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  1. Very very true I dumped my flip phone several years ago because the battery wouldn't hold a charge that long and couldn't get a battery for it (special order) phone fit in my pocket nice, all my friends would make fun of me because I still had an old flip phone then when I HAD to upgrade to a smart phone, they damn near passed out, but I keep my phones till they just die.
  2. I think those cars will be disposable vehicles as it gets to its end-of-life nobody will sink that money to replace the battery as the battery will cost more than the vehicle is worth.
  3. I saw the article about gas vs electric and price per mile gas is cheaper plus time spent waiting for the charge. No matter where you go you have to pay to recharge, at home you have to have a charger installed which cost money for the charger and install and don't forget your home electric bill goes up. What happens when these vehicles hit the used car market and 6-8 years old car on the lot who is going to buy them the battery alone will have to be replaced as they have a limited life and the cost to replace is anywhere from $4000 to 15,000 and loses 30-40 percent capacity after about 6 years worse in cold climates.
  4. Not if he bought it off a private owner and made his own repairs. If it was a insurance claim and they totaled due to flood damage then yes a salvage title. Look at the black plastic back panel with the sticker looks fairly new also the wires and connectors look new. I hope he got a real good deal on it with that being an 2004 it was the LB7 Duramax which had alot of injector issues and big money to replace as the injectors were internal the LLY Duramax had external injectors which I had that came out as a 2004.5
  5. That looks like a flood vehicle with all that rust not normal at all.
  6. I was reading online today that this guy was a GM mechanic an GM is now saying the lifter failure may be the cause of the auto/start stop system that when the motor stops oil is going back into the crank and on restart the oil has to pumped back up again for lubrication. Don't ask where I found it because I know ill never be able to find the page again, kind of make some since. Without the chip it also disables DFM along with start/stop.
  7. They didn't discontinue DFM due to this failure it was discontinued due to no chips to activate the DFM the motor still has all the components in the motor for DFM it just won't engage due to no chip.
  8. Well let me throw this in there being the fuses are pulled the computer might be throwing the signal to activate the lifters thus seeing it on the scanner, but they are not being activated due to the fuses being pulled much like a light bulb removed from a socket, you turn the light switch on it sends the power to the socket but won't work due to no bulb.
  9. Is the tank full? I have had mine go off and it still had about 1/4 or a little over in the tank, filled it up and it went away. If its on the low side the fluid will slosh around when driving and set off the sensor.
  10. The pins on each side by the tail lights that the tailgate latch catches unloosen them but DO NOT UNSCREW THEM ALL THE WAY just enough to get them to slide it doesn't take much adjustment maybe 1/32 to make a change. It takes a Allen wrench or big torx bit don't know the size but just used and pair of vise grips clamped tight to loosen them. It will take a few tries to get it right. I think my problem was is the pins were not adjusted to each other and the passenger side was grabbing hard the other. Now I can just close the gate easy where I hear the click now if someone slams it shut like the old heavy tailgates it will take 2 attempts to open. These tailgates are light and don't need to be slammed shut.
  11. Yup I was thinking the same thing sort of, why is it that all the people that post this problem are new members are they going to google doing a search then joining just to post this? I find it kinda strange trust me iam not saying its made up but I think some people just post this problem just to stir the pot and it didn't happen to them. Just like the big rush on oil cooler lines blowing off there for awhile that thread was dumped on by so many posts about the issue for weeks then all the sudden no more problems with the oil cooler lines again most were new members. Maybe iam wrong but it does seem strange. I posted this when the rush of oil cooler lines blowing off. Iam good friends with the shop manager at our local dealership and ask him if he has seen any problems with the line blowing off and he said no but he has heard but none has came into the dealership shop for the issue.
  12. I would try some starting fluid down the intake and see if she starts and work back from there, I would also pull the battery leads for a few minutes and see what happens after hooking the battery back up. I have seen these things act strange due to a weak battery even though it turns over.
  13. Screw all that fancy technology stuff when I get in my truck I want to drive it and not have a computer do things for me, all that crap is for is people can say "hey look what this truck can do" who gives a $hit. Like the GM commercial when the guy takes his hands off the wheel and start clapping playing handzees with himself and the woman next to him, you still have to watch were you're going so why not just have your hand on the damn steering wheel. Our 2020 Equinox has that lane assist crap which I have turned off, I was playing with it one day going down the road and the road was straight it worked for a little then started over correcting like I was drunk driving, so I took over and re-engaged going straight same thing but then the road markings got light like worn out and the damn thing didn't see them and started going off the damn road.
  14. Mine did that also 2-3 times to get it to drop so I went and adjusted the strike pins and now it will open everytime I hit the button as long as I don't slam the tailgate shut then it will stick making 2 attempts to open so now I just close the tailgate easy, and it will open everytime.
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