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  1. The lemon law in Washington State provides for arbitration for the first 30 months after delivery...my vehicle is beyond that point. As for a replacement truck, the last time (the pushrod and lifter replacement) they were willing to provide a rental at their expense PROVIDED THAT THE RENTAL WAS A GM PRODUCT. At the time, the local rental outlets had no suitable GM vehicles available, so their offer was like giving me the sleeves from their vest.
  2. The beat goes on. The original repairs held together for our road trip to Oregon, pulling a 27' travel trailer, but there was a loud repetitive clicking noise at idle, like the sound of the fan solenoid cycling on and off. That stopped after about 10 days, but was replaced by a cloud of white exhaust at startup. I returned the truck to the dealer yesterday, and, get this, there's now a coolant leak in the head gasket on the opposite side of the engine from where the pushrod and lifters were replaced. And, of course, the f'ing head gasket is on nationwide backorder! So once again, travel plans for one week from today are held hostage by GM corporate bullshit, over-managing parts inventories. I love this truck, but I hate these problems and GM's inability to provide anything resembling timely warranty repair service.
  3. Third head gasket installed...no leaks and no telltale noises, so I guess it's finally fixed. If I had any hairs that weren't gray before, they all are now!
  4. It just gets worse and worse...they replaced the gasket, and now there's a coolant leak. They're going to replace the gasket again. It's starting to look like their mechanic doesn't know what he/she is doing, and is just stabbing in the dark.
  5. Today's update...dealer called this morning. Their latest theory is that when they put the head back together after replacing the pushrod, lifters, and VLOM, the head gasket they used was faulty. They're going to try to put a new one in today to see if that fixes things. The mechanic was "95% sure" this would fix the problem, but then again, he was pretty sure about his original pushrod diagnosis. Also, they are working with Chevrolet to get me a rental that I can pull my travel trailer with for my upcoming vacation. The catch is that they'll only pay rental fees for a GM product, and while Enterprise has GM vehicles in their fleet, there isn't one available locally, so the probably won't pay...which is total bullshit. Getting soooooo tired of this...I like what 1SLOW1500 said, that they should just put in a new engine and take mine for failure analysis.
  6. The plot sickens...they replaced the pushrod, lifters and VLOM, and the noise is still happening! No explanation, no ETA for repairs, they'll just tear apart the engine until they find something. My faith in Chevrolet is seriously shaken...
  7. Good news and bad news...the good news is that SPAC found a pushrod and it's on its way. The bad news is that they're going through the same process for the manifold and they have not located one yet. Remember the good old days, when GM and dealers had plenty of spare parts to service the vehicles they had sold?
  8. He (dealer service writer) said the parts were not available anywhere in the US...told me some mumbo-jumbo about there being a special team at GM that scours around to find out-of-stock parts and gets them to the dealer quickly when possible. It sounds like I'm being lied to??? I mean, it's inconceivable with the number of 6.2l motors running around out there that they wouldn't have plenty of replacement parts.
  9. The repair is covered under warranty, for sure. No one at the dealer is disputing that. How would I contact a GM rep to discuss the vehicle replacement? Also, you said "I can order pushrods today and have them in one day or a few days"...what do you know that the dealer is not telling me? Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this issue.
  10. Hi...I'm new to this forum and hope you guys can help me with your experiences. My 2015 Silverado LTZ with 6.2l engine developed the dreaded bent pushrod at 26k miles. It's at the dealer now, has been since last Wednesday (it's Saturday now). I called them yesterday for an ETA on repairs and they told me that it could take several weeks due to a shortage of pushrods! They went on to say that GM had zero of them in stock, and there are only two dealers in the entire US that have one each, which are probably spoken for, for a customer's repair. Sounds like bullshit, but that's what they told me. It seems to me that they're still building these motors, so they should certainly have pushrods, and should make them available for warranty customers at least. The truck being my third vehicle, ordinarily the wait time would be irritating but tolerable, BUT I have vacation plans in less than two weeks that will involve pulling my 27' travel trailer for a thousand miles or so. I have deposits and reservations at a dozen RV parks, and we will be caravaning with friends. So, my question to you is: What remedies, if any, can I expect from GM under these circumstances? Is there anything in the warranty about taking a reasonable time for repairs? Can I expect a replacement vehicle for repair jobs of long duration? If there are no replacement vehicles, can I expect compensation for a rental? If none of these are available, can I sue to recapture the cost of renting a replacement tow vehicle?
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