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  1. Another perfect example of the half-baked gimmicks GM is putting into these vehicles.
  2. RE1

    Bye all

    Sucks to lose one of the more knowledgeable members, but don’t blame him. The asinine bull$hit so commonly seen here is exhausting to look at.
  3. More absurd than entertaining. A slow moving train wreck like so much of the other BS here.
  4. He’s not wrong. QC and build quality have been a problem for some time. Many of the tech “features” feel gimmicky and are just electronic junk waiting to fail.
  5. and here we go...... This will degenerate into another ridiculous oil thread. I do love Amsoil, BTW. Signature series 100% synthetic 0W-20 is the bomb.
  6. The actual ZF transmissions built by ZF in Germany are outstanding.
  7. This became ridiculous as usual...
  8. Again, how do you know how the OP does anything in his daily life? You make a lot of assumptions and you’re being an a$$hole unnecessarily.
  9. Put 15k-20k miles on them and see. Mine got VERY slippery in the wet. Got dangerous and I got rid of them after 30k miles.
  10. I have a 2014 Denali. That interior is far nicer than the current trucks. Nice move GM!
  11. Gotta love GM (sarcasm). These pumps should be replaced with a recall. 97k and just waiting for the next major mechanical failure....
  12. Do tell please. Information is a good thing.
  13. I do have to say, though, that a solid, reliable powertrain in a truck is just about priority #1 for me. I like to keep my vehicles at least 5-6 years/150k and reliability after the warranty is very important to me. Powertrain failures are not only much more $$ to fix but typically put the truck out of commission. I can deal with glitchy electronics or broken seat haptic motors and all that other gimmicky stuff that’s fairly easy to fix, but I cannot have an unreliable powertrain.
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