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  1. I had to take a flat head screwdriver and bend each pin inside the connector outward a fuzz. I've done this on two trucks now and its fixed both. I tried the swapping plugs on the trailer, fuses etc and nothing. Bent the tabs out where contact is now made with the trailer harness and all is well.
  2. I just recently swapped tire sizes now running a 35x12.50x20 and my speedo is off around 3-4mph at 70mph. I see rough country has a calibrator but my question is what happens when its flashed over my efi live auto cal? Duramax truck. I dont think I can just send my tuner in anymore and have it updated since the crackdown.
  3. The rough country 3.5". The bumper spacer I used a nut and washer like the last page of the link above.
  4. Well after alot of cussing, cutting, and bending 22x12s and 35s are on. Got one small rub on the passenger side rear that I'll zip tie back once the UCAs come in. I did end up trimming the bumper about 1" in and 5" up so it's barely noticeable
  5. https://www.duramaxforum.com/threads/2015-bumper-mod.557538/
  6. Already done that and it's still hitting the bottom corner. Like I said I don't have the UCAs yet so not sure if they make that much of a difference. Wheels are 22x12 -40 American force trax with Toyo 35x12.50x22 MT
  7. The rear I'm not worried about as I'll cut and beat whatever since the carpet covers it. Just not sure if I'm willing to cut the bumper yet
  8. I don't have all of the lift yet as supposedly the a arms are on backorder. Currently running leveling keys and shocks only. I'm getting impatient and looking at going ahead and put the wheels and tires on until the a arms arrive. I've already spaced the bumper and trimmed the valanace now I'm debating on trimming the bumper. Anyone running this setup know if the 35s fit with the full lift installed? The tires just barely touch the bottom corner of the bumper but I don't want to cut it if it's not needed next month.
  9. Swapped the sensor today while 90* took it on a test run and with 2-3min was say 27* so no luck on a new sensor. Guess it will have to head to the dealership to diagnose
  10. Diesel yes. I've replaced both sensors last year with no change in issues. I guess I will order another just to verify. Also I have no codes other than the occasional U0198 during colder months.
  11. In my 15 Sierra 2500 Denali since owning the temp display has been wrong. For example it's currently 86* here today, get in the truck at lunch and the temp display says -40* making the auto feature on the ac useless. I've replaced both sensors as well as drove in the interstate for 20min or longer. One in the mirror and one behind the grille with same results. It will only display the correct temp for a sec then as soon as I slow it stop goes back crazy. Almost 90* today and the instrument cluster says "ice possible drive with care" Is there a way to reset the system or could it be something else? Maybe another sensor I'm unaware of? Thanks
  12. Update to this issue: The clunk/jerk in reverse is gone and stayed gone. With that being said we still have an intermittent issue where I can put it in reverse and press the accelerator and it acts like its in neutral for a couple secs. It will rev to 2500rpm of so then slowly start moving. It doesn't happen all the time so of course every time I take it to the dealer it doesn't act up. They replace the valve body and still the same issue.
  13. 15 HD Deleted/tuned Duramax on 33x12.50x20. No interstate all around town 35-60mph. 25-21.2 50-19.7 400-18.4
  14. Try 100w 3ohm. They won't get as hot and should last longer. I've found the resistors to be hit or miss on lifetime. Some last year's some last days.
  15. eBay still has full delete kits. Not sure they would/will ship but I see them listed.
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