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  1. Does anyone know if they make a wheel spacer that converts a 5 lug 4.5" pattern to a 5 lug 5.5" lug spacing ?
  2. Does anyone know if they make a wheel spacer that converts 5 lug 4.5" to 5 lug 5.5" rimbolt spacing?
  3. Anything that's wrong with chevy trucks between 2014-19 is "normal" Although I did get my screen replaced and has seamed to fix my issues ( not same as your issues) but mine would change stations, switch to gps on its own( sometimes 20-30 times in a 20 minutes drive) Could be a bad screen?
  4. My truck was parked outside for a couple days in a snowstorm in ne Ohio recently that this started with... I cleaned/ checked they were not bumped inside bumper, now it's not doing it today, just another thing to add to the list. I did recently get a new infotainment screen installed(900$) 100 to me since I have extended warranty and not acted up since?
  5. I'm pretty sure mine is messed up on the 2to1 downshift right before stopping... Stay "tuned", I'll try that relearn next( different clutch)
  6. Anyone else have this? Only once did I have anything familiar to this happening and it was one of the sensors bin front got bumped back behind the bumper causing it to freak out...
  7. I think I need to do a c3,c4 clutch relearn now that it's gotten slightly better with the 3to1 downshifting the slight bump I'm feeling could be the 2to1 downshift... Thanks alot man and I'll let you know how it works after( great information) can't thank you enough if I get this worked out!
  8. Only 5 miles right? I think I had to slow down at about 4.5 miles... Did you do any of the other drive fixes on that page of TSB?
  9. Hmmm, I need to do it again b/c right at the 4-5 mile mark I had to slow down a little for a light. Did you use cruize?( At what speed?)
  10. 2016 silverado 5.3 8speed Every time I stop or start moving symbol that something is in front of me alarms/beepssnd once it said "park assist blocked" See owners manual? What's the cause?
  11. M5u RPO code on sticker in glovebox? I'm curious, when you did your relearn procedure as you called out to fix the bump from behind feeling did it fix it immediately ?b/c I did mine yesterday evening on drive home from being out( put truck away overnight) then this morning driving to work it wasn't doing it as bad but it still noticable but better... Wondering what your experience was ?
  12. Just curious, is yours a M5U in glovebox in the rpo codes sticker?
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