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  1. Overland build

    Yea I hear that.... seem to be the best bag for the buck though, especially if I'm planning on having the truck for awhile but it still makes my stomach hurt. Let me and us know if you end up getting them. Theres a thread on here about them but everyone on the thread seemed to not even know what icon was so theres that.
  2. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    A guy did this earlier, he used little led bolts.
  3. Overland build

    Dope! That thing it sweet, the 2016s are so cool looking and you're doing it right
  4. Overland build

    Heck yea dawg! That's sweet, leitner designs has a cool rail topper if you're looking for something open But I went topper because I go camping and like to keep all my stuff dry haha I still use a ground tent because I like driving to other places while camping. But these trucks can do a lot more than people think, i just wish the suspension wasnt un godly stiff. Let's see the truck!
  5. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    Update on the cyclones
  6. Overland build

  7. Overland build

    Yo! Sorry I havnt been keeping up with this thread guys! Thank you everyone for the compliments! I've done a little more to the truck but not much. I'm a college kid... so it's a budget thing. Really wanting better suspension and really in love with icons stage 2.... 1. Rhino rb 20 running boards 2. Diode dynamics sl1 headlights 3. Kc cyclone lights in the grill That's basically it hahaha
  8. I just replaced my headlights and the engine light came on.... everything is put back together, checked it twice. Can I wait a day to see if it turns off before taking it in?
  9. Icon suspension reviews

    Does anyone have the stage 2 set up from icon? It's the set up with the control arms. If so, how do you like it? I have a 2014 sierra with aluminum ucas. I'm getting kind of tired with how rough the truck is on bumps.... Thanks in advance!
  10. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    Got the lights installed
  11. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    Looking to use this method to use kc cyclones in the grille. Couldn't you use fuse 39? Its labeled as miscellaneous ignition?
  12. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    Ok, so I'm an idiot.... but would power be supplied from the battery? Or the power wire for the headlights?
  13. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    Hey, I really need some help. I'm wanting to use at least 4 of cyclone lights to put in my 2014 Sierra. I'm fine with mounting them and everything I can figure that out. But I really, REALLY need help with wiring. I saw the fuse box thing and i like that but i really need some help. If there is a wiring harness or something people know of I would really like it......
  14. Skid Plates?

    I have a 2014 Sierra slt Z71 4x4, do these skids work? Really looking to replace the plastic without getting some fabricated.
  15. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I believe it is a level, I purchased the rig with it already installed but the only thing I can see is a 1" block in the rear so I'm not sure... sorry There was quite a good bit of rubbing on the back of the wheel well, trimming a lot of the liner, the plastic mud guard and hammering back the metal wheel well fixed it up real nice like

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