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  1. Let your insurance worry about that. You pay good money for an insurance policy so that you can simply call them, have them pay you without having to try and prove what happened. Once they pay you, they (like you) want the responsible party to pay. They'll go after GM if there is evidence that it was a defect, etc. Have them take on the fight, not you.
  2. Yeah, the recent ones. I have yet to see the Mobil ESP X2 locally but haven't been to an auto zone in a while. Just looked up the local store and they do have them. I'll have to keep that in mind if I get in a pinch and run out of my own stock.
  3. Saw this the other day. Looks like there are a few more suppliers getting the DexosD license, but still not available locally or online, other than the AC Delco brand. Usually get mine from Rock Auto - seem to be the cheapest and delivery is quick. Brand Name Supplier Specification Viscosity License Number ACDelco Light Duty Diesel General Motors dexosD™ 0W-20 DD0751IA015 Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel Castrol Ltd. dexosD™ 0W-20 DD55BCCI082 Mobil 1 ESP X2 ExxonMobil Oil Corp. dexosD™ 0W-20 DD40BCCB015 Mobil Super 3000 ExxonMobil Oil Corp. dexosD™ 0W-20 DD25BBBK015 Mobil Super 3000 XE2 ExxonMobil Oil Corp. dexosD™ 0W-20 DD0752IA015 RAVENOL LDD SAE 0W-20 Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH dexos™D 0W-20 DD25BACI081 REPSOL MASTER ECO Repsol dexosD™ 0W-20 DD25BADE102 Service Pro Warren Oil Company, LLC dexos™D 0W-20 DD25BABJ028 Valvoline SynPower MST FE C6 0W-20 Valvoline dexos™D 0W-20 DD25BADB103
  4. Not knowing all the details from OP (his coverage, state where the loss took place, etc.) makes much of this discussion about the other driver kind of moot. If he carries collision, his insurance company will pay him, it's contractual, unless there's something we don't know that would invalidate it, like an intentional act or something unusual. My point about the lawyer is that they don't work for free (unless it's your spouse or someone you are very good friends with :-)). It's either by the hour or as a portion of what they actually recover. And you know what they say about getting blood from a stone, right.
  5. Really? Why? Lawyers only take cases if there's a paycheck in it for them. No money here, unless you pay by the hour.
  6. Yep - rubber mat works great. I got one from Real Truck - I think it's a Dee Zee or something like that. Cheap and easy, no more sliding around.
  7. This is what I did, couldn't be happier. I only tow 2500lbs about 10 times a year so they fit my needs nicely. Quiet, good MPG but pedestrian looking. But to Tyler's point, you should consider your usage so not sure they would fit the bill for your travel trailer.
  8. I set mine at 36. No issues at all and my mileage is much better - but it's a different tire altogether.
  9. RU $4.69 Diesel $5.99 Pittsburgh PA. PA has one of the highest gas taxes in the US and our region is highest in the state. They say it's due to our proximity to suppliers or some crap. C'mon already.
  10. I went with the Michelin Defender LTX. They are basically an all season no frills tire. They look pedestrian but perform very well for what I use my truck for. Quiet with good performance in dry/rain/snow. Not an off-road tire by any stretch.
  11. You'll be fine. I dumped my Duratracs and replaced them with a P rated Michelins that had a higher load rating than the original Duratracs. Discount Tire swapped them out without blinking an eye. I think the Duratracs are rated LT mostly for puncture resistance/toughness and not for load carrying ability. The only thing you'll want to watch is the TPMS. My AT4 door sticker had 41lbs to match the original LT Duratracs. When I went to the P metric tires, they were rated at 35 and I have yet to get a tire pressure warning. I didn't have the TPMS re-calibrated to the new tires and I keep them at 35-36 with no issues.
  12. Dumped my Duratracs after about 9K, just way too annoying for me. Sold them on craigslist which took a bite out of the cost of the replacements. They sure do look good, but much better options out there.
  13. Had mine done last year, replaced the unit and all good so far.
  14. That's likely my next move. It came with the chinese Goodride tires. I went out and checked this morning and found that both tires were overinflated by 10lbs (60lbs on a max PSI of 50). Likely overinflated while it was stored on the dealer's lot and they didn't adjust them before I drove off with it. I'm sure that extra 10lbs didn't help either. Trailer dealer was "checking" with the warranty department and I'm waiting to hear back. Trailer is a new Big Tex 30SA.
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