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  1. I would, they (prices) certainly can't get any worse. I have a 2019 LD. Dealers are asking $2K more for a used one that what I paid for mine new...appears demand & supply is still tight...
  2. So in a little over a year, you've driven the truck nearly 30K & had a couple of problems fixed under warranty; with presumably no out of pocket expense on your end? I'm not feeling the new car experience robbery here...looks like a love affair at a torrid pace to me....good luck!
  3. Try some brake parts cleaner. Have a rag ready, too...
  4. I have the same problem: my truck is currently a garage queen; and the OLM decrements just sitting there. It'll get driven more next year when work travel slows down; for now I'll just bite the bullet & short-change the oil. With the Costco oil & a filter it's under $35. ETA: 2019 LD purchased 6/19. Current mileage is 3K.
  5. If it's leased, then yes. If I bought it, then no. Had a good string back when 4 oil changes were included in a new Chevy purchase. I had a couple of 2-year leases for the wife; never had to do crap to those vehicles.
  6. No worries. Get the right fluid for your application, drain, refill, and drive happy.
  7. Sounds like you have a rotating imbalance in the front end. In my opinion, most of these are caused by a problem with the wheel & tire assembly (lost wheel weight, broken & shifted belt in the tire, etc.). Take your vehicle to a reputable shop & have it checked out.
  8. My 2019 with the 5.3 is the highest HP motor I've ever had. I sqawked the tires on the way home from the dealership. I've driven mine normally; jumping on it when I need to. I did the first OC @ 500 miles. Just did the second one @ 3K. The truck comes with a warranty. If it's gonna break; the sooner the better in my book...
  9. I have plain ol' steel ramps. They work, but have a high approach angle - may cars will rub the fascia. When I use them for my truck, I lock up the front hubs to keep the tires from wanting to push the ramps forward.
  10. There are plenty of used trucks for sale that haven't been in accidents. Why buy one that has?
  11. My money is on GM with this one. Good luck, let us know who wins!
  12. Dealer called - no issue with with warranty, but only getting a boot kit done. I asked for a new axle rather than splitting the pot joint; but was told no. Bummer.
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