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  1. 2017 Chevy Shake: possible fix?

    The cure to vibrations in these trucks is to rebuild the back half of the entire truck and replace the Chinesium/Mexican parts for quality, in spec US made parts. Swap your drive shaft, axle shafts, pinion, brake rotors, leaf springs, shocks, and hubs and you might have a truck to stand on. Junk quality parts, poor quality control, and horrible warranty service. Their answer to this problem will always be "can not reproduce symptom" or "road force balance tires" because they know they made a piece of crap and GM wont spend the money to back it up. Screwing over customers and over-charging for your products, then not supporting the consumers when the problems surface is a quick way to bankruptcy and another taxpayer funded bailout. If we wanted vibrators we would have bought a Caterpillar compactor.
  2. New Personal Best - 2015 Sierra 6.2

    Mine will brake-boost up to 2,000 before the converter wants to pull through the brakes. No tire squeal. Maybe you can squeeze a bit more out of the 60 foot that way? Closest timer to me is 7 hour drive...
  3. If you run your OEM tires in winter, they are P rated. A car tire. When you bought your Hankook's, the tire shop would not dare sell you a P rated tire for a truck unless you specifically requested it. They would have sold you an LT tire, which is a much stiffer tire. Rancho's on the Z71's ride a lot stiffer than the regular suspension, but I preffer the ride. The truck handles well, like a sports car in comparison to a floaty, soft, body-roll filled standard Z83/85 suspension. Being that you have 17" rims I cant see them selling you an E-load tire.
  4. Silverado vs Tundra

    By some of the USD prices you guys are tossing around, you should look into buying a used one in Canada. I would be more than happy to sell my showroom condition 2015 SLT AT with 18,000mi for $30,000USD.
  5. Procharger Install on 2018 5.3L

    Set the camera settings on your phone to take smaller sized pictures. Mine is set up to take the largest picture possible, so when you pull it up on an editing program, its like a 2' by 4' picture before resizing, I can only see a corner of the photo at a time on my monitor. Each photo is like 4.50mb, too big for the forum's required file size. If you're on windows 10, just find the photo you want on file explorer, right click and select "edit", it will open up on Paint, then click the "resize" tab and enter something like 25-35%, save it in another folder and it will be small enough to upload. Nice setup, look forward to seeing an acceleration video when you get it all done.
  6. Correct UCA/LCA 14' Silverado

    UCA: 84479375 right, 23420263 left LCA: 84114506 right, 22853473 left Check those with your numbers.
  7. Silverado vs Tundra

    Not really considering I bought a Dbl cab 4x4 2014 WT 1500 with a 5.3L, power mirrors, Sirius radio, with 65,000miles for $20k CAD ($14,900USD), had one small ding in it and the Chevy shake. A lot of truck for the money, and this was in 2017, the same truck is probably $10k USD now.
  8. Oil Jugs with foil Seals

    I use my pocket knife and cut it smoothly around the lid. Everyone should have a decent pocket knife in their EDC gear. I have never had anything fall in by punching a hole, but you get a better pour when it is fully removed, less glug glug. Stab the bottom of jug while pouring with aforementioned pocket knife for better flow, but that's more for thick 15w40 diesel oil.
  9. Here is another option for a little more protection but cheaper than Xpel/3M. https://exclusivedetail.com/ceramic-coating-for-cars/
  10. Sometimes it is best to by-pass the salesman and go right to the dealer's sales or general manager as they have the final say on trade value and price. I have formed a friendly relationship with my dealer's General Manager and usually cut through the BS and talk directly to him. The whole deal on my CCLB 2500 last year was facilitated in less than 15 minutes, I left with the truck for a test drive, they had the paperwork ready when I got back, signed it, done. Whole deal probably took about 1-2hr.
  11. I had to do them on our Canyon at 80,000km (50,000 miles.) I was pretty disappointed in the OEM quality having to do them that early on a pavement-pounder. But what can you expect, most of the parts these days are made in China using inferior steels, probably by a child. Build them cheaper and charge double, keep up the good work and you will be crying to be bailed out again soon.
  12. Sounds like you just need to be a bit more authoritative and command the situation. Most car salesmen are 35 y/o+. My dealer has a couple salesmen in their 70's. Maybe email isn't the best method of contact when they have 10 people walking in the front door to buy one today. My last 2 trucks were dealer searches, had no issues there, but I have bought 10 trucks from this dealer. It's not usually a hard process to talk to someone when you are going to spend $50,000 with them, just walk in and grab a salesperson. Don't talk to the front desk. If you wander the lot, one will even probably come out to meet you. Maybe your dealership just plain sucks, but that doesn't sound right because GM holds their dealers to pretty high standards.
  13. Lift kit height

    Lift it 8", keep it at home. Then buy a used Chevy Cruise to commute to work with and fit in the parkade? I dunno man, you're in a pickle here. I know my stock height 2500 with a back rack cant go in most parking garages. I had to back down 2 floors when the roof clearance shrank in one garage and all the stalls were full. That was fun, with everyone pulling in behind me. I think my levelled Sierra on 33's is close to 2m tall. I will check it tonight after work.
  14. GM plan larger engine than 6.6 engine gas

    Sounds like it is being developed for class 7 trucks only. Like deck trucks, roll off trucks, mechanical service trucks, and bread vans. This is not designed to compete with Ford's new 7.3L, but rather to compete with all the garbage diesel engines on the market that are plagued by diesel after-treatment system failures. Most modern diesel trucks with DEF can't go 2 months in Canadian winters without having some kind of issue. Whether the wiring harnesses burn themselves from the 1400 degree temps of the burner, injection nozzle failures, heated tank failures, frozen lines etc. Most of these diesel trucks can't even produce enough income to pay for their own payment, let alone insurance and repair bills. The manufactures know these systems suck, so they barely have a warranty on them, it only covers the components that don't fail, so we pay out of pocket on 2018 trucks. In fact companies like International offer an optional "Towing Package" where tow trucks are "free". Does that inspire confidence in your new $100,000 rig? This engine will allow Class 7 operators to go to work day in and day out without fear of being "De-Rated" on the side of the road and missing the next week of work. The increased fuel cost of running gas will easily pay itself off by not having the downtime and repair cost.
  15. My 2015 had three large chips in the bumper in 10,000mi. I don't run gravel roads, ever, and I don't ride peoples butt. These stones must have been thrown off tires of passing cars. The bumper is what will chip easiest. The plastic grille and bumper trim are surprisingly resilient. The hood lip on my truck also has a chip. I would say you could get away with doing the bumper and hood lip only. Perhaps the roofline would be smart as I had a 2010 Sierra that bubbled and peeled from a stone chip above the window. The paint on these late model GM's is extremely thin, and is damaged easily. Once you get some chips, it does not take long to start peeling.

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