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  1. Just send it! 2wd or 4wd it’s your truck do what you want! 2wd lifted on 26s get compliments everyday, and handles the beaches just fine!
  2. Looking for some OE rear wheel liners for my 18 silverado. In Central FL Went and bought the rough country
  3. Was hoping to start a post where we can see what some Offroad bumpers look like!!
  4. If I put one more part in my garage my gf will have me sleeping in the truck lol. Figured someone on here might appreciate having it more. Open to trades too. Still need chrome trim under windows for ext cab chrome body molding oe rear wheel wells if your local or somewhere along the way through GA and have something want to trade let me know. OBO on price.
  5. Few small chips from rocks on the highway. Comes with plastic under the bumper too. Located in mid-Florida. Traveling north of Atlanta at the beginning of the month if someone wants to meet me along the way to buy it. $300.
  6. Tinted my windows and wrapped my b pillars! Really happy with how it turned out. 9BADCCB6-7582-46B3-9B97-5F87D8D71A25.MP4
  7. Still available? If so I’ll take them!
  8. Seeing if anyone took there’s off and might want to sell it. I have a 18 Silverado ext cab I think ...... the one with the smaller back door.
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