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Found 12 results

  1. Hey Everyone- I have a 2022 AT4 (5700mi) and its it has a shudder/hesitation during steady and/or light throttle acceleration between 25 and 70 MPH. Anyone else experiencing this or has and got it "fixed". Reproduced it for a ride along with the dealer, but need to figure out a plan or approach to fix this. They have mentioned maybe a fuel injector, maybe a new transmission.... Thoughts? Recommendations? Also, what site does everyone use to search for TSB's?
  2. Anyone else experiencing a hard shift or hesitation of the engine when you first hit the gas. For example, I start the truck, reverse out of the driveway, put the car in drive and when I hit the gas, the truck goes toward and then i feel the truck completely stop for a second (hesitation) and then it continues forward, I only expierence this when I’m going from reverse to forward. I come to a complete stop and do not shift to drive when moving backwards still. ?
  3. I have a 2000 Silverado 2500 6.0 that is having some hesitation/cutting out on acceleration. It’s weird it seems like if you ease into the throttle it doesn’t cut out but if you mash on the gas it acts like it wants to die. It does it in park and in drive. First noticed it when I was pulling my boat out of the lake and I could barely make it up the boat ramp, it was spitting in sputtering until it eventually seems like it cleared up and started going normal. I replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel pump, fuel filter, ran seafoam through the gas, and change the air filter but it seems to not of helped there’s also no check engine light. What could be the issue, thanks!
  4. Hey everybody...I just now joined the forum just to pass along a decent, easy fix for the "flexing" gas pedal in the 2014-2018 Sierras and Silverados. I stumbled across this board researching this issue that I discovered on my new (to me) 2017 Silverado Z71 5.3 that I just bought about 4 weeks ago with 788 miles (yeah, seven hundred eighty-eight!) on her. Upon starting from a stopped position (such as coming off a stop bar at a traffic signal), I was a bit bothered by what I can only describe as a "hesitation" of movement of the truck, where pressure on my right foot on the accelerator that wasn't immediately (and proportionally) resulting in matching acceleration of the vehicle. This is the same issue described in other posts on this board that has been remedied with (among other things) by placing cut pieces of paint stirring sticks behind the plastic "anchor plate" that is affixed to the firewall, and where the accelerator sensor is bolted on to. I had plenty of flex in mine, on the order of probably 1/2" to 5/8" at least where the mounting plate would flex and finally "bottom out" against the firewall before the accelerator would begin to respond to input. The fix I came up with was a pretty simple one, and I wanted to pass it along: On the black plastic mounting plate (Those of you who have researched this issue probably already are familiar with this piece I'm referring to), near the bottom where the gas pedal mounting bracket is affixed, there is an unused hole to the lower left of the pedal bracket. I used a 1/4" x 20 bolt (about 1.75" in length) with a nut and washer pre-threaded onto the bolt, and slipped another 1/4" nut on the backside of the black plastic mounting bracket (using 90 degree needle nose pliers to hold nut in place while finger-tightening bolt...this was the most tricky part). This required trimming just a little bit of the floorboard insulation (see photo below) to make it easier inserting the nut behind the plastic piece. Then I simply tightened the bolt into the nut on the back side, which results in approximately 1/2" or so of the bolt protruding through the backside of the black plastic plate and bottoming out on the firewall. The result is MUCH less flex in the lower portion of that plastic mounting plate when pushing on the accelerator. I really was skeptical of how much difference this would make, but WOW...after driving it, the difference is NIGHT and DAY! That "dead zone" where I was having to push unnaturally hard on the accelerator pedal before seeing any response from the engine is GONE! Now I can lightly push on the pedal and the response is IMMEDIATE and smooth! Attached is a picture showing the finished product (sort of helps what I've tried to describe above). I should have taken a few more pics during the procedure, but I was sort of on a roll and didn't think about taking any until I was finished. Hopefully this fix comes in handy for others of you having this same issue related to the "spongy" accelerator mounting plate. Kind of disheartening to have to fix my ~$36K truck with a $0.50 nut and bolt, but at least it fixed my issue!
