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  1. Acebeam L16 stays in the slot just to the right of the wireless charging pad in the center console Been a great truck light XHP35 LED / 2000 lumens USB charging
  2. Yeah I don't know what would have changed between my 2015 and the new 2020 Sierra. I am using the same phone. Not the end of the world just aggravating mostly
  3. Appreciate your attempt at a lame response. You succeeded I take a 20 minute one way ferry ride several times a month at which point I utilize YouTube
  4. I did not have this problem with the same GalaxyS10+ in my 2015 Sierra All Terrain but the damn lag in my 2020 AT4 is so aggravating! Anyone know how to fix this issue?? I have Googled around and have not found the fix
  5. I like griots black satin tire spray. Leaves a nice low shine satin look, last a good several days without alot of rain and doesn't sling up on the side of the truck
  6. 2020 AT4 6.2L fully loaded with pretty much every package. Coming from 2015 All-Terrain (which i loved) I would most certainly upgrade to the 2020 again. The bigger back seat for the kids, the rear ac vents, rear heated seats....all the camera upgrades! I have not found anything I don't like just yet except for the auto cut-off crap that all cars have standard now
  7. Yeah i figured it was too good to be true...ill be lifting it before too long anyways so it won't matter much....i have my Honda accord for gas savings lol
  8. New AT4 that I just got a few days ago is averaging 18-19mpg right now. My commute to work is about 35 miles at 55mph the whole way. I took these pics today coming home
  9. I got the same summit white had stone metallic blue before white I loved but had to switch it up lol
  10. Looks good!! As long as the tire is not rubbing on the UCA you should be ok. I just got my AT4 two days ago after trading in my 2015 All Terrain so I can only speak to my experience with that truck
  11. I missed my 100k/5 year warranty by 5 days when I called about the torque converter issue. Total cost for everything (TC and AC) was around $4600. The dealership worked with me some and I ended up with a $2400 bill after it was all said and done. That is also including a tune up with new plugs and Yada Yada yada which I had them do since they had for almost two weeks. I wasn't not happy but at least they covered something
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