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  1. LOL...Now if everyone or most eAssist radiators go out at 40K, then it would be a bad build.
  2. What kind of driving do you do that you average 24.5 mpg?
  3. the camera has been better than any of our other cars, so it feels like a step up. now our infiniti QX60...what an absolute POS. I remember we used to think it was so great until we got the sierra.
  4. That is if it ever makes it out of the parking structure. I think OP had all the work done in the parking garage and now can't get it out.
  5. Anyone done mods that, as a side effect, increased gas mileage? Let's hear it!
  6. ok....let's change that to most people then.
  7. Hey so let's hear more about the build and less about how OTHER people's money should be spent. I don't have money, exciting build or history of owning awesome cars, but I bet I can piss further than anyone here.
  8. Post a few pages back was with a wire if i'm not mistaken. Running with wire instead of diode will wear your battery out faster Interesting how the diode looks much like a one way check vavle
  9. I had mine installed and used continuously for a month and had gone through about 4 tanks of gas. I really didn't notice it until my buddy drove it and said it shifted rough. After that I paid special attention to it and sure enough it did shift harsher. I then took off the range and drove in L7 for a couple tanks. No bangs...then drove in D and no bangs. Put the range back on and was back to the harsher shifts. I've since given it to another friend to test but he still hasn't used it.
  10. @Grinkly do you notice any harsher downshifts with the Range and 8 speed/eAssist? I installed it and noticed the shifts were much harsher than when driving L7 (disabling AFM and autostop/start
  11. That labor is so much! Might as DIY and swap to a different pan with drain while you're at it.
  12. hey guys with the diamond back covers, how easy are they to remove in case you need to move something like a fridge or something like that? Thanks
  13. Install is the same as on a 5.3. It's super straight forward. Just take your time. if you want to remove the stock exhaust in 1 piece, you will need to get the truck as high as you can and then also drop the spare tire a bit. I ended up just hacking off the stocker. For install, just make sure you don't tighten down until you get all the pipes lined up with good clearance over the cross member. Rotate the midpipe so it is as far up as possible otherwise it will hit the cross member. On the 5.3 the GMPP Borla is too tame. I'm sure that it's tons better on a 6.2L. You may also want to check out the corsa. IMO a much better sounding exhaust. I've installed a sport on the 6.2...wow...and deals pretty good when in V4 as well. Heck the truck has pretty good sound insulation that most of the touring don't sound loud enough inside the truck, but on the outside, they are anything but quiet. Good luck!
  14. It's just duct work. 99.9999999999% sure it's not going to do anything.
  15. I drive with mine on because gas is expensive these days! Retesting it vs L7 mode to see if it actually gets me better mileage for the type of driving i typically do. i'm PRETTY SURE it's not 100 percent failure by 50,000 miles as someone posted before.
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