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  1. How many miles are on them? I've heard that they get louder over time as they wear. Mine are fairly tame at highway speeds but do drone to the point you know they are AT tires, but they only have about 1500 miles on them. On my previous vehicle, GMC Canyon, the stock tires began to get loud after about 15K and got better after I rotated them, but generally became louder as they wore.
  2. Thanks everyone. Snatch strap and the appropriate shackles are on their way, but I'm going to have to go with a portable compressor. There are air stations when I get back to the paved roads, but I'd like to have my own just in case. Also, I'll be loaded down pretty full with gear/passengers on the way in so space will be a premium. Any good recommendations on a portable compressor that doesn't take up too much space and doesn't cost and arm and a leg?
  3. Hey all Planning a trip this summer in the northern outer banks (4x4 area) that is only accessible by driving about 10 miles up the beach. This will be my first time on the sand and just trying to confirm a few things. I've looked through a ton of youtube vids and have all the necessary recovery equipment that I hope I don't have to use, but I have a couple questions. 2021 AT4 3.0 Local regulations require tires to be aired down to 20lbs for 1/2 ton pickups and 35lbs for 3/4 ton. Cold tire pressure on the Duratracs is 41 lbs. Does 20 sound right? I've looked through the owners manual to try to determine the best driving mode to use, and it looks like "Off Road Mode" would be the best? Any other tips from those who have experience with "off roading" in the sand? Thanks.
  4. Just picked up from dealer last night. Exhaust back pressure valve leak, so they replaced the valve and associated gaskets. I only drove it home and haven't had a cold start yet. Hoping this cures it.
  5. Dropping mine off Monday. I'll post back results when I get them...
  6. I had an ultra flex on my canyon but when I traded it for my Sierra, I got the Armor Flex. A little pricey but a nice cover. I had BAK ones in past that didn't hold up as well. Not entirely waterproof, but I knew that going in.
  7. Everyone has different needs and priorities. You should evaluate what's important and what you plan to do with the truck. On road, off road, towing, highway, commute distance, daily driver, looks, etc. To me, the powertrain is the most important aspect of a truck. I had the 8 speeds in other GM vehicles and I wasn't really impressed. It also has a history of issues (shudder) but from what I've read, its been resolved for the most part with the switch to the non hydroscopic fluid. I drove multiple combinations and liked both the 5.3 and 3.0 coupled to the 10 speed. The 5.3 was very hard to find near me outside of the Trail Boss and the Sierra's were mostly 3.0s. The mileage advantage with the 3.0 is likely a wash with the 5.3 due to higher diesel price and having to add DEF every once in a while. Don't let anyone scare you about the 3.0 citing high/costly maintenance, as that's largely a guess as this point. You have to change the fuel filter more often, but it's so easy, a monkey could do it. Like others said, you're likely going to need some maintenance at 150K anyway. I liked the Sierra better so I went with the 3.0, AT4 10 speed. The diesel likely wouldn't be a good fit if you have a lot of short trips as it needs to go through a particulate filter regeneration every tank or so and that may take about 30 minutes or so of driving to complete. Some say it takes a while to get up to temp, but my experience leads me to believe that's a myth or leftover folk lore. Mine gets up to temp very quick in the first few miles. Lots of factors to consider, best of luck
  8. Let us know what they find. I also get the exhaust odor in the cabin on COLD starts, worse when in the garage and not so bad outside. I'm currently waiting on part for the radio, so when I take it back in I'm going to have them check this. I assumed it was "normal" being my first diesel since it's not super annoying and goes away once I start moving. I'm curious if most 3.0 owners don't get any exhaust odor at all on cold starts...
  9. Those look like the "off road". The ones on my sierra pictured above are the high clearance and are different than the ones you posted.
  10. I have them on my Sierra, came as an LPO (dealer installed) option from the factory. I really like them, low profile and easy entry/exit. Coating seems very durable and similar to the spray in bedliner.
  11. All the SLTs and Elevations in my area had the 8 speed, but that was a non starter for me. Had to have a 10 speed after dealing with the 8 speed issues on my previous vehicles. Wonder if they are simply trying to use up production inventory, but they're only offering a $200 "discount" on those that have the 8 speed No brainer. Got an AT4 with the 3.0 paired with the 10 speed and it's definitely the way to go.
  12. I have the exact same truck (2021 AT4 with the 3.0) and notice the same thing. I attribute it to the tires. Slower speeds, especially when slowing down, seem to create the loudest tread noise. Different road surfaces can also create different noise levels as well. I never thought the duratracs were "quiet" and I drove quite a few of them before buying. I'm considering getting a take off wheel/tire set with less aggressive rubber for summer. Let us know if the dealer says anything different.
  13. I have a white AT4 and the chrome exhaust bezels on the bumper are definitely out of place. I'd really like to possibly do black exhaust tips or get a set of these: https://sdparts.com/i-24504224-gm-accessories-84667764-exhaust-bezels-in-black-2021-silverado-1500.html#!year%3D2021||make%3DGMC||model%3DSIERRA 1500 They are pricey. Has anyone gone this route and do you like them? Was the install fairly straightforward?
  14. In my area, it was the opposite with most AT4's being equipped with the 3.0. My biggest factor was the 10 speed transmission as I had two 8 speeds from 2018 and wasn't going down that route again. The 5.3 paired with the 10 speed was basically a unicorn around here and I didn't need a 6.2. I drove the Duramax and was immediately hooked. I took it on it's first highway run after break in last weekend and love the way it never downshifts on the hills or hunts for the right gear to stay up to speed.
  15. Undercover Armor Flex. Not waterPROOF but after washing it after install, I was surprised at how little water did get in.
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