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  1. I agree. Cross shopping all the brands and not liking what I’m seeing. A lot of issues with Ford and Ram. My 2014 is at 119k and literally just waiting for the next issue so it’s gonna go soon. I don’t trust it any more. Now looking at 2020/2021 Tundra seriously. I want something simple and reliable.
  2. Seems par for the course for GM since at least 2014. Loaded with a bunch of “tech” which is largely just gimmicky poorly executed BS. Built as cheaply as possible. My 2014 has been the same. Issue after issue. Won’t rebuy GM at this point.
  3. You’ll have similar issues with GM products.
  4. Thanks all. So has GM finally sorted out the rear window leaks? It’s amazing that this could still be going on into August of 2020. 150 pages of leaking windows here does not inspire confidence.
  5. Seems like the 3 American brands are having consistent QC issues. Ford and Ram forums are a horror show. Don’t really want a Tundra because it’s ancient.
  6. 2014 GMC Sierra Denali with 117,000 miles. Literally one thing after another over the last year or so. Getting so tired of GM. Seems like they start to fall apart after 100k miles despite meticulous maintenance. Plenty of other repairs since new. Had all of the well know issues known to the 2014-2018 trucks. Thinking about getting rid of this truck and getting new. Cross shopping all the brands. Would you rebuy a 2019 or 2020 truck given your experience with the brand? I’m mostly interested in reliability and trouble-free ownership as long as realistically possible. I’ve owned many GM vehicles in my life but this has been by far the one that needed the most trips to dealer/repair shops.
  7. If you finally have your F150 dialed in and it’s reliable, I’d keep it. Lots of garbage QC in basically all the brands right now. I’m hanging on to my 2014 GMC for the same reasons.
  8. Very happy with them. 3000 miles so far. Quiet at highway speed. Excellent traction in the wet. Still perfectly balanced.
  9. They’re gonna wait for the warranty claims on blown engines.
  10. Toyota Tundras are looking better and better. Currently in a 2014 1500 GMC Sierra. I don’t need a 2500/250 but considered the F250 briefly.
  11. Just painful to think about all of those brand new engines in all those brand new trucks being ripped apart at dealerships in order to inspect/repair this. I would be LIVID.
  12. Cross-shopping all the brands for next truck. Was considering a Ford F-250 with the new 7.3L gas engine. Saw this gem this morning. Ford? Nope. The QC coming out of that place is scary. Really, both Ford and GM are very disappointing.
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