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Found 14 results

  1. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 with 20x9 zero offset fuel wheels. I recently slapped a 3.5 inch suspension lift. I was running a 275/60/20 bfg ko2 tire on 1.5 inch leveling kit previously. I’m now trying to figure what’s the biggest tire I can get. I don’t want to go 12.5 wide bc id rather increase in diameter. I’m looking to run at 285/65/20, 285/60/20, 275/65/20 ridge grappler or ko2. The 275/65/20 will fit with no ruB I think but I want To go bigger than that, I’m thinking both the 285/65/20 will require a little bit of cutting of liner. Ideally I want the 285/85/20, is there anyone running this same size tire on 3.5 inch lift?
  2. I am sure this has been covered somewhere but figured wouldn’t hurt to just post some photos up because I couldn’t really find any. Background: 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 with the awful ranchos Has the zone 2 inch lower strut spacer then a .5 inch RC top spacer, the rear is factory. I have ran many different size tires (I work at a tire wholesaler so just have access to try them all) 275/55R20 Goodyear (factory) LT295/55R20 Cooper stt pro (Only had 2 inch level) LT295/60R20 Toyo MT (Added the extra .5) P305/55R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler u(rode amazing FYI) LT295/60R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler (Current set) All the above mentioned have scrubbed in some form or another and while being mounted to my factory 20 inch snowflakes. Sway bar and/or Stamped steel UCA. Current set rubbed both as far as I could tell. Anyways I decided to try out some 1/4 inch wheel spacers to see if that helped my problem and installed them tonight. Will check the rubbing out tomorrow. About talked myself out of them after reading stuff but there were more saying they were okay. From what I could tell I got 8 hand turns out of the lugs once the spacer was on then probably another 1.5 or 2 it seemed like when tightening them down. Snapped a could photos. If anyone needs anymore in daylight I can do that
  3. Hello all, I just purchased a 2017 GMC crew cab 4x4. I have had 7 F150's and finally nbit the bullet and went with this beauty! I do not want to lift it as to not void the warranty so I am just going to put a 2.5 inch leveling kit on the front. It currently has 275/55/20's on it. I am going with an all terrain tire on it and am keeping the factory rims for now. I will eventually get something with an offset so the tires will stick out from the fender well around an inch or so. So, with all that being said, what it the largest size tire I can go with right now without having to worry about rubbing issues? Can I do a 33x12.50x20?
  4. Here's a dangerous chaffing issue I noticed on my 2012 a few days ago. The rear D/S brake line is rubbing against the fuel tank. It has already rubbed through the guard and about half way through the brake line. I just wanted to share this with you all so you can check your own trucks.
  5. Hello all, I just purchased a 2017 GMC crew cab 4x4. I have had 7 F150's and finally bit the bullet and went with this beauty! I do not want to lift it as to not void the warranty so I am just going to put a 2.5 inch leveling kit on the front. It currently has 275/55/20's on it. I am going with an all terrain tire on it and am keeping the factory rims for now. I will eventually get something with an offset so the tires will stick out from the fender well around an inch or so. So, with all that being said, what it the largest size tire I can go with right now without having to worry about rubbing issues? Can I do a 33x12.50x20?
  6. Hi all, I am looking to start a slow conversion to turn my truck into something like a prerunner and I'm looking for suggestions and advice. Current set-up: 2015 LTZ Crew cab 4X4 w/6.2L and 8spd tranny -Rancho Quicklift Leveling Struts -275/70/r18 General Grabber AT2(on stock alloys) Goal: -Make my truck look something similar to the 2nd picture Information needed: -What is the best order to do the mods in considering some require others already be in place? -What parts will I need aside from bumpers, fiberglass fenders/custom fender wells? -What parts will 35's or 37's rub in the front? In the rear?(assuming I already have 3inch or 5.5 inch fiberglass fenders already installed) -What issues will I run into with each modification? -When after I get to the desired appearance, what suspension is highly recommended for daily deliverable yet efficient off-road(i.e. Fox 2.0? 2.5? Icon stage? King ? Etc.) Thanks!
  7. HI all, I just purchased a 2013 suburban 2500 fleet. I went to put new wheels and tired on it and they rub the inner fender well on the back side. Ive already massaged the sheet metal with a hammer but it looks like I might have to cut the corner off. That seems a bit drastic to me so I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. the tires are 265/70 r 17 on a 9" wheel with 0 offset. On a side note I was looking for wheels with a positive offset because it looked so close with 245s on it but I couldn't find any.
  8. First time poster, long time reader. I am looking for some specific info, as I can't seem to find it thru hours of searching and reading. I have a 2016 double cab all terrain, 5.3, 3:42's, factory 20's. I am going with a 2.5" front leveling kit with 2" rear blocks. The front end is a combo of blistering 5100's set at the .75 setting, motofab upper 2" spacers, and diff drop kit. Rear is getting bilsteins, shock extensions, and 2" block kit. I am running the factory 20's with 285/65R20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2's. I haven't started anything as I want to have all the right components and get it done right the first time. My question is - Can I run cognito uca's (ball joint as I am in the northeast) without tire rub? I know I may rub the sway bar. The cognito instructions say "larger tires will not work on factory wheels'". Isn't this one of the reasons for me uca's? Aftermarket wheels run almost the same offset to fit correctly in the 14+ trucks. Do you think the rub would be a lot? Could I possibly run a 1/4" wheel spacer and clear it? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to run uniball units, as I live in the salt region. I would like to eliminate the future wear and tear of the upper ball joints, and the possibility of failure. Thank you Rob
  9. I'm looking to do 2inch wheel spacers on my 08 silverado 1500. I have a 2inch level on 275 65 r18 bfgoodrich ko2's and its a positive 30 offset (18x9). anybody run this setup and know about possible rubbing and the severity of it? Thanks y'all.
