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  1. Thanks! I'll pass that little bit of info on to my contact at Boost Auto Parts, maybe they can figure out a way to incorporate that into future builds. They are definitely pricey! Especially when you spec them out fully with every upgrade. But they are very high quality mirrors, I would say they rival the GM factory mirrors every bit.
  2. Giving away a Husky Bed mat in honor of my channel hitting 10,000 subscribers! Thanks to all who subscribe and I appreciate the support! This post is not sponsored by Husky or anyone else. I am giving away the bed mat on my own dime to say thanks to everyone who subscribes! Link to the giveaway is in the video description:
  3. So being a semi-pro youtuber has it's perks. Worked with Boost Auto Parts on a little project for their new Towing Mirrors for 2019+ Silverado/Sierra 1500. Got the mirrors installed over the weekend and a full in depth installation video will be coming soon. Just wanted to preview them here with a short video. Check it out below.
  4. Thanks! Yea so far I am pleased with them. I am also not thrilled with the way the front flaps on flaps looks either. But there is a hole in the body under the factory mud flaps that will be exposed if you remove them. And I didn't want that either. There is a mudflap delete kit you can buy to cover up that spot, and then the Rokblokz can go right over top. Should look a little better. But it's a pretty pricey kit for a couple of pieces of molded plastic. Link to mudflap delete kit: https://switchsuspension.com/chevrolet-silverado-1500-2019-2022-front-rear-mud-flap-delete-kit/ You can see the hole in the body, that I mentioned, in this video:
  5. Installed a set of Rockblokz mudflaps on my 2022 Silverado LTD. Pretty satisfied with the look and coverage. Check out my install video:
  6. You're fine. This is a trash dealership, I would find a new place to service your vehicle from now on.
  7. Installed the Stahlbus Oil Drain valve on my 2019 Canyon 3.6L to make oil changes easier and less messy. So far I really like it. Check out my install video below:
  8. Sounds exactly like mine, Only I don't hear it while coasting.
  9. Well no, I can really only hear my turbo spool "whine" when I tip into the gas.
  10. Boost Auto Parts will have towing mirrors for the half tons available soon. They are on pre-order now. https://boostautoparts.com/
  11. Nice job. Just subscribed to your channel, check mine out when you have a minute. Link in my signature below.
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