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  1. Yeah i figured it was too good to be true...ill be lifting it before too long anyways so it won't matter much....i have my Honda accord for gas savings lol
  2. New AT4 that I just got a few days ago is averaging 18-19mpg right now. My commute to work is about 35 miles at 55mph the whole way. I took these pics today coming home
  3. I got the same summit white had stone metallic blue before white I loved but had to switch it up lol
  4. Looks good!! As long as the tire is not rubbing on the UCA you should be ok. I just got my AT4 two days ago after trading in my 2015 All Terrain so I can only speak to my experience with that truck
  5. I missed my 100k/5 year warranty by 5 days when I called about the torque converter issue. Total cost for everything (TC and AC) was around $4600. The dealership worked with me some and I ended up with a $2400 bill after it was all said and done. That is also including a tune up with new plugs and Yada Yada yada which I had them do since they had for almost two weeks. I wasn't not happy but at least they covered something
  6. Well.....got my truck back about two weeks ago after having the torque convertor and ac condenser replaced 83k on the truck that I bought new which is pretty crappy. Anyways, twice now I have had my truck completely loss power while turning into my driveway! First time I thought it was just a fluke or loose battery wire. Checked everything over which was fine and it did it again a few days later. Complete loss of power for just a few seconds. Truck starts back up and tells me to roll down the driver side window and back up again. Been reading up on this issue but haven't narrowed it down. Seems odd that this has never happened until the recently work down by the dealer. They also completed two service bulletin jobs but I don't recall what they were for. I have read about loose ground wires, negative cable going bad but all of mine appear to be in good condition. And I live on a very rough back road so if something was loose it would happen every time I left my house which is not the case. Took it for a five mile loop today trying to replicate the loss of power and it never happened. ANY one ever come up with the solution to this??
  7. Came home from work to find my 6112s waiting on me never did get an update from Battleborn however the repndidnsay they may already be on the way.
  8. They return an email yesterday, took about twelve hours for the response. Here is what they said. I can see that they just finished their batch and have 150 in stock as of today. Theres a chance yours has already shipped, checking with my rep to see if it has Will let you know as soon as I hear back Battle Born Offroad www.BattleBornOffroad.net M-F: 10AM-6PM
  9. Still waiting on my 6112' from Battle Born Offroad. Ordered on 8/6. Was told a few days ago (20th) that they are expected to ship on the 28th. They are a little miss leading with the shipping. The webpage says they have 105 in stock but please allow two weeks for shipping. Well I'm looking at three weeks and trying not to get frustrated about it.
  10. Dang...…….and you ordered from Battle Born Offroad?? Have you called them to check on the status
  11. Just purchased the 6112's for the front and 5100's for the rear to replace the worn out Rancho's on my 2015 Sierra All Terrain with 70K miles. My question is, I like the leveling kit that I have and the stance so can I just set all the shock's to the lowest setting and continue on with the leveling kit?? I also purchased Rough Country UCA's made for leveling kits to help with the angle for less stress. I purchased the 6112's through Battle Born last week on the 6th. ..what is up with their shipping T/A?? "Now Shipping!! 105 In Stock As Of 8/1 - Please Allow 2 Weeks Shipping from Bilstein"
  12. Much appreciated dude....I wanted something that looked better than stock without going too crazy. Guess I'm getting old lol
  13. I did have to trim a few inches back on the wheel well liner. Some people zip tie them back instead of cutting them.
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