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  1. towing mirrors

    Boost Auto parts has two styles available for Colorado's and Canyons. https://boostautoparts.com/
  2. The 275/55's are 31.9" tall The 275/60's are 33" tall So a difference of 1.1" (if both tires were unmounted & brand new) The reason it seems like more is because there is the weight of your vehicle on your 275/55's. Makes those tires seem shorter.
  3. Lmao, well played. I was just joshin yer taters. It's a sharp truck no doubt.
  4. Did you have to mortgage your house?
  5. My 2017 Colorado Z71 Crew Cab has been my favorite truck to date. I've always had full size trucks. 2002 Silverado, 2011 Ford F150, 2014 GMC Sierra... I have no issues with the 8 speed transmission. GM has sold thousands of these things, so don't let a handful of people on the internet sway your decision. The loudest people are the people with issues, which are a slim amount of total buyers. I just rolled over 19,000 miles in my truck. Love it. No issues to complain about.
  6. 2019 Colorado Z71

    The base price plus the V6 upgrade is the base price for v6 equipped trucks. If you want a base truck, you're gonna get an inline 4. If you want the V6 you're gonna have to pay for it. I think you can get the Inline 4 in any trim except the ZR2. But they are very rare unless specifically ordered that way. Not sure exactly what you are asking. But, I would save your money on the NAV option. The factory NAV is junk. Plus with Apple Carplay and Android Auto coming on these, you can "stream" navigation from your phone to the screen on the truck. Google Maps and Apple maps are light years ahead of the GM factory NAV.
  7. Antenna

    Yep. I have one. Didn't notice any difference in radio reception quality. Only $25. https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Colorado-2015-2018-Installs-Resistant/dp/B00PCO9VS6 Also, this forum is not as active for the midsize trucks. Come join us over at Coloradofans.com. its very active among the 2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon crowd.
  8. pop n lock

    No. You need to tap into the locking/unlocking signal wires in the doors. Watch this video, walks you through it.
  9. Hey guys, so I did a review and install video for Clearview Mirrors USA. They were awesome and sent me out a set of mirrors for my truck. I did a full unboxing, review, and installation of the mirrors. They really are top notch. Be it pricey, but if you are doing any sort of towing with your Colorado or Canyon, these mirrors will definitely make your life easier. The mirrors are super well made, very sturdy. I am very pleased with them. All the info you need is in the video. Leave a comment and a thumbs up. Definitely go visit the www.ClearviewMirrorsUSA.com website and check out the product page.
  10. Easy Oil Change!

    Yea, probably right. They are different filters altogether. So nix that idea.
  11. Easy Oil Change!

    Thanks dude. I wonder if the aluminum cap oil filter cap will fit on the LGZ? Hmmmm
  12. Easy Oil Change!

    Thanks. I feel like that happens a lot...
  13. Made a quick video showcasing how to change the oil on 2017-2018 V6. Should be similar to 2015-2016, but those years have a different motor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEq4L7FKJyo
  14. 4cyl Silverado?

    i don't believe there is "no" turbo lag. No matter how hard you engineer that thing, there is gonna be turbo lag.

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