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  1. That little lever in there is stuck, unfortunately. That lever pulls on the cable that goes down to the catch itself; I’ve gone as far as to pull on the catch and it won’t release.
  2. I work for a prominent wrap shop as their assembly/disassembly tech. As I was performing standard door handle removal, another of the vinyl installers jumped in to try to help remove the handles. He got the concept, but then re-threaded the door handle removal set-screw. Without knowing he had done this, I closed the door. The inner door panel has been removed (Pre-handle-mishap). The interior handle pull cable doesn’t work, I’ve tried that. The child lock is not on, I’ve checked. The door is not locked, manually or electronically, I’ve tried that. The plastic surround of the fingers that pull the release cable are “stuck”, and I cannot get them to rotate. I’ve gone as far as to reach my hand inside the door, from inside the truck, and tried to manually pull on the release-hook; no such luck. Does anyone have any advice, other than a BFH? ?
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