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  1. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    The data I found on the GM Police site just says it's a "4 in. aluminum" drive shaft... That said... There is a link in this thread for a google search for 2-piece K2XX driveshafts. I saw one that's chrome-moly and supports 800 HP... I like it.
  2. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    I’m definitely more concerned with the drunks and the texters than I am the Hoonigans...
  3. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Roughly the factory height... maybe a hair lower. I know the Tahoe PPV has different springs than the standard Tahoe and I love the stance those have, but the coils in the back won’t work... I am planning on Bilstien shocks all around before too long. I had great results with my Dakota RT and my 1st Silverado using them.
  4. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Before legislating obedience, I’d rather see parents and elder siblings teach the young ones in the family the following: -personal responsibility -discretion -situational awareness -assertive driving (I don’t like the term defensive driving... it sounds like you’re driving the car to not get hit and get where you’re going rather than get where you need to go without hitting anything... I learned about this concept from a dude in 3rd Group) -car control and braking -how to use the gears effectively... and drive a manual trans if you have one handy. It would also help if parents would make getting grounded suck again when the kids screw up.
  5. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Oh... read early comments... I’ve kinda bent physics along the way. I vividly recall having an 1114 at “H” (think about it... the highest number on those speedo’s was 65 and we were wrapping back around to letters...) along Tampa several times. I’ve also spent a lot of time proving physics right... namely gravity... by jumping, like the brainwashed simp I am, out of airplanes.
  6. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Well... I’m a Libertarian. So, ultimately I ask how does someone else’s speed effect you? Unless you’re part of that inevitable wreck... it doesn’t. I like that you mentioned “gun-toting”. I’m all for it, but do you train?
  7. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Damn... That’s impressive.
  8. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Comrade Stalin; do you prefer Joseph or Joe for your personal acquaintances?
  9. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    I was also going to look into the cop brakes and shocks.
  10. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Come take it from me... 😘
  11. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    My gut is telling me to look into the Tahoe PPV shaft... and thank you for understanding that I want the capability even if I don’t execute to it... kinda like training with Wally World ball but carrying LE Grade JHP’s you pray never get used.
  12. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    I’m sorry. Who are you again?
  13. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    143.5” WB... Crew Cab, 5’8” bed. I think it’s number two in OAL behind the 6.5’ Bed Crew and 8’ Bed Double Cab. Without a different driveshaft, I’d have Lew bump it up to 105 to be safe. The two piece looks neat... prior to this, I’d only thought it handy for big lifts.
  14. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    So far... not a fan... in the community of Pew... it wouldn’t take long for someone who really, really knows what their doing to swoop in and push a blow hard’s [email protected] in for brow beating a cherry over a question. I get it. Wanton speeding and reckless driving are bad. Hell, it probably is known by the state of California to give you cancer. With that... assuming it doesn’t offend anyone’s sensibilities in here... it’s time for a splash of Jack Daniel’s No. 7.
  15. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    Love it! Just to be safe, I’m going to ask my local parts guy about the PPV drive shaft. I don’t plan on going triple digits all that often, but I’d like to know I can just in case.

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