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  1. This is super great news! Yea HP Tuners still a no go. I had asked BBP awhile back and they said they should be but couldn't verify. Glad that it can be done! T
  2. Old thread but in case anyone is following, BBP has tuned at least 1 eAssist Sierra. So if anyone is interested, BBP can tune you.
  3. Your ball joint pressed itself out! Totally legitimate reason for upgrading now!
  4. Advice is just do it! If you have the stock wheels you will likely rub with the 275/60/20s at full turn. It's not bad but can get annoying. Do the front first and then decide if it's too much rake for you still. Otherwise do a 2.5" level and leave the rear alone.
  5. Yea eAssist is a bit of a pain, especially with programming. Other than that, it's a fine truck.
  6. At 1.8" you will be fine with the stock UCAs, but if you want a piece of mind, Camburg UCAs works for 1-3" of lift and are of very good quality. I know many UCAs say it's only for X.XX lift, but there is min and max range that the UCAs would fit. 1.8" should fall well with them. The well known aftermarket UCAs will rub on the tire if you run factory 20" wheels. I just installed readylift with UCAs and with stock tire size (275-55-20) it did not rub on the driver side but slightly on the passenger side. After swapping to to 275-60-20s, it rubs on both sides. Just enough to smudge s
  7. I just swapped to 275-60-20 Pirelli Scropion ATS and now passenger tire no longer rubs at full lock to the left.
  8. Just installed readylift 2.5" front level with UCA this weekend (66-3086 kit). Currently running stock 275-55-20 and control arm rubs on the passenger side tire at full lock (left). The left side clears at about 0.5". Tires are pretty worn from waiting 3 days to get alignment. Will be replacing with 275-60-20 Pirelli Scorpion AT next couple of weeks.
  9. Nice! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad he got it to work with minimal work to the reservoir. Just keep an eye on the reservoir because the intake will move/vibrate with the engine and looks like it may rub on the reservoir.
  10. Thanks! I was looking at some of the super high end ones and loved how they looked so rugged. Then decided just to go the DIY route and spend the money elsewhere. I must say I have received numerous complements from people looking for racks. From those who already have pre-fab racks I get nothing but stares and hate ?
  11. I got them from https://www.compactcampingconcepts.com/ I got the unfinished ones and then painted them myself. I was in a hurry for a trip to Zion so had to throw it together quickly. If I had more time and money, I'd get everything powder coated or use bedliner spray on them. I got the cross bar (square 1.25") and angle iron for a local metal shop. Then I found comparable from Home Depot for cheaper! I went with 2" angle iron, which is overkill.
  12. The price of the bedracks are ridiculous these days. I ended up going the DIY route. Just angle iron, lateral supports from compact camping concepts. Everything came under $250. Fits my stock tri-fold, which takes up a lot of room on the rails. Some drilling is involved.
  13. @tp503 nice intake! good to know it will fit 5.3 eAssist. Just get a reducing coupler from the local autoparts store and it should fit fine! Looking at the instruction manual, it's already in there.
  14. Which intake did you get? Looks like you got one for a 6.2L and have the 5.3L? It should come with a coupler to make it fit either Throttle Bodies. I got mine elbow at http://www.siliconeintakes.com/ looks sketchy but shipped on time. Also, if you are worried about the silicone elbow collapsing, you may want to get thicker ply one, throw some hose clamps around it, or use a rubber elbow. I haven't had issues with it collapsing at WOT so I left it as is.
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