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  1. I use this stuff. Pound it on thick with a schutz gun - completely satisfied with its performance through the winter & doesn't hurt the frame wax from my experience. Not cheap, but neither was my truck.
  2. Time to make a trip to local boneyards!
  3. Nothing is coming soon. We're running out of Dunkin' Donuts, so ...
  4. Looking for a clean set of K2 18" wheels in MI/OH for summer tires. Not interested in shipping; bonus if the TPMS sensors are included. TIA, Kevin
  5. I believe your only option to get the factory JL1 integrated trailer brake controller on a K2 is to sell your -JL1 truck & buy one with it. read more here
  6. I just run the All Makes All Models stuff from WallyWorld....
  7. Intake manifold gaskets are shot would be my guess.
  8. Agreed. Take it back to whoever did the work, then.
  9. Not normal. Best to get the front end in the air, then manipulate the control arms with a floor jack & see what's moving that shouldn't be.
  10. Things are unusual this year. Material shortages, labor shortages, cats & dogs sleeping together. Be patient with the service department - you may need them again.
  11. Fronts are pretty labor intensive. Yes, it can be done at home. Yes, you will need a spring compressor - a heavy duty one if you are using any of the leveling notches. I went to the 3rd notch on my 5100s and my OTC Strut Tamer couldn't handle it - took it to the shop and they had a Branick that got the job done. That was my experience....YMMV.
  12. I see nothing crazy about pulling the discount; given the current market conditions. Simple economics are in play here...
  13. Auto mode is the woman button. When it's sunny & 85 degrees outside, put your truck in 2WD.
  14. Yep, them B'stones don't look very capable in the snow. Low tread depth, no siping, and a highway design. Good for fuel economy numbers, but that's about it. Michelin makes a good tire, but I don't see the 3PMSF rating on the particular one you linked.
  15. Don't tell us what brand/model tires came on your truck....that would be too easy.
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