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  1. Grabber AT2s going on tomorrow. Bumping up to 265/70/18 from the stock size. Looking forward to it.
  2. Read a few reviews on Michelins website. Not good snow comments - looks like I'll be getting something more worthy & using these in the summer until they're gone.
  3. I'm expecting to use my '19 LD in the snow this winter - I was fortunate to not have to last winter. Given that, I'm looking at the OEM Michelin Energy Saver A/S & thinking the shallow, non-aggressive tread is just going to be useless in the white stuff. I'm happy with them as a summer highway tire, but just not getting good vibes as things cool off.... ....anyone with experience care to comment?
  4. This is, and can only be, an opinionated topic. Here's mine: how much it helps is a function of the product & application. I'm a fan of DIY application with Cortec VpCI-368. Krown was a joke - they didn't even lower my spare tire to get the rear crossmember. I've tried Fluid Film, but it washes away too easily. The Cortec product dries to a wax-like texture & stays put. I bought the 5-gal bucket & have been pounding it on my GMT400 since I brought it up from TX in 2013. Still looks great!
  5. No need for apologies. Assuming the battery is original, go get a new one. 6 years out of a battery is a good life. Even if it's not the source, you'll likely be needing one in the not-so-distant future. And don't skimp on the replacement.
  6. In that wall of text I see the words "new" & "battery" several times. However, I don't see "new battery" at all...
  7. Screw Goodyear & the tire they rode in on.
  8. I would, they (prices) certainly can't get any worse. I have a 2019 LD. Dealers are asking $2K more for a used one that what I paid for mine new...appears demand & supply is still tight...
  9. So in a little over a year, you've driven the truck nearly 30K & had a couple of problems fixed under warranty; with presumably no out of pocket expense on your end? I'm not feeling the new car experience robbery here...looks like a love affair at a torrid pace to me....good luck!
  10. Try some brake parts cleaner. Have a rag ready, too...
  11. I have the same problem: my truck is currently a garage queen; and the OLM decrements just sitting there. It'll get driven more next year when work travel slows down; for now I'll just bite the bullet & short-change the oil. With the Costco oil & a filter it's under $35. ETA: 2019 LD purchased 6/19. Current mileage is 3K.
  12. If it's leased, then yes. If I bought it, then no. Had a good string back when 4 oil changes were included in a new Chevy purchase. I had a couple of 2-year leases for the wife; never had to do crap to those vehicles.
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