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  1. you’re more than welcome to produce these in stamped steel or injection molded plastic if you see an opportunity there. I agree that the price is high, and there might be some adjustments that I can make to the design to bring my cost down. I have very little time to devote to design work at the moment so I haven’t had much of a chance to see where the design can be optimized. Either way it’s unlikely that the price could be brought under 100USD while using 3d printing with urethane as the material, which I believe is important. Anything is possible if the demand was enormous. But selling a few here and there doesn’t warrant massive investment into up front production costs. Obviously, if the price of the items was drastically lower, the demand would probably be a lot higher, but still not likely to be high enough to mass produce these.
  2. Hey Cody, I finally had time to review the design revisions you had expressed interest in. Unfortunately, adding 5" to the ducts and a tip with a 45 on it would increase the print time and material costs to the point where they would probably be priced out of the market for a lot of folks. A ballpark on price would be in the $125-150USD plus shipping for a set, whereas the current ones I'm offering are $40USD plus shipping. If you or anyone else is still interested I will gladly design and produce a set and post photos for review.
  3. I have a design in mind. I will work on that and post a pic of the new design soon. While I’m at it, is the website info and drivers/passenger writing on the ducts a bother or helpful?
  4. I can definitely do that, only thing is, depending on how far back the front seats are set, the duct would need to be extended by quite a bit (4-8" longer) to prevent the added 45 angle from aiming the air at the underside of the seat.
  5. Hey everyone, I designed these a while back for my truck and when I finally got around to posting them on here I noticed that a similar set of these have already been made by another member here. Mine are a little different, so if you're interested in a set, shoot me a message. My ducts are designed to prevent the A/C and heat from blowing under the carpet and also physically spread the stock vent open to maximize air flow. They are printed in flexible polyurethane so that they can be stretched over the duct for a tight fit that wont budge, and they are also virtually indestructible, as you'll see in the youtube video.
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