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  1. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    I wish mine had a Whipple! Whipple site Dyno shows 450 at the wheels on an otherwise stock 5.3.
  2. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    No change in shift points yet. Definitely has some better passing power now.
  3. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    First one has three runs, before e85 , after e85, after e85 dynotune. Solo run is after intake and throttle body swap
  4. Just curious about stock rwhp and torque for the l83 5.3. I've done some exhaust and bolt on stuff and I never did a baseline before I started. I've seen as much as 296 stock hp at wheels( Whipple site) just wondering if people have seen much lower. The main reason I ask is I already had Cai , Corsa exhaust , and kooks long tubes with a 93 Diablo tune from lew . I had all of that before first ever Dyno which showed 306 hp and like 330 something torque. I was expecting much higher with all of that , but maybe I wasn't starting with as much hp as I thought. After adding e85 sensor and L86 intake/l86 ported throttle body and Dyno tune I'm at 350hp 390tq. 2016 Silverado ccsb

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