  5. Hello, I am hoping that you can help me diagnose what is causing a hesitation on my truck when accelerating from a stop. It sometimes also hesitates when shifting at low speeds 10-30mph Truck Specs 2014 silverado 1500 WT 4.3L V6 locking rear end 32,000 miles no codes, using bluedriver scanner red Problem two weeks ago truck took two tries to start never done this before has not happened again last week truck started hesitating on acceleration from stop every time rpms drop from 1500ish to 500ish and then jump back up and truck accelerates I have attached one of the drive logs where you can see the fuel rail pressure drastically change when the engine rpm drops You can see the seven times the truck hesitated at the drops in the graph Started logging other items to see what is happening and found this spike in the temp sensor, attached picture also. intake temp sensor is yellow line and engine rpm is blue line. I highly doubt the temperature actually went from 55F to 135F during my commute. What I have done Checked transmission fluid, truck level and hot. Fluid in the dashed good zone between the holes. No burnt smell. Found the strange temp reading. Truck off Unplugged the mass air flow sensor and drove around large parking lot. Hesitation completely gone truck drive normally for 5 min. Check engine light off. Truck off Plug in mass air flow sensor and drive around parking lot again. Hesitation back Check engine light on with codes for MAF unplugged. Thought MAF was the issue. Bought new MAF and air filter Installed MAF and air filter Problem gone on test drive for 15min, truck fine, no codes. Next day, hesitation is back, no codes Realize I need help. Post on forum. I'm sure I have left out some important information, just let me know and I'll try to answer. I greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.
  6. After going through a Lemon Law case, and loosing, because of hesitation in my 2018 GMC Z71 1500, I learned a lot about what's going on. The BOTTOM-LINE - GM is intentionally detuning our trucks. This is undisputable. During the deposition phase, GM acknowledge they are intentionally detuning the trucks in an attempt to save approximately 1-2 mpg. What was I experiencing: Hesitation when in Active Fuel Management mode. Hesitation when lightly pushing on the gas When pressing on the accelerator peddle the power was delayed getting to the rear wheels When getting on the gas pedal immediately after braking, there is a HUGE delay When lightly pressing on the accelerator pedal, the RPMs actually go DOWN (WTF???) When going 30 mph the vehicle is already in 6th gear and lugging. This one detuning trick, turns your 350hp vehicle into a Subaru. Extremely slow transmission control to shift into a lower gear. Extremely fast transmission control to shift into a higher gear. So, after loosing, what did I do to fix these issues? I paid to have the truck re-tuned. I waited to almost 60,000 miles when the warranty expired. I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I am not affiliated with this guy at all, but I will tell you LEW at diablewtune.com fixed 95% of the issues and I can FINALLY enjoy the drivability of the vehicle, as I would have designed it. It actually pulls hard from a dead stop. I can actually smoke the tires if I wanted. YES, performance over economy in every situation ... finally! So for all you potential buyers out there, don't waste your time. Drive it off the lot and don't hesitate like the truck hesitates and give your vehicle a performance tune immediately.
  7. I have had this problem for quite some time. I've been trying to narrow it down one test and one part at a time with no luck. It will occasionally drive great with no problems but other times it surges while accelerating and driving down the road. I've had the timing checked, replaced the spark plugs, replaced the wires a while back, replaced the EGR valve, and replaced the cap and rotor. The truck will idle fine except for the occasional rough idle in gear during the times the truck is running badly. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Just got the 2014 Silverado 5.3l 4x4 back from the dealership from having the entire top end of the engine replaced ($9000+) at 106,000 miles. Noticed oil on the plugs & immediately started smoking. But NOW - 5 days later, the truck shudders at 35-50 mph, especially if going uphill at a low speed. Does anyone have any suggestions for what this is due to or how to correct it - preferably without spending another $5-10k. This was a great truck up to 100k miles, but now it seems to be falling apart. Put a Hypertech programmer on it in late 2017/early 2018 to turn off the afv, (at about 70k miles & that's all I used it for), hoping to avoid the problems that causes, but no luck. Now this transmission thing is happening. It used to shift hard at low speed & when cold, but this shuddering is new.
