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  1. great lookin truck ! what level tint are the front windows ?
  2. Thanks, I've got the tow mirrors now and I think I'm going to make the switch back to regular mirrors this summer, I really like the 360 views I have, but the blind spots are a pita . power fold is a must to fit in garage
  3. Washed mine by hand this weekend as well, thanked myself for installing a hot and cold spigot in the garage ! sun was out but it was still only low 40's
  4. No blizzards yet this weekend so it's time to install the Autosync and get the custom BCM programming from White Automotive and Media services installed. Also ordered a splitter cable for the ODB port as I have the AMP steps plugged into the port currently. Pictured here is a wiring harness that I purchased by mistake from BTDieselworks... I thought that a modification was needed for 2017+ trucks, but that doesn't apply to the T1 series. The Autosync device shipped with some instructions (by mistake I'm sure) for the K trucks which doesn't apply to the T1 series - just ignore that and follow the WAMS instructions. Also important to note this is all done via a flash update - and you won't need to leave the device connected to the truck afterwards - as far as I can tell. That said once the unit is registered, and your license is applied you can login to the web page and make your configuration selections online. For me, that was fogs on with high beams (because I live in the boonies, and once you've hit a deer you'll understand), approach lighting modifications, key fob rolls windows up or down, got rid of the gong when door is open, increased number of flashes on turn signal tap, bumped tow/haul flashes up as well, DRL's stay on with turn signal, bumped up the remote start run time, removed speed limiter (in case the fast zombies attack). Once I fully understood the setup process for registering the device and following the WAMS instructions ONLY, things went quite smoothly. The approach and exit lighting is a gift to my across the street neighbor. No longer will the crazy bright low beams blast his front windows when I'm backed into driveway and then remote start the truck at 4am when I'm leaving early. I tucked the splitter cable way up in the dash and now the ODB port is open and the AMP steps are plugged in out of sight. Overall, another one of those situations where following the right instructions is key, and YouTube research might send you in the wrong direction:) The end result is exactly as expected and the support from WAMS was great.
  5. Received this email from Gen5Diy this morning, which might explain the sold out status. we may have discovered an issue with the build of this harness. I am going to send you a return label today for it. When we designed it, it was originally for the old body style. The new body still uses the same connections, however we just learned that the lights are not wired in a loop as in the old body. If this is installed, only one cargo lamp will light off of our switch and we know that is not what customers are after. We will get it back here and change the design for you and get it back to you. I apologize for the inconvenience
  6. Ordered on the 13th, arrived today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Got the kit in the mail today, there are no further instructions included on what to do with the other connectors. I sent them an email asking for some, I suspect you guys are correct tho - that it will connect via the bed light connection. If I get an answer I'll do the install this weekend and take some pics along the way.
  8. I'm about 30 miles south of Buffalo, so we get the lake effect snow. But you know all about that in Rochester, I'm pretty sure we trade that goldensnownball trophy back and forth!
  9. Camera doesn't capture how freakin snowy it was this weekend, ended up with about 4 feet of fresh snow.
  10. Very cool! what type of LED element did you use in the vent spaces?
  11. $125 Rough Country Speedometer Calibrator Module Part number 90045 2019-2020 New Body Style New in box. Contains Speedometer Module, plug and play wiring harness, USB cable, zips ties, installation guide. Download the software from Hypertech (the vendor that makes them for Rough Country) https://www.roughcountry.com/speedometer-calibrator-90045.html?find=2020-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-740495 If you know someone with a 2018-2019 Nissan Frontier I've got one for that as well. Part number is (90046). If you have the tech package w/adaptive cruise - you'll have to try a few settings to get it to work correctly if you have Adaptive Cruise control. I found just changing the tire size in the software by 0 .1 allows it work just fine.
  12. just ordered, I've been waiting for this - curious to see what modes it operates in.
  13. A buddy of mine has the S-type on his 6.2L and its sounds awesome I think, nice deep tone but no drone. We took a 4 hour trip and literally no drone or ear buzz on the highway, but when you hit the gas it's all there.
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