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  1. Just wondering if the OP of this thread is still around... I know its been awhile, but I have some questions about his truck..Thanks
  2. Yep thats it...It seems pretty clean, besides rock chips in the front bumper... Since it was modified, i was wondering if they were on the forum... I would like to know if there are any known issues with it before i pull the trigger and buy it
  3. This may be a long shot, but anyone on this forum recently trade in a 2018 Centennial edition Silverado at a Honda dealership in Maryland? Its been customized with AMP power steps, K&N intake, MBRP exhaust, stubby antenna, and a Roll up tonneau cover...Looking at purchasing and trying to get the backstory... Thanks
  4. I picked up a set of Goodyear DuraTrac, from Sams Club ( not sure if you have any in your area) ...They had a 1 day sale in November, ( $100 off instantly plus free installation) which they are having again next weekend. I picked up a set of LT 265/75/16 Load range "C" ( 45lb tire) for $729 installed, plus a $50 Goodyear rebate, so out the door installed on my truck for $ 169.75 per tire after rebate...So far I love these tires, awesome in the snow so far, and a pretty quiet ride..I would look into them if you have a Sams club in your area
  5. Yes, any time you do a level it puts more stress on components...But generally if you stay around 2" or less, it wont affect as much as the angles aren't that bad. To go 1.5" just crank up the stock bars...no reason to replace keys for that amount of lift.... I got about 1 1/4" out of mine stock... others have gotten more, depends on how it cam from the factory... 4 complete turns on a torsion bar bolt = 1" of height
  6. Im wondering if your torsion bars are a little weak...My truck as 147,000 miles on it... I got a little over 1" cranking them 5 turns...Depends on how close you are to the look you want, you can crank it until the bolt bottoms out to see if it gets you to where you want to be, but its not really recommended to do that as the ride really suffers.
  7. Remember 4 turns = 1" ... I was able to get 5 1/2 turns from the factory position out of mine on my 99. Raised it about 1 1/4- 1 3/8" ....On mine it didn't make my ride suffer at all just cranking the factory keys I wanted to go a little more, so I got new keys, and raised it about 2" then the ride got a little stiffer,
  8. If you only want to go 1.5" just crank up the factory bars...No need to get new keys ..
  9. Im glad you like your truck... Like you said, its all subjective to the owner. I didnt try to start a debate on what vintage truck is better or worse.... I just made a comment on how i prefer the 98, looks wise and size wise and comfort wise mostly.. my 2018 is the absolute WORST truck i have ever owned as far as comfort, seats are way too hard, my wife complains about it as well. thats one thing GM got worse with on these trucks...my 2002 was by far the most comfortable truck I have ever been in . Its like saying... a 2019 Camaro SS is a better car than a 1969 Camaro
  10. Sorry ,my opinion doesn't agree with you...I hate to tell you but Its an argument you will never win since at the end of the day its what I AM happy with If you like the k2,or T1 or whatever that's fine and I respect that decision, I in no way condemned the new truck in my original post, I just said I would rather have the 98 over an 18, am I not entitled to my opinion?????? I just simply stated I prefer the 98 For one, I prefer the looks of the 98, the interiors were way more comfortable, less electronic crap, and smaller in size. I can pretty much fix a
  11. Funny, I wish I had your old 98 instead of my 18... Still one of my favorite trucks to date... Besides gas mileage and braking difference, I would prefer the 98 all day any day. In fact I will gladly trade my 18 in for a nice 98 stick shift truck right now... if I could find one..lol
  12. I AGREE 100%.... Seems like every redesign makes the trucks bigger and bigger.... To the point where a Colorado is just about the same size as my 88 1500 was... To that point, that one of the biggest reasons I dislike my 2018 and will be selling it, it just feels too big for me , I feel like im swimming in it.. Currently looking for a GMT-800 to replace with...Just don't want the "superior technology" or size of these new trucks.....
  13. I have to admit.. If something were to happen to my 18, and i have to buy a new truck I would be buying a RAM over a GM.. I sat in one at a dealership awhile back , checked everything out and thought they are wayyy more comfortable and the interior has a better layout... My biggest hangup is the dial shifter, its just dumb.. But in my opinion i think the 2019 RAM looks much better than either of the 19s that GM came out with... Oh yeah, I really dislike the big touch screen on those rams anyway... Thats one option i would definitely not want Although, I do have to say
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