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  1. I got a 14 Sierra just hit 103k had it a year and 6 months
  2. Well I got that familiar radiator leak well crack in the Plastic driver bottom corner is it easy to change ? The damn book time says it takes 6.5 hours that’s insane, I have done ls cam swaps faster than 6 hours start to finish .
  3. Well see how they do this coming year .
  4. I got the bf k02 275/60/20 they holding up fine after 20k miles
  5. I did this with 5.3 on 93 octane on a mustang dyno that reads 20 percent low mods are cold air intake l86 intake and Tb swap 1 7/8 inch headers no cats in temps of 101 degrees my tires are 275/60/20 k02
  6. Yeah I fixed everything I’ll email you the file over too look at in a few sir .
  7. So I got doing tuning my truck some more put on a mustang dyno . Mods are l86 intake and Tb 1 7/8 headers no cats k&n cold air intake afr is now 12.8 the dyno reads 20 percent off from a dyno jet or dyno com
  8. Look in your glove box for this picture your gear ratio should have a code like gu6 gu4 and so on if you have g80 you have a post rear end limitrd slip what ever they wanna call it . Or you could hold your brakes and see if both tires spin or smoke them .
  9. Ok well thanks for the advice and your answer I’m gonna order them for sure now.
  10. Do I need to buy the 02 extensions?
  11. Any issues to install I plan to do it my self .
  12. I’m really about to buy these has anyone used them how do they fit ? https://www.speed-engineering.com/shop-by-vehicle/2014-2017-gm-trucks/exhaust/headers-y-pipes/silverado-sierra-1-7-8-headers-y-pipe-2013-4-8l-5-3l-6-0l-6-2l-truck-suv.html. Any tips for install when I order these tomorrow?
  13. So I just got hp tuners and started to learn how to tune with some help Of friends and 1slow1500 and what I noticed my tire size on my truck was way wrong from the factory tune it was only 30.87 inches its all fixed now since I have the bfg k02 in a 275/60/20 size. I just thought that was very odd.
  14. How’s the drive shaft doing ? I just ordered the same one today was it easy to install ?
  15. Do any of use that software to tune your 6l80 ? I inputted everything based off a 10-up camaro with the 3.42 gears and 32.99 tire height and this is what it comes up with . Does that look good to y’all if so what tables do you export it all in too ?
  16. Oh my bad I would think it would it still 4 bolts
  17. No the l86 is 87 mm the l83 Tb is 80 mm so it won’t fit on a l83 intake manifold.
  18. Lmao I did pm him though I also ordered the aem wideband that connects in too it model 30-0334
  19. So. I’m about too buy hp tuners , I never tuned a car in my life watched my friend tune my old gto and camaro ss .so I need as much advice I can get what to do and don’t do
  20. No no other part of the truck has any issues . Today it worked then quit working it’s crazy .
  21. Did they replace battery cable for free ?
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