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  1. Tires arrived, the FedEx guy was not happy ! installing this weekend, expecting a little surgery will be required.
  2. Ordered some BFGs as well this week, Went with some 285/65’s. Wanted to go wide, but tall and skinny seem to work well in snow.
  3. Sounds good doesn’t it ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. gave it a deep clean head to toe and some ceramic coating refresh (Cure) Adams Tire + Rubber cleaner is my new friend, no more shine - clean works for me.
  5. Level kits are very inexpensive, brings that front end up just enough to give the truck a more serious look. Many here have used leveling shocks to accomplish the same, with the added benefit of a better ride. There is a thread here about Bilstein 5100 shocks that has a lot of good input and pics. Definitely take a read thru some of the most popular threads. customwheeloffset.com has a huge gallery too that's interesting to see what others have done. On this forum too.
  6. also those wheels are 0 offset, and I put 6mm wheel spacers to get the wheel to clear the bump on the brakes. so those two things keep that tire a bit further away.
  7. Nope, my wheel and tire setup doesn't come close, and the angles are good - perhaps a byproduct of starting with the GM kit. my goal was to keep this truck as close to factory as possible, that perspective usually wears off after a few months !
  8. So here are my original measurements before and after the GM 2" kit. so it went from 37.5" to 41.25" so overall I'd say about 3" maybe a touch more after adding the new shocks.
  9. Yes, I'm at the 1.1 setting which almost levels the truck. It's pretty hard to tell because the sight lines on the truck are a bit misleading. The difference is noticeable however, and the truck sits up like a level normally provides.
  10. I purchased mine at Summit Racing, after verifying first the right parts on Bilsteins site. The part numbers are different for Trailboss as pewterliftedz noted above. Once you install the GM 2" kit, you've effectively made the truck into a trailboss.
  11. Well it had Ranchos on it already, so there was no noticeable change, the Bilsteins are an improvement for sure.
  12. I had the GM 2" kit installed at the dealer on my 6.2L and then upgraded the shocks to the Bilsteins (see my post above). As far as warranty, typically unless the modification is the direct cause of a failure, you're good. Also depends on the relationship with your dealer in my experience, and how much your modification impacts things. In this case, changing shocks isn't really a big deal, unless you do something that dramatically alters setup. if your dealer hates any kinds of modifications, stay clear of them
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