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  1. The service dept said they could not reproduce the condition. I drove it home and it shuddered. Then my wife used it once I got it home and she said it shuddered. I plan to use it a bit and return it again. Just disappointed at this point.
  2. Well I am happy to report. That I recently got my truck back and it’s fixed. I have been testing it for the last day or so and it’s working great.
  3. Interesting. Haven’t seen any message on mine. I will keep this post update.
  4. 6.2. But sounds like similar experiences. No codes here also. My dealer didn’t think it was torque converters but hasn’t really offered much As to why not. They also said fuel injector issue but would expect to see some sort code in that scenario.
  5. Hey Everyone- I have a 2022 AT4 (5700mi) and its it has a shudder/hesitation during steady and/or light throttle acceleration between 25 and 70 MPH. Anyone else experiencing this or has and got it "fixed". Reproduced it for a ride along with the dealer, but need to figure out a plan or approach to fix this. They have mentioned maybe a fuel injector, maybe a new transmission.... Thoughts? Recommendations? Also, what site does everyone use to search for TSB's?
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