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  1. The truck is factory. The Camaro I'm looking at post ROK tour is what's low... and pretty friggin' fast.
  2. I wonder if Grumpy would approve of the above idea. Eh, on second thought I don't care.
  3. It's low, loud, and in the 12's... stock... I'm okay with that kinda boring. LOL
  4. Screw it. I'll leave the limiter, driveshaft, and entire truck alone aside from exhaust, intake, long tubes, and a tune... and get my go-fast fix with a Gen6 Camaro SS.
  5. Okay, I'm just going to take things in a new direction and leave the suspension on the truck alone for the most part... Screw it. I'll get the gonzo handling and go-fastness via a Gen6 Camaro SS with MRC.
  6. I'm lowered now... 4/7 to be exact.. and my mpg went up... haven't took it on a long trip.. but it's improved on the mpg... The K2XX'x have 3" of rake? Damn... I was hoping to only be left with an inch once I did the Belltech 985HK.
  7. Did the hitch go back on after install? Reading Belltech's instructions on their 5-6 flip kit, it went back on after everything else was done.
  8. The Flapper... where is it? I'm wondering if my Flowmaster Outlaw kit already got rid of it and if I would need DiabLew to do an update if it is still there but goes away. Pics would be very much appreciated.
  9. Okay folks... what is the consensus numbers on what a good set of 1 3/4” primary long tubes (Kooks, ARH, etc) will get you on an basically (maybe a CAI and a cat back) stock L83? Info/numbers on catted vs non-catted would be cool too. So would before and after tuning... even though it’s pretty much a given that you need a tune if you do long tubes. Thanks y’all!
  10. The 4WD PPV does 121, 2WD 134 per the info from the GM Fleet site. That same site says “Propshaft, 4” Aluminum”... I think it being a lot shorter helps it not go kaboom.
  11. I’m surprised Grumpy didn’t come all up in this thread wondering why you would want to have the capability to go any faster than 60-65...
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