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  1. I really like the upgrade, it’s squeaky though so I’ll have the shop look into it and see if it’s anything bad. Potholes are still noticeable, but hitting speed bumps at 40mph it’s awesome now lol it doesn’t clunk and bottom out like the stock suspension did when I take it on the trails. Of course, it’s still not the smoothest but enough for what I use it for and makes the ride a little less jaw breaking
  2. Right on man, I think we would love some pictures when you’re all kitted out!
  3. Just a little update, after camping I found water would leak in through the topper and drip on my tailgate. Didn’t really want to pay money for an already assembled awning and the way they mount I would have to jimmy something up anyway. So I made my own awning with some conduit. Secondly, after driving the truck and taking it to the mechanic, it’s the transmission that’s pooping the bed, just slipping gears, so that sucks...
  4. It’s all good, I’m not too informed about it all either. for me personally, it gave it some lift maybe about an inch or inch and half from stock. My mechanic didn’t adjust the coilovers or anything when installing. you do need to get an alignment after install, just for this kind of assembly it’s kind of set and forget I believe. There’s so instant up or down it’s put it on and make sure it’s all dandy and adjust from there then don’t really do much after that. The higher you go up in lift the rougher the ride and for me, the truck was perfectly level when they installed it and let it settle for a day. I’m honestly not sure how much it’s lifted, but it’s pretty much the same height as it was with just the random leveling kit I had on it when I got the vehicle.
  5. https://camburg.com/shop/suspension/camburg-chevy-1500-07-fox-performance-2-5-kit/ I went with this kit, I got a real good deal on it. I asked around on here and other platforms for a bunch of opinions and everyone pointed this kit and the icons out but I got this for the price at the time I got it.
  6. Also, update. I got a suspension upgrade from Camburg. I’ll have some pictures later because if there isn’t a picture, it didn’t happen. I also got an MIT kit from air aid and replaced the cabin and intake filters. Washable cabin filter and dry filter from AEM I think? Truck is way louder when when your foot hits the floor too! I have seen maybe a mike per gallon difference
  7. After brakes and everything it seems to be ok, I think it was just an out of whack balance. I’m not really sure, sometimes going uphill( in Florida) it rattles a little bit nothing like it was. ill go under the truck and try to shake the hell out of the drive shaft and see if shakes or anything.
  8. So I had to take the truck back into the shop after the brake pads. The owner before me was probably a follow truck for a cement truck and therefore there is a whole dick load of cement under the truck..... I didn’t look under the vehicle when I got it. That’s on me. So I took it back because there was a clicking. After they looked at it, when they installed the rotors a piece of the cement was between the rotor and the hub so it wasn’t flush thus causing it to click/clunk. Overall after doing that it rides a lot smoother but sometimes the rear end still kind of bounces but not at all what it used to be. The shop told me I need new upper and lower ball joint as the cement is starting to take a toll. So looks like I’m saving some cash for awhile and maybe it’s just the rear shocks because everything else has been accounted for.... I’ll keep it updated. thanks guys
  9. Hey guys, I’m having some trouble with the truck. Whenever I hit about 40mph my back end bounces. I got my tires balanced, still does it. Took it to the shop and got new brake pads, still does it. I really have no clue. It stops after 40. I would go to another thread but I feel as though it’s easier this way...
  10. So, if I daily my truck icons would be better? I really enjoy the content icon puts out and they definitely know what they are doing. Is the stage one worth it over the Fox? I’m he also recommend a rebuild every 60k or something for icon I think but where I live I’m not sure they are up to par to perform that.
  11. I did not think about that actually... especially where I live, there are only like 2 truck places that can install them(hopefully correctly). They do work for the good ol boys that lift the truck up 8ft in the air, but I'm sure they use fox for some other builds so they possibly have some replacement parts. I'm just thinking out loud at this point. I'll look into it and hopefully I can do it soon because I've been wanting it for awhile!
  12. In your opinion is it worth it to just get the icon complete kit?
  13. Icon sells the stage one kit as a complete set up around $1800. Fox sells it all separate, and all together is around $500 less than icon. But the site I'm looking at has free shipping on the complete setup from icon. I know icon has different valving and all that science, but would I have to rebuild them sooner than fox? Will they last longer?
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