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  1. Tire letters are the 2020 version of Monster Stickers.
  2. A mock corona virus "pandemic" convention hosted by Bill Gates 4 months before the corona virus pandemic hits? Give me a break. The guy stands to make billions when he releases his vaccine. Anyone know anyone that is deathly ill and in hospital on a ventilator? Personally, not a news clipping/photo, celebrity or hear-say? Your mom, brother, friend, otherwise healthy and now in intensive care? No test kits in my part of the world. Canadian media now claiming the confirmed Covid19 cases do not need to be retested after 14 day self-isolation and are effectively good to return to normal life... When have we shut the economy off for a virus? H1N1, Sars, Bird Flu, Ebola, Zika, West Nile? Remember last year when CNN told us they had video of airstrikes in Syria and it turned out to be military training exercises in mainland USA? There is a lot more than a virus going on here, in my opinion. I have been tirelessly looking into this, haven't been spending much time on the forum. Follow the money people. Call me a tin hatter all you want, it is our duty as a citizen to study situations like this and not just accept everything the media or officials say as blind truth. They have given us plenty of reasons not to trust them throughout history. One thing is certain after all this, higher taxes and less human rights. Godspeed everyone and stay safe.
  3. Watch this video guys and gals. It may (should) make you ask yourself a few questions by the end of it.
  4. Very nice. A drop looks great on this era truck. Performance mods in the future? Looks level as is, probably don't need to drop the front.
  5. Thanks for clarifying. Would you agree that the Alaskan edition would be the best suited if you are ordering a plow truck?
  6. Yes, I run a 12.5" section width on my 6.2L it is a handful in the rain, and I park it in winter. The tires displace too much of the truck's weight and cant transfer it to traction. They will grip like a Camaro when it's dry though. 285 is about as wide as I will go in the future. Not to mention I lost 4-5mpg. Around 20mpg on OEM P rated SRA's, about 15-16mpg now on LT E's.
  7. For personal trucks I buy the most comfortable one I can safely afford. Not Denali, but usually SLT. I like cabin comfort more than I care about saving $5k to put into aftermarket wheels and seat covers. $5k is not a huge jump from SLE to SLT. You get some nice interior and exterior touches. Cloth to "Leather". In Canada, its usually about a $10k jump to the SLT/LTZ trim levels from SLE/LT.
  8. Does the Alaskan edition come with a Boss mount already installed? There was a TFL video on it the other day. Would probably be an easier route to take if you are ordering a truck.
  9. I have not seen a mid travel build on this forum. There are a few guys running King's and Fox 2.5's here, but I don't recall seeing anyone have a full on mid travel kit. This is the only thread I could find.
  10. 2015 DCSB SLT 6.2L, 33x12.5R20 Pro comps, 2.5" level, Gatorback mudflaps, AFE Intake, Morimoto HID/Fogs, 30" 2 row behind grille.
  11. Hi welcome to the forum. Unfortunately some people here have discouraged 1SLOW1500 from participating in the forums, so he is no longer here to help with turbo questions. You will have better luck on Performance Trucks .net or LS1tech getting the help you need with tuning.
  12. Very nice choice. I always wanted a set of those but could never commit to the cost of coilovers.
  13. You can go big, up to 34" tall. Up to 12.5" wide depending on wheel offset. I run a 33x12.5 which isn't the tallest, but it is very fat. Minor rub on the UCA and swaybar. A 285/70R18 will fit. 33.7" and 11.5" wide. Good balance of height and width. The width will drastically effect your economy though, I would consider the 275 if that worries you. My 6.2L went from 20mpg to 15mpg with my 12.5's
  14. That would have been a hell of a stable of cars to have held on to this long. I remember a few donuts and accidental snowbanks in my 80's Chevy in High School. We'd go play on the ice road at lunch and often miss the afternoon classes because we were towing each other out. Wouldn't trade that driving/life experience for anything. Without it, I surely wouldn't be doing what I am now. No wonder all these kids want to be social media influencers instead of drivers, operators and tradesmen, they have never had fun in a vehicle.
  15. I would keep it also, or at least try to sell it privately for a few more bucks. The '15's are the last easily tunable trucks from GM, so you should be able to get premium dollar for yours being a 6.2L The more computerized they become, the less reliable they are. Not to mention a $10k hike in MSRP for basically the same truck you have now.
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