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  1. Already have catch can on my list of things to do. Just got back from getting a Magnaflow cat back installed, sounds way better. Never thought of experimenting with the manual transmission selections, I will definitely do that. Thanks for that particular hint, can't wait to get on the road and try it out.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I just looked at Black Bear, wow they are a little pricey. The HP looks a lot more complex than I feel like dealing with, it's pricey also. I was looking for a simpler solution, the Hypertech also supported the one thing that annoys me the most, the way the truck stays iv V4 mode too long and too early. I don't mind V4 on the highway but in town, it's annoying. Hypertech allows a set point for AFM to operate. I did a bit more research on eassist and it's like I thought, the truck appears to be the same as all the other trucks without eassist. Except for the small induction motor bred into the drivetrain and the Lithium Ion battery pack. Couple other minor items also but the engine appears to be the same as all the others. I'm guessing the transmission issue with Black Bear is because the truck uses the 8 speed and they haven't figured out what to do with that yet. The guy who mentioned the alternator issue, without taking the air intake off I can see enough of the front of the engine to say if it has one or not. There appeared to be enough things on the belt system for an alternator but they were hard to see, I'm guessing if all the other 2018 5.3L Sierras have an alternator then this one does also. I'm going to sit on this for awhile, if enough of these eassist things sell someone will start making tuners for them. I also agree that a separate forum for eassit would be nice.
  3. Update. I called Diablosport to ask about their predator line. They do not support the hybrid models either, in fact said they didn't think anyone was yet as there isn't enough demand yet. They also said their engineers are not working on a solution as yet. Also referred to the engine as a hybrid engine, they guy on the phone made that distinction. Seems odd that the actual engine would be different, all it has is a electric motor bred into the drivetrain, but maybe it is somehow different than the regular 5.3L gas engine, who knows.
  4. Guess I wasn't clear when I mentioned that I had read sites. The vendors websites do not make a distinction between a regular 2018 GMC Sierra and the hybrid model. There is no way (that I have been able to discover) to figure this out using published data. A call to the manufacturers tech support is probably the way to go, or trial and error. Maybe Hypertech is the only one to make the distinction for all I know. I'm guessing my question will go nowhere but perhaps my post will serve as a heads up for others with this type of vehicle.
  5. I got a 2018 GMC Sierra with the eassist package. I never thought of this thing as a hybrid but GMC does classify it as such. One of the digits in the VIN specifies that distinction. I also recently picked up a Hypertech Max Energy 2 because I liked the options it provides for the AFM, specifically the speed at which it operates. The Hypertech didn't work, says the truck is not supported. A call to their tech support confirmed that the issue was the fact that the truck is a hybrid and they do not support that. So my question for the forum is, anyone know of a tuner that is supported on this "hybrid" pickup? From reading sites of other tuners it doesn't look like anyone makes this distinction of hybrid. I can return the Hypertech so a trial & error approach of purchasing another tuner and seeing if it would work is possible, but time consuming and annoying. Thanks in advance for help or suggestions.
  6. Thought about that, have friends all over the country. I might be changing my mind to a Hypertech because it can adjust the speed where AFM engages. AFM is OK with me except for city driving, it's annoying then. Hypertech has a California approved unit, not that I care about that but shipping will be easier anyway. Thanks again for your time.
  7. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra with 5.3L V8 and am interested in the tuners and programmers. Specifically I have been looking at the Diablo products. The Diablo products have a disclaimer everywhere that states " Not available for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles in the state of California". I know, I live in an idiotic State but we don't need to have that conversation here. What I want to know is, is that just a disclaimer or is there something to it? In other words is there something specific about my California truck that would actually affect the ability of one of these programmers to work? I am guessing the answer is No, my truck is the same as all the other ones. But before I burn a few hundred I felt like I needed to ask this question.
  8. Thanks John for a little education, the last time I cared about a PCV was on an old car and there was only the one on the valve cover. The second post (from British Columbia, sorry no name), are you saying that the intake valve buildup isn't the problem that people say it is, or when doing regular maintenance the mechanic is doing something to take care of that problem for you? I'm not challenging your statement, this new stuff for me, I'm learning. Thanks both of you for your time and responses.
  9. Just got a new 2018 Sierra with more bells and whistles than I've ever seen in a truck before. Sure learning a lot on these forums. The catch can thing has my interest, I never even knew that was a problem, never had a direct injection vehicle before. I'm looking under the hood on this thing and although it is difficult to see much it looks like there are two PCV valves, assuming that's what I think I'm seeing. They are right up front of the engine, one each side, with short tubes going into the intake air plenum. See attached photo of the front left side of the engine. So question #1, are two PCVs what I am seeing? Question #2, if so then I need either two catch cans, or one that does double duty, right? I'm a little confident that the answers to my questions will be yes (still appreciate confirmation though) and if so this will be a plumbing nightmare. This truck has the eAssist which means the only open space for a can is the front left corner where the battery used to be, on eAssist it's up in the back right corner of the engine bay. And, there is no room at all left in that part of the engine bay, it is packed. So I guess question #3 is, anyone come up with a creative way of solving this problem, besides hoses all across the top of the engine? Thanks in advance for responses.
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