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  1. I had a similar issue in my 2018. Turned out to be bad USB ports in the console. The ports under the radio worked but the ones under the lid had issues.
  2. How big is the cooler on the inside? Any pics?
  3. Would that be covered by bumper to bumper warranty? The brakes on my ‘15 went at 50k. I’m not sure what bumper to bumper actually covers.
  4. I had this on my last truck (2015). The dealer I bought it from put an aftermarket in, and I hated it. I wound up calling all over Houston and a dealer finally put the factory ones in. I think when I called I had to say that I just needed to reprogram a new remote (like I lost it) instead of “adding” it. The hardware is in the truck, they just don’t work with enough of the WTs, I guess.
  5. The Chevy app (myChevrolet) should allow you to remotely unlock, lock and start. I use the GMC app and they are the same from what I saw in the App Store.
  6. Sorry, I've been busy with school. It does not come with the clock spring. I was thinking 100 then shipping. Feel free to PM with me with an offer though.
  7. We don't need a 700 hp hellcat, but people buy them just to say they have them and the car never even sees a track in some cases. Same with corvettes.
  8. The problem with the Volt is the design and "53 pure electric miles† and up to 420 miles† with a full charge and a full tank of gas". If people want an electric car, they are going to Tesla because of the sportier/futuristic design and 200-400 mile range. For close to the same cost (26k base price) you can get a model 3 with a 220 mile range. For 34k (the same price as the base volt) you get the long range battery, 0-60 in 5 seconds and a top speed of 140. If GM wants to compete, it needs a car that isn't the Volt so i'm not surprised.
  9. Yikes, I think like a lot of people on this site, if you hit my truck things wouldn't go so well for you. I also think that the hoods are designed very well and you look closer to things than you are. I also had a level on my 2015 so that could have been why. I have owned 2 sierras, 2015 and now 2018 and have never had an issue hitting anything (other than the guy that ran a red light and totaled my 15). Be more careful. With that said I attached the link for the camera that I will be adding to mine when the weather warms up. It should be plug and play and there are some pages about people doing it, so it isn't hard. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2018-silverado-3500-single-front-camera-system/19366657-p-92297319.html
  10. I have a couple things from my 2015 Sierra that I'm trying to get rid of. Items are: - SLT gauge cluster (4.2 inch color screen) - Heated steering wheel that has been cleaned and looks new with matte finish - HMI module (2015 so it doesn't have CarPlay) - 17inch WT steel rims with tires (little tread left) If interested, PM me and we can work out cost and I can send pics. I couldn't post pics of everything because of size limitations.
  11. Any update on this?
  12. Do the screens need to be programmed before installing?
  13. No, this only became a thing on the 2016+. I have a 15 and I hate that I can't see how many cylinders are firing. I recently had a similar noise at low RPMs but while idling or low speeds. When I took it to the dealership they said it was an exhaust leak. I'm not sure if it fixed the issue though.
  14. It has the red interior lighting? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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