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  1. Issues with Diablo Sport Tuner

    Oooooo.... You said monkey!!! I’m telling CNN!
  2. No worries. Flowmaster’s own videos make it look like you can slide the tip back enough that it’ll be in a similar location to the factory tailpipe, then mirrored on the driver side, and that’s about where I want it.
  3. Picked up a 2018 CC LT TX Edition... I have the Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw cat back exhaust on order. While I took a look at Corsa and Carven... Flowmaster is what I know. This is the first complete kit I have gotten from them. I keep flip flopping on the tip mounting, out the back or out the side... I’m leaning side. However, I don’t want the ends of the tips to stick out from the body lines. Post your pics so I have some reference of what either location looks like. Thanks!
  4. Not trying to revive a dead thread, but I’m reviving a dead thread. Has anyone tried tuning an eAssist? I called DiabloSport and got told, respectfully, to kick rocks. I eMailed HP Tuners with a vin and specified the L8B RPO engine code... and they said their product works with the eAssist. I’m wondering if anyone with the eAssist has that HP Tuners and a good speed shop voodoo going on.
  5. I'm the FNG

    Howdy. I'm new here. I'll give you reasons to swipe ri... wait, wrong site. Moving on, I like stuff that goes fast and makes noise. Fast cars, trucks, guns... I like that stuff. I am in the process of going back to a Silverado for the third time. I've had a 04 SCSSB Z71, 07 Classic ECSB 2wd 5.3L, and an 11 ECSB 2wd All-Star 5.3. What am I looking at... All I can tell you is a Crew Cab with the 5.3, carpet (wife requirement), and the G80 rear. That's all I have it down to right now, though I am leaning Texas Edition. I might buy a good, clean used one. I might buy a new one that a dealer needs off the lot. I could go either way on 2wd or 4wd, but I'm leaning 2wd because the tend not to understeer as much. If I lift, it'll only be a straight leveling kit and no more than 33" of tire. I'm not going to be mudding hard or crawling over rocks, that breaks stuff, but I will be going off the paved roads from time to time to a campsite, bonfire, or dinking around my folk's summer land. I'm in Central Texas, so I subscribe to the idea that if you get stuck here with a 2wd... You are dumb, someplace you weren't supposed to be, or a combination of both. My vision is for a cruiser that Wifey and I can go off the beaten trail in that sounds good and won't let me down when I treat the on ramp like a drag strip. I think the 355 HP 5.3L will do all that just fine. I do like sharp handling. The K2XX trucks I have driven have all impressed me in that regard, so I'm not too worried about feeling like I'm at the helm of the USS Reagan if I jump in the truck right after my Charger (which I am keeping as a tool until the wheels fall off). Believe it or not... I'm bordering on getting wrapped around the axle over gears... pun intended. 3.42's and 20's is acceptable. 3.42's and 17's sounds like a dang good time. 3.08's and 17's... I read good and bad about that configuration. I guess I'll have to get a good test drive in one like that before giving it a GO/NO-GO. I will say this... I test drove an E-Assist and was presently surprised when it (after I shut the nannies off) ripped the tires off the ground for a good bit off the line. I would consider one if it wasn't so damn hard to tune. Anywho... insight, advice, and warm welcomes will be much appreciated. AATW!
  6. For what it's worth... The Tahoe PPV has the 3.08 rear gear. While our LEO friends might not be doing a lot of towing... the they do run them hard. If you ask my simpleton opinion, that is certainly worth something.

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