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  1. Certain trims have it and others don't. My 2023 Trailboss 5.3 w/18" wheels does not have it. I also drove a 6.2 Trailboss w/20" wheels that did have it. It's really nothing to worry about it. It let you hold a bit higher RPM's and tightened up the steering a bit...but that was really it.
  2. Got my Trailboss a few days ago. Came from a 2020 Z71 LT. Very happy with the upgrade. I'm still debating on whether I like the Dark Ash Metallic color or not. I like that it's a metallic flake paint over the standard black...but the purple hue in some lights is strange sometimes.
  3. A lot of dealers these days are buying their trucks from the factory with 3 years of "On-Star Remote Access" included with the truck. It's actually kind of a scam though. It's $1500 onto the MSRP of the truck but the $15/month over 3 years should only be $540. Not sure why they did that. I don't really care about the remote start and unlock/lock....but with the new refreshed infotainment, it sucks to not be able to use the Google features. So I will likely keep paying for mine. Yes I do use Apple CarPlay a lot...but sometimes I just want to use the built-in stuff.
  4. Don't paint them. Even with great prep, they will chip and it'll look really cheap in a couple months. I know this from experience. I'd go with a wrap. Or if you want to do it "right"...just buy the primed bare part and have it painted properly. Or you can buy the Trailboss part which is factory gloss black.
  5. I got in an accident the other day. Driver at fault does not have insurance and I don't have uninsured motorist coverage so my insurance will not cover me. Anyone know of where I can sell my truck to and get as much value as possible? Interior and front end/engine/transmission are all still in perfect working order...it's just the rear end that has issues and it does have some frame damage as well. Curtain airbags deployed Pictures for reference.
  6. Not sure if this is allowed...not sure why it wouldn't be. But figured it would be good to share some dealers that are offering some great deals on Silverado's and open the forum up to others who have seen similar deals. AutoNation Chevrolet North Richland Hills: ~$5000 discount Lindsay Chevrolet: ~$6000 discount Galleria Chevrolet: ~$3000 discount Would love to hear about others around the country.
  7. I agree that the new Blazer looks good. But like you said, just like another mid-size SUV. I think they could have killed it if they did some sort of modern take on the old K5 Blazer. Doesn’t have to be all that off road capable. Suzuki’s new Jimny is ultra popular and doesn’t actually have that much off-road prowess despite its looks.
  8. They can still make it electric. I just think they should have brought back the retro look with the Blazer name. Similar to what Toyota is planning on doing with the FJ.
  9. Huge missed opportunity with the Blazer in my opinion. We've seen how much people are loving the modern throwback retro cars. They could have killed it by doing a retro throwback to the old Blazer.
  10. Cadillac just released their new Escalade V. Supercharged 6.2L V8 produces 682HP. First large vehicle in recent times that GM is giving their supercharging treatment too. Perhaps this shows they may do it to the Silverado soon.
  11. If you got the money to throw around. Certainly. The only thing I don't like about my current 2020 Silverado is the interior compared to Ram and Ford. And the new refresh blows both Ram and Ford out of the water in my opinion. I'd personally buy a 2022 refresh and stick with it for 5+ years.
  12. As I already said. Warranty can also be “void” or unrepairable due to modifications. So in this case. A reflash is required to do the repair. So either it gets reflashed or the warranty is void for this specific case because it cannot be done because the customer won’t allow a reflash. GM is not at any fault. As I mentioned, it has been known for decades that aftermarket software on vehicles can and will be wiped in many instances if taken in for warranty service and the service requires a reflash. The dealer is only able to return software to its factory or dealer installed state. This is basic stuff….. But yes, please go on with spouting some act that you read about on a Wikipedia page trying to make yourself look smart like you know something. Also you mentioned Tesla. I guess you haven’t heard that Tesla literally black lists cars that have aftermarket software on them so that they will not receive any future software updates? Lol you’re so hilariously misinformed. I am no fanatic of GM. I’ve owned my truck for 1 year and have never owned another GM before. What I am is a person who uses common sense and doesn’t just go around blaming people and flaming an entire company because of one issue out of their control. As I said, people like this cannot ever be told anything except what they believe. Even if they have dozens of other people telling them that they’re wrong. Done with this. Good luck in life guys.
  13. You’re hilariously wrong. Read my other response. But sure dude.
  14. Hahaha. Your delusion is laughable. You have some serious issues. Most of this topic is people telling you that you are the issue. But again, they must all be wrong. As I’m sure is always the case in your life. Everything you said is besides the point. The point is that a reflash was necessary and that will factory reset your truck. But here you go just still trying to justify some stupid argument that has no merit to what you came here to flame and rant about. Like others have said, done with this. Good luck with your life. This type of attitude will get you real far in life.
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