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  1. I’m running stock gears and been running it for a year now. Trips from FL to Ga once a month too. Honestly had a couple buddy’s lift there trucks and say the tune mode a world of difference so now it has heightened my sense. Could a tune do the same for me. I’ll try to contact them directly then! Thank you for clearing up E85 for me!
  2. Done some research and seem to be more lost then when I started. Never had a newer truck or even a fuel injected one. Anyways, Trying to find a tuner for my 4.3 Silverado custom 2018. From what I have gathered even the 4.3 has AFM witch knocks it down to 4cly? Never seen a light that others talk about in my dash not sure it it applies to me. If you guys say all do I want a tuner that will delete that. Next I’m running 37s so need one to put my tire size in. Last I keep reading about E85 Tunes witch confuses me. Uses a different gas with a tune to crest power but to identify if my truck can take that gas it says on the gas cap witch I don’t have or rear window. Go my truck tinted day 1 and have no idea about that. My objective of the tune is to have my truck finally shift right and get as much acceleration as that thing can without motor or gear work. Don’t care about mpg or topend speed. If you took the time to read this I really appreciate it. Been wanting a tuner for weeks just started reading and ever post just left with more questions! Thank you guys!
  3. Really wish this was for the double cab! Been looking for some time now
  4. So that might explain why when I just put some led white bulbs in my turn signals it blinks like 3 times then goes really fast and says check turns signal on the dash. So what do I need for those?
  5. Put Klearz in my headlights. And took my bumper off to get powder coated
  6. I do need some help with bulbs now. Know nothing about this kind of stuff, but I want to run a white corner light. Anyone got a link to a plug and play option on that.
  7. Used this guys steps to do mine after work today. Added clears! Few maybe obvious tips that I came across -Face the headlight up in the oven -The face and the housing overlap. You have to put a screw drive and lift or pull in small sections. -Don’t plan on trying to separate it on the first 2 cycles. It will pop out just focus on separating around evenly. - On mine the corners seemed to have a lot more glue in them -After there apart Try your best not to touch the part of the head light after the lens. If you leave dirt or smudge marks and reseal it you will be hosed lol Will see those marks forever!!
  8. Looking for OE chrome step rails for my 18 Silverado extended cab. Located in Central FL but like to travel so anywhere in FL or GA I can prob make a weekend out of it.
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