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  1. Looks very similar to the K2s.. [emoji102] I’m curious if an interior swap is possible
  2. Will this sound similar on a 2018? I am wanting to do this, but I’m afraid I will have the drone.
  3. Lol good for you.. mine is architecture and structural engineering not audio. You should be able to defend without attacking if you have been in the field for so long.. but I do know how to spell bass.. I’m not sure why you are feeling so attacked that you have to go after autocorrect on my iPhone.. [emoji23]
  4. He shouldn’t be trying to turn the bass down and expecting it to drop in the door speakers though.. also without mid his system will sound like an Alexa paired with a sub.. look up YouTube videos.. it’s not great
  5. The front doors are mid and not bass with the Bose.. you might have cut out all of that..
  6. Wet wipes. It takes the shine off and puts it back to matte and cleans it.. then for the wheel a magic eraser.. it will take the oils out and leave it matte.
  7. No you don’t need data.. it needs data for turn by turn, but it’s possible to use it without data.. I watched my location while on the plane in Europe without data.
  8. The buttons on the right side won’t start working until the new cluster is installed and the radio controls won’t start until the new (io4,5,6) radio is installed. You have to run the cable eventually, but the stock WT radio and cluster doesn’t understand the commands that the wheel sends to it because they are not programmed to work with the wheel controls.
  9. Do people make counterfeits of these? In my experience you don’t really have to worry about electronics being counterfeit.. now ray bans are a different story, but it’s too hard and the people that have the knowledge on how to make such devices and code them aren’t making small bucks on counterfeiting these devices.. they are working for big companies making 150-200k a year.. you’re fine, plug it in and enjoy!
  10. Can this be done if the truck has lane keep assist (the camera next to the mirror)?
  11. This is what I’m waiting on! My mom has it in her blazer and I NEED! [emoji23]I’ve been following a thread on adding them and you just need the camera mirror and wiring to each as it doesn’t go through the BCM. Just a matter of getting hands on a camera.. also relocating the onstar buttons.. which that may cause issues.
  12. I would leave the bow tie black. You don’t typically see them color matched. I would probably paint the bumper before the grill though, would look like a high country unless you like the chrome.
  13. Did it take this long to figure out how to tune the 14-18s? Or is it bc these are locked down differently?
  14. Make sure you have a good cord. Sounds dumb.. but when I have a cheap Walmart cord the connection is bad and won’t connect sometimes or if it does just tapping the tip will make it disconnect, but if I use an apple cord I don’t have issues with it. The Bluetooth is just responding to the CarPlay being plugged in. When you plug in it disconnects Bluetooth, so I would assume a small amount of data is being transferred to tell the truck that it’s plugged in, disconnecting the Bluetooth, but not showing up as CarPlay.. and if it’s constantly plugging in/out it’s just in limbo trying to connect.
  15. Maybe it is for the 2500? Is your truck a Silverado or Sierra? I’m assuming Silverado... Post a link of what you ordered if you can.
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