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  1. That’s correct. Steering wheel controls are run through the cluster so you would need to upgrade to the 4inch color cluster. Also if you didn’t have that cluster already you most likely had the io3 which is what comes in the work trucks. This is why you are having problems. Base everything and missing wires. I have no knowledge of that aftermarket radio, you may want to check to make sure steering wheel controls will work with that system before you put in all the time and money. Also make sure there is no missing wiring between the system and cluster.
  2. There are screws under the light switch. Open the sunglasses holder and gently pull that piece off that has the light switch, HomeLink and the rear window switch. There will be 2 or 3 screws.
  3. Going to the 8inch screen and Denali cluster alone is north of 2 grand maybe almost 3. It’s usually much cheaper to get it from factory the way you want it. There is also threads on here for everything you listed. Type it into google or the search and they will pop up.
  4. It definitely matters which engine and transmission combo you have. My 2wd crew cab 5.3 6speed 3.42 gears is rated for like 9400 pounds. Those numbers you gave look like max tow. And to OP, it will say in the manual. Look up your engine and transmission configuration and you will have your answer.
  5. They aren’t doing any of these. Like mentioned above they are moving towards buttons. It wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of the T1 it was an option and standard on the new body style in a couple years.
  6. Got mine a couple weeks ago and love it. Fits great. I have my VIN to the parts guy and he just ordered the one that was compatible. I asked when I checked out if it was the wrong size would I be able to return it and they said yes, so I wasn’t worried.
  7. If they don’t tailgate him they won’t get stuff thrown on them. Perfect solution [emoji23]
  8. I know you can get new 2014+ style tow mirrors for your year, but as far as the stock 2014+.. is not sure they make them. You could maybe modify your door to make them work, but I doubt you could get power to them.
  9. Have you done this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. This isn’t always great though. Like Jac365 said I also let insurance deal with the shop. My brother wrecked his Tacoma and insurance estimated 7k. When he took it to the shop they found that the junction box under the hood has to be replaced along with quite a bit of electrical and their estimate came out to 13k. If he would have taken the check he would have been SOL. Truck totaled out and he got a 2018 f150. To OP, I’ve worked with both, and the dealership seemed to be much better. Also the paint that the independent shop pained started to turn blue after a year-ish. I also found they they didn’t replace half of my grill screws or the wheel liner screws. Won’t be recommending for sure.
  11. Doesn’t white kinda “fade” over time due to pollen and other chemicals that get on the paint. I feel like every white truck no matter how clean it is never looks as white as the ones that come off the lot. I wash mine with the 2 bucket method and polish it once a year after clay, and it still doesn’t seem as “fresh” as the new trucks. If this is the case then maybe you just needed to buff and polish the older paint.
  12. The starter isn’t used to start the engine during stop/start. The gas sealed when turning off and ignited in the piston causing it to restart. This is why they won’t stay turned off for longer than a couple minutes, too much gas leaks out and pressure decreases.
  13. I think rolling down the windows was added in 2015 and up. I had the WT Sierra 2015 and after I had factory fobs programmed I was able to roll them down with the fob. It won’t do it on aftermarket fobs. What is the 4x4 deal? The off-road screen? If so, they were available on the 2014s, but not on every model. After 2015 it was more available.
  14. What do you recommend for making sure debris doesn’t fall down? I’m about to have to change mine for the first time.
  15. IMO there is a difference depending on your audio source. If you are listening to FM or XM yea there is no difference because they both have crap audio.
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