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  1. Would you take 200? I can pickup this weekend. I’m in college station.
  2. How much of the rear bumper, brackets? I’m not sure what’s behind it, but is it just the chrome or more? Also does it come with the plastics (corner steps, top)?
  3. I thought the factory ducting worked with our engines?
  4. You are correct, the passenger side does not dim. The sensor is only in the mirror. The mirror with the camera should have a sensor and will not loose functionality.
  5. That’s awesome! Post some pics if your neighbor will let you take some! I would suggest Facebook marketplace as a first choice then Craigslist. Dealership probably wouldn’t give much of anything, I don’t know how big the market is for that car in 2020. My mom recently sold her Acadia through Facebook and it was easy.
  6. It is possible to do the seats. He needs harnesses from the harnessdr like he mentioned.
  7. There’s a free toy inside every truck! Issa joke.. like the cereal.. [emoji854]
  8. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/search-wheel-offset-gallery You can enter the year and tire setups and see hundreds of pictures that people have uploaded. I have been using it to decide on my lift and tire setup. It’s best on the computer and not the phones btw.
  9. Friends are probably ford guys, huh? Lmfao jk See if you can get a picture of it. Mine definitely isn’t that bad.
  10. Yes on my 1500 2018 same issue. Only on my driver side. It’s very unnoticeable and can only be seen in my mirror or if I look down the side of the truck. It doesn’t bother me too badly anymore. I have started thinking of it as a “ Beauty mark” because I know if the dealership did something about it I would end up with something worse than what I currently have. Looks kinda like the bed jarred during production and caused ripples?
  11. Yea you don’t want them to dim when you turn on the fogs in the day or if you are running with them alone, Correct? I wish there was a way you could toggle this too, but I think the only option would be a custom harness work. Check with gen5diy.com. Maybe a BCM jumper. I don’t think there would be a way to do this at night bc you would have to figure out how to override the daylight sensor and make it think it’s daytime.
  12. This probably isn’t true.. if this were the case, you could get pulled over and ticketed for not having a front plate in states that require 2 plates.
  13. Do you clean your steering wheel? Looks close to brand new from the picture. If so what do you use?
  14. I haven’t had any issues with my 2018 SLT. I’m at 25k and overall it’s a much better truck than my 2015 Wt. the radio was awful in my WT, hardly worked and when it did it was buggy. They fixed a lot of radio issues with the 2016+ models. Also the WT v6 doesn’t come with the 3.75. It comes with the 3.23 for fuel efficiency and that was the worst part about driving it IMO.
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