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  1. Sourceoneaoutoparts had the handles... Maybe even the mirror various.
  2. Vanguard/Martha, You guys are awesome. Thanks!
  3. Team, I would like to replace the chrome door moldings (the ding catchers) on my crew cab for black ones. Anyone it there knows all four part numbers? Thank you, Ric
  4. Jim, Thanks! If you look closely you'll see it looks slightly different than your typical Centennial. I love the truck, bit I think Chevy over did the chrome.
  5. Team, I have a set of Chrome Window Molding for 2014 - 2018 Silverado or Sierra CREW CAB. These came off my Centennial Edition Silverado, so they are extra special. [emoji6] They are in great shape with no damage. Having said that, one of the clips did break during removal. Fortunately, the clips are cheap. You can buy them here: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-belt-molding-clip-11547339 You can have all four for $75 plus shipping. Ric
  6. I have a K&N Cold Air Intake in great shape with additional features. Send me a message if you are interested and you can have it for a great price. Ric
  7. I wish there was a kit for it... I'd go for it. Next time, I'm siphoning the old fluid out, add fresh fluid and call it a day. The filter will be ok without replacing.
  8. From the OP... Check out the two connectors circled in this picture. Notice the one on the left has a grey piece to it. That's what fell off and nearly gave me a heart attack. The connector itself was in place and undamaged. This is the picture that saved the day. [emoji106][emoji846]
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