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  1. More research, and I've found the solution. Find the "Clear Private Data" option under settings...and voila!!!
  2. UPDATE: Adding to the puzzle, I am able to store FM stations, just not Sirius stations.
  3. Had my transmission rebuilt, and since then have had trouble storing radio presets. Interestingly, I was able to do two successfully...then nothing. Pressing and holding shows a light for a second, but does not beep and store the station, no matter how long I hold. Restoring to factory default has not solved the problem, and a search has not revealed any solutions. All help or suggestions are appreciated...THANKS!
  4. Lots of metal shavings from the torque converter were found in the transmission pan. Diagnosis...grave. Treatment plan...transmission rebuild. Cost...more than I'd like, but way less than a dealership.
  5. Update: Fluid level is fine. Dipstick was read while engine was off, instead of while running. Duh. A consult with a transmission shop says he sees several of these per month, with metal shavings accumulating and interfering with the torque converter, clutch, and pump. He opines that it is a design defect, and my initial research sees several class action lawsuits...but, as usual, not enough for GM to concede culpability. Next he will be test-driving it, checking the filter, and doing a scan. Hopefully it won't be a worst-case scenario!
  6. Here is how the dipstick reads hot...it's almost up to the bend in the stick. Captain Obvious says that is too much fluid.
  7. 6-speed. Level checked at both cold and hot temps, and it is still high. Doing some reading I see that one of the symptoms of overfilling is "erratic" shifting, which is what I believe I have. It doesn't look like any major damage is done, so that is (hopefully!) good news. I'll be taking it in tomorrow to siphon out some more fluid...and will be keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. At medium speed, maybe between 30 and 40 mph, my transmission seems to bump back and forth, seemingly trying to decide what gear to be in. It is definitely a new problem and, although slight, it is noticeable to me. A month prior to this I had the fluid sucked out and replaced with new, at an oil change place, and at the same time I had them add half a quart of LubeGuard Red. It is the second flush I've had done, one at 90k when bought the truck, and then this one at about 125k. After driving to Florida I checked the level, and it read high, so I had a shop suck some out. It is still reading slightly high, but the guy said it was all he could reach, and it should be fine. It was a week or so after this that the problem started. Could an overfilled fluid amount cause this issue? Am I in for a significant transmission repair crisis? Oh...woe is me!
  9. I do not consider myself a "criminal", but freely admit to occasionally exceeding speed limits. I believe most people here, if not all, would fall into a similar category. If you crash, and the black box shows you were going over the speed limit, and the insurance company refuses to pay on the claim, is that an acceptable evolution of this technology?
  10. Informative link, thanks for sending it. After reading the excerpt below, though, I wonder what the law is in the states that have not yet enacted legislation governing EDR's. In December 2015, the federal Driver Privacy Act of 2015 was enacted. It places limitations on data retrieval from EDRs and provides that information collected belongs to the owner or lessee of the vehicle.
  11. A recent event has drawn attention to the EDR, aka the "black box". 1) Can insurance companies use it to deny claims? 2) Can law enforcement use it to prosecute? 3) Can an owner remove it, without penalty? 4) Do rules vary from state to state?
  12. UPDATE: To say that the GTR Ultra LED bulbs are a significant improvement would be the understatement of the century! Brightness is about 100 times better than the factory halogens, and nighttime driving is now both comfortable and safe.
  13. The shop is Extreme Audio, in Mechanicsville, VA. Reviews are good, including the several I've read on headlights. I'll post my results here, after the late December appointment date.
  14. Truck details are to the left of this sentence... From what I've read, "blinding other drivers" only occurs when a headlight system is incorrectly modified. That's another reason I'm hiring technician's with experience. The shop labor charge includes some dismantling on the passenger's side, accurate re-alignment, and the lifetime warranty on the bulbs. Worth it, to me, but your MMV.
  15. Thanks a ton for the detailed reply. I'm having this done at a shop, so I will make sure they properly aim the LED's after installation. I'm anxious for this to be done, as the OEM halogens truly are garbage!
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