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  1. It's very possible the truck was running crappy fuel for the majority of its life. It was a coworkers truck in rural Georgia since new. I have no idea what kind of gas he was using. For the last 20k miles I have been sticking to top tier stations (Shell, Exxon, BP, etc.). The one thing this truck does when it gets warm and been running for a while, it idles extremely rough, and the whole truck vibrates erratically. I wonder if that was a symptom of clogged cats....who knows. I should get the truck back tomorrow sometime. I'll report back.
  2. I had a shop do a diagnostic. They did some tests with intake and exhaust pressure and also temps before and after cats. Came back saying cats are very clogged. So I am having new cats and new sensors installed. Should have the truck back today. Cost is going to be around 2200 out the door. Luckily, I will get reimbursed 100% from my company for this.
  3. Eh. It's a company truck. For all intents and purposes its "my" truck, but the company pays the bills. I am just trying to do some diligence to figure out the best course of action. Because I will likely need to drive this truck to 200,000. The vehicle is registered in Ohio, and I think it will require emissions tests after 4 years. So that puts me into next year sometime. Yea, being that the truck is registered in Ohio, I think I need to keep the cats on it. It's also a company vehicle. My company bought the truck with 36k miles on it in Ohio, then it spent most of it's life in the southeast. now sure what condition the exhaust will be in under there, I haven't gotten under to look at it. As far as I can tell, it doesn't use any oil. I had the plugs changed at 122k, when the vehicle was given to me. It idled rough before the new plugs. Virtually no change after the new plugs, still rough idle. I can feel the whole truck vibrate when in gear, goes away a little bit when in Park and Neutral. If I elevate the RPM's to 700, it smooths right out. I think the rough idle feeling is more like the engine mount TSB that was common on the 2014+ trucks. But I don't know if this truck ever had that TSB taken care of, and it's well out of warranty now, so I never bothered. I've given it regular oil changes since then about every 6500 miles. I check it a few times between oil changes and never seen the oil level drop.
  4. Hey all, my work truck is approaching 140,000 miles. Over the past few weeks I've had an engine light popping up for a few days at a time, then going away for a few days. I had the code checked and it was a P0420 - Catalyst System Low Efficiency Bank 1. Now this truck has 140,000 miles. I think that's fair to say the cats are in need of replacement? Or Should I try replacing O2 sensors first and see if that corrects the problem. I've spoken to a few local shops and I get varying opinions and thoughts on how to proceed. Some say just replace the sensor. Others say replace just the cats. Another says just cut the old cats out and weld in universal ones. I am not sure what to think. The truck does run "OK" it gets about 18-19 mpg on average, I do mostly highway driving in this vehicle. It does idle incredibly rough, but I know that is no uncommon for 2014+ trucks. Though, now looking back, that could be a symptom of a clogged cat... Thoughts? I had a couple shops quote me cat replacement and here are the prices they gave me. Shop #1: ~ $900 - cut out old cats, weld in replacement universal cats, new sensors Shop #2: ~1,400 - replace cats only with OEM parts, no replacement of sensors Shop # 3: ~$2,100 - replace cats and sensors, with OEM parts Dealership: $2,775 - replace cats and sensors, with OEM parts
  5. Recently installed some iArmor Steps for my 2016 Silverado WT. Video below:
  6. So, after several months, and after leaving a 1 star review on the dealerships Google review. The General Manager from the store reached out to me and wanted to make things right. I ended up getting a refund on the replacement radio, around $300 back. Chevrolet Corporate didn't help one bit. But now the issue is resolved.
  7. So my 2016 Silverado WT was equipped with manual crank windows. I hated it. I'm spoiled. I've had power windows since my first car, in my 2002 Silverado. I do a lot of driving in this 2016 truck for work. I cover four states and am on the road 3-4 days a week. The crank windows were driving me crazy. So i found this kit on amazon and went to work... Install video below, enjoy!
  8. Yea, I still have an open case with Chevrolet corporate. And they called me yesterday. The rep said she was going to try and recoup some of the costs. We shall see what happens.
