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    2018 Silverado 2500HD LT Z71 DCSB 6.0L
  1. Here’s our 2018 2500HD on the showroom floor in August 2018 and what it looks like today. So far we’ve added the 18” wheels and tires for summer and kept the 17” for winter, GM side window rain guards, Weathertech bugshield and mudflaps, ARE Z Series canopy, and 2” McGaughys drop shackle in the rear. I would still like to add the roof clearance lights.
  2. Just got my McGaughy drop shackles installed yesterday. What a difference they make, not only bed accessibility but overall appearance as well. I went to a suspension shop and had them do it. I tried mounting them myself but had a heck of a time trying to get the new shackle in the hanger, so the money they charged me was well worth it. Has anyone had to replace the rear factory shocks due to the 2” drop, or is there enough room for them to compress while under load?
  3. Titian Fuel tank

    I just towed a travel trailer home to Alaska from Washington state and found the 36 gallon tank was sufficient. Of course I wish it was 50 gallons, but better than a 26 gallon. We brought 2 extra 5 gallon gas cans with us and never used them. All the major cities through Canada were spaced just far enough away so we didn’t have issues.
  4. Does anyone have any pictures of the bed seam and shackle after the install? Just picked up a new truck and this seems like what I’d like to do.

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