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  1. They nailed him. ‘Polluting the air we breathe’: Mechanic sentenced for selling thousands of devices that allowed trucks to bypass emission controls. (msn.com)
  2. Would this work? Amazon.com: X AUTOHAUX 3.5"x7.28"x8" Car Exhaust Flexible Pipe Tubing Universal Exhaust Joint Stainless Steel Silver Tone : Automotive
  3. I would just get a new one. Center Console for 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 | GMPartsDirect.com
  4. Iam with you on this but as far as them reducing ads not going to happen as they get paid for the ads showing. Just wait when the only way to view this site is to turn the ad blocker off. I have a ad blocker and several sites I go to I have to turn it off to view the site.
  5. Just another 1st post troll. I don't believe a lot of 1st post things like this. I could but won't go to Ford and Ram etc forums and join just to say I got issues too just to create a big panic and worry to bash the product.
  6. Just a heads up. GMC's Illuminated Badge Is Causing Headlamps to Fail (msn.com)
  7. Next Chevy Silverado Just Might Get a Straight-Six Gas Engine (msn.com)
  8. Silverado4x4


    100% agree there loving the high prices, also they don't pay for gas we do through our taxes.
  9. One other thing to check is the rubber '0' ring washer on the oil pan drain plug, I had mine come off and didn't know it till I was dumping the old oil out and found it laying in the oil drain pan, now that was fun to put it back had to pull the plug and put my thumb over the hole so the new oil wouldn't drain out till I got the plug back in, lost about 1/2 quart in the process.
  10. Onyx Black is NOT metallic, closest black is dark sky metallic. What he is seeing and hard to tell is not metallic specs
  11. Since you have the stock muffler I would cut the Borla muffler off and go get some exhaust band clamps and put the stock muffler back on and see what you have in sound then have the muffler shop weld the stock one back on. Or just have the shop do it.
  12. Bump, hoping newdude could respond to this on why 2019 trucks have the shims and 2020 don't.
  13. https://v16-web.tiktokcdn-us.com/video/tos/useast5/tos-useast5-pve-0068-tx/9f4f4805ea8b4cc6aa0e6c190719411f/?a=1988&br=850&bt=425&cd=0|0|1|0&ch=0&cr=0&cs=0&cv=1&dr=0&ds=3&er=&expire=1652466643&ft=eXA4CH-qMyq8Zwh5qwe2Nl-Gfl7Gb&l=2022051312301801000200300200500600300006E7E0CA&lr=tiktok_m&mime_type=video_mp4&net=0&pl=0&policy=3&qs=0&rc=anE5NTQ6ZnRyOjMzNzgzM0ApPGlpPDZoM2U7NzhkM2Y4Nmc2XmlkcjQwbC5gLS1kLzZzc2JeLy81MmEuYy8vMi0uMTU6Yw%3D%3D&signature=5c72a5dc39d801d4aec351e9d34c7f79&tk=0&vl=&vr=
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