  10. Whenever I buy a new vehicle it's my habit to always check all around the truck, inside engine compartment, under seats, etc.... my first new car was a 1976 GMC JImmy... So I'm a veteran at new cars, trucks. I have also always worked on my cars, From Corvettes, 4x4's, etc I've owned. Over the years of inspecting my brand new cars/trucks/etc. I've found screws, plastic plugs, wire ties, sound deadener goop from a Cadillac, and over 50 frame clips for gas aluminum tubes on a 1975 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 (jingling on bumps) ass wipe line guy decided to screw with someone.... Well enough war stories. On my 2105 Siverado y did the same I saw a hose pretty close (1") to the crankshaft pulley..... tried to move it away but it didn't, so I left it alone.... well my truck with 12000 plus miles decided to leak a bunch of oil one day as I was working on passing a wire from the engine compartment to the passenger compartment, i noticed about a pint of oil leaking from the front of the motor. Well, it turned out that the hose that was too close when i bought the truck it finally decided to fall in love with the crankshaft pulley and it got a hole rubbed by it.... I was glad it happened close to home and not 1000 miles away on a long 6 hr freeway trip. 2 hr fix... Dealer issues not counted... it took the 5 days to get to it... maybe they had better customers that me coming in as I was told by the service manager....
  11. So i just bought 275 65 r18 bfgoodrich ko2's and am looking to get wheels with a more aggressive offset. my wheels right now are a positive 18 which is i believe the same as stock and I am looking into an 18x9 with a -12 offset, does anybody run this here, and if so was there any trimming necessary after installation of these wheels?
  12. This if for you guys that have oversized tires rubbing your fenders and want a little more than a zip tie, but less than norcal mod. I bought my 2014 silverado z71 ccsb used with a leveling kit and 18x9 -6 offset wheels. I just put on a set of cooper stt pro's in 275/70r18 and there was a slight rub in reverse at full lock. This NorTex mod aleviated that problem. I've got nothing against the guys that zip tie the lining back. My concern with it is that the slits in the lining may want to tear more than a hole would and the zip tie itself may saw through the lining over time. Here you go..... Find the closest point between the fender liner and the body mount bracket and clamp them together. Drill one 3/16 hole through fender liner and metal. Use a 3/16 x 1/4 grip rivet and a #6 washer. Put the washer on the rivet before inserting it into the drilled hole, then rivet it on. That should be enough to add about 3/4 inch or so of clearance. The plastic piece at the bottom and rear of the front fender was being rubbed as well. It was being hit on the top of the most inside corner. I didn't want the tire to rip it off and since it shouldn't be removed, because of how it's attached, I did some trimming. I cut a triangular piece off of the top, most inside corner. The cut line was about 1.5-2" long making a square triangle cut off. Here's the kicker. Bevel the cut edge with a razor blade. That way if there is anymore contact the tire won't have a square angle to catch onto and will have a better chance to slide over the plastic trim piece. The tools I used were; -Power drill with 1/8(pilot hole) & 3/16 bits -Vise grips -Flash light -flat razor blade -Hack saw blade (held by vise grips to get in flush on the plastic piece) -Rivet gun, rivets and washers There you have it. This took me about 30 minutes and I would caution you to watch for falling debris as you're under the fender. I hope this helps.
  13. I'm debating which setup I want to go with, and was helping that some of the guys who have a good understanding of offset, tire sizes, etc can help me out. I read all 117 pages of the wheel/tire thread, but it made my head hurt trying to figure out what I need. My truck is a 2014 Silverado LTZ Z71 Crew Cab with the Standard (6'6") bed sitting on factory 22's (SEY CK156). I will be installing the Rough Country 2.5" leveling kit when I upgrade the wheels/tires. I'm set on getting the XD Rockstar II (XD811) wheels in 20x9: I'll probably get a set of the Toyo Open Country M/T's. Other sets I'm considering are the Nitto Terra Grapplers, and Cooper SST. Here's where I really need some help: #1) I'm debating getting the Bushwacker fender flares. If I do, I'd like an offset that helps push the wheel out and make it "flush" with the flares. The XD811's come in a -12 offset which I was thinking would be perfect (based on what I've seen). My question with this setup is: what's the biggest and beefiest tire I can throw on these 20x9's get that won't rub? #2) If I don't get the flares, then I was thinking I'd go with the +18 offset. It'd be almost flush, correct? Perhaps sticking out just a bit? And again... biggest/beefiest set of tires that won't rub. In advance, thank you!
  14. Hey everyone new to the site today proud owner of my first GMC. i have a leveling kit with 33's. im looking to go to 34's. wondering if they will rub with just having the leveling kit? Also looking for a nice looking aggressive tread but with good life. Suggestions and advice? Thanks again Troy ill post some pics of the truck soon
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