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  1. The shocks are the least of your concern with that lift and no front diff drop the CV axles wont last long as your angles will be really bad.
  2. Your 100% correct, I have been through the wiper blade replacement detail with just about all brands out there and the OEM was the best replacement and about the same price maybe a few dollars more as the others but OEM blades are cheaper in the long run. I can get about 1.5 to 2 years out of OEM blades where the others ill get about 6-8 months out of the aftermarket blades no matter what brand. Also the aftermarket blades you will get that flip flop sound when the wipers change direction, OEM you cant hear them.
  3. Hahaha I might do the same, I had to add air to my tires last week so I might go to a Dodge Ram maybe they don't have to add air to there tires.
  4. Old fart here as I remember that very well also remember the antenna in the front fender that you had to pull it up out of the fender then push it back down in the fender if you didn't want to leave it up. Rich people cars had the auto electric up and down antennas
  5. Cant believe your dealership gave you back your truck without a steering wheel air bag this could run into all kinds of legal issues if you get into and accident.
  6. I agree what Evan said, black rims have ran there course and everybody has them. I am starting to see less and less black rims on trucks around my area, polished and chrome rims are what iam starting to see.
  7. I saw the damage on your truck and it looks almost identical to the damage I had when I was hit in the rear of my truck back in July from a person texting on her phone but mine was on the passenger side corner. It turned out to be almost 7 grand for the repair cost from her insurance. Our dealer body shop did the work and it turn out perfect and spent almost a month in the shop also her insurance paid for my rental truck at 1450.00 for the month my truck was in the shop.
  8. I agree 100% so I guess if he hit the truck it would have been GMs fault. People think with all these features they can just sit back and read a book while driving down the road.
  9. Yes it is on the driver side and the tube drops down maybe 6" and then goes into the airbox and the air cleaner sits about 6" above the bottom of the stock air box where the intake tube connects so I see that no way water can get sucked up into the airbox bypassing the air cleaner with just driving through water up to the running boards real slow. I don't believe none of this as all of them say there were driving real slow. If the air cleaner got that wet like a wet logged sponge which then it would be totally clogged and the engine couldn't breath then they were plowing through very deep wate
  10. Why didn't you go back to the body shop and ask them where it is? Have them get you a replacement if it is not laying around there shop.
  11. The leveling kit raised the front knocking your aerodynamics down then adding larger and heavier tires kills MPG also M/T tires have a far more less rolling resistance then your other tires again kills MPG which means the truck has to work harder to keep it rolling and taking off from a stop.
  12. You really think GM should stand behind the paint on a 6 year old vehicle? You think the paint should still look like the day you bought it new? I don't think they should, they don't know how the paint was taken care of like never washed, waxed proper soap if it was washed for all they know Ajax could have been used to wash the vehicle. Vehicles paint has to be taken care of just like anything else.
  13. This issue only effect trucks with the AAM front axle (SU4) the axle made by GM (SU5) doesn't have the issue. You can tell which axle you have is by the build code or get under the truck and look at the front diff gear housing on the passenger side of the housing you will see a raised embossed stamp that has the GM Mark of excellent logo on the housing towards the top this is the SU5 axle, pretty easy to see with a flashlight. The AAM axle (SU4) is an outside vendor who makes the axle for GM which has the jingle issue. The SU5 is made by GM that does not have the jingle issue.
  14. The guy in the video says the factory scoop has hot air coming from the radiator through the vent and into the intake and theirs stops that now my question is how is hot air going to come up through the factory scoop/shield when the truck is in motion and air is blowing though the radiator and grill? I think its just another thing for the company to make money on that doesn't work. I would be worried driving in a heavy rain following a vehicle that is putting off a lot of spray and getting sucked into the intake.
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