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  1. that's a nice looking truck. Well worth the wait I'll bet.
  2. When i traded my 2014 crew for my 2015 DC, my salesman wasn't even aware that the DC were made in Ft Wayne. I had to enlighten him.
  3. Traded my 2014 Sierra Z71 5.3 crew cab, for a 2015 Z71 5.3 Double Cab, with all the same options. Main reason I dropped down to a Double Cab was because it was built in Ft. Wayne. The trucks are basically the same, but IMO the build quality is much better in the Double Cab. I agree 100% with other Double Cab owners-Great Job Ft. Wayne! Love the truck!
  4. TJay- Thank you for taking the time to check that out. I also tried backing into a few spots today, with no response from the DIC. I have an oil change scheduled with the dealer next week and will have them check it out while there. Thanks for all your help on the forum. BTW- small world, my dad has lived in Norman for the past 45 years. Big OU fan.
  5. REDWNGR - I've only operated the switch when parked and key on acc. Will try switching on and off after starting and driving the truck. TJay74 - Your Experiences above leads me to believe that Although it seems like the system isn't operating as it should, or as it's explained in the owner's manual, the system may indeed be operating normally. Just a little confused as to why it's listed as an option on the vehicle, with a switch that lights up when on, but doesn't appear to change the operation of the Park assist system. Guess it' s time for the dealer to check out Also glad to see that someone else also backs into every parking spot. My family thinks I'm nuts for backing up all the time. Rest of family is strictly a pull-though group.
  6. Thanks all for the responses. REDWNGR - I have set all the rear park assist personalization settings in the menu to on, along with making sure the switch under the hvac controls is set to on. I checked my RPO and UD7- rear park assist is listed as one of my options. Rear park assist is also listed on my original window sticker. I also have the N-37 manual Tilt-Wheel and Telescoping steering column. Maybe I'm just not understanding how the system works.
  7. Thanks for the response. I have already done that and the lines appear in the rear camera view. But according to the manual I should also have something show up in the DIC display too. In the manual it looks like a 3-4 bars. When you start to get close to an object 1 bar lights, a little closer, two bars light, very close, 3 bars light, etc.. This is what appears to not working or showing up DIC display.
  8. I have a 2014 SLE with 5.3 engine, and the SLE Convenience Package that includes the adjustable pedals, power sliding window, and rear park assist. According to the owners manual with the park assist switch on, when the vehicle is in reverse and approaching an object, lines should light up in the DIC the closer you approach the object. I have the park assist switch in the on position, with the switch light illuminated, but nothing shows up in the DIC when backing up and getting close to an object. The rear view camera does alert me when I get close to an object on the side or behind the vehicle. I'm just a little confused, should the park assist lines show up in the DIC or is the rear camera function considered the rear park assist feature. If the rear park assist system isn't working correctly I would like to have the Dealer take a look at it. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated
  9. Sorry long post. FWIW - I took my GMC Sierra in yesterday to have the Shift to Neutral recall done. I consider this dealership a top notch Dealership. They have always done right by me. While getting paperwork set up, Service Manager said data base also was showing that the truck needed the gauges update. While there I also asked him to check for any radio updates. He said the updates would take a couple of hours and put me in a nice Buick loader. All was good. About 5 hours later I received a call that the truck was finished, but Service Manager needed to talk to me. When I arrive he said that the Shift to Neutral recall was done, but the gauges data download kept locking up. Service Tech at dealership called the GM Tech center and was told that the downloaded files for the gauges update is so large that any change in data line speed, or line voltage drops will lock the download up. Tech Center said if data line has no issues at all the download will go through, but any small data line issue will stop the files from downloading. GM Tech Center told the Service Tech that the Dealership in the future will need a dedicated data line for these large downloaded files. Service Manager told me they were going to rescheduled me for the gauges update at a later date in August. When I asked why the long wait for a service appointment he said the GM Tech Center told him they were preparing a large all encompassing file update that will address a number of issues including any radio updates. He said since I wasn't having any current issues with the gauges by waiting a while I had a better chance of getting the all encompassing file update. Again I've had no issues with any work or recalls the dealership has done in the past for me, so this all sounded reasonable to me, but not so sure Service Manager wasn't feeding me a line of BS. Has anyone else had problems with the gauges file download or heard anything similar about large file downloads?
  10. Had my Sierra recall done today, along with 1st oil change. No issues found with the recall. Build date was 6/13
  11. Thanks for the directions and walk-through. I tried it today and it's works as advertised. Nice little iPhone feature.
  12. 1 month and 1000 miles so far. Have had all the recalls done and I'm very happy with my Sierra CC. Ride is great, 5.3 engine has plenty of power for my needs, The cab is outstanding and super quite. I'm coming from a Ford Sport Trac, with Sync, I agree with the other posters that the Intellilink system overall is much easier to use. After my first 1000 miles my Sierra is everything I hoped it would be.
  13. That's why I thought it was strange about the other 3 previous recalls not being done. When i purchased the truck it was late afternoon. The salesman suggested I come back the next afternoon to pick it up. That way they would be able to take their time to go over the truck and "prep the truck ", as he put it, so it would be all ready to go. i know "prep" involves washing it, getting plastic cover off, etc., But I also thought they bring it in the shop to check fluids, tires, make sure all software updates are loaded, etc. Maybe I'm confusing "Dealer Prep" with something else.
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