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  1. Frozen ice hanging off them all the time will probably bend a memory into the plastic. Warm it up with a heat gun and push it back to its original position.
  2. That is so clean it blows my mind. It is absolutely impossible that this truck was an Ontario truck. I can show you pictures of my 99 C3500 6.5L that has worked its whole life in this Province. Not pretty but she keeps on ticking.
  3. I don't think he was ever convicted of sexual assault. I know the type of women that would accuse a normal person, never mind a multimillionaire. Guys like Kobe don't have to assault people to get some loving, she was more than likely full of it, regardless its not the time for that. Flying is much safer than driving statistically speaking. Especially if your roads have 2-way traffic. Can't drive for other people, if they want to look at their phone and suicide bomb into your lane they will do so. Flying in fog, not a good idea. When I work for Hydro they ground the birds in rain, fog or snow. They wont take my guys or their crew out if there is any of those forecasted for the day, and there are still accidents. Cargo basket came open a couple years back and a tool bag come out and hit the tail rotor killing all 5 people. Flying in fog is not worth saving 2 hours on a limousine commute. RIP to all souls on board.
  4. If you're looking to buy every 5-6 years, you may find it is more economical to trade ever 4-5 years as you will get a better dollar for your vehicles if they have factory warranty remaining, even if it is only 1 year. These trucks aren't going to make it 20 years like our OBS's and GMT8's did unless you don't drive them, even then you will be chasing computer problems and updates as they age. I like to trade my personal trucks off at 4-5 years or 100,000km (70,000 mi). I got 62% of my money back on my 2010 when I traded for my 2015. They only thing from keeping me from doing it again is the MRSP hike for next to nothing in advancements or comfort. 53k msrp in 2010, 65k in 2015 now they want 75k CAD for a 1/2 ton, it's getting a bit crazy.
  5. My 18 6.0L is a pig on gas at 65mph+, if you baby it and don't mind being the slow guy on the road, loafing around 1750-1800rpm they are surprisingly efficient. But put a load on or rev up to 2,000+ to get 65-70mph kiss your economy good bye. A 3.73 in OD (0.67) on 31" tires would net you 1,760rpm at 65mph A 4.10 in OD (0.67) on 31" tires would net you 1,935rpm at 65mph. You're talking 1-2mpg. Take a long time to pay off that gear swap in fuel savings. Your best option is to trade it on a 1500 if the 2500 is not necessity and more of a want. They will never be able to match a 5.3L or even a 6.2L in terms of economy. But seeing you have a 8' bed you probably need it. I get around 10-12mpg with my CCLB 6.0L that always carries 125gal of diesel on board.
  6. I have never put studded tires on a plow truck before. Just some ballast and a set of cookie cutter A/T's. Can't see why it would hurt though, just cant imagine it helping much either unless you're on some slippery asphalt lots. Tire studs are pretty short and I find they wont do anything in snow but only help a bit on hard packed ice or iced up asphalt. What is the truck, what do you have for a plow and what do you use as ballast?
  7. Haha, no hippies here in the winter time, only the summer, they are tree planters and the only reason they have a job is because of the loggers so there is a lot of mutual respect. We don't have the type of hippies to chain themselves to trees here fortunately. Not trying to embellish anything, sure might not have been a 1/2" of sediment, but there was enough in there to burn up a fuel pump on a new truck so that was enough info for me to change out the filler tube for a 2015 tube with a cap. I own a excavation and trucking company and am in the dirt and dust steady, and water and salt in the winter. Its a good idea to be proactive about this problem unless you're pounding pavement daily. Like posted earlier even a PVC plumbing or paint cap is better than nothing. Don't get hung up on my dust measurements, I didn't physically see the tank.
  8. Cold climates can reduce a batteries ability by up to 90%. Take your phone out and leave it on the deck and see if it hasn't died in an hour. It's -30c here for a few months, I get mad enough at my phone, I don't need to be kicking my truck because I can only get 100 miles on a charge. Not saving the environment anyway, you're just reducing fuel, and supplementing it with electricity that is primarily generated through burning of fuels. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
  9. Check your battery cables and make sure they are tight, many were coming loose from the factory causing some electrical glitches. There is also a ground cable mounted on the frame by the engine, make sure that is clean and tight. What year is the truck, original battery, how many miles? It could be a bad BCM too, they changed it out on my 2018 2500 when the fuel pump stuck on even when I pulled the fuses.
  10. I suppose you don't run 100 miles per day on dust gravel logging roads. We basically didn't have a single day of rain in June or July this year, insanely dusty. Every trip I came back from my last job up that road there was 1/8" to 1/4" of dust on the flapper valve door, when you stick the nozzle in it pushes that dirt into the filler neck. Do this every day for 6 months and I promise you will have a 1/4" layer of fine dirt on the bottom of your tank that will cause your pump to fail. There are probably photos and other threads about this type of failure.
  11. I went with Westin 5" ovals but wheel to wheel this time for my CCLB. I find they protect your truck more than the fake rock basher style. After using them to reach in the front corner of the bed or to access my slip tank easier I would never buy another set that aren't wheel to wheel for a work truck. Wasn't bad with the GMT8-9's but the bedside are way taller now. I retrofitted my old GMT800 back rack for this truck and I had to drill all the mount hole 2" taller than the old truck. I don't have a picture but I will take one today if I remember, mine are black but you can get chrome ones also. Very simple setup.
  12. Hahaha sorry, I was referring to the ATV's, we call them bikes in my part of Canada, or 'quads'. Those new Sportsman XP's are huge and incredibly wide. If they do fit in a half ton you are going to be driving over your wheel wells.
  13. Good call, leave the rollpans for the OBS Chevies. Your truck is a sweetheart. You don't see any 2wd's in my neck of the woods let alone a slammed one. Unique.
  14. Yes you can no problem. I was under the impression you needed to swap the grille and bumper to make it look right also but that is untrue so I have been told by forum members. You can just buy an LED H11 bulb and throw it in there after if you don't want to run your halogen projectors anymore, because they suck. I just put a 35w HID kit in my 2015 back in the day.
  15. I am pretty sure you cant even get a new Sportsman XP in a standard bed truck let alone a dirtbike also. The bikes are growing every year. I usually have 3 or 4 to take so I load them sideways on my deck-over trailer.
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