  9. It hesitates a little on almost every take off from a stop. Much more pronounced if I throttle it more. I.E. it is impossible to just launch out from a light most of the time. It's just sluggish until it kicks in after a second. The worst is around 45-50 in OD under partial load just trying to maintain speed... It misses enough to shake the whole truck and I have to punch it to get out of OD so I don't feel it anymore. I'm sure it's missing a little at other times but I can't feel near as much if the torque clutch is not engaged. I got a new MAF free from my neighbor so I threw it on today but it made no difference. My long term fuel trims are near zero at idle but jump up near 20 under acceleration and while driving they maintain around 15 or more. Do I just need new injectors? I have gotten a lean code both banks before but it's been a few months since that came up. New fuel pump only about a month old. Made no difference at all. I also did intake manifold gaskets this year. No change really. Need more ideas. Thanks!!
  10. Truck Does Not Run Right...Tachometer Bounces...Hesitation from the start...Going up hills is Jumpy...Skips and Bucks, Feels like truck is Misfiring...Transmission shifts are consistently Rough and Random... Dealership confirmed the problem after test driving and they then found TSB #PIP5457C: Surge hesitation Chuggle Misfire Feeling With A Light Tip In - (Feb 10, 2017) which they believe match's the problem. The Dealership says GMC is aware of this (TSB #PIP5457C) the cause is unknown at this time. Do Not Know How Long It Could Take To Get A Fix. I called GMC customer assistance and requested a replacement or buyback they opened up a case number for me. They next day GMC customer assistance denied any kind of replacement, trade assistance, or buy back. Closed my case because they do not know what the cause is at this time and do not have a fix for the problem. I was told I must drive the truck (AS IS) until such time a fix is available. They also encouraged me to exercise the Lemon Laws in my state if I wished to pursue a replacement or a buy back. Extremely unhappy with my first GMC Truck and that's a shame because it’s a beautiful truck It just happens to be a Lemon that runs like Crap... Just keep driving (AS IS) is not what I paid for...I hope someone else has any insight to how to fix this problem. I hope others will post there concerns as well so we can get these trucks fixed or replaced...
  11. All My first problem, and post with my 2014 silverado , regular cab, 75000 miles, 4.3L auto trans. Hope I explain this well. This just started abruptly today. While coasting in drive, under 45 MPH, it feels like brake lightly/quickly applied, or converter lock up about every 2 seconds until stop. Very lightly, but feels harsher if brakes are applied lightly. Goes away when shifted into neutral while coasting. Gut feeling is torque converter locking up for unkown reason. Ideas? Thanks, Kevin
  12. Hey guys, I need some help. Recently my only vehicle, an 03 2500hd 6.0 4x4 started to hesitate during start up. It bogs down as if it sounds like it is not getting any fuel when i step on the gas. Instead of revving up, it sounds as if it is choking on too much air, and no fuel. I changed the oil, filter, and air, and filled with gas from one of the two gas stations I always fill at. I have owned this truck most if its life, 11 yrs and 180k+ miles on her. When it started doing it the temperature outside was about 45-48 degrees, and I was coming off a graveyard shift. At the same time, it was choking and struggling to stay running, the computer (dash gauges and info center) also started freaking out and throwing messages “change engine oil” and “oil life reset” and “loss of engine power”. Once it quit, the distance to empty now was not reading the same as it was when i shut it off at midnight. In fact about 70 miles less, and the gauge still said full. Once it was “stable” to drive home, on one of the hills i was climbing, clearly the motor was loosing power, tranny wasnt downshifting, and loosing speed quickly, and some hesitation. However at the top of the hill, it ran just fine. Fast forward a day, started fine, ran fine. Next day, changed some bushings on the lift, drove into town just fine. When I left the store, started just fine, backed out and started to to proceed to the exit, and it started hesitating again. Cleared up after about 10 seconds, then on my merry way again. Got to the house, luckily, and it started the whole cycle over again. Throttle response was all but gone, sounded as if it was bogging or flooding the motor with air, but under idle struggling to stay at running, and choking, rpms are below 500 when it does it. Once I get the motor to stabilize with the feathering if the throttle, i can put my foot into it and it revs just fine. Computer still shows 187 mi to empty, when it was 265. The things I have done to this truck since I have owned it are, new (used) transfer case, new front end ( multiple times) , new (reman) dash gauge cluster, change plugs, water pump, k and n, batteries, window regulators, new climate control unit. I hope you guys can help, before having to ATTEMPT to take it anywhere.
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