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  1. Don’t worry, In 10 years you will be driving electric and it’s won’t matter because you will plug in at night when you sleep. No more wasting your life.
  2. The dimensions for the T1 are “18 1/2" long and 3 1/4" wide”. The height is the same. K2 is 17” long
  3. I called the dealership right after I posted and they told me to bring it in because they were not busy. He had the head tech or whatever come take a look and he said it was normal if I go down steep inclines.. well I don’t.. and it didn’t do it before I took it in for the fix. Also I checked the used K2 trucks on the lot and none of them had the rub marks so I’m at a loss. They said it could be an alignment issue.. but I don’t really see how that could be. Should I take it elsewhere.. maybe the chevy dealership? (We only have one gmc dealership in town)
  4. Today I saw that my tires are rubbing on my UCA. I had it at the dealership 2 weeks ago for the leaf spring fix and I’m not sure if they touched the front suspension, but it hasn’t been doing this for the year that I have had it. I think they are the stamped steel. Any idea what could be causing this? I’m completely stock.
  5. Mine just came back from the dealership for the leaf springs. There is a TSB out to fix them. My truck isn’t lifted, but was making the same sound. I actually thought it was my front suspension, but the dealership did the leaf spring fix and I haven’t had issues since. I would check it out, even if you are lifted they may do the fix since they know it’s an issue. The service rep acted like they had seen a lot of trucks with the same thing [emoji2371]
  6. Also wondering this.. that’s an intense amount left. Did you do 120 month or what? Is that possible? I would finish paying it off then evaluate your financial situation bc from the sound of it you dug yourself into a hole when you bought the truck in 2014. Also something seems not right with the number they gave you for trade in. Drive out (February 2019) for my SLT 2018 brand new was 38k.. msrp was like 54. I think 30 would be a stretch.
  7. Post some pictures of you get a chance.
  8. Do you have a 19+? Or are you talking about the ones on the top of the 14-18, like in the picture? From what you described it sounds like 19+.
  9. Mine also looks like this. I think it has something to do with it being the soft plastic/fake leather looking stuff. It’s normal though. I’ll try to post a picture of mine tomorrow in the sun.
  10. I wonder if that fine is gonna go to an effort to “clean” the air pollution. I personally agree that if the technology is out there to make something better for the environment then it needs to be used, but 900k dollars.. that’s a bit ridiculous.
  11. The USB ports in the console/jump seat only work when the radio is powered on. So while the truck is running and for a couple minutes after the truck is turned off. When you turn off the truck at night you can see the radio screen and buttons lit, but nothing on the screen. When these go off the USB looses power. Was this way in both my 15 and now 18.
  12. My 2018 doesn’t show the key fob number unless I switch keys. So if I’m using 1 constantly, it won’t say until I start using 2. Might be the same on the newer cars. And yes, that is how the mirrors should work.
  13. My grill is the SLT, which is the same as the AT just chrome I believe. You’re right, it is much more room, just not enough. Hopefully they will release a K2 emblem or one for the Yukon that would fit. The dimensions for the T1 are “18 1/2" long and 3 1/4" wide”. The height is the same. K2 is 17” long
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