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  1. My '15 has been doing this since day 1, but it's not listed in the TSB. I'd love to get this fixed. It's annoying.
  2. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Looks like Woot.com has the Range AFM modules today. https://sellout.woot.com/offers/range-technology-active-fuel-management?ref=w_cnt_gw_zlm_bs_8 Woot.com is basically Amazon's clearance store. I'm not affiliated, just posting it in case anyone's interested. Cheers
  3. Mine did this for a few days when the battery was dying. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  4. First Truck Tire Purchase - Advice Please

    I just wanted to circle back and close off the thread for future searchers. I have driven these at 55psi for a while now and I can say 60 might be better but at 55 they're pretty good. The noise is there but not bad. We'll see how that changes as they age. The ride is a bit stiffer but not in a bad way most of the time. It's hard to describe. I towed a 6500lb camper on them and had no traction/tire issues. I was able to pull the camper out of the slick muddy grass without tearing up the yard too much. The old tires would have spun like mad in that. I do notice the weight of the tires relative to the old stock sr-a tires. The performance definitely took a hit. Mileage is down about 1-2mpg as expected, too. They seem sensitive to pressure. If I let them get down much below 55 cold, they feel mushy handling. At this point I'm keeping them. I'd have probably liked a more road oriented tire on a daily basis, but these are good tires and I'm happy with the compromises. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  5. Just circling back to close the thread for posterity. I got the Longview mirror extensions (LVT-1800). They worked pretty well. Never had vibration issues and image quality was good. The right side didn't go out wide enough to suit me, but it was much better than nothing. Overall, I'd not want to go on an extended trip with them, but for the occasional trip they're fine. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  6. Tire rotation question

    The first three oil changes I got at my dealership my "courtesy wash" wasn't completed despite being listed on the invoice as completed. I finally complained enough that I think I have a note in my file because it hasn't been a problem since. I have no idea if they're actually changing my oil, though.
  7. Tire rotation question

    Yes, they probably charge a little more for tires in general. But, for the experience I have had shopping there over the years I'll take it. I just bought tires in May and I got a competitive price with a shorter lead-time for shipping than some other shops in town. I stopped by a few days after buying the new tires because I wasn't sure I liked them. After talking to the guy, I decided to give them a little more time at a higher PSI. He ordered in a new set of other tires in case I changed my mind without my having to ask or make any commitments to a new appointment or pay a fee. That's the sort of thing that impresses me and makes me willing to pay more. He was trying to make sure I got the right tire even if it meant more work for them. Unlike a lot of companies who are just sycophantically trying get you to buy and leave, they have always treated me AND MY WIFE with respect. (It helps if you give them the same.) They honor their promises and for that, I'll pay a little extra. Free tire rotations are just a perk! I don't have any connection to them beyond being a customer; but, I've worked in retail before and I think they do a great job in a tough business.
  8. Tire rotation question

    Well, I guess go with it for the first few years and wear the tires out. Any rotation is better than none. Besides, if you have those god-awful SR-A tires then won't have to wait too long for new ones. When you do replace the tires, go to Discount Tire and they'll do free rotate and balance for life on the new ones. They'll do it however you ask and you can watch if you want. I've never had a bad experience there.
  9. Tire rotation question

    There are so many things wrong with that second part, that I'm not even going to start the rant.
  10. Tire rotation question

    The only reason I can think of not to cross the sides (besides laziness) would be if the tires had a directional tread which would end up turning the wrong direction. I don't know that I've ever seen truck tires like that, but they may exist. Geoff
  11. Found the source of my rattle

    Also, I could put some other bolts around the patch to reinforce it.
  12. Found the source of my rattle

    Agreed. I'll do some digging and see what I can come up with. Maybe it'd be enough to get a bolt and washer just big enough back there for clamping.
  13. Found the source of my rattle

    Yeah, the backside rusting is my concern with welding as well. I'd be worried about using an adhesive since I can't get to the backside to clamp it.
  14. Found the source of my rattle

    How did you ultimately fix it? Have it welded? Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  15. Found the source of my rattle

    What are they? Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk

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