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  1. Sierra Tailgate

    I too think it was too much R&D time spent on something that was not a problem. Yeah it's cool as a cucumber, but how many of you have had problems with your tailgate latches and hinges in the past? I replaced the spot welded hinge cups twice on my 1998, most of our work trucks are opened with a screwdriver when the handles break or become seize over time. Now go ahead and add 4 more doors to it, now you have 8 hinges and 8 clasps instead of 2 and 2. May be fine for the first 5 years or life for the city dwellers, but I can see this becoming a headache after some time especially dirty and dusty environments. Remember all the hinge issues they had on the suicide doors on the 07-13? I like the easy-drop tailgate, and my new work truck has a power locking tailgate, apart from that I don't personally need anymore technology into something as simple as a tailgate. They should have put the money into something like the interior. How about some Aux switches? Programmed into the head unit or something.
  2. Laura GMC

    Our dealer sells both GMC and Chevrolet. For my work trucks I usually buy Chevrolet to save a few thousand bucks, but when it comes to my personal trucks my last 3 have been GMC's. In my personal experience I have found them to be "tighter" and nicer to live with. I know that will seem outrageous to the Silverado faithful here but the ride, interior quality and rattles have always been better in my GMC's than the Silverado's. I opted for my first GMC 2500 work truck this time around and love it so far. All the Silverados I have had over the last 3 generations have had creaky, rattling, noisy interiors, albeit on WT models vs. SLT models, so take that with a grain of salt. I also prefer the looks of the Sierra over the Silvy for the last 3 generations. Real aluminum trim and added features are bonuses for the GMC. J.D. Power scores Sierra a 4/5 for reliability vs. 3.5/5 for Silverado. If you can get a similarly equipped GMC for LESS than a Silverado, you would have a VERY hard time convincing me to go with a Silverado. But it all comes down to preference really in the end, same chassis, powertrain, interior layout etc. T1 trucks have the biggest differences between the two models yet. Let us know which way you go.
  3. Interior

    2015 SLT, quietest vehicle I have ever owned for rattles and interior noise. Perfectly silent. Our trick with the Class 8's is to fold a piece of paper and start jamming it in places. Once I had this super annoying rattle that took me a month to find, it was a stone rattling ontop of a skid pan underneath when the RPM were low. As Donstar said, there is a cure to every rattle, you just have to find where it is. I don't think buying a new truck is a viable solution to a 6 month old truck that has developed a console rattle, unless money is no concern. They will find and fix it under your B2B warranty...
  4. Sierra Tailgate

    I would imagine there is not a lot of room to fit the powered tailgate parts inside the multipro tailgate as it has about 16 hinges and clasps due to its many configurations. Easy to jam that equipment in a normal tailgate, hard to jam it in a swiss army knife tailgate.
  5. Hey guys, just stumbled on this article talking about sales figures in USA/Canada for Luxury vehicles over $60,000. I think the market leaders will surprise you. A quick read for those interested. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/autostrucks/motor-mouth-are-pickup-trucks-the-new-kings-of-luxury/ar-BBPLY80?ocid=spartandhp This article lets me know that GM wont be changing there tactics in regards to vehicle spec'ing and pricing for some time to come. $80,000 half tons just around the corner? Does this surprise you or did you expect this? Leave your thoughts.
  6. There should be references in there as to what LED bulbs will replace the factory ones if I remember correctly. Make a coffee and enjoy the read.
  7. Pumping gas in my '18 SLT

    Yes, my 2018 6.0L has a cap-less filler. It's a bush truck too so it sees a lot of dust, was not impressed to learn about this feature a week after buying the truck. Hopefully someone makes an aftermarket plug by the time summer hits. Crawl around the evap can, that is usually where you will find an issue. You should not have to find a "sweet spot" to gas up your truck. The dealer would probably fix it for you under your B2B warranty if you can't find a problem. They will just charge you $40 to diagnose the issue if anything.
  8. Lower Ball Joint Bad

    160,000km (100k miles) on our 1500 WT, I did the lowers at 120,000km. Everything else (wear parts wise) is factory. Powertrain wise, not so much....
  9. Pumping gas in my '18 SLT

    On a standard size gasoline nozzle, you can manually open it wide open and wedge your gas cap under the handle, fits like it was meant to do that. They are all still auto-kick off nozzles so you wont spill everywhere. Works nice in -30f. OP, there is a vent tube built into the filler neck, sometimes they get clogged if you have been off-roading or see dirt roads from time to time. On my old 2010 it had a filter off the EVAP canister that ran from the gas tank mounted EVAP can to the front of the truck, over the transmission and then dangles around there somewhere. The foam "filter" on the end of this sniffer hose was covered in dirt and dust, I removed it and washed it and never had fuel kick-off issues and my CEL went away when I cleared it. I haven't had any filling related issues with a K2 yet to have checked it out to thoroughly but I would imagine the set up is similar to the previous generation. Sometimes the factory plastic hoses or connections on the EVAP can, can come loose or crack. After cleaning the sniffer filter I replaced the factor lines/clamps with quality rubber heater hose and stainless hose clamps.
  10. Diff lock

    Correct, the one wheel needs a 200rpm difference before it locks up, and it wants to unlock as soon as you let off the gas. I find on ice or snow it sounds and feels really bad when it is locking/unlocking if you are spinning a tire. It will sounds and feel clunky, where the old Posi-tracks did not. I am really surprised people are breaking these things from improper use, but Eaton is easily one of the best driveline component manufacturers on the planet. If you spun a tire at 200rpm and reached down for the diff lock switch in a manual diff lock truck, you would blow your diff apart. I have 6-way diff locks in my class 8's, all on air switches. Personally, I would much prefer if I could control when the diff was locked vs. open but I totally see why GM does it this way for unexperienced end users. Otherwise people would have the front and rear locked up in the summer and try to go through a drive thru, then bitch at GM for using poor quality components..
  11. Use a line wrench next time and you wont round them.
  12. Diff lock

    You will know you have a G80 when it feels and sounds like it is exploding when it locks.
  13. Bilstein 5100 DIY Install Questions

    No need to clear coat, unless you are a Z71 Rancho owner.
  14. I sure hope they didn't buy their tech from Tesla, as those cars have killed quite a few people in self drive mode already. As said above, put your phone away and drive. Don't give people more reasons to not pay attention like auto braking, lane departure and adaptive cruise. You are just creating less-skilled drivers. Most kid drivers now don't even know how to use their foot as traction control, or react to a skid if they find themselves in one. Didn't even have ABS when I learned to drive in the Canadian winters and I guarantee it made me a better driver than if I had learned in a 2018. Makes me mad, all this desire for autonomous cars. I love to drive, and the more raw and animalistic the machine is, the more fun it is to drive.
  15. Ugh, First Accident!

    Welcome to the club, some guy took out my K2's painted bumper with a sail boat trailer at the gas pumps in September. Since it is drivable, insurance has basically held me off. Incident was 2 months ago to the day and I haven't even got approval yet and wait times are 1-2 months for body work here. My personal trucks are CLEAN, it hurts and pains me to drive it like this looking like a complete dummy who cant drive. My friends laugh and say its a small dent and scratch but to me, the world ended that day. My estimate from GM to replace bumper and fog light moulding (Morimoto fogs didn't get hit) was $2,612.67 CAD ($1,973.51 USD)

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