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  1. I have the GMPP Borla with the flapper in it so it doesn't drone in V4. I did clamp it open awhile ago and it did chop pretty hard in V4. I'm sure with the 40 series, would drone a ton. I finally did get my hands on a Range and with the 8 speed, it didn't work very smoothly at all so I ended up uninstalling it and letting a friend try it out. Now i'm just driving in "D" and letting it do its thing.
  2. Wow...bunch of hot heads on here. I am being real. I'm asking for real world numbers...not to disprove any of your but just to get stats on the probability of it happening. From most of the posts on this board, it's like telling everyone they will get the flu....yet no numbers to back it up. I never said it doesn't happen...I just asked for a number...but apparently GM doesn't keep any numbers at all...you say...ignorance is bliss.
  3. I wasn't arguing. I was asking for numbers, which is what I've asked for numerous times, and surprisingly no one was able to provide any numbers given all the said failures. Only response provided are similar to yours. Sorry that you can't tell the difference. Don't be upset because you don't have the numbers to support your claim. Seeing your post count and how active you are on this forum, you would be the one with the free time to dig up the numbers to YOUR claim because it is NOT my claim. I simply asked for supporting numbers...which do you not have.
  4. Hey can someone actually provide a good number of all of the vehicles with AFM that have had collapsed lifters? Then let's divide that by the numbers of trucks on the road. Just simple math to get some numbers. Because the "he said, she said, Charlie Riverrat said, 4000000 pages of AFM failures on the web from 1998-2045", etc. isn't really helping to provide numbers. All the proof that I am getting from the forums these days is that people love to argue on the internet.
  5. If you want 10+ years with minimal issues out of the next truck then I'd go with the Tundra.
  6. Some of the kits just use double sided tape. For my set up I mounted the lights on a pieces of cut aluminum trim (long 90 degree piece) and then used small panel clamps (tighten with nuts) to clamp it onto the grill. No holes drilled and has held on for quite some time now.
  7. the AutoSync work with eAssist models as well?
  8. I have UPR's single and Elite's CSS. Both quality pieces. I went with UPR's cc as there was a deal at the time so it was more affordable and also came with braided hoses and the inline check valve.
  9. LOL...Now if everyone or most eAssist radiators go out at 40K, then it would be a bad build.
  10. What kind of driving do you do that you average 24.5 mpg?
  11. the camera has been better than any of our other cars, so it feels like a step up. now our infiniti QX60...what an absolute POS. I remember we used to think it was so great until we got the sierra.
  12. That is if it ever makes it out of the parking structure. I think OP had all the work done in the parking garage and now can't get it out.
  13. Anyone done mods that, as a side effect, increased gas mileage? Let's hear it!
  14. ok....let's change that to most people then.
  15. Hey so let's hear more about the build and less about how OTHER people's money should be spent. I don't have money, exciting build or history of owning awesome cars, but I bet I can piss further than anyone here.
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