every dealership in my local area (6). For the first 4 dealerships, i told them which truck i wanted and the price i wanted it for. After being denied by all, i left each time and told them thank you, ill need some time to consider. For the 5th dealership, i gave them a call before arriving, and told them, i have stopped by 4 other dealerships, and this is the price I'm looking for. The sales rep obviously told me to come in, and they will do everything they can to get me my price. When i arrived, after negotiating, the best price they gave me was 53k. I told them thank you, i have one more dealership to stop by. As i was leaving he stopped me and said they can do 51k. I then called the final dealership and said, " Look, I've been to every dealership in this area, the dealership I'm at has offered me 51k and i am about to sign the deal, can you guys beat it? He replied, "Yes sir, come down here right now and we will beat there price." I snapped a photo of the price sheet and told the manager i appreciuate the offer but i have to due my due diligence and stop by the last dealership. He said he understands and says his deal is locked untill the end of the day. i arrived at the last dealership and at first they tried to sweet talk me and get me to actually buy the car for 54k. but once i told them I'm not here to play games and showed them the price sheet from the last dealership(51k) they came back and said they could only do 53k while ensuring me that their identical truck was "better" then the last dealerships(lol). I got up out of my seat and started walking to the door, the manager comes out and says, "sir congratulations, you have a deal. 50k" I then texted the other sales rep at the last dealership and let him know this dealership js offered 50k. he replied back in 2 min and says "we'll do 49k". I showed the text to the sales rep and he went back to his manager for 5 min, this time the manager came out to talk to me and you could tell he was irritated. He said "Sir, you are getting a good deal, this truck is better then their truck, you need to stop trying to negotiate and take the offer." I replied, no thank you, I'm going to get the truck for the best price. He then walked back into his office and sent his sales rep back out 5 min later and gave me what i wanted at 48k. First time I've done it this way and ill have to say it was the best car buying experience I've ever had.
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