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  1. Yes, the sound (and the whole driving experience) is amazing.
  2. Very Nice! Don’t feel bad about leaving GM. They’ve earned every lost customer with their multiple issues across most of their models in the last 8-10 years. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra Denali and when this one is gone I won’t rebuy GM. As far as Dodge products.... I got this almost 2 years ago and it’s been perfect. Solid, well-built, and no problems at all.
  3. WOT

    The people with a high degree of technical knowledge like Grumpy and 1Slow are ASSETS to the forum. They are a welcomed break from the mouthbreathers and their mind-numbingly idiotic posts.
  4. Thank you. That AT4 looks awesome. Love your color choice.
  5. Great review. Thank you. I’m in a very similar situation with a 2014 GMC SIERRA Denali 6.2L with approximately 91,000 miles. I too don’t think I want to keep this past 100k miles. A couple of questions..... How do the two truck compare in drivability. Does the 2019 6.2L/10 speed combo feel stronger? About the same? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, what did you get for your 2014 trade?
  6. If your truck is a 4x4, check your autotrac setting to make sure that you are in 2 Hi and not in Auto 4. The transfer case will make some additional noise when in Auto 4.
  7. 2014 GMC Sierra Denali 6.2L 4x4, 90,700 miles. Many issues, but none at all with the drivetrain. That, thankfully, has been solid. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself....
  8. Agree 100%. For a major corporation who has been building trucks for a long time, it shouldn’t be this hard to get it right. This is absurd.
  9. Gonna ride it out for now. I drive about 20k miles a year so I’ll decide in the next 6 months or so if 1. I keep it past 100k miles and do spark plugs, coolant, transmission service; or 2. Trade before I get to 100k miles (and powertrain warranty expires). Part of my problem right now is that I want a truck but I don’t want anything that is currently on the market. Waiting to see what Toyota is doing with the Tundra, what Ford will do with the 7.3L gas engine in the F250, and what they will do (if anything) with the Raptor (I don’t want TT V6). Not even considering a GM T1.
  10. My 2014 GMC Sierra Denali has been the same. Basically, it has experienced every known issue. It’s at 90,500 miles now and I’m just waiting for the next major failure. I’m pretty disappointed with it and GM in general and I will probably not rebuy GM again.
  11. If this is a wide-spread problem, it will become a mandated recall. This is a HUGE safety concern if an oil line lets go at speed (loss of vehicle control, fire, etc).
  12. A/C Condenser

    Thank you.
  13. A/C Condenser

    So is the condenser with the foil square on upper driver side corner an improved design from the one that failed? Got my truck back today. $315 to me, the balance to GM.
  14. A/C Condenser

    Long time reader, but not big on posting. Just joined because this just happened to me. 2014 GMC Sierra Denali 6.2L with 90,400 miles. AC condenser failed 3 days ago. At my local GMC dealer now for repair. Got a call today from one of the service advisors and what would have been a $1,200 repair will cost me $300 because GM is paying for the rest. I have to say that owning this truck with all its problems over the years (all well known issues common across the line) has left a bad taste in my mouth overall. However, this good will from GM regarding the condenser was surprising and helps with my overall impression of the brand. Thank you GM.

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