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  1. All great replies, thanks for the education and information. I priced the plugs and wires at about $130, and I've got "a guy" that will likely give me a reasonable labor quote. The carbon flush is a different story. I'll ask what method the shop uses, and probably spring for it. Then I'll start using an additive going forward. Thanks again!
  2. I had an alignment done by my local shop, and they seemed professional. With 115,000 miles on my '15 Sierra Denali, I asked for a quote on 8 plugs and a wire set ($480!), and they further recommended an "upper engine soak and clean rings and pistons for carbon build-up" ($107). I'll probably do the plugs and wires, but am wondering if there is an "upper engine cleaner" alternative that I can run through the engine myself. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  3. Yup, I'm sure the upholsterer would do it right. Call me crazy but I, on the other hand, was thinking of pinching it together...and using a clear super-leather-glue!
  4. (The middle tonneau section is blotchy because it hasn't soaked in yet.)
  5. I need to repair this seat...any suggestions on a method, or product? As an aside, I used Mother's Back to Black on my tonneau cover. Can you tell which sections I've done?
  6. That's a really cool tool, thanks for linking it! It compares two specific tire sizes, and even offers a variety of alternate sizes.
  7. Another good point, thanks! The 22's came with the truck when new, as a Denali option. With that said, it's my understanding that if I keep the same diameter (smaller wheel, taller tire) the speedo should be fine.
  8. Good point. I do admit small wheels do not fill the wheel well, aesthetically, thus my leaning towards the 20's. Kind of like a compromise...
  9. I'm less into looks, and more into ride quality...aka comfort. My last truck was an '07 F-150 with 18's, and it was tons more comfortable than these P285/45/R22's. More sidewall to absorb chatter and potholes makes sense to me, although I understand that may not be everyone's opinion!
  10. Thanks. Being somewhat of a newbie, I hadn't thought of that. We tow a 20' travel trailer, infrequently, so most wheels will probably be fine, but I will definitely bear that in mind while shopping. While browsing, I see that the existing OEM (19301161) wheels would cost about $500 each...reconditioned!
  11. Looking to switch from these 22's to similar-looking 20's. Also...trying to stay reasonably priced. Are Vision wheels any good? Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
  12. The internet is a marvelous thing, helping me answer my own question! The GM part # is 84287377, and a how-to video is below. I believe the same part is used over several years, but that's not a certainty. I found the part on fleabay for about $40, compared to the dealer price of $360! It's a pretty simple and straightforward operation, and the video is well done. Apparently this is a fairly common problem, according to the narration. Another situation where it happened often, but not often enough to require an official fix or recall. In this truck's case the previous owner was in an out of the truck often, and weighed about 200 lbs. That may have prompted a wire to wear, like the one they showed in the tutorial.
  13. The seat vibrator is not disabled...as the right side works fine.
  14. I just bought my son-in-law's 2015 GMC Denali, and have a couple of questions. I've had great success with other forums, regarding vintage road bicycles and Donzis, so I respect and appreciate the expertise of experienced truck owners. Thanks in advance for any and all input! #1) The left side Lane Departure Warning seat vibrator does not work. Is that a part that I could replace somewhat easily? Or, is there another reason for it not working? Consequently, a warning message occurs upon start-up, requiring me to dismiss it. Is there a way to eliminate this message? #3) The truck has 22" wheels, which from my understanding has only aesthetic advantages. The ride seems a bit harsh, so will I notice better comfort by switching to 20" wheels? I agree that 18's might appear too small for the wheel well, but wonder if switching to 20's is worth it. (Usage is city and highway driving only, with occasional towing.)
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