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  1. If you finally have your F150 dialed in and it’s reliable, I’d keep it. Lots of garbage QC in basically all the brands right now. I’m hanging on to my 2014 GMC for the same reasons.
  2. Very happy with them. 3000 miles so far. Quiet at highway speed. Excellent traction in the wet. Still perfectly balanced.
  3. They’re gonna wait for the warranty claims on blown engines.
  4. Toyota Tundras are looking better and better. Currently in a 2014 1500 GMC Sierra. I don’t need a 2500/250 but considered the F250 briefly.
  5. Just painful to think about all of those brand new engines in all those brand new trucks being ripped apart at dealerships in order to inspect/repair this. I would be LIVID.
  6. Cross-shopping all the brands for next truck. Was considering a Ford F-250 with the new 7.3L gas engine. Saw this gem this morning. Ford? Nope. The QC coming out of that place is scary. Really, both Ford and GM are very disappointing.
  7. Check the battery. As these batteries age there may be times when the voltage dips below a certain level and the electronics go nuts. I’ve replaced batteries in my truck every two years like clockwork and the first symptoms that I see are weird electronic issues.
  8. I agree. The canned tune was pretty good and allows for your own modifications. If I had to do it again, I would have just kept the canned tunes and tweaked it myself.
  9. Yes. I have a diablew tune. It’s a minor improvement over the stock Diablosport canned tune. My main goals were to: delete AFM, increase shift pressures, improve throttle response, and increase idle speed slightly. I am satisfied, but it’s not “night and day” or “a beast” or anything similar to these ridiculous claims you read in the internet.
  10. I replied in your other identical post.
  11. That is completely false. I’ve had these in my 2014 Sierra Denali for a year and they provide outstanding lighting compared to the stock halogen bulbs. https://www.vleds.com/shop-application/application-low-beam/9012-hir2/micro-extreme-9012.html 
  12. Yes. Installed full Airaid system at 10,000 miles. Removed it and returned intake to stock 3 years later at 70,000 miles. Other than more intake noise, it was useless and the quality of the construction of the components was inferior to the OEM ducting. I removed it and returned to stock when I discovered some of the plastic components developing cracks.
  13. I have a 2014 Sierra Denali. I installed these about a year ago and have been very happy with the light output. Infinitely better than the stock halogens. Yes, the error cancellers were needed. https://www.vleds.com/shop-application/application-low-beam/9012-hir2/micro-extreme-9012.html
  14. Don’t expect any miracles from that tune. Realistically, you’ll just have a modest improvement in drivability.
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