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  1. Overland build

    Hows everyone doing? I havnt done anything with the truck in awhile Maybe I'll hit some trails, I've been real busy and havnt had much spare cash to make the dream work. This picture is from a couple weekends ago where it had rained for a good amount of time and as soon as I get out there the sun came out. Also, my drls are good, just the camera.
  2. Overland build

    Sweet, I think a guy I watch on YouTube did an install of that system so I'll have to watch it again! Thanks dawg!
  3. Overland build

    Midnight dumps get the best of us hahaha
  4. Overland build

    That's ****in sweet, maybe try some stabilizers with quick release pins on the trailer to help with stability? I domt know I'm just a noob. I know the tents are heavy as dicks though. I dont know how much you camp but does the tent on top really effect the mpgs? If it's a daily I'm sure that gets tiring
  5. Overland build

    Do you have a boxed in intake or an open one? I dont know the lingo haha I'm interested about the noise.... I was curious about whether it makes the engine run better and if theres any mpg gain? I've been looking at the corsa sport line for awhile for exhaust
  6. Overland build

    In addition, I've been reading a lot about cold air intakes. I've read all the threads and stuff on here. There are two sides, one being that they make the intakes efficient enough and that the cold air intakes are bogus, the other side being that they are 100% better. Do you guys happen to have any knowledge on them? I just want to know from people who actually use them on our trucks. And also if it is worth the upgrade? Thanks guys.
  7. Overland build

    No updates so far, still saving money..... never ends... Also, going on vacations and stuff cuts into it. Having fun while I can! Honestly the rack is dope, the only trouble I have with rtt's is that I cant drive anywhere after I have my camp set up but that's just me. Leitner is dope!
  8. Overland build

    Yea I hear that.... seem to be the best bag for the buck though, especially if I'm planning on having the truck for awhile but it still makes my stomach hurt. Let me and us know if you end up getting them. Theres a thread on here about them but everyone on the thread seemed to not even know what icon was so theres that.
  9. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    A guy did this earlier, he used little led bolts.
  10. Overland build

    Dope! That thing it sweet, the 2016s are so cool looking and you're doing it right
  11. Overland build

    Heck yea dawg! That's sweet, leitner designs has a cool rail topper if you're looking for something open But I went topper because I go camping and like to keep all my stuff dry haha I still use a ground tent because I like driving to other places while camping. But these trucks can do a lot more than people think, i just wish the suspension wasnt un godly stiff. Let's see the truck!
  12. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    Update on the cyclones
  13. Overland build

  14. Overland build

    Yo! Sorry I havnt been keeping up with this thread guys! Thank you everyone for the compliments! I've done a little more to the truck but not much. I'm a college kid... so it's a budget thing. Really wanting better suspension and really in love with icons stage 2.... 1. Rhino rb 20 running boards 2. Diode dynamics sl1 headlights 3. Kc cyclone lights in the grill That's basically it hahaha
  15. I just replaced my headlights and the engine light came on.... everything is put back together, checked it twice. Can I wait a day to see if it turns off before taking it in?

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