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  1. Thanks for the replies. My dealer did reply and has me bringing it in soon and seems pretty confident they can get it fixed. I'd really like them to take a good look at the wiring for the sensors and consider replacing the computer that controls them, especially if that computer controls the towing app. I was out working today and towing all day, the app reset the info at least 3 times. Once the weather got to 88 degrees, the front sensors started going to haywire. I then picked up my double jet ski trailer, it still had 132 miles logged on it, the Average MPG field was reading 1.2mpg. I decid
  2. That's highly disappointing. My Tundra was great but buying a 2020 Tundra was hardly much different than the 2011 I bought before it. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed that the GMC will at least have a reliable engine/transmission and may go back to Toyota if they ever redesign the Tundra (assuming I like it). My wife got a 2020 Chevy Blazer RS, so far it's been great but now I'm a little worried lol. She does have a chip in the paint already though.
  3. I'm guessing it has to be the wiring or that computer too. Its the only thing that makes sense to me. I'm also wondering if the Towing App is controlled by that same computer. It may be more of an indicator that it's bad or has a wiring problem.
  4. You're one of the lucky ones! I looked in to the laws and they typically need me to have it out of service for 30 days or in 4 times for the same problem. I've probably screwed myself on that since it is a work vehicle. We couldn't afford to let the keep it every single time something was wrong with it. We've emailed the boss at the dealer. We'll see what his reply is. I don't expect much. Its funny, I traded my 2011 Tundra that had 208k miles on it and was essentially fine...just boring. I sat there in the guy's office debating with myself: "Buy another, boring but incredibly rel
  5. I bought a 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 exactly a year ago today. I knew it had lots of tech in it and figured I'd have an issue or two here and there but nothing like this. The first problem I had was my rear window started leaking after the first rain storm. Then I started noticing the paint was really delicate and have had to patch 3 big holes that actually left the bare metal exposed. I had two of the "Brake system failure" warnings but that seemed to be fixed after a software update. The software update broke my lane change system, it was completely off. A compu
  6. Hmmm..I’ll look in to it. But it is happening on both of my trailers. I don’t think mine has ever said the trailer was disconnected (unless I did disconnect it). It’s just the total mileage and average mileage resets. It seems to happen when the truck starts, but I can’t find any reason it would.
  7. I’m still having this issue after the dealer installed an update. The dealer always seems puzzled. Anyone else having this?
  8. I set up names for each of my trailers so it would save the mileage. It’s an odd problem. I can’t figure out why rhyme or reason. I tow a lot with the truck so it would be nice for it to work.
  9. This isnt a big problem but I do like to keep track of the mileage on my trailers. I loved that the truck did it for me until I noticed it keeps resetting. I can’t figure out when/why it happens but it’s reset at least 3-4 times. I just got my AT4 Sierra a few weeks ago. Anyone else having this? Or know of a fix?
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