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  1. Summit white 2500 fender molding

    For sale now. $350 shipped. I will get detailed pics up in a couple hrs.
  2. I dont know much about them other than they were on the truck I bought last week. I removed them and put the factory ones back on. They are billet aluminum and appear to have been painted, the streaks you see is from an armor all wipe. $50 shipped for the pair. can text if you'd like. 205_3six8_45six9
  3. Sold my 14 Sierra 1500 and replaced with this 15 2500. The headlights and taillights I kept from my 1500. They are 17 1500 Denali lights. Also if anyone is interested in the white fender molding/trim PM me. I plan on selling or trading it for the standard black
  4. I plan on it. Once I get the level sorted I will be going in for tires and alignment.
  5. Picked up my 15 Sierra 2500hd Denali Tues and turned the torsion key bolts 6 full turns and gained maybe an inch. When I got the truck the front looked lower than most 2500s I've seen but not for certain. With 6 turns on the keys how much bolt should I have sticking out if it was previously set at stock height? Currently I have 3/4" of threads remaining on both sides.
  6. Floor mat studs part #?

    Looks like GM part # 11611845
  7. Summit white 2500 fender molding

    Ok cool. Unfortunately the 1500 is different
  8. Summit white 2500 fender molding

    2500 or 1500? I'm in Central Alabama and you're in Cali right?
  9. Floor mat studs part #?

    Only one of them is. The other ones are some screw in the carpet retainers. I think I found the correct part #.
  10. Sorry if the title is confusing. I bought a 15 Sierra 2500 few days ago and the previous owner put weathertech floormats in. I would like to get rid of them and use my factory GMC floormats from my 1500 but the two studs (Or whatever you call them) that hold the mat to the carpet have been replaced with the weathertech ones. I've looked up and down GMpartsdirect and see no such part. Does anyone know the part # for the black ones?
  11. I just bought a summit white 2015 Sierra 2500 Denali that has the painted fender/wheel well molding. I believe this was a $700 add-on from GMC but I like the black better. I'm not 100% certain the 1500 trim will fit. Gmpartsdirect has different part #s for the 1500 vs the 2500 textured molding. Maybe someone can chime in. $350 shipped. If interested shoot me a text 205_368_45six9 Thanks! Only pic I have on my phone at the moment
  12. Thanks! Nothing to it once you get going. Hardest part is the piece under the grille. It's easy with two people, one prying the tabs underneath and the other pulling in it
  13. Reviving this thread as I've been away on vacations over the last 2 months and I sold my truck. Seems like here lately I spend the majority of my online time searching for a new (used) truck. Im currently in the market for a 15-16 2500 so Im still in the game. I did keep my headlights and taillights for the 2500 of course once I find one. I also have one drivers side headlight like new condition for anyone looking, It has no broken tabs or missing pieces. $775 shipped with a set of adapters included.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Axles replaced with yukon axles last week. The 40-45mph vibration is gone but the 75mph or so vibration is still there. Maybe not as bad but its definitely still there.

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