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  1. Height looks good front and back. I don't think you will need that rear block.
  2. Just keep it in when you want V8 and take it out when you want AFM turned on. It takes 2 seconds to install/remove. I've had my range in for 20K miles. Just took it off last week for a change. My wife's SUV has the sport, eco, etc. modes. Seems to me they just adjust throttle sensitivity. I ended up getting one from soler performance. Loved it until it gave me a cel and put me in limp mode. I was in the middle of nowhere at the time so just found a lot and parked the truck. Gave it a few minutes, restarted it and it was fine. Drove home and ripped that thing out.
  3. Any CAIs will work. You just have to either make a bracket to rotate/move the coolant overflow reservoir, relocate the reservoir, or custom the intake pipe so that they don't obstruct with one another. If you just want to turn off the V4 mode and auto start/stop, then the range is all you need. If you want anything beyond that then a tune is best. I only know of BBP that has tuned eAssists. It's not supported by the others.
  4. I used this one, it's a little longer, but otherwise fits fine. I clean and swap this one and GMPP one back and forth. Some say you can clean it, others say you can't. AEM 21-2059DK 4" Inlet x 9" Element Dryflow Air Filter
  5. I drilled into the plastic trim above the bumper. The bumper already has predrilled holes that I used to mount my additional fog lights. They work great and I think look pretty clean.
  6. Been running it for 2 years on my eAssist and it works great. For some reason, the first one I had made the truck shift really hard even after the update. The second one does just fine. If you're interested, Justin from Black Bear tuning is also able to tune the eAssist.
  7. This is super great news! Yea HP Tuners still a no go. I had asked BBP awhile back and they said they should be but couldn't verify. Glad that it can be done! T
  8. Old thread but in case anyone is following, BBP has tuned at least 1 eAssist Sierra. So if anyone is interested, BBP can tune you.
  9. Your ball joint pressed itself out! Totally legitimate reason for upgrading now!
  10. Advice is just do it! If you have the stock wheels you will likely rub with the 275/60/20s at full turn. It's not bad but can get annoying. Do the front first and then decide if it's too much rake for you still. Otherwise do a 2.5" level and leave the rear alone.
  11. Yea eAssist is a bit of a pain, especially with programming. Other than that, it's a fine truck.
  12. At 1.8" you will be fine with the stock UCAs, but if you want a piece of mind, Camburg UCAs works for 1-3" of lift and are of very good quality. I know many UCAs say it's only for X.XX lift, but there is min and max range that the UCAs would fit. 1.8" should fall well with them. The well known aftermarket UCAs will rub on the tire if you run factory 20" wheels. I just installed readylift with UCAs and with stock tire size (275-55-20) it did not rub on the driver side but slightly on the passenger side. After swapping to to 275-60-20s, it rubs on both sides. Just enough to smudge s
  13. I just swapped to 275-60-20 Pirelli Scropion ATS and now passenger tire no longer rubs at full lock to the left.
  14. Just installed readylift 2.5" front level with UCA this weekend (66-3086 kit). Currently running stock 275-55-20 and control arm rubs on the passenger side tire at full lock (left). The left side clears at about 0.5". Tires are pretty worn from waiting 3 days to get alignment. Will be replacing with 275-60-20 Pirelli Scorpion AT next couple of weeks.
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