  9. Yes, I provided the upfitters document from above. And they accepted it without question from the beginning. It wasn't until after the original radio module was fried that they came back to me and said there is a risk of permanent damage to the module. I had words with the Service Manager and said if there was any concern about the software they should have brought it up from the beginning. He told me that the software was not compatible with the radio and that must have been what fried it. Which I knew was BS, because the GM tech link software person told the dealership tech that the software WAS compatible. Otherwise the GM tech link software person would not have authorized the dealership to upload the software. What makes me even more mad is once they got the new radio module, they would have to program that module with the new software again. Now after the original radio was fried, I was prepared to abandon the rear vision camera quest, and just put the truck back to stock. I told the service manager I wanted the truck to stock with the original radio programming. But since the GM tech link had already authorized the new software (with rear vision enabled) for my trucks VIN, they would have to use the new program. In order to go back to the stock program (without rear vision enabled) they would have to call back to GM tech link, get the original software put back to my VIN. Which was going to cost another $105 dollars. After going round and round with the service manager he finally agreed that they would program the new radio module with the new software (with rear vision enabled). And if for some reason, this new software bricked the new module, they would cover the cost of a new radio module, but I would still be responsible for the cost to reprogram back to stock. Whatever, I said go ahead and do it. I need the truck back. At this point it had been at the dealership for over a week, and I need this truck for work. After it was all said and done, the new module programmed fine, and the rear vision camera now works. Funny....because the service manager told me that the new software was not compatible with this radio (after they fried my original one). But it somehow worked flawlessly on the new radio module. I think the Chevy tech doing the programming did something wrong with the first download that fried the original module. Yet, they told me the cost of replacing the module was my responsibility. That was my biggest beef with this whole deal. They bricked the module. NOT me. And they did not warm me of any risks from the beginning, only after the fact. After I picked the truck up yesterday I got a follow up call from the dealership customer satisfaction team, I explained the whole story and gave them a 1/10 on satisfaction. I told the agent, If I could give 0/10 I would. Granted the rear vision camera works as I originally set out to do, but at the tune of nearly $600 because of incompetence and miscommunication on their part.
  10. Sorry to dig up an old topic, but I wanted to chime in on a recent experience I had related to this. I have a 2016 Silverado WT with I03 radio. No backup camera from the factory. I really wanted to add one that was integrated and glad to find this thread. So I ordered up the talgate handle bezel and the camera harness thanks to the part numbers provided by @mmmikkke The camera was simple to install. Took like 10 minutes. Called up my local dealership to get the radio programmed. On the day of my appointment I dropped the truck off and got a ride home. A few hours later I got a call from the service writer with bad news. During the course of the programming, the new software bricked the radio module. And I would have to buy a new radio module. Great. How much does that cost? $600 + tax and labor. My jaw hit the floor. I told the service writer I need to talk with the service manager. After some back and forth the best I was able to get the new module down to $289 plus tax. They would absorb the labor on reinstalling the new radio since they didn't tell me there was a risk of module failure on the original radio. I still had to pay for the original labor and the tech call to GM to get the programming from the first time when they fried the module though. So I left the dealer paying $582.98. And on top of that.... $17 for the tailgate bezel $99 for the camera and harness So this little escapade cost me a grand total of $698.98 for an integrated OEM backup camera. Bottom line, if you are wanting to do this upgrade on an I03 radio...think twice about it, maybe go aftermarket. Or it could end up costing you a pretty penny.
  11. Ordered a fob on Amazon for $20, had it programmed this morning for $60 at a local locksmith. Works great. $80 well spent on a little creature comfort. For reference the dealership wanted nearly $300 for the fob and programming. NOOOPE
  12. I found this thread last week and ordered up the bracket for my "new to me" 2016 Silverado WT. Manual seats all around. I was really uncomfortable in the seats and was always trying to prop myself up to sit up higher. I just got the kit today and installed it in about 20 minutes. Hopped in and was amazed the difference 1.5" makes. Its a drastic improvement in seat comfort. Worth the $100. 5 stars all around.
  13. Called a local dealer this morning and they ran the vin. They said the truck was originally equipped with a key fob. So that means all I need to do is buy one and have it programmed. Easy peasy.
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