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  1. Did a few install videos for these Soler Engineering products for 2015+ Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyons. Wanted to post them here for visibility. I installed both of these on my 2019 GMC Canyon 3.6L and it really woke up the truck. Became a lot of fun to drive. Throttle Controller Throttle Body
  2. Bumping for visibility! Drawing ends on Christmas (12/25/2020) at 9pm Eastern Time Simply fill out the Google Form in the link below! Easy peasy. Click Here to Enter Drawing!
  3. I know this is an HID thread, but I wanted to post this here. I have been running Lasfit D5S LED bulbs on my 2016 Silverado for several months now. This truck came with factory D5S HID (25w) bulbs and they were garbage. I tried installing Morimoto 35w bulbs, and they were a little better, but they were really (6500K). Then I came across the Lasfit D5S LED, they are made especially for The silverado, and fit in the D5S HID slot, but the bulb is an LED. It also comes with a new dust cover with a built in fan that keeps the LED driver cool. I have been really pleased with these bulbs in my 2016 Silverado. The color is around 5500k (advertised at 6000K, but they are whiter than that). Great width in the stock projectors. Really a must have for any 2016-2018 Silverado owner with the factory HID system looking for an easy upgrade. I did an install video on my YouTube channel a while back, and just did an update video recently. I've posted the two videos below. I am teaming up with Lasfit to give away a set of these D5S LED bulbs to a lucky Silverado owner. Just enter the drawing using this link: LasFit D5S LED - Giveaway Sign-Up Form Here is my latest video that has some nighttime driving shots of the bulbs towards the end of the video. And here is my in depth install video from a while back:
  4. Only a few more days to enter the drawing to win a set of LasFIt D5S LED bulbs for you 2016-2018 Silverado! Enter now! Simply fill out the Google Form in the link below! Easy peasy. Click Here to Enter Drawing!
  5. My 2016 WT with the 5.3 has 170k on it. Trans blew about 40k miles ago. But the engine is fine.
  6. Hey all, I have a giveaway going right now for a set of LasFit D5S LED headlight bulbs. These fit 2016-2018 Silverado's equipped with the factory D5S HID bulbs. They are plug n play and work great. See my two videos below, one is an install video from a few months back. And the other is the update video with the details of the giveaway. Be sure to enter! And win a free set for your truck. Please Like, Subscribe and Share the videos too! Happy Holidays. Click Here to Enter Drawing!
  7. Also the 2021's have the new front fascia. And you'll pay a premium for a 2021. FYI, i bought a low mileage (4400 miles) 2019 All Terrain in February for $33,500 out the door. Its loaded with Bose, Nav, etc. has everything except the lane departure nannies.
  8. Installed a set of Benebolt LED Fog lights and LED Reverse Lights into my Canyon. The fog lights are decent, low cost options for anyone looking to color match their headlights to their fogs. I'll admit the fog lights are not the brightest, there are better LED fogs available. However, the LED reverse bulbs are great. They increase the visibility backing up in the dark tremendously. Both can be had for under $30 TOTAL. I'd say they are a must have upgrade over stock. Check them out on Amazon. And also check out my video below. Thanks! Fog LEDs 5201/5202 LED Bulb - https://amzn.to/3lPVi7h Reverse LEDs 921 LED Bulbs - https://amzn.to/3lHhjVA
  9. Absolutely. Post that thing up on eBay. I bought the one in my video for around $100 + 15 shipping. Granted, Not many people will spend money to swap out a work truck wheel, but my company says treat your work vehicle like your own, so I take some liberties on creature comforts and such.
  10. Hey Phil. Likewise! We should figure out a collaboration video we can do someday. I’ll send you a PM. Thanks for posting.
  11. So my 2016 WT had the hard plastic steering wheel. It was getting pretty worn out after 162,000 miles. Also the cruise control buttons were wearing off and the rubber was always sticky. So I sourced a leather wrapped wheel off eBay and swapped it into the truck. Since I wasn't upgrading the cluster and the radio, I decided to swap the blank from my WT wheel to the new leather wrapped wheel for the DIC control pad on the right side. Also the new leather wrap wheel has the volume/seek buttons on the back, but they do not work. I would have to upgrade the cluster, and the radio module to get those. I wasn't really looking for that, just the upgraded leather wrapped wheel, since it's much more comfortable in the hand while driving. Made a video on how to do it all. Check it out below! Thanks for watching.
  12. They are holding up great. No issues. I do not have any headlight tint. Your math sounds right, but tint may add some more scattering of the light as well as reduced lumen output. But if you want the best output....nix the headlight tint. My 2 cents.
  13. @Mike_D Truck is looking good! Thanks again for the shout out!
  14. @Mike_DThanks for the shout out. I am very pleased with the Lasfit D5S-LED conversion.
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