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  1. The amp LEDs don’t have a brightness rating, but I think I’d swap them even if they were bright. Peel and stick is ok in some spots, but that area gets blasted with snow and ice, so I didn’t want to swap them out mid winter. The lux lighting system https://luxlightingsystems.com are crazy bright, the magnetic mount and sealed fixture are well made. Time will tell of course.
  2. Selling a brand new, never mounted set of Silverado Sport Steps GM part #84742421 (new coating style). I didn't like the finish on the ones that came with my High Country, so I installed some AMPs but the dealer had already purchased these new ones. End result I have these new in-box ones as well. NOTE - This is the updated version that has a hardened coating, that is rough to the touch and significantly more durable. The box is pretty heavy so regional drop off/pick is preferred, I'm willing to meet you half way. Dealer price is anywhere between 799-899, online the cheapest I could find was 725 before shipping. I want them out of the garage, so the first $500 takes them. My zip code is 14075, Buffalo, NY area - I'm up for a short road trip to meet up for delivery. My zip code is 14075, Buffalo, NY area - I'm up for a short road trip to deliver them or meet you someplace with a hour or so drive.
  3. Installed some AMP Xtreme powersteps, was pretty easy. There are plenty of videos on YouTube, so I didn’t take a bunch of install pics,. I didn’t use the AMP led lights, I didn’t like the peel and stick and they weren’t that bright, instead I used LED modules from LuxLighting. They use super strong magnets, to attach the led module, which also acts as the heat sink. I really like their design, and it was easy to swap out. The Xtreme version of these steps is pricey, with dual motors on both sides it seems like it will be tough enough to handle the winter here in WNY. The steps are super grippy, will be interesting to see if ice gets frozen in the channels.
  4. Made a mini center chinrest for the dog ! she loves to stick her head out the "nose portal" when we go for rides, but every bump hits her in the chin with the window frame edge. Can't let that happen to mans best friend. Ordered up a spare center headrest and took it apart, cut down the foam, put a slot in it for the car seat anchor and then a little pleather cutting and sewing. Pretty happy with the outcome, just enough to cover up that anchor and give the furry beast a chin rest.
  5. I gotta get some of that!... just because the name is so cool
  6. I appreciate all of the inputs and opinions. Like most things, everyone has their own preference, nobody is right or wrong. Personally, I just tried the extreme shine, makes the truck look a little to “plastic” for me. I do however like my tires to look black and clean, so next I’m going to try the satin finish and/or the wipe off technique. A rich black clean uniform color is my goal. Time to buy some products! Thanks all
  7. If they quoted $1000 they are ripping you off unless you were getting other work done as well.
  8. Ordered some AMP Xtreme steps, had a gift card. The dealer is replacing my steps, so I told him to leave the new ones in the box....so I'll be selling those next week!
  9. Oil change, and the dreaded brake software update... installed a DU-HA under seat storage, massive amount of storage
  10. Better ride all around. takes the spine twist out of uneven rough terrain and the front end feels more seated cornering on a fast smooth curve. More refined and predictable.
  11. Yes, had a friend install them at his shop. I’m sure a lot of guys here have done it in the driveway tho. Those springs scream let someone who knows exactly what’s he’s doing do it.
  12. Same here , the “planted” feel is a massive improvement.. do the fronts, you will be equally happy. My wife never notices mods, till we were driving thru a peach farm this weekend and she says “this truck rides so much better now.”
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