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  1. Sqwaked the tires pulling out of the dealership & at every red light on the way home. Gotta get the mold release agent off the tires!
  2. Congrats on finding a new leftover '16 five years later. What's the backstory on this gem?
  3. Either send it away for repair or grab your soldering iron & start watching YouTube videos.
  4. What's the backstory with this dealer; or do you record all of your public interactions just because....???
  5. I thought 5100 rears were good for up to 1" of lift...+3" might be stretching it.
  6. Me neither. My 2019 LD has 8500 miles on it & $2.5K of extras to get it where I want it. Don't care if it's worth more than what I paid for it.
  7. Everybody gets a cheap spare on a steel wheel - don't feel special. For as much as it's used, I'm OK with that.
  8. Not here. Been a long time since I had to replace a starter on my GM products.
  9. Get it to Precision Transmissions in Amarillo...I want to see the vid on utube!
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