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  1. I don't know what the HMI is but I've also heard it's a bad screen... Just hoping for once I get a difinitive answer
  2. Me too Glad it has extended warranty but I'd like to know what actually fixes this before taking it in so I can tell them, to hopefully save me some frustrating times with them throwing darts at board...
  3. Yes I'm kinda feeling like it's confusing TCM b/c AFM deleted but I'm running a mpg saver tune( conflicting in my opinion) I'm trying the performance tune next... And will try and do the relearn specific process ( not complete relearn) and will post back here my results.thanks fellas!
  4. I'm looking for anyone who has used titled tuner on comparable truck and there experience or thoughts.( Using mpg tune, performance tune) I've got a cat back borla dual exhaust also. AFM is deleted on mine which I love but I'm running the mpg tune with AFM deleted and still have some bump from behind downshifting from 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 gears when stopping ( it's worse with ac on, which I believe is b/c with ac running it increases the rpm and exaggerates this unwanted feeling) I'm wondering if I use the performance tune if the issue will go away or it just needs this specific tranny relearn procedure maybe and hope others have stopped this unwanted bump from behind downshift? One guy has done this relearn specific tranny procedure with success in the short term I believe from pm between him and I...
  5. Mine has same issues, I have a video to show dealership but I hate switching between trucks while they throw darts at the wall and jerk me around... Please post the real fix!!!
  6. What really pisses me off is I had no truck payment before( now 350/ month) for a POS that seams like there's no real fix for both these items other than me doing way more to it to try and get rid of the issue s( tranny relearn procedure s, infotainment updates only a dealer can do, just not a good feeling on this truck...) I'm wondering if I can do a trade for a nissan or toyota and not pay anymore in the process?( I'd have to eat the 2k I paid for the extended warranty but at this point that's where I'm.at I think unless I see a definite fix on these two items...)
  7. My screen jumps all over between am/fm/ gps and actually changes stations like someone else is controlling it( can actually see buttons being pushed on the screen and also my small dash cluster screen jumps all around on its own too... I have a extended warranty but I have a 30 day/1000 mile wait period before a claim can be made and from all I've researched on the infotainment screen/ dash screen glitches it doesn't seem that there is a definite fix for it either... It will go in for this but no hate the thought of multiple times removing these freaking kids seats(which sucks)while they throw darts at the board and have me switch between this truck and rental truck...
  8. 2016 They pay to replace the faulty harness but will not cover emptying the entire fluid amount or pay for the filter or gaskets b/c it's not the right vin# Yesterday the guy finally gave me the GM # to call them and ask why it's not covered... On a great note my vin# will give me a free footbreak bag if it fails and a seat switch if it goes bad ( I laughed and told the service rep. Great gm will pay to fix the only things that aren't broke and not there crap tranny or infotainment issues) Last GM I'll own... My 07 silverado had a couple issues but nothing serious like this truck( wish I never traded it in at this point on this POS)
  9. Bad wiring harness was found. Temp sensor was verified ok by a ohm reading written out on service record. I tried to use the special code to have them reimburse me for the 300$ for complete tranny fluid/ filter/ new oil/ new 2 piece wiring harness yesterday through dealership but it won't work on my truck as it's vin# specific which ones qualify. I like my truck but I should have bought a Nissan Titan or a Toyota tundra ( so few major issues comparitively ) And now my infotainment screen is on the fritz... I'm way bummed that these trucks seem so prone to major issues and will probably never buy another again.
  10. So if I "flip the pill" it's going to make my tranny shift worse b/c the TCM won't work well b/c it's not calibrated to this cooler tranny temp( oddly enough I just asked a question concerning this in a pm on here to a different guy, b/c in my head if I just delete tstat then how does the temperature sensor relationship work in conjunction with the TCM if it's still looking for 185 degrees and after delete it only gets up to 160?)
  11. Very good info there Would you say the latest TSB fluid ( synthetic Mobil one blue label is comparable to what?) I'm definitely flipping the pill, but I like to learn the why I'm doing something and how it works before I just jump at it, thanks Matt
  12. Thought I seen on a different post someone talking about the operating temperature of different fluids for tranny's and I like to gather as much info as possible before I make a decision.
  13. Ok, so how much did you drop extra b/c of the 175deg water stat change in addition to the pill flip? I wonder with the new synthetic fluid upgrade as the latest TSB if 180-200 is less of a problem in some way due to if let's say this fluid can withstand a higher temp than the standard transmission fluid?
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