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  1. That was the insurance adjusters quote, I highly doubt the collision shop works at that rate. I'd say double at least
  2. Oh it's definitely going up, got a call from the shop telling me they had to bring it to their other location. Told me they were better equipped for trucks and that they believe there is substantial frame damage.
  3. This is the adjusters estimate before going to the repair shop. I have a pretty strong feeling that total will be going up once they dig into it.
  4. The only modifications to my truck are window tint, amp/subs, more aggressive tires, airaid intake tube and interior lights. No major modifications or ones that can't be removed.
  5. His windshield was busted, airbags deployed and as seen in the pic the whole front right is shot. In the video you can tell he was definitely going faster than the 30mph limit. The road is notorious for speeders upwards of double the limit.
  6. Yeah here in NY it's 75% of the value to deem it a total loss. I'm just glad I wasn't in the truck when it happened and really glad my daughter wasn't either. Based on the security video I'm guessing the kid hit me at 40+ in his cobalt. 100% distracted driving when he didn't even attempt to slow down.
  7. Well in the amount of time I've been driving I've had no accidents but my truck was hit lastnight while it was parked. The kid slammed it so hard it bounced about 15 to 20 feet forward. The bumper is caved in, the bed is bent and hit the back left corner of the cab, left rim is crushed in, the leaf spring is bent and the rear axle is forward of the bump stop about 6 inches. Figures I just put tires on it 2 weeks ago and started changing driveline fluids. I'm wondering if insurance is going to fix this or total it out. Any thoughts?
  8. Also I should add that this is causing reduced engine power, stabilitrak and other errors as well.
  9. Have a 2019 2500hd with the l5p and it has been a problem. Started with p1089 - fuel rail pressure performance during decel, took the dealer 5 times and me telling them to replace the fuel lines with the regulator to get that right. Now I have a p0191 fuel rail pressure sensor performance along with c0242 and u0401-71. The dealer replaced the pressure sensor and harness exactly one month ago and here we are yet again. Any help to fix this is greatly appreciated.
  10. Glad to hear it's all fixed! Now you can finally enjoy your upgraded system!
  11. If your rca cables were unplugged there was no signal to the amp so therefore it should have no reason to go into protect. Does that harness provide a remote wire for the amp? If it does try disconnecting it and jumping from your 12v in to the remote in and test again. How is your amp wired to the sub? Can you upload a picture of the wiring at the output terminals of the amp?
  12. Another thing you can test is disconnecting one rca channel at a time and try going high volume. Might give you an indication to which side the problem is on.
  13. I've had the amp kit I use for roughly 6 or 7 years without any problems so if it turns out to be your rca cables that will be a quick and easy fix. I have a feeling the harness is causing the issue, especially after trying a different sub and amp. Does the sub sound clean and accurate while it plays or is it distorted?
  14. This should help identify the wire colors on your truck.
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