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  1. People looked at the wheels all the time and gave me that impression (rare on Silverados) As long as shipping them to you is not too much, they are all in the original box and ready to go anywhere ;)
  2. These are Volk Racing TE37 large PCD wheels. For sale BTW ;)
  3. These are not stock wheels but with stock Z71 tires (265/65/18). Rough Country 2 inch front leveling kit.
  4. I have AMP Research running board and I couldn't be more happier with this. For the bed liner, I have the factory one but my dealer said they can have one of the shop that they are working with and the quality was pretty good as I have seen. The price was around $300.
  5. Yes, it is. No clunks at all. They are stock Z71 tires. 265/65/18
  6. My 2017 Silverado Z71 with 2 inch Rough Country front leveling kit.
  7. I actually weighed them before I put them on. I shed exactly 10lb at each corner ;)
  8. Thanks! Thank you AMP powersteps are my favorite feature on this truck. It's subtle and gives me good ground clearance (a lot more than the OEM one). It comes down decent amount so it actually helps to step on the truck. Thank you!
  9. I bought them from my friend's shop. PM me if you are interested in buying them
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