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  1. Buddy has the Borla S-type on his 2018 with eAssist. It's not like a cold start or anything. It just turns on and you get a tiny rumble but nothing crazy. I have the GM Performance one but haven't installed it yet. I did install a CAI and you don't really hear anything with it.
  2. I was referring to the banks system.
  3. super nice looking system and also on sale! get it!
  4. It’s alive!!!! I will post a vid later on YouTube or something. 10 miles on it and it is definitely is very different. Report back later. At happy hour now.
  5. Forgot to mention. Instead of getting a bung welded onto the intake pipe, they do sell quick connect barbs (for turbos, etc.). Or you can just do this hack at home, basically sandwiching the hose/pipe. This is what I'm going to do for the other set that I'm building for a friend. Make sure to use some sealant and thread locker.
  6. Nice set up! Generic or not, the system is doing what all systems do and that is bring air (arguably more air) to the motor. As long as the piping is bigger, straighter and solid, shouldn't matter if it's a generic system, name brand system, custom system, etc. Just make sure the filter is of good filtering quality (and flow). I do prefer dry filters though.
  7. I got the new elbow from siliconintakes.com. Still needed a little bit of trimming as the clearance from the TB to the reservoir needs to be around 6.5" to work. Also note that silicone hoses may collapse if the stretch is too long. you can prevent this by adding a small section of pipe inside the middle of the hose and a clamp on the outside to keep it in place. You can also use a rubber reducing elbow, which won't collapse. Found one at intakehoses.com that would work with a little bit of trimming. Yesterday I decided to trim the stock intake pipe and the silicon elbow to make it work instead of waiting to get a bung welded on for the CCS hose barb. looks like a very cool old school pirate gun or something. Going to install it this week. Will load up some pictures then.
  8. The "Catch Can" Explained

    you need the 3/8" for the PCV so why are the fittings so expensive? The stock pcv line with fittings is $10 on rockauto and $8 shipped, but $9 just for one fitting, or is that for a pair?
  9. Hang tight. Just waiting for the CSS. Hopefully this weekend will have everything installed. I don't foresee any issues with the set up. The stock intake is the same on eAssist and non-eAssist models and all it does is bring metered air to the engine. You will just get to hear that whoosh and the air sucking that occurs at start up every time you stop.
  10. For those who are still interested, I got some parts to make an intake system work. Purchased a silicon reducing 90 degree elbow (4.0" to 3.5") to clear the coolant overflow tank and to fit the throttle body to a 4" Aluminium intake pipe, which connects the system back down to to the stock air box, or aftermarket air box. Depending on the aftermarket system used, you may or may not need something to hold the MAF (they sell that anyway). I'm using the GM performance intake system. So basically, only using the intake box and the first set of the ribbed pipe connection. Since I don't have ports to connect the vent lines, I will be using Elite Engineering's clean side separator, which basically deletes the port upstream of the TB.
  11. Anyone noticed any feathering issues with the trucks when new? Started noticing some feathering around 750 miles on my eAssist with 4x4. Called a local dealer and they said they can only look at it, but couldn't do anything until at least 1500 miles to 2000 miles. Recommended that I take it back to where I purchased it from. I took it in yesterday, the service consultant said they can look at it, but they aren't supposed to touch it until around 8000 miles. I showed him the wear and told him by then, I will not have any tire left. So they agreed to take it in and check it out. Then when they were test driving, apparently an Audi turned into my front passenger wheel...anyway, long story short I have a loaner now that is not 4x4, but also eAssist with only 1700 miles. I noticed the same feathering issue, just not as bad as mine (probably weight related). Perhaps a batch came out of the factory with too much toe. Thoughts?
  12. Happy Vote Day! Update: Decided not to do the coolant relocate. Too much work in case I want to go back to stock for some reason. Installed purchased a silicon 90 degree reducer (4" to 3.5"). Took some measurements and the elbow will clear the coolant reservoir with 1/2" to spare. Then will connect that back up to the straight intake pipe to the airbox. Unless you have a CC you will need to plumb the intake pipe for the PCV connections. Will post pics once I get the parts and lay it all out.
  13. GM Performance exhaust is made by Borla. Where did you see the GM Performance exhaust made by Corsa? My buddy has the 6.2 AT made by Corsa. It's loud when it needs to be. No drone, no helicopter thing, etc. At light acceleration it does gurgle some. Sounds great but I need something quieter, so I'm going with the GM by borla.
  14. I've already got the plumbing for relocating the tank figured out. When I get around to doing it I will post up. I can see why not much research has been done on this since people with hybrids typically don't do mods!
  15. Bump an old thread. Anyone fit an intake on an eAssist model or relocated the coolant reservoir yet? On the eAssist has the coolant reservoir in just behind the fans, in the front of the engine bay. This blocks the intake tube from being fitted over the TB. Looks like the coolant tank would just need to be relocated to the empty front driver side corner area and all will fit.

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