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  1. You don't contact the feds, You contact the FAA see here https://www.faa.gov/contact/ or here https://www.faa.gov/aircraft/safety/report/laserinfo/
  2. I see your point but should he or she live with the problems and just jump to another brand which he or she doesn't want? Maybe they don't like any other brand and they like what they had, so what just as long as there happy. I would do the same thing as I don't like Ford, Dodge or the foreign trucks.
  3. You buy an item at the store bring it home and its broke, doesn't work right etc you take it back and exchange it for another one and its ok isn't this the same thing?
  4. HAHAHA I get a kick out of those I have been thinking letting the air out of my tires into a jar and sending it out and see if its still good.
  5. Yeah mine does this also been doing it since I bought it in March of 2019. My guess is its doing a self check as new vehicles are a computer on wheels.
  6. CNN really, no way I watch CNN they are the most fake news network there is as they are one sided only report bad news no wonder there ratings have dropped a lot. Only network news I watch is OAN or Newsmax they tell it like it is and are not one sided. CNN wont even broadcast the President when he is making a update on the virus or the economy. CNN IS A JOKE
  7. Headers will do nothing for you unless you spend your time at max rpm.
  8. Wait wait wait I got this ummmmm corona virus?
  9. There is a sensor in the middle of the dash by the windshield that measures inside temp make sure its not covered also 68 is awful low try turning the temp up higher and see if the fan slows down, I don't run mine on auto but the fan slows down once the temp is met.
  10. Tell me all these numbers aint bull$hit, man dies from alcohol poisoning listed as covid due to him having it but it wasn't the cause of death the numbers are being inflated so bad. Read on. https://www.foxnews.com/health/colorado-man-died-alcohol-poisoning-death-classified-coronavirus-report One more thing, lets keep religion out of this and stay on topic.
  11. I have some questions? What happened to the Flu this year and late last year? Did the New virus get rid of it? Every year we hear about the Flu on cases and deaths and not once have we heard about it, kinda makes we wonder. You would think with all the testing they would report so many cases were the Flu and so many was the virus. Is the flu cases being counted as the virus to drive the count up? I know a guy that contacted the virus tested positive 2 weeks ago and got it from his girl friend as she works in the medical field, I talked to him 2 days ago by phone and he told me all he feels is tired and almost feeling back to normal, he said the Flu felt 3 times worse then this. Like I said it makes me wonder about this whole virus reporting.
  12. Yeah I don't like that angle at all, worse when you go to full lock on the steering for the lower boot. The failure will be the boot at the front diff. how its pretty much fully extended at the top. But yes keep an eye out on them if they start slinging grease there done or if you feel or hear a popping noise when making a sharp turn.
  13. Ok sounds good as I got half way through reading your reply and got knocked out lasted maybe 1 minute then I was out. It doesn't mess around either as if you go up and right click on the back arrow on windows 10 Edge there might be 10-20 ads that popped up there.
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