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  1. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    Nice did you change any of your shift points rpm ? I know my truck pulls harder with l86 intake and tb it wants more rpm.
  2. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    That’s really good numbers I’d like to see that out of my truck it’s a 14 5.3 I did cold air intake swapped l86intake and tb still need a tune next headers and exhaust . My truck wheel drive too . Do you have picture of dyno sheet ?
  3. I wasn’t trying to be a ass about any of it it’s a nice truck either way. My 14 1500 hasn’t had any issues. With afm and I got almost 95k miles it still does go in v4 but once my warranty is over it’s gonna get a tune . Mods so far cai muffler delete l86 tb and intake swap 170 t stat. Mine pulls good really go on e85 .and I pull a 34.5 camper with no issues up and down mountain in Tennessee and I can still get 10.5 mpgs so I can’t complain too much . Next will be headers exhaust and tune.
  4. I got a few questions why not get the 6.6 duramax? I would think the 1500 6.2 v8 or even the 5.3 v8 is better than the old 6.0 now I know the duramax is better than both for power and tq the old 6.0 makes 360 hp 380 tq the 5.3 not on e85 makes 355hp 383 tq and the 6.2 makes 420hp 460 tq . So too me the 5.3 and 6.2 are way better than the old gen 4 6.0 . I know my 6.0 was good in my gto but it was a car and very fast and my 5th gen ss camaro was even faster with 6.2 . But they are cars .
  5. On my 14 GMC Sierra 5.3 I did 275/60/20 k02 they ride good and with my 3.42 I can still smoke the tires but I also did a few mods .next is headers exhaust tune then I’m done .
  6. Do any of y’all have these headers ?https://www.speed-engineering.com/shop-by-vehicle/2014-2017-gm-trucks/exhaust/headers-y-pipes/silverado-sierra-1-7-8-headers-y-pipe-2013-4-8l-5-3l-6-0l-6-2l-truck-suv.html if so how was the fitment, was it good quality? What’s the hp gain are y’all seeing from doing headers dyno numbers would be cool .
  7. Texas speed is great I had a 5th gen ss camaro l99 got a stage 4 cam afm did dod delete kit worked out great . Car made 500 rwhp out of a stalled auto car .
  8. My 2014 only issue was the ac condenser going bad and my front struts going bad so far got fixed under warranty which expires at 100k which im now at 93k. I. Put new plugs in bigger tires 275/60/20 new rotors pads all the way around, swapped intake and Tb to l86 ones. Next will be headers and tune, dual exhaust then I’m done for power wise . It be nice to see 350rwhp or More and at least 360rwtq or more and I do use e85 since it’s 1.90 a gallon vs 87 being 2.49 and 93 being 3.20
  9. 2014 Sierra 5.3 Bad Lifter

    Do not ever just replace your 8 dod lifters all ways do the full set of 16 that’s a big risk new parts with old parts and as cheap as a set of lifters are might as well have the full 16 of them .
  10. 2014 Sierra 5.3 Bad Lifter

    Now you got my a little worried lol my truck at 92k and the dod is still in use my warranty is up at 100k I wanna go get it tuned now , but I keep waiting .
  11. I towed my camper loaded down and bed of truck loaded with wood and generator I’d guess around 8400 for my camper with 60 gallons of water and food and ect.. on e85 I was doing avg 10mpg onway back on 87 same but it felt a lot stronger on the e85 going up and down mountain and where I live in Tennessee e85 is 1.97 a gallon 87 is now 2.50
  12. Fun times this weekend

    In the picture I posted my truck was not on flat ground.
  13. Fun times this weekend

    Moved back in October need to change that.
  14. Fun times this weekend

    Ya I live in Tullahoma Tennessee. Avg was 10mpg .but I did use e85 on the way to the track then 87 on the way back .still did 10mpg on way back too.

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