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  1. It's just duct work. 99.9999999999% sure it's not going to do anything.
  2. I drive with mine on because gas is expensive these days! Retesting it vs L7 mode to see if it actually gets me better mileage for the type of driving i typically do. i'm PRETTY SURE it's not 100 percent failure by 50,000 miles as someone posted before.
  3. Hey this applies to life as well! Lips don't prevent $#!T from coming out of people's mouths either! ahahhahahaha @Grumpy Bear you are soooo wise not just about automotive stuff but life in general!
  4. I used it on my 8-speed eAssist. Made the trans shift super harsh. I left it on for over a month to see if the truck just needed time to adjust and it never did so I went back to driving in M7 mode. No V4 and truck shifts fine, or as good as it was before the Range.
  5. how thick is the pan? thick enough to install a drain plug for frequent changes...I know...still have to get to that filter...damn.
  6. I've been using my dog poop bags with limited success. Also, for particles that aren't able to drain out because of the protruding fumoto valve threads creating a lip at the bottom of the oil pan, there have been some folks that have either dremeled the excess threads to remove the lip or have cut a notch down the protruding lip threads to allow particles to drain out.
  7. Just swap out your muffler for a magnaflow. Very mellow tone all around, minimal drone (drone and loud are both very subjective. I am old with ear hairs so i'm very sensitive to loud, sound and drone...all subjective). I have a GMPP Borla and at 3K it had this resonance that I could not stand. So i threw the stock resonator back on there and now it's fine. FYI this is the exhaust that virtually everyone said it doesn't drone...but it did for me. Also, my friend has a corsa sport. Thing is loud...but to me it's the sweetest sound in the world and i would not mind those pipes whatsoever...again...he doesn't hear any chop when in V4, while I totally hear the fleet of choppers over us.
  8. If there was a problem with wear, that little magnet wouldn't tell you much of anything. It's not a super magnet that catches all floating metal. It's only able to pick up and hold on to a very small radius. If one is that concerned then samples should be collected.
  9. some super nice ear plugs so you can't hear the passengers yapping and complaining!
  10. So of all of the GMs produced with AFM and is currently out on the road, what is the percentage of ones that have failed so far?
  11. I got some ultimate pedal covers, removed the stock rubber pedal covers and installed them (drilled into stock metal brake pedal and plastic accelerator pedal) using stainless nuts and bolts. I used some 1" or 1.25" spacers for the gas pedal. Now both pedals sit much closer together. I love the feel. Looks is whatever because I don't look down there anyway. Or you can get a driving shoe with a thicker sole haha
  12. If you want it out in 1 piece, then you can't have the rear on ramps. You need the suspension to unload so that it hangs down and away from the muffler, allowing you to slide the exhaust system forward to remove, and clear the resonator and tail section between the axle and truck bed.
  13. super straight forward install, nothing tricky unless you are trying to get it out in 1 piece. Then jack up rear high and drop the spare tire. I did that on a friend's truck. For mine, I just cut it. make sure you line everything up, check for clearance and then clamp down to torque spec, especially at the connection to the cat. Some have tightened too early so had clearance issues with the cross member.
  14. I used to think that I wasn't having luck with the ladies because I didn't have a six pack. I worked out hard, lost weight and got a six pack. It would draw them much closer to me than before, but still no luck. So I gave up and instead went out and bought the ladies six packs....and guess what? IT WORKED! My luck turned for the better! Found out years later from my wife (and kid) that the it wasn't about my body, it was about my face. Moral of the story? I don't know, but I run both a catch can and CSS and it looks really cool in my engine bay. Run it if you want, don't run it if you don't want to...wall or no wall, cream or no cream...exercise your right to freedom! Of course that means others will exercise their right to say your catch can doesn't do anything and there isn't any benefit at all....and all that oil that collects in it overtime is from the oil fairy!
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