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  1. Will do. I probably wont be doing this mod this year. I will start looking more seriously again sometime early next year probably.
  2. When i searched it by part number on google, the items for sale was a dual camera setup. It looks to be right with the correct option codes.
  3. camera part number went down a bit for the escalade. mirror is still expensive. hoping i can find a second hand 1 to play with and try this out. I may try to mount it on the cab above the rear window some where. 84149636 https://www.gmpartsdirect.co/oem-parts/gm-camera-84149636/?c=Zz1lbGVjdHJpY2FsJnM9cGFya2luZy1haWQmYT1jYWRpbGxhYyZvPWVzY2FsYWRlJnk9MjAxOCZ0PXByZW1pdW0tbHV4dXJ5JmU9Ni0ybC12OC1mbGV4
  4. Did the shop try and fit the hood on the 14-15 front end to see how the fitment would be?
  5. XP Racing off of NW Expressway behind the GMC dealer does good LS stuff. Haven't been there in a long time, so not sure how he is with the new LT engines. 7425 NW 83rd ST Oklahoma City, OK 73132 www.xp-racing.com
  6. That truck has their front long travel suspension and cantilever rear (which they no longer offer, pretty pricey btw). IMHO, not running a long travel or at least a mid travel front, you will still not get the proper look.
  7. Can you remember if the taillight has enough room behind the red reflector "C" to retro LEDs to light that portion up for brake lights? I don't like how GM utilizes the brake and turn signal lights with the same bulb. I like individual brake and individual bulbs. I got a trash set of newer f150 tails to see how they make the reflector and oriented the LEDs to get that solid color. Would love to retro that into that C reflector.
  8. Looks promising for the 2014-15 guys. This truck looks to have the original 1500 hood with the HD front end. BTW, 14GMC15, you did your hood swap at a good time. The prices are quite a bit higher than when you got your hood. roughly $1150 shipped from gmpartsdirect now
  9. Does anybody by chance have the tail light wiring diagram/pinout for the plugs? I would like to know which pins are the brake and signal lights. Also, how they are controlled and maybe if we can separate it. Wanting to add a diffuser and LEDs in the rectangular reflector portion for the brake lights.
  10. Thanks. I guess we cant delete each individual notification like before.
  11. do the boards come with all wiring needed to install them and make them work like factory?
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