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    Thanks.. I didn't know that. I never felt the seat being warm when I sit in it after I remote start.. Though I do not let my truck warm up for 10 minutes either...at most 2 or 3 minutes In my wifes traverse, remote starting doesn't turn the light for the seats either, but when you get in a push the start button, the seat indicators light lights up automatically... I didn't know the trucks shut off when inserting the key
  2. Point is... what kills these transmissons is all the computer controlled garbage Haha, I doubt it would be much slower, if at all... very easy to put a gear vendors OD on a t-400 and have a 100% bulletproof mechanically operated 6 speed.
  3. Exactly.....but in this day and age heaven forbid that something is not controlled by some kind of electronics
  4. I wish I could just put a TH400 in my new truck ..... get rid of all the computer controlled crap

    Thanks, I know where the setting are to turn it off, it just doesnt work

    I have the same problem with mine, its frustrating, I don't want the rear defroster on every time the temp is below a certain temp... I also cant get my heated seats to come on automatically either even though I have the setting switched to "on" ...
  7. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    I tried this as well...nothing I did try manually shifting down into 1st when coming to a stop, and that seems to eliminate it, but its a pain to do all the time
  8. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    One new thing that happened over the weekend...This only happened once so im not sure if it will be an on going issue... Driving home on the highway, pulling a light grade in 8th gear.. I went to pass a truck so I gave it some gas. Usually It will downshift into 7th and then when I let up it will go back to happily chewing along in 8th...This time it felt strange in the downshift, not even sure how to explain it, like it was caught in between gears and wasn't a firm downshift as usual, almost soggy feeling . It would not shift into 8th not matter what until I crested the grade. I tried going almost 80 and letting off slowly to make it shift, I tried manually putting it in 8th, nothing would get it to shift... After I crested the grade it was fine after that but wondering if it will happen again...
  9. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Mine will do the twitch on occasion, it doesn't happen all the time, but it did happen a few times already. Since its been cold here in the NE I have been remote starting daily and 8 times out of 10 I don't get the twitch but it does happen.... I also have been noticing from a cold start when I get in and put it in reverse sometimes it will shutter for a second then go into reverse.. It only seems to do this when its cold out or on a cold start.. Once its warmed up it seems ok... I still do not have any shutter or vibration yet with mine..almost 8700 miles
  10. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Ok it makes me feel better that im not the only one who has this issue.... From the looks of it, it seems that those of us with the 18s seems to have this problem..
  11. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    What is the consensus of feeling your truck downshifting into 1st?... My truck feels like it doesn't actually downshift into first when coming to a stop...It hard to explain, but the easiest way is that it feels like the truck goes into netural and (lurches) when I just about coming to a stop, or pull into my garage very slowly. I can even hear the exhaust change note when it does this, the rpm (seems) to drop and exhaust note seems to flatten out, unlike what I am used to when downshifting into 1st the rpm usually goes up... My 2011 and my wifes 2014 tahoe downshifted into 1st normally, even my wifes new 2019 traversed I could feel the downshift and slow down from the shift... this just seems very strange to me...I can feel it downshift it normally when it goes from 3rd to 2nd, but this 2nd to 1st downshifting thing really bothers me.. When it does this and I get back on the gas, is when it will spool up a little then grab 1st gear... How many of you guys have the same issue??
  12. I definitely like it better than the GMC version....For what I use my truck for, its way more useful...
  13. Good bye ford

    I have to say I find it laughable that there are people here that say to go for a minimum of 30% off.....While there are some volume dealers that can price some vehicles 30% off , that is certainly not the norm for most dealers, and you will have to be willing to travel to get that deal, and that 30% off includes GM rebates as well, so if GM doesn't throw out some cash to help sell them dealers aren't going to discounting them 30% or more on their own, no way...In my area, just about all dealers are selling them for what GM puts out for incentives , maybe a little bit more off ...So lets say a 60k truck and GM throws 10k incentives, now we are down to 50k, to get 30% off the dealer will have to discount another 8k on top of it, that's just not happening... UNLESS there are extra incentives for owner loyalty or lease loyalty or something that can be combined...At certain times of the year, yes its possible to get that much off, but its not the norm for all dealers... I tried to get local dealers to match Lauras price, they flat out told me buy it from them, there is no way we can match that price, they don't know how they sell for that cheap.
  14. While I agree the 11-12k off should be more being as its a leftover, and you might get a better deal today as its the end of the month, don't expect the incentives to be any more as time goes on.. Ive been researching prices for a few years, and by jan/feb of the new year the incentives start to dwindle... by March or so there really isn't much incentives out there... The manufacturers use Dec/Jan & Feb to put incentives out to push most of the old inventory...After that there isn't much in dealer stock of the previous model year, so they don't throw much money at them.. Best case is that the incentives will stay about the same from here on out. Also , im not sure what is so "old & dated" about the K2xx?? The interior of the 19 is basically the same .. This truck does everything I need it to do, why spend more on something that does the same thing???...If you like the looks of a new one , I get that, and by all means go for a new one, but again looks and features are subjective.

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