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  1. Im glad you like your truck... Like you said, its all subjective to the owner. I didnt try to start a debate on what vintage truck is better or worse.... I just made a comment on how i prefer the 98, looks wise and size wise and comfort wise mostly.. my 2018 is the absolute WORST truck i have ever owned as far as comfort, seats are way too hard, my wife complains about it as well. thats one thing GM got worse with on these trucks...my 2002 was by far the most comfortable truck I have ever been in . Its like saying... a 2019 Camaro SS is a better car than a 1969 Camaro SS is.....On paper, sure it is.I wont argue that,.handles better, stops better etc...but driving a 69 just has intangibles driving it that a new camaro will never have.....I have a 2014 ZL1 and a 1968 Camaro...The Zl1 is a great car, but I prefer driving the 68 to work everyday in the summer, its just a cooler car to drive.
  2. Sorry ,my opinion doesn't agree with you...I hate to tell you but Its an argument you will never win since at the end of the day its what I AM happy with If you like the k2,or T1 or whatever that's fine and I respect that decision, I in no way condemned the new truck in my original post, I just said I would rather have the 98 over an 18, am I not entitled to my opinion?????? I just simply stated I prefer the 98 For one, I prefer the looks of the 98, the interiors were way more comfortable, less electronic crap, and smaller in size. I can pretty much fix anything that can possibly go wrong with one without having to take it in to the dealer ... Yea the 4l60 was a weak tranny, ( like the 8 speed I have is so wonderful?? ) but I would be looking for a 5 speed anyway...Besides, 4l60s are cheap to rebuild regardless.. I get what you are saying....on paper everything is better, but I fail to see how my $60,000 sticker truck is that much better than a clean 98 or even a GMT-800 for what I need it to do... If you like your K2 and think its the greatest truck you have ever owned, thats fine I wont argue with you, maybe it is...But dont condemn me for prefering something older and simpler..I just dont need all the electronics these trucks are loaded down with, I could care less about being connected,.
  3. Funny, I wish I had your old 98 instead of my 18... Still one of my favorite trucks to date... Besides gas mileage and braking difference, I would prefer the 98 all day any day. In fact I will gladly trade my 18 in for a nice 98 stick shift truck right now... if I could find one..lol
  4. I AGREE 100%.... Seems like every redesign makes the trucks bigger and bigger.... To the point where a Colorado is just about the same size as my 88 1500 was... To that point, that one of the biggest reasons I dislike my 2018 and will be selling it, it just feels too big for me , I feel like im swimming in it.. Currently looking for a GMT-800 to replace with...Just don't want the "superior technology" or size of these new trucks.....
  5. I have to admit.. If something were to happen to my 18, and i have to buy a new truck I would be buying a RAM over a GM.. I sat in one at a dealership awhile back , checked everything out and thought they are wayyy more comfortable and the interior has a better layout... My biggest hangup is the dial shifter, its just dumb.. But in my opinion i think the 2019 RAM looks much better than either of the 19s that GM came out with... Oh yeah, I really dislike the big touch screen on those rams anyway... Thats one option i would definitely not want Although, I do have to say I do have thoughts about trading my Sierra in for a Durango SRT....cant wait to hear how you like it!... Seems like it would be a ton of fun and be able to tow.
  6. I have to agree with the OP here... The biggest disappointment of my 6.2 is the lack of response and power at low to part throttle...Coming from my 2011 6.2 to this one, I thought that I would be in for a huge upgrade, but it was/is quite a disappointment... Ive always run 93 octane... I will admit this one does pull pretty hard once it gets into 3rd or so and starts getting up in the RPM, but from off idle it seems that I need to use ALOT of pedal ( almost to the click) to get it go at a decent rate...Once its floored it will go, but I don't want to floor it everytime I want to pull out into traffic and accelerate fast enough....I assume/hope a tune should cure this issue..
  7. Mine is the same way, drivers side painted- passenger side unpainted, but not rusty yet... build date of 11/2017
  8. Thanks.. I didn't know that. I never felt the seat being warm when I sit in it after I remote start.. Though I do not let my truck warm up for 10 minutes either...at most 2 or 3 minutes In my wifes traverse, remote starting doesn't turn the light for the seats either, but when you get in a push the start button, the seat indicators light lights up automatically... I didn't know the trucks shut off when inserting the key
  9. Point is... what kills these transmissons is all the computer controlled garbage Haha, I doubt it would be much slower, if at all... very easy to put a gear vendors OD on a t-400 and have a 100% bulletproof mechanically operated 6 speed.
  10. Exactly.....but in this day and age heaven forbid that something is not controlled by some kind of electronics
  11. I wish I could just put a TH400 in my new truck ..... get rid of all the computer controlled crap
  12. Thanks, I know where the setting are to turn it off, it just doesnt work
  13. I have the same problem with mine, its frustrating, I don't want the rear defroster on every time the temp is below a certain temp... I also cant get my heated seats to come on automatically either even though I have the setting switched to "on" ...
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