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  1. Grumpy: How many miles would you say is lifespan for these trucks if properly maintained? I’m at 95k miles with my 2014 GMC and have decided to keep it “till the wheels fall off”. With the number of small problems that it has had, I just don’t know if that will be at 100k or 250k miles.
  2. Nice. I think I found that pump on amazon. Does the hose that comes with it fit down the dipstick tube or did you have to use something else?
  3. Thank you for the review. I’m curious about that engine as I am contemplating stepping up to 2500/250 from my 1500. Only considering gas engines. On a a related note.... that truck is hideous. What were they thinking? Dear God....
  4. Nice find, Mike. Looks like it moves pretty well for something that size and weight. I agree that the outgoing 6.0L is time-proven reliable. I hope that this new engine does well, but I’m leery of direct injection.
  5. Anyone with previous experience with the 6.0L and also now with a new 6.6L gas truck want to compare drivability between the two. How does the 6.6L feel?
  6. The 6.2L engine is the best part about these trucks. Premium fuel is recommended but not required.
  7. Well said. I agree with you 100%. My 2014 has been the same. Every problem its had has been a well known problem across the truck/SUV line.
  8. TC will allow some wheel slip. Definitely enough to get dicey in the wet.
  9. Get your battery load-tested. If it can’t generate the needed current, the truck won’t crank despite all lights and interior electrics appearing to work. My truck chews through batteries about every two years and this is exactly how I’ve found out my batteries have gone bad.
  10. Yeah, it’s hard to understand how this has been going on for such a long time.
  11. Thank you very much. This is basically the exact thing I was told by my service advisor at the time of the repair. I just wanted to confirm with the knowledgeable folks here.
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