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  1. I had to do the same thing as I use to get that bubbling sound inside the cab at the heater core on start up on my 2019, I burped all the air out by just squeezing the top radiator hose and I could see the air bubbles going into the coolant tank I then had to add more anti-freeze and have not had the bubbling sound at the inside heater core since and that's been about 3yrs ago.
  2. Mrleadfoot thank you for finding the answer, my wife's 2022 Tahoe does this also and I was the same as you I went through everything trying to find why it was doing it. I put things in the tray it was there, removed them and the yellow triangle was gone I said to myself "well I'll be damn" hahaha. That's one thing off my list that drove me crazy.
  3. If you park on flat ground without applying the parking brake then get out and rock the vehicle back and forth the e-brake will auto apply. Happened to me several times.
  4. Yep, a man always has to have a plan B to fall back on and extreme cases plan C.
  5. Or some guy slept in his truck because the wife kept throwing him out of the house alot so he had the AC or heat running in the truck.
  6. Ok now Iam not confused anymore, I thought you meant filter also but that's what I do is use a stepstool to fill it with oil in the FILLER tube.
  7. How about this.CHEVROLET VEGE Remanufactured Engines DCW4 VEGE Remanufactured Long Block Crate Engines | Summit Racing
  8. Why not just lay on something to elevate you so you can remove the oil filter?
  9. Wait a minute this doesn't make any sense, you were test driving a Z28 and it caught on fire while doing the test drive and the dealer would not give you your car back that you were going to trade in, you didn't own the Z28 yet so why wouldn't they give your car back?
  10. All vehicle manufactures not just GM use water based paint and yes it does chip easy, thank an environmentalist or tree hugger for your paint issues next time you see one.
  11. Alot of people think that way, they think just because they paid a ton of money on a truck that it should get a better trouble-free vehicle. Their truck is no different from a base model truck all it means is that got more options.
  12. I understand the frustration completely cause I would be to just for dowel pins. Believe what newdude tells you he works at a Chevrolet dealership, he knows what he is talking about.
  13. Well at least you have something to drive. I have a friend that works for Ford and there having the same problem as GM with parts on back order, he was telling me that they have trucks sitting on the lot for well over a month waiting on parts for repairs. You got lucky having a loaner with all the vehicles waiting on parts their loaners are gone. AMCguy is right Ford is having major quality problems also. Also Hyundai is having motor issues, my brother-in-law plays golf with a mechanic that works for them and there replacing 2 motors a week in their vehicles they have a lifetime warranty on their motors he said they can't even get motors in to keep up with the replacement's.
  14. Funny you brought that up as mine on my 2019 has the same ding in the driveshaft towards the rear but no yellow paint on the other side.
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