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  1. Scratch repair

    Go to a detailer and get a quote. It may be too deep and you will require paint work if it made it all the way through the clear. It looks pretty bad on the left end. Once it is fixed, ceramic coat your truck. GM's paint is very easily damaged and requires the upmost care to maintain. Look into ceramic coatings and proper wash techniques if you want to avoid swirls and scratches. Looks like you are washing and waxing properly though looking at the reflection in your paint. Your front bumper will chip like crazy too so you may want to look into 3M while your at it. If you ceramic coat it and look after it, your paint can look good for a long time. Here's my 5yo AT.
  2. Believe me I wanted to, but not a big deal, it's a business truck. I know they were fine, the truck was only 3 years old at the time, GM's components dont rust that fast (with exception to Z71 Ranchos). Maybe they were bad? Canyon calls for 130-150lb-ft on the wheel nuts but I have my doubts. But I also perform service work for this dealer, that happen to have a large expansion plan which would result in a huge job for my company, so I will take the $150 hit rather than spoil the water and miss billing them back lug nuts x 1000.
  3. What happens if...

    I am assuming your tires are not the factory SRA's the truck came with... If this is the case and you have to run it for an extended period of time while you wait for a matching tire, I would recommend putting the spare on the front and avoiding using 4x4. If all is stock, the spare should only be at most 1 or 2mm taller or shorter which will not harm your differential, even over 1000 miles. It's not like those mini-donut car spares that are 4" smaller than the factory tire that will kill a diff in 50 miles. If you are running stock SRA's, don't order a new one. Throw the other 3 in the garbage and buy real tires. You will have nothing but flats if you frequently travel gravel roads. I managed to sell mine for $500 which paid for 2 of my real tires.
  4. Nothing is free in today's world, does it honestly surprise you? Took my wife's Canyon in for a free oil change and rotate and came out with a bill for 24 lug nuts for $150 because they "were corroded and wouldn't torque properly" when I asked to see them I was informed they were at the bottom of the scrap bin. This is the type of world we live in today, get used to it, nothing will get any better.
  5. leveling a trailboss

    ^^I hope your going to put flares on that truck, otherwise kiss your paint good-bye. GM's post-2010 paint is not up to the task of beings pelted with rocks and sandblasted daily.
  6. What tire size are you running? My 6.2L has 12.5 section width tires and in rain it is like driving a Corvette on slicks, no traction at all. Hydroplanes, sketchy merging on wet and bumpy concrete on-ramps. This comes with the territory and the wide tire makes the truck feel "lighter" by displacing more weight. The truck will corner like a Camaro and never step out when it is dry, but these tires make it handful in the wet. I wouldn't dare drive this truck in the winter. We used to go to a Big Tire tire shop and ask for old Skidder tire inner tubes. Cut them into sections fill with sand and tie off with wire. The inner tube will outlast your truck easy. 1/4" solid rubber.
  7. Rear Axle Replacement Question

    Your bearings should be fine. I would do seals only. Axle bearings on my class 8's and trailers usually have over a million KM on them before they wear out if maintained with clean oil. No reason at all the bearings should be gone in 60,000 miles unless you have a wear issue. Inspect bearings to be sure but you are probably fine. If AAM made them I would have them changed to aftermarket...
  8. auto up window

    Unless you are a computer programmer than can unlock and re-design the BCM software and produce a factory looking 2-way rocker switch with a 3D printer, there are no options to do this. Buy her an older truck with crank windows, or set the window once and pull the fuse but you will need to garage park for that one. I wonder if you can program a window setting in with the driver position selection, it controls seat, pedals and mirrors, why not windows? Not sure I have never set up a second driver setting in my truck.
  9. Looking at a 2015 Sierra 2500HD

    I am agreeing with your assessment on the 2500HD as being a better suited truck for the job. The rest of my jargon was just a random rant.
  10. Soft clearcoat on 2019 trailboss

    33x12.5 R20 Pro Comp A/T's. Do not go this wide if you like fuel economy or traction in wet conditions, traction for days when it's dry. Little swaybar and UCA rub, only because of +27mm offset of the factory wheel. A 1/4" spacer would cure it. I would probably go to a 295 section width next time.
  11. Looking at a 2015 Sierra 2500HD

    When towing less than 5,000# on my deck trailer I choose my 6.2L. When towing more than that I will use my CCLB 6.0L every-time. Yes the 6.2L would pull it stronger and burn less gas, but it doesn't feel stable or heavy enough, especially when trying to slow down a load that weighs more than the truck. Yes, the 6.0L is quite gutless, and bad on gas but it is a much safer tow rig. A vehicle doesn't "suck at towing" because you have to drop 2 gears and rev out to 3,5000rpm to crest a 18% grade while holding 40mph. Most people think if they cant pull over the top of that grade in overdrive at 1900rpm, their truck sucks at towing hahaha. I encourage those folks to jump in a tractor/trailer pulling a Cat D8 with a 600hp2250tq engine and see if that will pull 50mph over the top. It wont, you will be down to 30mph and drop 4 full gears (8 if you are splitting and 18spd.) If your half ton can make the weight and you feel safe doing it, they are a much better choice for a daily driver. But choose a 2500 if you are concerned, a little bigger truck on a daily basis is better than being dead in a ditch with a camper on top of your family.
  12. School me on transmissions and "learning"

    If you want to fix it you will have to buy a 2013 1500 with a 4L60e. They are shifted via electric over hydraulic solenoids now since the 6L80e and the software/technology is not yet where it needs to be. My 2010 6L80e was slightly smoother than my 2015 8L90e (on my third 8L90e, well 2nd, but they did a T/C at one point too). The new stuff is nice when it works as intended, but that isn't frequent or reliable at this point. Give them 5 years on these TEHCM tranmissions and they will iron it out, but by then EPA will slap them with some new regulations and we will be back to the drawing board with unreliable technology. I wouldn't plan to keep any modern vehicles passed warranty, simply because of how unreliable and untested they are based on EPA demands.
  13. No it doesn't. It sits as designed and engineered. Trucks are designed to carry loads, when front-only levelled trucks have a load on, they are sacked out with their lights pointing into the sky, subsequently pissing off every single driver you meet head on at night. But hey, we were all young once, so you just do you.
  14. Sunglass Holder

    I think it's a great deal. GM did us all a bonus by deleting a bunch of creature-comforts, while only increasing the MSRP of the new truck by $10,000... The new automaker's motto holds true, build them cheaper and charge 15% more, every generation.
  15. Soft clearcoat on 2019 trailboss

    You are right. The only reason mine looks like that is because I have all the tools and equipment right at home to do it. The truck shop you see in the background of my photo has 2 70' bays, and I have a diesel/electric washer. I can wash in January when most car washes are closed. I can have it dry overnight in the shop, and I usually spend at least 5-8 hours on my truck on "truck-day" every second Sunday. Not really a solution for everyone to say the least. It takes time and effort for them to look like that, or disposable income to spend at the detailer's place.

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