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  1. 2018 duramax mirror temperature

    Is the dash display still reading correctly now? Im too in Alabama and my 15 2500 denali will read normal for a min then once driving it will count down to around 25-35*. I've replaced both the mirror sensor and the sensor behind the grill with same result. Like you said its mid 90s here and the dash display will say "ice conditions drive with care" lol. I've yet to figure it out and the dealer told me the same thing, just drive it for 5-10min. Mine seems to be opposite, you drive it and the temp goes down and the AC gets confused.
  2. FWIW this is the 2500 section. Theres a thread in the 1500 section as the vibration is known issue with 1500's. No one know the cause but several have claimed to remedy it. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/153186-shake-or-vibration-issues/?page=802
  3. May need a capacitor on the low beams. Does the high beams still work when they lights are not working?
  4. So I need to have it re calibrated?
  5. Nope. Drove maybe 30min today on lunch and temp would never get about 62* on the dash while its 97* outside.
  6. I replaced both the sensor in the mirror and the one behind the grille on my 15 Sierra 2500 duramax and it's still reading inaccurate. Take today for example, it's 91* here and when I pulled out of the basement the dash temp will read correctly for a min then it steadily declines once driving until it reaches 33-55* (this seems to be it's sweet spot). Do I need to reset them somehow? Or is there another sensor I'm missing? Never had this problem in my 1500 and it wouldn't be an issue if it didn't confuse my A/C. I like to keep it on auto 69-70* but doesn't cooperate when the dash is thinking there's ice out.
  7. No longer a 1500 but it still counts right? Got my headlights/taillights swapped over finally. As you can see I dont even have the tag yet and was taking care of the important parts first lol.
  8. New or Used??

    I was in the same boat. Dont haul/pull anything other than a SXS and no need for one other than I just wanted another duramax (had an 09 years ago). I chose used for a couple reasons, 1st we have no emissions here and I knew I was going to delete 2nd was the price new vs used. I paid less than half of the original price. Thats a hit I'm glad someone else took and not me.
  9. This^^ especially if you want to delete. I chose a used 15 2500 mainly for that reason (no emissions here). Well that and the price. Paid less than half of the original price was in 15.
  10. I posted my thread from the 1500 section about a year ago but I can no longer find it. I sold my 14 1500 a couple of months ago and replaced it with a 2500hd Denali. I kept my headlights and taillights and got them swapped over last week using my adapters. I just made a quick video if anyone is interested in seeing. I do sell these but since I'm not a vendor I don't post prices. If your interested feel free to shoot me a pm. Everything is plug n play with no relays etc and they only work on trucks with existing DRL (sorry no SLE)
  11. Summit white 2500 fender molding

    For sale now. $350 shipped. I will get detailed pics up in a couple hrs.
  12. I dont know much about them other than they were on the truck I bought last week. I removed them and put the factory ones back on. They are billet aluminum and appear to have been painted, the streaks you see is from an armor all wipe. $50 shipped for the pair. can text if you'd like. 205_3six8_45six9
  13. Sold my 14 Sierra 1500 and replaced with this 15 2500. The headlights and taillights I kept from my 1500. They are 17 1500 Denali lights. Also if anyone is interested in the white fender molding/trim PM me. I plan on selling or trading it for the standard black
  14. I plan on it. Once I get the level sorted I will be going in for tires and alignment.
  15. Picked up my 15 Sierra 2500hd Denali Tues and turned the torsion key bolts 6 full turns and gained maybe an inch. When I got the truck the front looked lower than most 2500s I've seen but not for certain. With 6 turns on the keys how much bolt should I have sticking out if it was previously set at stock height? Currently I have 3/4" of threads remaining on both sides.

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