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  1. Ha, I'd be happy if they could produce one that doesn't shift like a POS first, then have a company that stood behind what they produce with a real solution to crappy engineering on a 50k model first, then after that they could step into/ up to racing?
  2. So I may just try a new dealer to see if there more thorough and not give me runaround speech... If lifter collapsed will I get a engine code?
  3. Correct, I say delete b/c that is what option screen shows on handheld when doing tuning...
  4. So you think it's more noticeable.now with afm delete(8 cylinders all the time) because there all 8 lifters in use all the time instead of 4,8,4,8 type scenario?no engine code yet, may not be broken to throw a code possibly just out of adjustment?
  5. Would taking it to a different dealer have better results or b/c I bought extended warranty they'll all try and push me off unless I get a collapsed lifter engine code or a actual part known broken?
  6. I'm not sure what you mean when saying" you turned afm off, parts still there?"
  7. At what point do you take truck in for loud lifter noise( every time I take truck in a certain dealership just tells me that whatever issue I'm having that that's just how these trucks run) I traded truck in got used last year with alot of issues tranny, infotainment, park assist... I deleted afm b/c it has dual borla exhaust and sounded terrible in v4. It seams like the lifters are always louder while at idle now, can I run a different oil or additive to quite them down? I'm sure if I take to same dealership it'll be" normal" as this seams to be there go to thing to tell m
  8. Does anyone know if they make a wheel spacer that converts a 5 lug 4.5" pattern to a 5 lug 5.5" lug spacing ?
  9. Does anyone know if they make a wheel spacer that converts 5 lug 4.5" to 5 lug 5.5" rimbolt spacing?
  10. Anything that's wrong with chevy trucks between 2014-19 is "normal" Although I did get my screen replaced and has seamed to fix my issues ( not same as your issues) but mine would change stations, switch to gps on its own( sometimes 20-30 times in a 20 minutes drive) Could be a bad screen?
  11. My truck was parked outside for a couple days in a snowstorm in ne Ohio recently that this started with... I cleaned/ checked they were not bumped inside bumper, now it's not doing it today, just another thing to add to the list. I did recently get a new infotainment screen installed(900$) 100 to me since I have extended warranty and not acted up since?
  12. I'm pretty sure mine is messed up on the 2to1 downshift right before stopping... Stay "tuned", I'll try that relearn next( different clutch)
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