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  1. 2019's have the same crappy frame wax?

    Maybe if you have only been on this earth for the last 20 years or so ago. Nothing is made to last anymore, fact. My big trucks, my heavy equipment, vehicles. All wires, cheap computer modules that fail or need updates and thin steel. Nothing manufactured today will easily last 25 years without proper maintenance, which again, you can't maintain these frames properly. I'm not young anymore, it is going to be a difficult task to tell me a 2003 Chevy 4x4 will outlast a 1973 Chevy 4x4, because it wont plain and simple.
  2. 275 70 18 tires

    You can go to a 305 on these trucks with stock wheels with no rub. My fat 33x12.5's rub when turning left full lock. Depends on rim specs too, there is a website that has all the Chevy rim specs, it should also have the offset stamped on the inside of the wheel. Mine are a crazy +27mm which pushes the tire very close to the UCA and swaybar which is why it rubs. a .25" wheel spacer would fix this but I don't steer full lock often.
  3. Yes you can tie them into your bed lights if the lights don't draw too much power. Being LED you should be fine. What are the wattage rating of the lights? I would personally tie into the cargo lights and the reverse lights using a multi-function (SPDT) switch. That way you can have them on when in reverse, or on when you flip your bed-light switch. Let us know how you make out or if you need help with the actual wiring.
  4. 2019's have the same crappy frame wax?

    I wish they would put a powder coated frame option. That would stand up to a decade of abuse easy, unlike any paint or an electrolysis coating. I would even pay $500 or so for such an option. The thing about a thin wall box frame is that you can't get in there to do maintenance. Once the NOX is compromised it will only take a few years to rot to the point of structural issues. The old C channel frames you could wire wheel and paint over a weekend every few years, there is no doing that with these. A 3/8" C channel will last 10x as long as these box frames when exposed to elements. They use calcium chloride on the roads here and I have seen 3/8" plate gussets rot to the point you can put a air hammer through them, what is going to happen to an exposed 0.964mm frame going to do lol? You wont be restoring these trucks in 25 years unless you drop the body on a new chassis because there wont be anything left of the stock one. Mind you nothing on today's vehicles is made to last beyond 10 years anymore. It's a marketing technique for a society that replaces everything now rather than repairing it.
  5. The only thing I really hate about the "Ranchos" is the paint quality, they honestly rust faster than the NOX rust frame. As far as ride is concerned, I have two double cabs, 14 and 15, the 14 is a plain 4x4 and the 15 is a levelled All Terrain Z71 with the ranchos. Both have 10 ply tires, 17" wheels on the WT and 20's on the Z71. There is no comparing the ride between the two the Z71 is so much nicer in every aspect. Bump stiffness and rebound, cornering, rear end lash etc. I know they are Chinese and bottom of the barrel but they are still twice the shock the factory 4x4 one is. My old 2010 had 80k miles on the factory Rancho's
  6. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    I had the delayed shift to reverse start about a month ago. Took it in for the delayed shift bulletin and provided number, TSB calls for a new stator shaft in the trans, after 1 week they informed me that they wanted to put a new trans in. A reman 8L90e was installed and I finally have the truck back after 3 weeks. Took it to the city to drop some stuff off for my business to test it and it shifts awesome, even better than my old one which was fine minus the delayed reverse. GM said the reverse clutch packs were toast for the one week that it occurred. To top it all off, someone decided to run into me at the fuel pumps in the city with a sailboat and totalled my front bumper. $2,650 all in for a new one, courtesy of his insurance. Last time I decide to take my comfy personal rig on a work run. Here is the TSB if any of you have the same issue. http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/knowledgebase/article/2015-2016-corvette-service-bulletin-16-na-014-delayed-engagement-after-sitting-with-engine-off-1290.html Hopefully this 8L holds up.
  7. What Weight Do You Tow?

    3,000# - 14,000# with the 1500's and 2500's and from 14,000# - 140,000# with the class 8's. Load weight, not gross weight.
  8. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Interesting, I would have never thought AFM would lead to 3+ mpg improvements, 0.5mpg maybe in my mind if anything at all.. Please don't tell me stop-start will give us another 3mpg on top of that or I will give up and buy a TTV4 Silverado. The big issue I have is that V4 mode on my 2014 has a glitch in communicating with the transmission and it will slam itself into 2nd gear at 35mph and lock it in that gear. Disable V4, and it will never do it, dealer cant solve it either. Thanks for the post OP, I will finally pick one up rather than drive that truck in M5 mode all the time. Cheers
  9. GM has been squeezing pennies anywhere they can since the bailout, paint being a big area. My 2010 personal truck had the whole box repainted under warranty on the 3rd year I had it and the roof started to bubble so I traded it. My 2013 HD is the same way thin and peeling off on the bedside, the 05 and 07 seem to have decent paint (before the water-based switchover). My friend is a body guy at GM and he said 2010-2013 are horrible. The new ones are razor thin too, I have 4 chips on the bumper of my 15. Build them as cheap as possible and charge as much as possible. We paid $25k for trucks in the 90's that are still on the road today and in good shape, now we pay $70k for trucks that are already hitting the scrap yard. Talk about a good marketing plan, too bad I cant ethically do that to my customers.
  10. Chrome delete complete

