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  1. Deleted my 15 LML last month and I wished I would have done it right after buying the truck. Besides sounding 10x better it feels like a new truck from not being choked down. I did a kit from Dales superstore with autotune, DSP5 switch, EGR delete (not block), 4" exhaust no muffler. Right now on the tune 1 im averaging 20-21mpg around town. I haven't had any long drivers on the interstate yet to test. With that being said my buddies L5P is already getting that fuel mileage stock. Other than sound I dont see alot of reason to delete an L5P yet.
  2. Lol yep that will do it. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. We just got back from vacation. You're welcome and thanks again! For anyone thinking about a taillight swap I have one set left. Thanks!!
  3. I have two more taillight adapters built and I think thats going to be it for now. There isnt as many taillight swaps happening anymore so clearing out whats left. I'll continue building the headlight adapters so no worries there. Thanks!!
  4. Finally a rain free weekend to clean. Now its yellow. Wheels and tires added a few days ago. 20x10 fuel triton/33x12.50 atturo trail blade XT
  5. PM BringTheRain403 He's looking at selling his setup. My adapters included with his lights.
  6. Easily $1000-$1200 with the adapters. Maybe more on eBay but fees. Someone text me the other day looking for a set. They didn't tell me who they were but I told them this morn check with you.
  7. eBay, Car-part.com, facebook marketplace, call local junkyards
  8. After spending 2 days cutting and buffing. New wheels will be installed today if the rain hold off.
  9. Thats correct only one style of the denali/SLT light. All the same plug and pin out on both versions. There is however a chrome version of the SLT/Denali light but I've only seen one set so far since 2016.
  10. There are two different lights. One in the SLE are HID with center halogen turn signal. They SLT/Denali lights are all LED with a GMC logo in the center and LED turn signal. Either will work in the 2500 SLT/Denali trucks with factory DRL. Either will work with the adapters and there is a noticeable price difference between the two.
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