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  1. Bought my DC katzkins off eBay in Feb for $600. Now $1K from the same seller. Watched some utube vids & did the job myself over the course of a few weekends. Overall I'm happy with the results.
  2. Are these LT or P tires? If LT's, do you think the low pressures caused them to heat up?
  3. Local GMC dealer is advertising $10K off. linky Whoops...that's a 1/2 ton....sorry.
  4. They're an excellent value proposition: they're tuned right & built like a tank for what you pay. They last forever, comparatively speaking. I did the 5100s on my K2, no regrets.
  5. Got my DC covers off the 'bay for $550 at the end of Feb. Looking now, that $550 price is gone....same seller is $995? Thanks, inflation!
  6. Details on your maintenance, please. What oil & filter did you use, frequency of OCI, own it since new?, etc. Just trying to glean anything that will help my 5.3 avoid this...
  7. I wouldn't do anything about it...cover it with the liners & move on.
  8. The dealer is lying to you - plain & simple.
  9. OLM decrements with time and mileage. If you don't drive for a year on a fresh oil change, it'll still go to zero. Your call on to change it or let it ride...but oil is cheap...at least for now...
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