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  1. Its understandable that sedans arent in demand and they could cut a few models that arent selling. The point is... Those plants could be used to make other models and keep american workers working and spending money here in America!..ITs utter bullshit that a good portion of their other vehicles are made in Mexico and China while they close our plants.. .It was OK they took our money so they didnt fold in 2009, now they turn around and shove it back up our asses, all in the name of "business" Yea yea no shit labor is cheaper there, so make a few million less of a profit, or negotiate with the UAW to help bring jobs back.... Mexican and Chinese workers arent spending their money here, so who are the only ones who makes out.?? ....Corporate GM does.. so they can tout their almighy profits....making vehicles that americans cant buy because they dont have jobs anymore.
  2. Well Said....Thank You I am like you.. 25 years of buying GM (mostly chevy) products...I was raised on Chevys, my father and both grandfathers were chevy loyal ...My Sierra is the last GM product I will ever buy brand new... From the horrible designs to the shitty 8 speed in my truck and everywhere in between ...GM has really taken a step backwards in my opinion, and now this shit ....GM and Mary gets a big F-U from me and.... dont forget Mary Barra total compensation was only 22 million last year too....hard times
  3. No, the 4wd and 2wd doesn't mean anything for what tranny you got...All depends on options....ALL 6.2L got the 8 spd and depending on what your trim and what options you got would dictate if you got the 8spd with the 5.3L.... Most 5.3s got the 6spd..I believe the upper trim levels got the 8 spd and possibly the extremely rare max towing 5.3L
  4. Thank You!! In my opinion its the best looking color out there for these trucks... I was dead set on red until I saw a blue one in person. It sold me on the color. I cannot recommend Corsa enough to anyone!, Ive used a lot of different exhaust systems over the past 20 years and I will never buy anything else but a Corsa from now on... Like I said before, I put a "DB" system (Corsas cheaper grade of stainless line) on my 2011 6.2L truck and absolutely loved it... I took that exhaust off the truck before I sold it. When I was looking for an exhaust system for my 2018 I couldn't find any with a split dual rear outlet... I did some digging and found that Lingenfelter had Corsa make exhaust systems for their "Reaper" truck they made in 2014-2016... Since they don't make those trucks anymore they were clearanceing the exhaust systems they had for the 6.2L trucks.. I bought one and when I got it, compared it to the system from my 2011... They were the exact same thing from mid pipe to tail pipes, same bends same hangers, everything..., but with a different Lingenfelter specific muffler, that didn't have any of the RSC technology... So I put on the system with the old "DB" muffler ( with the RSC technology) from my 2011.. The truck, is quite loud outside on start up and when you are in the gas, but its a good loud, not an annoying loud...Inside the cab cruising down the highway is as quiet as it was stock...The only time you really hear the exhaust is when pulling a hill or something, and even then, its not drone , yes you can hear the exhaust, but its not drone, its a clean crisp exhaust sound without anything pulsing through your head... We took the truck on a 12 hour trip to Tennessee from Pennsylvania and back with my wife and two kids ( 10 and 7) and everybody was able to sleep in the truck ... At highway speeds inside is stock like quietness....I also don't get any V4 chopper sounds either, depending on load and speed when its in v4 there may be a very slight rumble from it being in v4, but its really not a pronounced chop or anything to be upset about , and honestly it doesn't spend a ton of time in v4 doing 75 anyway.. This is the quietest/loudest system you can have, loud outside where you want it and quiet inside with crisp exhaust sound when in the throttle, and NO DRONE!
  5. I have a regular Corsa sport ( actually DB series from my 2011) never had any ANC reprogrammed, and it has no v4 chopper sound either...I really don't get where the chopper sound is coming from with a Corsa made muffler??... Mine is Extremely loud outside and when in the throttle but inside cruising down the highway in V4 or V8 mode its as quiet as it was stock
  6. I don't see why it wouldn't work... That PN is for a CC/SB 6.2L ...No reason why it wont work.. For what its worth, Im using a Corsa system on mine that was from my 2011 GMT-900 series trucks... bolted right up, no issues
  7. That's true, they are marketed as "vented" seats not "cooled"...
  8. THis is my biggest issue with my 2018 as well...The rest of the truck is fine, this just pisses me off every day driving... Im not sure what GM did with the torque converters on these things, but my 2011 didn't do this and my wifes 14 Tahoe doesn't do this either...Its the singe thing that really makes me not like this truck. I have 7,000 miles and 9 months on mine..Other than that I don't have many issues to complain about I love my sunroof with the rear slider open... It creates a nice flow of air in the cabin without having to open the side windows and get all that extra noise on the highway. Without the rear slider I wouldn't care if I had it. Also totally agree with the cooled seats... they really don't work that well...yes they work, but not that great... Im also not super impressed with the 6.2.... Im not sure what it is, but the truck to me feels dead off the line unless I bury it right to the floor....It seems that I have to use a lot more pedal to get a faster rate of acceleration.. My 2011 max tow 6.2 was incredibly responsive at low and mid throttle, I could easily incinerate the tires at will at low speed in that.... This truck seems to pull a lot harder once it starts going but light throttle it doesn't seem to have the instant torque my other truck did.
  9. Well, it is street legal...Mopar is marketing this for pre-76 vehicles, so cats would not be required... Perfect for a retrofit
  10. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    Mine has never had any shuttering at highway speeds, erratic shifting at light throttle..yes but that's about it... I never had any downshift clunk or banging into gears either...My truck was built 11/17.. I bought it in 2/18 ...I have 6500 miles on it now and it still seems the more I drive it, the better it is... Now Im not sure if its me, but it seemed to be a lot better after my first oil change..
  11. I honestly don't know if there is one like Lauras for Chevy... Although Lauras DOES have a Chevy dealership now... I wanted a Chevy , but I couldn't pass up the deal on the GMC...
  12. I bought my 2018 Gmc from Lauras in February... You wont find a better price anywhere....Other dealers told me there was no way they could match their pricing...FWIW I bought mine in early February ( $15,450 off sticker) and I have been watching Lauras website months before and after I bought to see if I got the best deal.. There was only one time where the deal was as good or maybe a few hundred better than what I paid.. So First part of the year seemed to be the best time to buy since there was a lot more selection when I got mine... 60K sticker I bought for 44k, plus I had a GM card bump.
  13. No I didn't get the GM one... I was thinking about it, but it wasn't loud enough for me from the videos I heard online... Corsa technically only makes 1 exhaust for the 6.2 but I didn't want a single side exit, I like dual rear exits, so I found a Corsa made system that Lingenfelter used on their Reaper trucks...Lingenfelter had Corsa specially make the dual outlet systems for their trucks. https://www.lingenfelter.com/product/CP24204.html#.W7dnPmf2aL8 Just an FYI Exhaust systems from a GMT-900 will work on K2's... I compared the above lingenfelter (made for 14-up trucks) to the Corsa I had on my 2011 ( that I removed before I sold it) and they are EXACTLY the same pipes. I could have saved some cash If I knew that before hand.
  14. At least Im not alone thinking that my tranny feels like its always slipping at light throttle....Im hoping it gets better after 10k miles, its just a little disappointing to me right now, knowing what I had. I thought this truck would be night and day difference since it has more gear and torque than what I had. I don't seem to have any of the other issues I read about on here with the tranny. No clunking or shuttering , just a strange disconnected feeling at light throttle Im ok on the warrany, as I will be out of the 5year warranty faster than the mileage, I only put on about 10k a year. My 2011 had the 5/100 and I was at 7 years 72k miles when I got rid of it

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