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  1. UPR Products catch installed

    I'm not hard on my truck at all and also do not drive with AFM on (Use L7 method) and I still see some oil collected in my CC. I say install one, see how it works and then decide if that is worth $200 to you, or if you would prefer to have that amount of oil get stuck in your intake.
  2. UPR Products catch installed

    Single valve CC is still $199. Comes with check valve built in, braided lines, etc.
  3. I love the Range AFM

    Tuners haven't figured out how to tune the eAssist so with that model, you will need to go with the Range to disable or Drive in M/L modes (not enough demand and also they are lazy, don't care about a challenge, or in it just for the money). I've been doing that for awhile and no issues, but just curious to see the difference in having L8 with V4 shut off. I got mine strictly for research purposes. But then again I wipe my A$$ with money so I can afford such luxury. Then again I am somewhat money conscious and thrift so I did purchase a used Range and I only only use dollar bills to wipe.
  4. The color now is sweet! I actually found an almost pristine set and dumped my stockers.
  5. Chinese posts

    Chinese...hieroglyphics...hahahahahaha I was having something similar awhile back...turns out it was Korean hieroglyphics
  6. Bought a Range AFM disabler

    I just picked a used one off eBay as well since I can’t find a vendor that would ship to CA. Let’s see how well this works with eAssist.
  7. Best Exhaust

    You know all these exhaust sound different in person? Remember your requirements of not waking the kid up at start up and also being able to go hunting. IME, anything other than a Borla touring muffler would wake kids up and also not be conducive for hunting unless you are trying to flush all the game out of the woods into an awaiting ambush.
  8. Best Exhaust

    Sounds like you need a borla touring and put the flapper back on unless you get rid of V4.
  9. Brake upgrades

    Thank you for the info. I've been eyeing the slotted 16's in black or even unfinished. The red would be too noticeable to the CFO, same reason i order all my surfboards in white!
  10. Bought a Range AFM disabler

    I've been seeing that discount for awhile now. I just found out from another post that it will work with 2018 eAssist despite what the crazy lady at Range is telling me. Now just gotta get it shipped to me in CA. Been driving in L7 all over the place and sometimes wishing I had the 8th to go into, but now it's a reality!
  11. Brake upgrades

    $1500 is insane pricing! Where have you seen it for that little so I know where to look for these deals.
  12. Man the lady that responded to my email said no. what a nut case. Did they send it to you in CA or did you have to send it out of state first then back to CA?
  13. Hey can you give me the range part/order number? I asked Range if they support the L8B and they said no! I don't think they know their product too well. How did you get it to CA?
  14. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Tune that thing to spool up earlier and run more boost and it will be so fun to drive!
  15. @IncisionInd it's very doable! Friend was going to print one out but he never got around to it. I think the 90 bend would be the more difficult part to do because the space is so limited that if you print out a 90 elbow then put the rubber reducer on it to mate up to the throttle body, it would hit the coolant. Much easier to print out the straight pipe part with the barbs for attaching vent hoses and use a rubber reducing 90 elbow that will clear the coolant reservoir. I was so desperate was going to give all my info to many of the performance parts manufacturers for them to come up with something and then test it but none were interested. When researching this I saw that all the parts are so readily available that you just need to put it together.

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