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  1. Any help on replacing the nut? I am in the same situation as others. Actually after many internet searches the answer was right in front of me the whole time. There’s a bolt behind where the exterior door handle mounts that needs to removed. This will allow the door handle bracket to be lowered and the nut can be reinstalled.
  2. Looking for a receiver cover. I prefer something that fits the 2.5" receiver without using the 2" adapter, but not necessarily a deal breaker if a 2" is nice enough looking.I currently have a plain black rubber plug insert. I have already lost one once so I am looking for something that needs the receiver pin to keep it in place. One requirement is it should sit as close to flush as possible to the receiver itself due to my parking situation. Show me a picture of what you use?
  3. We went through this exact same comparison a couple years ago. We decided the gasser was the best way to go. We tow our travel trailer (8,000lb) a few times each year through 8% mountain passes. Sure we aren’t first to the campground but I also don’t run it into the ground either. The other 355 days per year it sits in the garage half the time and the other half it’s used to run errands. I would’ve loved the diesel but I can also buy a lot of gas for the extra 10k it would’ve cost up front. Go with gas if you’re not hauling the majority of the time. You do no justice to a diesel engine if you’re not working it.
  4. We have a 2018 LT double cab with the 6.0 and love it. Sure it doesn't have all the amenities as my bosses Denali HD, but ours has everything we needed/wanted. Heated bucket seats, factory auto start, backup camera, and more. My only gripe, if you could call it a gripe would be the exterior color. Our search started in August of 2018 and for new vehicles we were limited to pretty much black or white unless we wanted to travel to the east coast. So we chose black. We went to Wisconsin which was far enough from our home state. The double cab fits in our garage, the crew cab is just barely too long. The gas engine tows our travel trailer just fine the few times a year we use it. We couldn't justify the extra 10 grand for a diesel only to use it as an in-town driver 95% of the year. Overall these trucks are awesome!
  5. I was debating the same thing last year. We decided to get another bumper pull travel trailer but needed to upgrade out tow vehicle from a half ton. We had a diesel a few years ago to pull a travel trailer, it rhymes with Mummins, but I never actually used it for its intended purpose. We only tow 5 times a year at best. That truck seemed like it was always in the shop with emission problems. Maybe it was because I used it as a city daily driver in the Arctic and only for a few miles per day, or maybe we had a problem child. All I know is that when we were looking at Chevy's last summer, we decided to go with gas. Yeah the diesel would pull our trailer better, yeah we would get better MPG's towing, but for the extra 10 grand just for the motor, I can buy a heck of a lot of tanks of gas. Over 100 as a matter of fact when I did the math. We may not be the first ones over the mountain to the campsite, but I never have to add DEF, never have to regen, and the maintenance cost is lower. If I was towing a lot, or even drove more, maybe diesel would be more appealing but I'll keep my high revving gasser because it does the job I'm asking it to do.
  6. When we got our 2018 Silverado last year, we had the gas vs diesel discussion. We bought a 30' 8,800lb gvw bumper pull travel trailer at the same time and wanted to get the right tow vehicle for the job. We had a diesel a few years back that was not a GM product. That thing was always in the shop. Since we only tow a few times per year and I don't commute or do much highway driving, the diesel wasn't worth the extra expense to us. I have no regrets with the 6.0 gasser. I also had the 2" McGaughy's drop shackles installed. At first I really liked them. It is definitely easier to get in and out of the bed. Now that we have had them in 6 months, I am not sure about them anymore. The rake that was in place before that would level out when hauling something, is now gone since the rear sits 2" lower to begin with. I have been thinking of putting the old shackles back in.
  7. Here’s our 2018 2500HD on the showroom floor in August 2018 and what it looks like today. So far we’ve added the 18” wheels and tires for summer and kept the 17” for winter, GM side window rain guards, Weathertech bugshield and mudflaps, ARE Z Series canopy, and 2” McGaughys drop shackle in the rear. I would still like to add the roof clearance lights.
  8. Just got my McGaughy drop shackles installed yesterday. What a difference they make, not only bed accessibility but overall appearance as well. I went to a suspension shop and had them do it. I tried mounting them myself but had a heck of a time trying to get the new shackle in the hanger, so the money they charged me was well worth it. Has anyone had to replace the rear factory shocks due to the 2” drop, or is there enough room for them to compress while under load?
  9. I just towed a travel trailer home to Alaska from Washington state and found the 36 gallon tank was sufficient. Of course I wish it was 50 gallons, but better than a 26 gallon. We brought 2 extra 5 gallon gas cans with us and never used them. All the major cities through Canada were spaced just far enough away so we didn’t have issues.
  10. Does anyone have any pictures of the bed seam and shackle after the install? Just picked up a new truck and this seems like what I’d like to do.
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