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  1. Yeah I guess if you can get them for free that's worth a shot. They did just a slightly better looking 'inner tube mod' essentially. I thought you would be SOL with a 2016 by now, but I have had GM cover stuff 6 months out of warranty before depending on your relationship.
  2. Check your battery terminals and grounds. My 2500 did this and it was just a loose terminal and I tightened up the ground on the frame. My truck would have all the electronics go haywire while driving, even the headlights cutting in and out at night. The dealer had me booked in A WEEK later, I said this is kind of a safety issue with the lights cutting out at night but that didn't help. Pulled it into my shop and found the issue pretty quick.
  3. You went from a Sierra to a Silverado? That might have something to do with it. Edit: NM I see you just had GMC replica wheels on a LT Silverado. It would have to be the suspension set up change then.
  4. Hot soapy water and a razor or broke knife blade is the best method. I do this to all my glass before I tint my windows. It will take everything off and you really have to be a goof to scratch your glass.
  5. Im not arguing with you, just stating the 6.6 is a gutless work turd, 6.2L is a performance engine. Build one if you want. Never seen someone so butthurt about not agreeing with their favourite engine. But I guess everyone is pretty pouty and salty in Alberta right now. Call me when the put the 6.6L in the Corvette because "it will make more hp throughout the entire power band" lol.
  6. My bad, same rod as the L96. Probably same crank too and the wrist pin location or decked by 6mm like you say. Either way, strokers are great for torque, but not optimal for high HP due to increased piston speeds. Those little 4.8L's have a slower overall piston speed even if engine rpm is higher due to the shorter stroke. Many people used to build destroker LS using the 4.8L crank and a 4" + bore. I am curious to see what this can do like the LQ9's did under boost. I would still choose the L86 motor for the weight savings personally, most guys are only going to do bolt ons anyway, I don't think OP is trying to make 1000+. Time will tell what the L9T will do.
  7. If you like bent connecting rods then boost a stroker motor. That engine will never be anything close to LT1. 6.0L was great under boost, with longer rods, not for me thanks. If you stay NA you might be onto something, its still a fat pig of an engine regardless.
  8. I would definitely ask for the data logs from the last two or three runs before it popped, even if you had to pay another guy to decipher it for you. But I don't think money is much of a concern of the OP's. Would have been nice to get the core deposit to go against that sweet 427 if it didn't blow up though.
  9. Yes the rods are not the weak link, the L86, LT1 and the LT4 all utilize the same forged powered steel connecting rods. GM is not clear as to what steel recipe is used, but some of the best steel alloys available today are derived from powdered steel. LT5 uses a different connecting rod, but still made of forged powdered steel.
  10. L86 and LT1 engines do have a forged crank. The L83 does not. Rods are forged powdered steel I beam's.
  11. Bolt ons and a tune for you then. Maybe water meth system? E85 would net you numbers, but if you're towing you would probably get 4mpg and run out of corn before the next county.
  12. It's also cast iron and weighs nearly 150lbs more than an L86. 401hp/600lbs = 0.667hp/lb vs 420hp/470lbs = 0.893hp/lb
  13. Save yourself the aggravation and change it in your driveway, easy peazy. Give your dealer the bill after, they wont cover your labour but will probably reimburse you for a starter if they have noted it is broken. At least you wont be down without your truck for a couple weeks. https://www.autozone.com/batteries-starting-and-charging/starter
  14. I would think the low end is all Whipple. Dyno sheets have shown a bolt on (long tube, CAI) 6.2L with no tune will net 125lb-ft of torque in the 1:1 gear at 2,000rpm. Bone stock no tune is 120lb-ft at 2,000rpm in the 1:1 gear. You can obviously net more with a tune, but header gains are there but minimal until 3,000rpm and beyond. Your truck with a whipple is probably making 250lb-ft or more at 2,000rpm. Did you ever have it dyno'd before/after so we can see the gains?
  15. Very cool idea, the "mail box strips" is called retroreflective or prismatic and is available in many colours. It is very expensive for the 3M stuff to put on trailers, it was about $3/foot last time I checked. Here are a bunch of different colours in case anyone is interested, may be able to find some on . https://www.amazon.ca/Oralite-Reflexite-V92-DB-COLORS-Microprismatic-Conspicuity/dp/B00LW4G854?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duc12-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B00LW4G854
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