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  1. I have also thought about this. This would be so much more useful. My brother has an 18 F150 and his truck has the usb plugs in the back and they are much more convenient. Since it would just need power and not data lines, it seems like this would be an easy thing to do, but I haven’t seen the connections on the back of each of them. Phil?
  2. You can’t mess up. Like he said, plug and play. I did all the work.. but I took the whole front off to make sure everything was nice and clean for the wiring and not just shoved where it would fit.
  3. Yes, my 2015 was a WT so it didn’t have anything. I bought the lights and the harness and it all worked.
  4. The bottom is different I think. The regular cab looks like it’s rounded towards the front and the crew cab is more straight down and towards the back.
  5. I used them for fog lights on my 2015. Great guys to work with. I had 1 problem with my harness.. I think the connectors rusted out because of the body shop that replaced my bumper messed them up, but he sent me a replacement. I had no issues after that. Definitely would order from them again.
  6. My 15 sounded like that and my 18 sounds like that too. Not as loud. I’m not leveled or lifted on the 18, just stock and I have 15k miles. Maybe just poor quality shocks?
  7. If you have an iPhone 7/8 plus you may need to use it in landscape. It may not understand how to project in portrait mode on the screen like the TV does.
  8. rbrjr1 is right. My brother has a 2018 F150 and I have an 18 GMC. His truck has the new 10 speed that gm and ford developed and that thing shifts horrible. His engine also sounds like he has 200k miles on it, but he hasn’t even hit 15k. They all have issues. Hasn’t tuning helped with the trans for some people?
  9. I found this the other day as well! I will eventually take it in, but right now I don’t want to deal with them [emoji23]. Oh.. mine is a 2018 though.. didn’t realize I was in the 19-20 section.
  10. Bump with a picture of the cluster. Best offer. Also best offer on the 2.0 HMI. Trying to get rid of these!
  11. I’m looking for a white (or chrome) front bumper with park assist sensor holes. Anyone trying to get rid of one? Thanks! GMC Sierra
  12. Those are from 2 different body styles. Not plug and play and it’s also not touch screen.
  13. It was raining light the other day and I was doing slower city driving and mine were going off like something was in front of me.. I guess water droplets sitting on them. Went away after I hit highway speeds I guess bc when I slowed down it wasn’t doing it anymore [emoji2371]
  14. On my 2015 I did the 2 Motofab lower and the rear was still higher than the front. When I took out the rear factory bocks it was perfectly level and sometimes looked higher in the front. I think the rear block was 1.25.
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