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  1. Why do you say they are more expensive to repair? The only reason they are more expensive to repair CURRENTLY is because Tesla makes the only “mass market” EV and they are backed up months in orders because they can’t make them as fast as they sell them. Meaning, you can’t get Parts making individual parts more expensive and extremely slow to get. You are a very knowledgeable guy, I know, I’ve read lots of your posts. You should understand this. Besides drivetrain all is the same even down to the 12 volt battery. Just my .02 not that anyone asked lol.
  2. That’s not true. There are’s Tesla super chargers all over the nation. And most people charge at home so there is no point in driving “hours to get to power” people with electric cars typically only charge at super stations when traveling. If people are traveling hours to get electricity they aren’t doing it right. Plus you can plug into a dryer plug and it’s level 2 which is 30-40ish miles per hour charge rate.
  3. Your link isn’t working [mention]Frankielozano214 [/mention]. Also, Austin winter weather has been rough. Really wishing I would have picked the 4x4 when I bought my truck. Was avoiding a spinning car and got stuck in the snow on my way to work. A nice passerby in a tundra helped me out. He told me he loved my truck and if it wasn’t for his ex wife he would have bought a GMC, so that’s good. [emoji23]
  4. You’ll change your mind when you drive one. I did [emoji846] pre-ordering my Cybertruck in June. Not the prettiest, but my god the specs and convenience of never going to a gas pump again. [emoji1319]
  5. You warm it while you’re inside and it’s still plugged in so when you unplug it’s warm and still at 100% range. Most EV owners plug in every night.
  6. I would have a shop look at it. Those brackets bend super easy behind the bumper. Measure the gap between the bumper and grill/lights/front wheel wells. That’s what happened to mine when a girl slammed on her brakes at a stop sign after she started going because “she got scared”. Bumper wasn’t too bad, but the brackets were toast and bumper was all misaligned.
  7. Yea I wasn’t sure since the VIN is connected to chrome bumpers. Color matching seems popular right now so maybe it’s not a huge deal. [emoji2371]
  8. Does anyone know if color matching bumpers will lower trade in value?
  9. They have this for the T1. A couple people have asked asked about retrofitting into the K2 including myself. Wiring doesn’t seem too difficult. The fab work on the 3rd brake light would be a different story.
  10. Maybe you have viruses on your computer. Try running https://www.malwarebytes.com. They have a free version that will take care of anything you might have.
  11. A good ad blocker for me was uBlock origin but for some reason they took it off the Mac and I haven’t found a good one since. Maybe if you are on windows check it out. It cleared up the site for me when I was using it. Or try Tapatalk on the phones. Thats what I use. Much easier.
  12. It also depends on the tech package you have. Higher model trucks have an HD screen and camera. When I test drove blazers I noticed a pretty big difference between the two screens.
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