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  1. Fair point. I'm not smart on this topic. I agree the GMC prices seem exorbitant. I wanted this option on my truck, but ended up taking one that was coming in vs. ordering. At the time, I think the option was $1,699. Probably still too much, but well below what they want for it as an accessory. This happens to be the right amount of sound for me. I'm not looking for bro-dozer level.
  2. Now that you mention it, that does seem to be the trend I recall. Thanks for posting.
  3. I have a '21 Sierra AT4 w/6.2L. I'm looking to get a GMC exhaust upgrade to the "performance" option. Loud enough for me. Seems I should be able to get a discount or coupon code. What is reasonable to expect for % and how often are they available? Alternatively, for same package could I do better buying elsewhere?
  4. That is a good point and mostly I drive by myself. I would like wifi for the times I have kids in the car, but certainly a limit to what I willing to pay for that.
  5. Agree. Same for when at a restaurant or shopping, etc. Many times away from home the truck is out of range of key fob.
  6. I realize OP concern has come and gone, but thought I'd add... I have an Audi Q7 diesel. Live in Southwest Michigan. First winter the temps got down to 0F. I was at work. Drove the vehicle at lunch time. No problem. Went out 5 hours later, would not start. Acted just like trying to start a car with no fuel. Car sat there for 4 days until temps warmed up to 32F. Then it started right up. I was told summer diesel can gel at 15F. The Q7 gets 500+ miles per tank. That would last me a few weeks sometimes. I fuel at a high-volume station, but maybe I got fuel before they changed to winter formula. Since then, I use Power Service Diesel Fuel Anti-gel for 3 months during the winter. It's a hassle, but not as inconvenient as leaving your car at work for 4 days.
  7. That is similar to my situation. I hate monthly payments.
  8. I hate to give GM any more of my money, but miss having remote access.
  9. I had a '16 Denali with 20" wheels. Now I have a '21 AT4 with 20" wheels. Difference is tires a little louder, maybe a bit bouncier. AT4 feels more sporty to me. However, Denali rode very smooth and I'd say the AT4 is still a nice ride. My AT4 w/6.2L has been great. I have 11k miles on it. Knock wood.
  10. I had a '16 with 6.2L and 8 speed. Damn 8 speed was so clunky I often ran 87 octane. Why the hell not. Shitty transmission didn't deserve any better. It's only $3k for the 6.2L. Sold it after 5 years to CarMax for nearly what I paid for it excluding sales tax. Don't see the reason to pamper a full-size truck when they consistently are at bottom of any reliability rating anyway.
  11. I just switched from '16 Denali to '21 AT4. I expected the AT4 to ride worse than it does with it's shots and tires. Our other car is an Audi Q7 with 45 sidewall tires. AT4 arguably has a smoother ride. I suspect paint is thin, but this has been happening to various brands for years. I've hand clayed and waxed and didn't find any issues, but it is gray so good color for hiding stuff. Our dealer stopped their car wash routine during Covid. Thank goodness! I always order them to "no carwash!", but they occasionally forget. I have all the electrical noises. Fuel pump when you approach, noises under the dash when you turn it off. I don't think God even knows what all is going on in there. I've decided to ignore it. Radio has a weird boot up routine. Sometimes it starts out blaring before settling in to user preferences. No issues with glass yet. I noticed full size trucks were the worst category for all vehicles in Consumer Reports latest. I always cringe when the auto makers say "we've been making cars for 100+ years", because certainly they leave a little to be desired!!!
  12. Thanks for the replies. I did check the manual and understand aligned with rear defrost. Maybe they are just not as responsive as I remember on my previous truck/vehicles. Cold weather season is coming! I'll get more tests soon.
  13. Window sticker on my truck says it should have heated mirrors. Now that weather is turning, I am questioning whether it actually does. I don't see the marking on the actual side mirror and don't see the results with defrost running. Wondering if this is a chip supply chain issue surprise. Haven't had a vehicle in at least 20 years without that feature. Can anyone who has this feature confirm whether there is a marking on the mirror itself? How else could I confirm since it is not clearing moisture quickly?
  14. I agree this might have something to do with it. My wife just created a profile for the second set of keys and since this issue is common. Its volume and station. The station changes after it goes through the boot up cycle.
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