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  1. Wonder if this could be retrofitted into the K2s since no Programming is required. [emoji848]
  2. Lol, LD stands for light duty. The 5.7 comes in the Van I think still. I take it you have the 6.2 and if someone has the 5.7 in the van they only have to change the part of the letter that states which vehicle is affected. It makes it quicker to send out hundreds of letters. They know what they have going on.
  3. Any pics of this? I’m interested in doing this. Really want to utilize that space.
  4. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-sierra-p-p-harnesses/products/14-18-sierra-radar-detector-harness Doesn’t really help with the USB, but it will give your radar det. a clean factory finish. You probably could tap into that for the dash cam power also.
  5. What else is needed to make these work? UCA, struts, etc..?
  6. I don’t think those cars would be included in this. For one they aren’t available to be purchased by the public.. I don’t think. It would skew the data and we would see much higher numbers for the Tahoe and Suburban. And also when have you ever seen a Yukon as a government vehicle. They typically only use Chevy... from what I’ve seen.
  7. Is the radio module needed to upgrade to CarPlay from 2014 io5?
  8. You can disable it. Just hold down the cruise button for like 3 seconds after setting it and it turns off the adaptive. It should tell you on the DIC how to do it.
  9. It’s not possible for the dealerships to flash the K2s BCM. I think the kit you are referring to is for the new body style T1s. Read through that article. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/192852-install-factory-led-fog-lights-in-a-2016-gmc-1500/#comment-1877269
  10. If you are referring to the factory fog light, then it will not be plug and play. You will need to mount a switch inside. Lots of info on adding fog lights if you search it. I don’t think anyone had been able to add them OEM wiring and all. I tried in my 15 and wasn’t able too. In my opinion the factory fog lights on the 2016-19s add great side and forward visibility, but only for roughly 30-50 feet in front of the truck. Most likely they won’t help with your visibility issues. If you need more, you may be better off upgrading to the LTZ headlights. They are LED and they will offer better light output than your HID. And don’t take this the wrong way, but if you are having issues seeing with HID lights, you may need to go to the eye doctor or not be driving at night. Anything that you add that will act as a secondary headlight will blind traffic and that’s not fair for the motorists around you.
  11. Are they not already LED? The 1500s have LEDs.
  12. I don’t think there will be a CD inserted from factory (If that’s what you are asking). You can get a new CD from a dealership that is programmed for your VIN that will update your software when you insert it.
  13. I think they have a 2 year unlimited plan for 400. It’s been a couple months since I looked though.
  14. I would try to keep the wheels. When I totaled my 15, they were only giving me 400 for the wheels and tires. I wound up taking the money because I was upgrading to a higher trim and they were SLE rims, but if they would have been aftermarket they would have definitely been taken off. It’s likely that if you take the wheels, the price won’t drop that much and you will come out better than if you have to buy them again.
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