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  1. Has anyone done EvoX-R 2.0 projectors yet? I have a set of them that I was going to do in my f150 but I traded it in for the my Sierra so they are just sitting in a box collecting dust.
  2. I'm also currently trying to decide between these 2 tires for my Sierra. Ive ran KO2's on my old F150 for roughly 15k miles. They are amazing in the snow, quite on the highway and had great tread life. My biggest complaint was no one could get them balanced 100%. I went to a few different tire places and no matter what I always had a vibration at highway speeds. Because of that im most likely going Duratracs.
  3. Brighter LED's 2015 Sierra Denali

    Diode Dynamics have direct replacement switch back LED boards. You will have to open up the headlights for install. lightwerkz.net has them in stock. https://www.lightwerkz.net/index.php/led-lighting/diode-dynamics-modules-boards/boards/2014-2015-gmc-sierra-switchback-drl-led-modules.html
  4. Back in a GM

    I'm Jay and im back in a GM. Couple weeks ago I traded in my 2012 F150 for a 2015 GMC Sierra Black on Black SLT Z71 crew cab with 28k miles on it. The F150 wasn't a bad truck but it was only a STX so it didn't have any options. My last GM vehicle was a '08 TrailBlazer SS and I kick myself everyday for trading it on on the F150. The good news is I really like the Sierra, it reminds me a lot like the SS and its nice to be excited about a vehicle again. Not sure on what mods I want but BFG K02's will be on before winter.

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