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  1. No your only adding 1/2" to the height of the truck for the tires. If a tire is 1" taller than the other side by side when its mounted on the truck it will only raise the truck 1/2".
  2. Trolls, trying to create panic. I always don't put much trust in people with 1 or so post counts like the great line of " same thing happened to me" with only a 1 or very few posts.
  3. Everytime I have changed the oil in my truck pre-fill or not I hear the valve tick about every 5 seconds or so sounds like 1 or 2 ticking maybe 3 valve ticks then its gone till I change the oil again
  4. Not going to be that easy to just replace the bolts if the bolt is broke that means the stud is still inside the head and have to be tapped out or drilled out. The manifold still has to come off to replace the exhaust manifold gasket.
  5. Exhaust manifold leak to the head, check for broken exhaust manifold bolts very common for those years.
  6. Not changing the oil filter on an oil change and doing it every other change is a bad move, its only an extra 5 bucks or so. Filters should always be changed at every oil change and all that dirty oil in the filter is going right back in the clean oil.
  7. I bet this family is having second thoughts. WATCH: Family’s road trip delayed when electric Ford Lightning truck needs a tow (msn.com)
  8. Not knowing what year truck you have but yes those replacement patch panels are available, do a search on Google there everywhere.
  9. Electric car breaks down at coal mine. West Virginia coal miners rescue couple stranded in broken-down electric car: 'You can't make this stuff up' | Fox News
  10. Natural cycle of the earth warming and cooling, remember back in the 70s when they said the earth was cooling and we were going to have another ice age? Never happened.
  11. Why not just remove the black hooks sand them down prime them and spray them red. Never understood why people take black hooks off and buy red ones when you could just paint them.
  12. Just because it had California plates doesn't mean he drove it from there, it could have been shipped.
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