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  1. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    I used to think that I wasn't having luck with the ladies because I didn't have a six pack. I worked out hard, lost weight and got a six pack. It would draw them much closer to me than before, but still no luck. So I gave up and instead went out and bought the ladies six packs....and guess what? IT WORKED! My luck turned for the better! Found out years later from my wife (and kid) that the it wasn't about my body, it was about my face. Moral of the story? I don't know, but I run both a catch can and CSS and it looks really cool in my engine bay. Run it if you want, don't run it if you don't want to...wall or no wall, cream or no cream...exercise your right to freedom! Of course that means others will exercise their right to say your catch can doesn't do anything and there isn't any benefit at all....and all that oil that collects in it overtime is from the oil fairy!
  2. Yes it works on the E-Assist. The shifting does seem a little rougher but other than that it works fine. For an intake to work you need to either relocated the coolant reservoir or modify the intake tube itself. I did it with a GMPP and it works fine.
  3. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    So what i'm getting from this thread is that the small quantity of oil that gets through the PCV and into the intake is perfectly fine for the engine and has absolutely zero effect? Because that is what it seems like OP is saying.
  4. Catch Can

    I went with Elite CSS and UPR catch can. Look great and works as intended.
  5. Installing those mufflers will hurt your ears and your head more than your MPG.
  6. Someone was selling a used Corsa in the FS section...local pick up only...for like $600. Probably gone now. I have a Borla now. I also want a Corsa. I like having a lot of pipes. Exhausts are like shoes. You should have one to match your mood and occasion. Now before someone chimes in and says it's a waste of money...hear me out. Do we really need more than 1 pair of shoes? No! But do we have more than 1 pair? Most of us do! And from a totally biased but not really viewpoint...Corsa has the sweetest note of all on this truck. I still think the sweetest of all is Prodrive on a boxer motor.
  7. The GMPP Borla comes with the flapper valve. I haven't had any issues with crazy weird noise when in V4. You can also have someone weld the stocker back on there.
  8. What's your concern as far as being an eAssist vehicle?
  9. WOT

    So...like this...would be correct...."I press the accelerator pedal...i mean switch...all the way down about once or twice per tank". So unless you tune it out, WOT is NOT? So if WOT is NOT, then it's okay to NOT light to light? I love NOTs when the pavement is wet in AWD mode.
  10. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Looks aren't everything. That is why the world is full of ugly people still.
  11. Exhausted/ AFM Advice

    it really depends on the type of driving you do. City and hilly areas vs long flat roads, highways, etc. when there is little load or acceleration involved. My driving is typically stop and go and some long stretches. I tested it with AFM on and Off (using the manual mode) and for me, it didn't make too much of a difference. The biggest difference was not being able to use 8th gear when I override AFM by using L7 mode. I did a comparison sometime ago in of the MPG posts or AFM post. I can't remember. I need to go back to it to compare how the range is doing for me.
  12. The only time I didn't get an aftermarket intake for my modded vehicles was for my Subaru because it was proven that the stock box and filter flowed more air than what my motor needed to produce max power on my supporting mods. I did observe the same for my Sierra, but the sound of the intake is what eventually got me into purchasing it...I'm such a sucker. If I ever get a Telsa I'm sure I would be buying an exhaust and intake for it as well.
  13. Hey that is an interesting observation in regards to vehicle getting used to the range. Driving in L7 before the range did not produce any rough shifts. After installing the Range I did notice some but since i'm not heavy footed it, didn't really think much of it until someone else posted about hardshifting and the Range. In testing that again, I removed the Range and noticed still intermittent hard shifting. Reinstalled and and noticed the same. Currently I've been driving without the Range in L7 and it does seem to be shifting better as time goes on. I'm going to give it a few more weeks and then put the Range back on, and then let that go for a few more weeks. Will report back later if i can find this thread again.
  14. Drive it in L mode with 7th gear selected. This will disable start/stop and also AFM. If you still have the same issues, then it's not the Range, but rather the set up that you have. eAssists loves to stay in V4 mode. I currently have 2018 eAssist and with the range noticed some hard shifting. Sent it back to Range for firmware update. But even now noticing shifting has gotten harder. Think it's just time to take it in for the TSB.

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