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  1. I have a 2021 Elevation 4WD X31 package, tire size 275/60/20 I want to add a 2"'leveling kit to my truck. I see some people add bottom strut mount and top strut mount kits. I've read that some are having clearance issues with the bottom strut mount spacer bolts being too close to the cv boot. Is this an issue with all kits for vehicles with 4WD? Iv tried the search function but seem to get conflicting answers. I would like to do the bottom strut mount vs the top since it's a lot easier and bit cheaper.
  2. Anyone with a newer Sierra have one of these installed? Would love to see some pictures of what it looks like. All I have found are Chevys.
  3. I don't know the build date on my 21 5.3 but I have noticed a ticking noise at idle especially after cold starts. Is this a possible lifter issue? I have about 4400 miles, no check engine light. Truck drives good but me and my wife have noticed the noise at idle with vehicle in Park.
  4. Is there still shipping delays and parts availability issues going on because of COVID? Ordered some Rough Country HD2 running boards that took over a month and half to finally get. Also ordered a Borla S-Type exhaust that seems to keep getting delayed from SS-exhaust.com they had a good price offering no sales tax which saves me a good amount being in California. Been about a month and half and now shipping will possibly be pushed back to July after they have been telling me first week of June for shipment.
  5. Just bought a new GMC and went to shopchevyparts for the first time after seeing some talk about it on this forum. Really liked the factory rubber floor mats and seemed like great prices. For a pair of front and the 2nd row they are charging $82 for shipping? Is this how they make up for what appear to be lower prices on parts than the dealer? Yes they were a little cheaper overall after comparing to GMC but wow those shipping prices were high. Also tried GM parts direct, they wanted $310 for shipping....just laughable. Is there something I'm missing?
  6. I think the X31 package also includes 20" rims vs 18"
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