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  1. Dealer called - no issue with with warranty, but only getting a boot kit done. I asked for a new axle rather than splitting the pot joint; but was told no. Bummer.
  2. Dropping the truck off at 9:45 tomorrow. Service advisor warned me if there's any damage to the boot, it wont be covered under warranty. I'm thinking to myself here we go. So I went out to the garage, jacked up the corner, and inspected the boot as well as took a video. There's no damage to the boot - truck has never seen nothing but clear pavement. I don't know why it's spewing grease, but it's nothing I've done to it. It's all concentrated at the outer boot outside band clamp...tomorrow. And I don't need a loaner, but thanks. I don't take what I don't need. Drive my '98 K1500 ... with dry boots...
  3. As stated in the OP, Monday. Will update once that happens...
  4. My concern is part availability given the current COVID environment, not the competency of my dealer.
  5. Not gonna pay for something I can take care of on a Saturday afternoon. Just hope I'm not waiting 6 months for the halfshaft to be fixed...
  6. I've been waiting to install these & level the front end out. Between work & weather, the parts have been on the shelf for a few months. Today was going to be the day for my 2019LD with only 2K miles on it. Got the truck up in the air, pulled the front wheels, and found green grease everywhere at the RH brake corner! Evidently my front axle boot ain't been doing it's job - the grease is supposed to be on the inside, lol. Now I need to attempt a warranty claim & get this mess fixed. Thought about things for a moment - should I install the 5100s & take the risk of the dealer blaming the level on the axle failure? Nope...buttoned everything back up; will be calling Monday. Wonder how long it'll be until I can get this fixed... total fail. Update 5/8: The boot kit looks good & I just finished up installing the 5100s! As for the install, I thought it would be smoother. My Strut Tamer tool didn't cut the mustard for the swap. So I had to take the parts into the local shop & have them do it. Their weapon was a Branick...got it done. Lots of other little troubles along the way, but it's done & I'm sore ... but happy!
  7. I have a '19 LD 4x4. Just measured mine, and I have a 1/4" difference...tank is 3/4 full. Nothing wrong with taking it back to the dealer & showing them the problem. I would ask them to inspect things, see if anything is amiss....
  8. There's no more parts to remove. You need a small two-jaw puller to yank the arm from the shaft, more than likely. Crank it down snug, tap the forcing screw & send some shock into the seized joint. Crank it some more, then more taps. When it does come loose, it'll make a bang!
  9. OK...then it's definitely U-Bolt fluid. GM had a problem with their hydraulic u-bolt mounts leaking. OEM replacements are pretty expensive, many folk went to the solid mounts & report no noticeable ride quality degradation. AutoZone can hook you up....
  10. Never seen a rotted axle tube. I have seen rotted brake lines back there...
  11. Just spitballing here, but maybe start at $13K? 2WD or 4? That would make a huge difference in my mind...
  12. I have been using Cortec VpCI-368D on my 1998 K1500 that I brought from TX to the rust belt in 2013. Completely satisfied with its performance.
  13. My hand tools are a mix of old Craftsman, SK, Wright, Snap-On, and Proto. I try to stick with Made in USA.
  14. My 2019 LD came with Michelin Energy Saver AS. No highway vibes at 700 miles. They are a lightweight hiway tire & perform well in that respect. Just a data point....
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