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  1. i believe two OTA updates occurred after I installed the new module. No issues at all. (Adding the Alexa app has been most useful).
  2. Nice write up! I'm sure it will benefit others looking to do the same
  3. Took a little road trip, about 650 miles there and back, all highway cruising along at 72ish as I wasn't in a hurry. Gotta say I really like this truck. Adaptive cruise control was made for this kind of trip, really works quite well. my setup - 20' High Country with a GM 2" lift kit, Bilstein 5100's all around, adjustable up front. I've got the GM CAI and recently installed the Borla touring cat back. 285/65 BFGs. No drone, wooo! no drone detected - so happy with that purchase. 19mpg round trip. not bad. Got home and gave her a hand wash, and finally cracked open the Adams
  4. I did the same thing when I put the tonneau cover on. That compartment where the switch ends up appears to stay really dry with the pocket covers in, but I wrapped those wires too just in case.
  5. I don't think they designed the kit with that hole in mind, it's just pure luck that it fits. The cable provided was designed for the user to drill a hole, so I was super happy being able to make it fit the hole that was already there! I'm really curious to find out which accessory fits into that hole, there are two other small holes near it as well. Perhaps a tool track system ?
  6. Just shave the tab on the side of the switch, then you dont have to mess with the metal or coating on the hole.
  7. if that thing could double as a floatation device..they'd really be on to something. It looks funny, but I bet it works if it doesn't blow away.
  8. My buddy installed it today, and you were correct - the Borla touring is exactly what I was looking for. No apparent drone on the highway, no strange sound effects cruising through town going 35 either. When it's time to get on it, it doesn't disappoint, delivering a rich full reminder that it's got a pair under the hood. I think the CAI adds some cabin sound too, and cat-backs amplify that just a tiny bit more.
  9. Good deal - I'm not sure what gauge that wire is, but it's a beefy one! glad you got it setup, it's a simple mod that should be a factory standard feature. I also like supporting a small business here in the good old USA, a couple of hiccups along the way is no big deal when I look at it that way.
  10. When your wife buys you truck parts for your anniversary, you KNOW you found the right girl! Congrats!
  11. Yep, just switch to the opposite instructions and you'll be fine - I did the same thing, bought a multipack on amazon
  12. Nope you don't need to remove the spare. Roll back the plastic cable tubing to expose the bundle on the backside of there trailer connection and unwrap it a few inches. Then you can tug that cable apart from the others enough to attach the tap. Mine came with a different tap, a T. a couple of posts back I showed the tap on the wire and what I think is the tap on amazon. You could use that straight thru one to extend the power wire if you need to. I'd wrap it afterwards for sure.
  13. I’m pretty sure it’s this or a version of it.
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