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  1. Took longer than expected, but I finally got some time this weekend to get the swap done. Pretty simple to do, only two bolts. Didn't lose much fluid, maybe a couple tablespoons' worth. Now I've gotta actually drive the truck & see what my temps drop to, lol....
  2. What's the door jamb sticker say for recommended inflation psi? Usually LT tires are higher than P-rated. If you step down to P-rated, might be an issue with the TPMS?
  3. The K2 spends more time in the garage while the Cobalt sees more road time. Simple as that.
  4. I pick up my 158* TBV tomorrow from the dealer. Hope to get it installed this weekend on my '19 K2.
  5. Yeah, it's leveled with a spacer block kit under the bottom of the strut.
  6. If you haven't already, I'd call BDS & ask them is this what to expect from one of their kits & recommended installers. See what that gets you.
  7. IMHO, it's all about what's written in your contract. What does your paperwork say?
  8. I use this stuff. Pound it on thick with a schutz gun - completely satisfied with its performance through the winter & doesn't hurt the frame wax from my experience. Not cheap, but neither was my truck.
  9. Time to make a trip to local boneyards!
  10. Nothing is coming soon. We're running out of Dunkin' Donuts, so ...
  11. Looking for a clean set of K2 18" wheels in MI/OH for summer tires. Not interested in shipping; bonus if the TPMS sensors are included. TIA, Kevin
  12. I believe your only option to get the factory JL1 integrated trailer brake controller on a K2 is to sell your -JL1 truck & buy one with it. read more here
  13. I just run the All Makes All Models stuff from WallyWorld....
  14. Intake manifold gaskets are shot would be my guess.
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