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  1. With some work you can get it to work. I got the GMPP CAI to work on the eAssist model. Just needed new silicon or rubber elbows, bends, etc. to make it all work together and don't be afraid to cut. But in the end, would all that work be worth the rewards? Nope...After getting mine all set up, I should have used the money for something else!
  2. Nice find! Going to order some up soon! makes everything so neat!
  3. Nice looking set up! Did those hose ties come with the RX kit as well? they really tidy up the hoses.
  4. For those who have AFM turned off via Range, etc. yet do not have catch cans, how do you know that your vehicle burns no oil? It could be burning a miniscule amount that is too small to be picked up by the dipstick no?
  5. Thanks for the info! I do recall on the BITOG forum, one member estimated failure at less than 1%. Number-wise, it would seem rather large, but percentage wise, not too shabby!
  6. So what is the estimate on the number of failures vs the number of vehicles equipped with AFM out there?
  7. It's actually pretty open and not difficult at all.
  8. It's for if it ever sees boost in the manifold, it won't push back into the can and blow it up...something like that...it's in my head somewhere.
  9. better hurry! the cut off for CC install is like 35,001 miles before it's too late! jk. just the single valve is enough, either elite, UPR, RXP, etc. If you WOT a lot then get CSS also. I have Elite CSS and UPR CC. I set that up because that was the most cost effective system.
  10. @SS502 awesome detail of steps. I need to hire you as a translator to get the thoughts from my head to the world! my head only shows me flow charts and then I have to explain it out of my mouth. doesn't work well.
  11. Nice service! I think it was mutually beneficial. You got what you needed and now they have a template for those who want the same set up as yours! And thank you for posting up that vid I was describing, and also describing it 100% better!
  12. Well, mine catches stuff so I guess it works . Great read here. Now let's take it OT and talk about tuning...why no one has tuning for the 5.3L eAssist models? if tuners can tune Toyota and BMW hybrids, why can't GMCs be tuned? oh wait...there's no money in it...or not as much money in it...unless it's a tuner who just tunes for the love of it...passionate about work = quality work! don't find that too often anymore.
  13. Wait...don't go yet...the RXP system shown does have 2 catch cans, but they are not in series (confirm @SS502) right? One is for the clean side (valve vent lines) and the other is for the PCV. Now if we follow by the multi-stage in series principle (or baffles, compartments, etc.), I believe that most of the better designed cans do have small separation chambers inside and also the wool to allow the floating oil particles to coalesce. So if what you say holds true, then the little oil filter CSS units definitely would not function as well as the catch can unit no? Reading all that also reminded me of that catch can shoot out where 2 cans were used in series and the amount captured in each based on position (1st in series or second) was used to determine the more effective can. FWIW, all that @Grumpy Bear typed, we just put into a program in our computer and it tells us what size baffles, how many, etc. to get solids to drop out, and we do use baffles, chambers, etc in series. But now we're going back nature's way of filtering water...so now we use mixed soil media, plants and bacteria. I will gladly test in the future my new and Nature Approved catch can using baffles, mixed soil media, plants and bacteria. I just need to get a loaner from the dealer to do this
  14. yes please do! I don't deal with air, I deal with water but the dynamics are very similar!
  15. That RXP can is HUGE! is it really HUGE or just looks like it? So you had to cut Joe's nice bridge line for his CSS sytem to put in a T to bring to the small RXP can?

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