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  1. Depends on of you want a Chevy or GMC... If Ok with GMC, Laura GMC in Illinois has a lot of NHT crew cab trucks on the lot, most of any dealership I have seen. I tried to find one locally, but couldn't.....I wanted a Chevy but there weren't any in a 300 mile radius of me...The NHT package is pretty rare to find in either brand...But Lauras has a good stock of them
  2. Its super easy to install in a few hours with basic hand tools, I have already done 5 of these for myself and friends trucks.. Just take your time and you will be ok
  3. As far as I know ... yes, although I have come to think that the DB uses an actual Corsa Sport muffler, as the muffler is the only part of the exhaust that doesn't have surface rust on it...tail pipes and mid pipe have some light surface rusting from the lower grade stainless, but the muffler is shiny as new. Sound wise, yes its the same as a regular Corsa Sport.
  4. I have the DB series by Corsa on my 2011, which is the corsa sport with cheaper stainless steel, and obviuosly not AFM, but there is NO DRONE at all anywhere in the RPM range, towing or not...YES there is exhaust sound in the cab under load, but its NOT DRONE...Theres a big difference between drone and plain exhaust sound... IMHO Corsa is the best sounding exhaust ever made for any vehicle...I cant wait to put mine on the 2018
  5. Definitely the OEM 20's...
  6. Yeah, they have used that chrome clad crap for years...Im not sure why they think thats such a great idea...The wheels on my my truck are included with the Max tow package are the actual polished aluminum... Im not sure why on the CC std bed trucks they get the crappy chrome clad ones The Premium plus package gets the chrome clad wheels, but the Max tow package wheels replace the wheels in the PP package... Seems like this is only the case with short bed trucks
  7. Just had to update.. GMT-900 max tow has 14 bolt rear cover and a 9.5" ring gear, 2018 Max Tow has 12 bolt rear cover and a 9.76" ring gear
  8. No, the Max tow gets the 9.76" ring gear instad of the 9.5"...lol.. yeah a 9.5" ring gear is pretty much overkill for anything a 1/2 ton can do... I was pretty bummed that my 2018 has less cover bolts than my 2011 and it is rated higher tow
  9. On the K2xx there are 12 bolts...on the GMT-900 they have 14
  10. Nope... GM truck bolt pattern has been the same on 1/2 ton trucks since 1988 .. 6 x 5.5 (139.7mm)
  11. Yea, Laura always has a ton of 6.2L trucks on the lot, most ive seen anywhere..I searched a 400 mile radius of my area and there were only 2 max tow trucks and they both had the interior color I didn't want ( cocoa dune) When I went to Lauras website I couldn't believe they had probably atleast 25 max tow truck on the lot.. Im not sure if you are interested in the Max Tow package or not, but Lauras definitely has the most on the lot of any other dealer I could find...They keep getting more in so just keep looking on their website..From what I have read, the 2018 production of them will keep going through June 2018 I believe, so there is still time for them to get more in, They will have plenty of trucks in stock, it just depends on how many with what you are looking for. Keep in mind though they move ALOT of trucks, so if you see something at a good price , don't wait too long...When I bought mine I was looking at Stone Blue or Cardinal Red colors, they had 5 of each color with the max tow and Premium plus package, 2 weeks after I bought mine they sold completely out of both colors I was interested in. They still do not have any in stock in those colors with the option package I wanted. So if the deals now were better than when I bought I would be out of luck..
  12. All the SLTs have the 8" screen, just the nav is the $500 option, and IMHO I like using google maps on my phone better. With the infotainment system you can display your phone onto the 8" screen so you can use google maps and it will be just like having the nav. ... The SLT premium package comes with the Bose audio, so you wont be missing that, just the nav...which to me isnt a deal breaker I see you drive a 2013 SLT with 6.2L....Just my opinion, but I wouldnt trade that 6.2 for a 5.3 any day of the week... I drove a 5.3 and it no where close to the power my 2011 6.2L has...The 5.3 is no slouch but it still doesnt compare to the older(L9H) 6.2...Now the new (L86) 6.2 in my 2018 is a gem, pulls just as hard or harder than my 2011 that is blackbear tuned..Pretty incredible for everything being 100% factory.. I cant wait to get it tuned..
  13. The CC 6'-6" box set up has a slightly lower tow rating than the 5'-8" bed of (11,700lbs) , due to them having the same GVWR of 7600lbs.. Not sure how much you are towing for it to be a consideration...
  14. Yes, 17" wheels are the minimum diameter to clear the brakes... Love that 97!
  15. Nice..I am putting the same tires and size on mine with aftermarket wheels I had on my 2011... I just put on a Rough Country solid tri-fold tonneau cover ....Pretty nice solid fold for the money, works well!

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