    Looks great man I would leave it de-badged, lucky you didn't Plastidip it because I was going to hit you with this.
  11. I would consider it, these K2's are the most problematic and unreliable truck GM has put out in their history of building trucks. My 2010 1500 and subsequent HD's from the last generation are 10 times more reliable, never touched the 2010 in 5 years. My 2014 shakes and the trans locks itself into 2nd gear sometimes and wont unlock without a tuner, my 2015 had never ending trans issues until the delayed reverse shift, just got it back after 3 weeks at the dealer, they put a reman trans in under warranty on a like new truck with 23,000 miles on it. Shifts nice now, but reman transmissions under warranty, which runs out next year? Kind of a scary thought as it was $5,000CAD before labour. The new GM 2019's don't do it for me looks wise, the powertrain and chassis is essentially the same so I imagine the Chevy Shake will re-appear this time again, interior is essentially unchanged, price is jacked up another 10% for just a body refresh, which was 10% too high last generation. My 2010 SLT I paid 37k CAD, the 2015 SLT I paid 55K CAD a 48% increase for essentially the EXACT same truck with a sliding window and 6.2L added. 48% increase on my 2015 means I will have to pay $81,730 for a 2020 SLT. Personally, I cant afford it as my wage doesn't increase 48% per year and I almost walked away from the deal on my last one because it wasn't sweet enough. With Ford and Dodge being the technology leaders, comfort and refinement leaders, and now the horsepower and torque leaders for at least the next 5 years as well as being much more affordable than a GM, it would be stupid not to look at them even if I am the world's biggest GM fanboy. Dodge to drop a blown 6.2L Hellcat motor in the Ram soon, and Ford rumored to be working on a 7.3L pushrod V8 for the Raptor and Platinum trucks. If Ford or Dodge tries to sell me a loaded truck making 550hp and GM wants the same price for their ugly looking problematic 420hp truck, I can tell you what I personally would do. As you can see by my signature, I am pretty loyal to GM, but these K2's have driven me to ask myself why that is. Maybe it's time for a change.
  12. Sketches

    How did I do?
  13. 2018 Silverado High Country

    It's a "synthetic leather" on the dash rubber/vinyl, seats are bonded leather which means lazer thin strips of mystery leather glued onto a fabric which is probably done in China from a local goat species. The only way you are getting nice leather these days is in a Rolls-Royce or Ferrari or we all start to double our beef intake.
  14. 17',18' Max Tow Package 9200-9600lbs daily???

    I would buy a 6L 2500 TBH. New diesels are plagued with aftertreatment issues and should be avoid if at all possible, take this from a guy who has over 15 diesel engines and 4 modern DEF/EGR units. Not enough weight to justify a Duramax, and too much for a half ton daily. My last 2 HD's have been 6L's and they are great, wont beat a Mustang in a stoplight race like a 6.2L or 6.6L but it will fill the void you have perfectly. New diesels are a nightmare and you will find you are missing a lot of work because they are derated and sent to the service bay. The saying with new DEF diesel trucks is you need to have 3 in order to have 1 working full time. The older Dmax's were great, I have an 05 , 07 and a 13, the 13 is somewhat problematic but the new DEF ones will CEL you to death trust me. That 6L will have you slinging burgers daily, the diesel might have you working 3 out of 4 weeks per month on average if you are lucky.
  15. Seems like a lot of work to maybe save $150 at the end of the year. You need to factor in opportunity cost. Yes you save $150 on fuel at the end of the year, but you will also be at the gas station 25% more than you were before. 10 minutes per week for a fill up, 520 minutes per year spent at the gas station. 650 minutes per year on E85, (130 mins) so 2hr extra at $30/hr = $60 in lost wages or time. So realistically you are saving $90/year. More power on tap (in my case) leads to a heavier foot, which leads to less MPG. When I put my exhaust and intake on, I lost about 2mpg, not from the mods, but from the way I like to drive it now. So when you honestly look at it, are you really going to be 25% more fuel used, or more like 30-35% more? E85 is a huge benefit for performance engines, especially boosted ones, a poor man's race gas if you will. Not saying E85 sucks or you shouldn't use it, but the savings more or less cancel each other out you just have the benefit of having a few more ponies on tap. I wish we had more access to it in Canada but they wont let us turn our corn to gas here, we have to buy 100LL Av gas, 110 octane, or C16 Race fuel up here. Sucks buying C16 at $750/barrel when you could get a barrel of E85 for $100 and have a similar data table...

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