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  1. Glad to hear it's all fixed! Now you can finally enjoy your upgraded system!
  2. If your rca cables were unplugged there was no signal to the amp so therefore it should have no reason to go into protect. Does that harness provide a remote wire for the amp? If it does try disconnecting it and jumping from your 12v in to the remote in and test again. How is your amp wired to the sub? Can you upload a picture of the wiring at the output terminals of the amp?
  3. Another thing you can test is disconnecting one rca channel at a time and try going high volume. Might give you an indication to which side the problem is on.
  4. I've had the amp kit I use for roughly 6 or 7 years without any problems so if it turns out to be your rca cables that will be a quick and easy fix. I have a feeling the harness is causing the issue, especially after trying a different sub and amp. Does the sub sound clean and accurate while it plays or is it distorted?
  5. This should help identify the wire colors on your truck.
  6. Even with a mono amp you want to tap both sides as the amp will combine both input channels into a single output. I tapped the rear speaker wires with no problem. I'm not sure what the wire colors are for your truck as I have a 2018 silverado 2LT. I normally pop the panels and find the twisted pair of wires running to the back on each side and tap them.
  7. Let's try to figure this out. Where are you tapping into the factory system for your loc? If the harness you mentioned is for the converter I would eliminate that and quick tap the speaker wires under the front doorsill panels. Wire the converter in with the quick taps and see if that gets rid of the problem. If not we'll continue with other possibilities.
  8. My guess is that it was a type of interference and in turn clipped your signal leading to the amp causing the protection mode. If your amp has a phase setting try it on 0° and then 180° as I found in reverse phase it sounds the best in my setup
  9. Glad it's all sorted out, honestly I've had good luck with the cheaper passive converters vs the more expensive active ones.
  10. Sounds to me like a wiring issue, I run a 2400w monoblock to 2 10" kickers wired to one ohm with no issues at all. Check your LOC wiring and amp to sub wires to make sure polarity is correct
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