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  1. Maybe try a magic eraser, I cleaned the steering wheel on my truck with it and it took it back to the factory like matte finish. Looked really good when I finished. IMO, it looks like the lighter area is how it should be and the darker is a residue left from the wipes that was taken off by the rain/moisture.
  2. How are you only making it to 50k? This seems exaggerated. My mom has almost 200k on her 2014 Acadia, we have a 2004 Tahoe with 210k, a 2006 Duramax with 178k, a 92 farm truck that is maintained horribly with god only knows how many miles since the odometer is busted, my 2015 Sierra had 81k and we haven’t had issues with any of them except the trans in the Acadia at 150k. All have been extremely reliable and I plan on taking my 2018 Sierra well past 200k. The only reason my 15 didn’t was because some dude ran a red light and totaled it.
  3. Top speed

    Both of mine have been limited at 99. Did you buy used, maybe previous owner tuned?
  4. IO6 Question

    You don’t have to be in park. It gives you a message that it wants you to be the passenger and you hit accept.
  5. In February I paid 39k drive out on my 2018 1500. MSRP was 52k. I know that’s a 2500 but I thinks it’s still kinda high, They can come down more probably.
  6. You won’t notice the power gain till you drive one IMO. I didn’t think my 4.3 was bad until I passed a car in my 5.3. I was at the limiter in half the time than my 4.3 ever got me there. I was surprised to feel the engine “cut out” then looked down and was going 100. Also the 5.3 doesn’t shift near as often. I live in the hill country of Texas and my 4.3 would shift on every hill. My 5.3 shifts maybe 1 time outta 10 hills. Just my 2cents. I would test drive a 5.3 and go from there. I wish I would have my first go round, but I’m happy I got to drive my 4.3 for 4 years.
  7. Onstar Basic

    I got them to give me an extra month of the key fob and then 9.99 after that, but I cancelled before it renewed because 9.99 is still way too much for the convenience of using my phone as a key fob. I get Hulu, Spotify and showtime bundled together for just 5 bucks a month because I’m a student... so 9.99 for a remote is way overpriced in my opinion.
  8. My WT had the 3.23. But I think every other trim level came with the 3.42. Mine didn’t have a receiver hitch so it wasn’t meant for towing also, so maybe that had something to do with it. I think my tow weight was like 5200. And donstar is correct, I was never disappointed, it did everything I asked of it .. and I put it through hell. I think the hp and tq numbers are similar to the old 4.8 v8.
  9. I have always thought the same way growing up with the duramax and multiple Tahoe’s and older 350s. Having owned both a 2015 4.3 and now a 2018 5.3 I recommend the v8. Just an all around better engine with more power. I would choose my v8 over the v6 any day, but it depends on your needs. The only thing I miss about my 4.3 was the in town fuel mileage. I got 15ish driving like I stole it and that was leveled and AT tires. The stock v8 I get 12-14 depending on how I drive. Highway I couldn’t get anything over 17, however, a buddy has a v6 with the 3.42 gearing and he gets close to 20. Which is closer to the 22 I get on the highway with the v8 with 3.42 gearing. I personally think the v6 with 3.23 gearing is underpowered for a full-size truck. You Don’t have to run E85, But it’s a fun option.. increase hp and tq by like 25. I always ran 87. Changing oil on the 5.3 is 1000 times easier also. Ha ha. Just had my first oil change this past weekend on the 5.3
  10. 2018’s don’t have the RPO sticker in the glove box. There is a QR code on the driver side door pillar. Scan that with your iPhone or Android and it will bring up all your RPO “build” codes.
  11. Looks great! Can’t wait to start on mine at the end of the summer. How did you put it all together? Wrap, paint..
  12. What happens to the LEDs if you don’t use resistors or get the BCM flashed?
  13. Power Window Issue

    If you can roll them up and down from the doors, then maybe the switches are bad in the driver door. My moms 14 Acadia is having this issue with her passenger window.
  14. If you are holding the brake while testing it, it won't come on. I have noticed when I try to duplicate it, its hard because you know you are about to brake. However, when I do actually need it and I'm not paying attention, it works flawlessly with plenty of time for me to react. One thing that I noticed, when you are following a car and begin to accelerate lightly it sometimes alerts me. Try it when a car is turning off in front of you and speed up right before they turn off. It should give you a warning.
  15. My 15 had manual seats and my 18 has the same seats as you do (the electric) and both have the same piece as the one in the picture. It won’t crush from lowering the seat. Mine is as low as it will go almost.

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