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  1. GM definitely has its share of issues.
  2. I'm pretty sure all MY 2014 trucks were 6 speed only. MY 2015 was a mix as the 8 speed was phased in.
  3. 6 speed or 8 speed? I think they made both that model year as they slowly phased the 8 speed in.
  4. Nice and quiet. Perfectly balanced. 350 miles on them since Thursday 1/2 when they were mounted. Love them so far.
  5. Not that I’m aware of although I haven’t checked.
  6. I got a set of General Grabber ATX tires in LT275/60-20 mounted at discount tire yesterday after my Duratracs became deadly slippery in the wet at 36k miles. Exceptional customer service at discount tire, BTW. These Generals are made in the USA and appear very well made. Curious to see how they age.
  7. Which one feels quicker/more responsive/more fun to drive?
  8. How does the 6.2L compare in drivability/responsiveness to your Ecoboost? I have a 2014 6.2L and it’s been a blast, but I'm cross-shopping all the brands for my next truck.
  9. Will do. I’ll take some pics and give initial driving impressions on Thursday afternoon.
  10. Thank you. Always value your insight. Sounds like I’m due for a change now (@6,000 miles now).
  11. Generals get mounted on Thursday. I’ll take some pics and update. I had KO2s before this current set of duratracs. Same problem. Got to about 25k miles and they became very slippery in the wet. Had to replace the KO2s at 30k because they became downright dangerous in moist (not even wet) weather.
  12. So I have a set of 275/60-20 goodyear duratrac tires with approximately 38,000 miles purchased from discount tire. They’ve become very loud and very slippery in the wet, but still have plenty of tread remaining. I went to discount tire yesterday to get their opinion and look for a replacement tire. I described what was going on with the duratracs and without me even having to ask, they offered me a $75 credit per tire if I wanted to replace the duratracs with something else. I took their offer and ordered some General Grabber ATXs (to be installed this week). It’s refreshing to see really good customer service like this. I was fully prepared to pay full price for a new set of tires, so their offer was a very pleasant surprise.
  13. Only 15 pages?? You guys are slacking off. Seriously though, I’ve switched to using Amsoil signature series 0w-20. Last oil change interval, I went 7,500 miles (basically followed OLM). Should I push the interval a little longer this time to like 10,000 or possibly shorten it to 6,000 (where I’m at now)? Interested in opinions.
  14. Absolutely spot on. That’s been my experience. Great traction until ~20k, then wet traction goes to hell.
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