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  1. Alcohol sensor

    I was wanting to get a gauge if I could is what I was wanting .
  2. How do you hook up a alcohol sense on a 14 GMC Sierra 5.3 with e85 with yellow gas cap?
  3. Do the thermostat delete mod on your transmission mine usually is 140-170 in summer heat . Now towing I don’t know yet we’ll see at the end of April going to Talladega race . I’ll be towing my 34 foot long travel trailer . I did order the l86 intake got that ordering the l86 Tb tomorrow. If you look close I cut out that tube and sanded the mouth of the intake some .
  4. Fuel additive/cleaner for DI?

    Ya does e85 help clean the valves in Tennessee it’s a lot cheaper than 87 by 30 cents or more now so I just been running e85 .
  5. So I’m about to change my fluid for the second time doing it my self this time since I don’t trust place around where I live now vs back in Florida . I had a transmission shop I used all the time . What fluid do most of y’all buy and do you use the wide mouth filter ? Also I know I could go to the dealer and have it flushed out but at almost 90k and it’s been done ice just pan drop and fluid change i would be scared to have that flush done. They want $189 to $215 around Tennessee to do the fluid flush. Any thoughts? If you do it your self what fluid do y’all buy ? I’m assuming I’ll need 6 quarts of fluid .
  6. 14 gmc towing

    Thanks sir it does have sway control and everything that comes with it.
  7. 14 gmc towing

    It only weights 7,000 lbs we towed it 100 miles with no issues my bad
  8. So my trucks a 14 gmc slt 5.3 6speed auto 3.42 gears. I have a 34foot camper from camping world it says on the website my truck can pull it fine which it has for short trips maybe a 20 mile ride . But we plan to go the a NASCAR race at the end of April from where I live it’s 3 hour drive . I’m gonna assume my truck should be fine towing it in tow/haul mode .if I get the funds I’m gonna swap intake to l86 intake and tb and have the dod turned off. At least get the dod turned off any thoughts? I did have t-state removed in the transmission housing .
  9. P0300......

    So I’m about to change my spark plugs what do I need to gap them or can I not gap the plugs they are the stock iridium ones ac delco.
  10. Scared of the K2

    Thanks I don’t see why my picture always do that on this site, any other site they look good to go lol.
  11. Scared of the K2

    I have a 14 gmc Slt fully loaded sunroof nav heated/cooled seats z71 4x4 only issue I have had was front struts replaced making a noise Turning hard left only and my a/c condenser went out fixed under warranty. I got the truck 1 owner 69k now I’m at 88k in 7months I put 33s on it now a level kit a soft bed cover and subwoofer under rear seat . also k&n cold air intake and muffler delete . 5.3 is nice feels strong when I run e85
  12. Help with Line out converter

    Do it at the factory amp behind the back seat that how I did mine . I bought the pac line out converter.
  13. That’s look good I need to do it to my 14 gmc 5.3 do you have any more pictures?
  14. On3 turbo kit

    Thanks sir so how long was the install and what hp do you need to worrie about fuel system ? And is the kit a true bolt on a kit ?
  15. has anyone used the on3 turbo kit 76mm kit on a stock truck? How hard is it to install any issues ? I was thinking down the road maybe turbo my truck or go get a zx1000-1400 bike for speed or a used gtr in a few years once truck is paid off .

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