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  1. Finally installed a Putco taillight light bar - turns out it's easy with the harness, strongly recommend that for plug n play installation that doesn't soak up a trailer plug (and gives a 4 pin in a pinch). Also did it without removing the tailgate! Fully intended to take it off, but then realized it can be done with a helper and some patience. Thing looks like a light saber under there!
  2. Well said. Penalty box time deserves a 6.2 ! Rivian - reserved a spot in line just in case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Nice ! I put a wireless charger in my last center console, I found there was just enough room inside. If phones get any bigger I’ll have to get a bigger truck! wish they would release wireless CarPlay/android auto...looks like they did on some GM models.
  4. I have the auto high beam feature and....not impressed. It works reasonably well on the highway, but anywhere else it always seems to do exactly the opposite of what I want it to do. So moderately useful on highway, but otherwise not too great. I live in a pretty rural area so you want maximum illumination at night because there are way too many deer and other critters on the road. I believe it uses the camera system to sense oncoming lights, but I also finds pretty much any street light, sign or reflective item.
  5. I had a 2018 double cab, 5.3L and really loved it. It was my first full size truck after a long series of lux sedans. I added an exhaust/intake and a tune and really was quite happy with the performance. But on trips with long uphill inclines the 5.3 could have used a bit more juice. But around town and in 90% of situations it did just fine. BUT life is short, so I traded in an expensive sports sedan and my 2018 truck and bought the 6.2L in the high country trim...because it’s fun, it’s faster and it laughs at those long hills between NY and OH. It’s got lots of toys, lux and tech stuff to keep me happy. It also sounds great, I’ve added the CAI and will probably do an exhaust this summer. Put some cool looking wheels and tires on it too. I’m having a lot of fun adding mods and reading about all the cool things other guys are doing to theirs. Just a few weeks after that I had the GM 2” lift installed because I liked the way the Trailboss looks. This isn’t a practical vehicle, I didn’t buy it to be practical. I love the 6.2L, I knew mpg would probably be about 16, but I don’t really care. Cars and trucks are purely a personal preference, have fun with it. If it’s your mid life crisis vehicle, get whatever lights you up and forget about everything else. You can always trade it when the next shiny object comes along. I for sure learned after I bought the 18 double cab that I really wanted a crew cab. So after 14 months I traded it! Re-read your first post, you seemed pretty pumped about that 6.2! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. You could probably pull the grill forward enough, but it would be a pain in the butt. It was easy once I figured out I just had to pop the grill out of its connections. was almost going to wait for warmer weather (it was 20 outside) because I thought the plastic might snap. It’s pretty strong though. start to finish was maybe 30 mins of actual work. I could do it again in 20 now.
  7. Thanks. Just had to give more of a tug ! Comes off like your gonna break it. Easy once you get the grill off. Note : remember to unplug the camera connector on the passenger side. Another note, remember to re-attach the hood release handle before you shut the hood! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. So I took off the top cover and then the four bolts on the top of the grill, but I can’t figure out what else is holding the grill on! I know I saw someone else posted some good details, but can’t find it. Any input appreciated.
  9. Guess what’s getting installed tonight ? Time to light up the bow tie.
  10. I wish it was a longer time (15-20 secs would be good) but I’m happy they provided some access while in motion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I asked if they could swap them when I purchased my truck, but the dealer could not find any official documents stating if it could be done so we left them on. Beyond the physical installation they thought there would need to be some reprogramming because of the cameras etc. for sure the technology package would be required (on both trucks)I would think.
  12. It’s in the vehicle settings personalization. Sounds like the feature is turned off currently.
  13. Great idea, I put one (cig socket) inside the center console anyway. Makes sense there would room for the usb module..thanks edit: hang on, isn’t the socket powered all the time ? If so that thing will suck down some juice over time..or did you snag a switched power source for the usb
  14. I can view both while moving. I can switch between the hitch view and the rear view in motion for 8 seconds at a time. I get front view, rear bed view, tailgate rear and hitch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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