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  1. The built in USB ports didn’t provide enough power to effectively power up the coils in my charger mod either. Run a hot wire into the console and use a quality 12V USB adapter to power the charging pad. Also - you don’t have to tear apart the center console to run a wire, you can easily tuck a wire up under it, and the rear of the console (where the vents are) comes off extremely easily, so you can access the inside of the console.
  2. Here mine with the GM 2” lift...level is next, as I want to reduce the rake. No fear of tweaking here!
  3. I spoke to the Diablo guys a couple weeks ago, and they said they don’t know when but eventually they’ll have something. I was going remove the VIN lock on mine as sell it, but their tech guy said wait, so that gives me a little hope that new code is coming.
  4. There are a couple threads on this topic, but believe it’s thought that you could swap between trucks but both would have to be equipped the same way. Wiring etc.
  5. Red tow hooks look good, work with black and chrome, thinking I might paint mine this weekend since I can’t anywhere... it’s gonna be red plasti dip red
  6. Hmmm, my double cab truck was definitely not a comfortable experience in the back seat. Ok for a quick ride across town, not cool for a long trip. My 2020 crew cab is dramatically better. I’ve done a few 5-6 hr road trips with fully grown adults in the back and they all said it was really comfortable and they felt they had massive amount of leg room etc. I have the heated seats in the back and that was a hit too. Tons of room for backpacks on the floor, USB ports to keep their devices charged and the hotspot lets everyone be online too. My son is 6’3 and loves that I finally have a vehicle he can fit into without folding himself in half ! No seating complaints here so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I’ve been wanting to do this. What kind of mounts did you use?
  8. I’m running 20x9 0 and I still needed a little trim, a slice off the inside of the mud flap and a little felt trim. Was easy to do and the mudflap remains. I had to use a 6mm spacer to clear the brakes, which probably is why I then needed the trim. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It will generate a pronounced throaty sound on acceleration, which sounds good. It doesn’t create any drone at all on the highway, just reminds you it’s there when you step on it. If you drive calmly, you’ll not notice it much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have a set from my 2018 Silverado, make me an offer. They’re in mint shape, I swapped them out after I bought the truck and kept them. I have both.
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