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  1. Any modifications to the stock intake? CAI? If yes, that'll hurt your position, I would think...
  2. I have one of those. Changed out the original Bilsteins with new ones. Looked & felt exactly the same. More likely Bilstein wasn't willing to sell out and meet cost targets set by GM, so GM found someone who would....hence you get shitty Ranchos....
  3. I would consider the TB perfect if it included Bilsteins...
  4. Eff that. 2500 miles? I'd be texting my sales guy telling him to come get this POS & bring me another truck to drive...
  5. Here we refer to it as "frame wax"....
  6. You really want to be viewing the data stream to accurately diagnose your DTCs. In lieu of that; we'll load up the internet parts cannon & fire: your cats are shot (P0420) and you need a new MAF (P0101/2). Good luck!
  7. I would only trade in for a 6.2 & 10 speed combo. I'm in a similar boat with my 2019LD. I love my K2 & even though trade in values are high; I gotta believe the same deal I got cannot be had right now with the limited supply. So get more for trade in, but pay more for new. Now if I didn't like my K2.....that's a whole different set of constraints....
  8. Don't have to do anything but tune in!
  9. I don't agree with that statement. Bilstein doesn't sell a boatload of 5100s because transfer cases get torn up....
  10. I went with the 5100's on the 3rd notch, then replaced the factory Michelins with 265/70 Generals - so up a very slight 1/2" with the tires. Nothing radical, but I like the look & road manners with this combo.
  11. Yes, the dealer is lowballing you - it's what they do.
  12. Wow....that sucks. I'm not a lawyer, so I can't help you. What happened to the engine?
  13. Something up on top of the tank where the business end of the fuel pump starts is ****ered. Pull the bed & see what you find!
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