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  1. This new site is just as bad as the other one, have to wait till all the ads load to scroll the page takes a long time to change pages due to all the ads. The ads is what is bogging the site down its ridiculous and I iam not going to add a adblocker just for this place none of the other forums do this and there quick. I guess the owner of the site gets alot of money from the ads at our expense. I don't come here much anymore due to this and this site in my words is the best forum out there but the issues are killing it.
  2. Charging stations charge about 23 bucks to go around 250 miles so roughly a dollar a mile. Depending on what level charging station it can take around 30-60 minutes to charge now who in the hell wants to sit there for 30-60 minutes while your vehicle charges to go 250 miles and hope the stations are not all used. What happens when the vehicle is about 3-4 years old and the battery is getting weak and wont accept a full charge as all batteries do this. Searched this ,It Costs Nearly $16,000 to Replace a Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack, WOW.
  3. Well he said he is having fun so that means scaring people but you need to be careful there are cases where people having train horns scaring people and had a heart attack and died well the people around him got his tag and was arrested also several cases where the people with the horns was followed and beat up to the point he was hospitalized also they caused accidents to other drivers. You think its funny but its not, think about it.
  4. Always a problem with Diesels is instant power as you have to wait for the turbo to build boost before it will take off. I had a 04 Duramax LLY when I towed boats and most of the time pulling out from a side street with traffic I had to put my foot on the brake and give about half throttle to build boost before I could shoot out onto the road quickly. Truck has been gone for awhile due to not needing it for towing and went back to gas. People always say they got the Diesel for MPG over gas MPG and if you think about it the Diesel is around $7000 more then the gas motor now 7 grand
  5. Yeah that new app 5.0 sucks as there is many issues with it. I had to go to the storage section in the app and delete the cache and then data then delete the app then re-install the app and it will install the 4.5.0 version (older) one as GM pulled the new app due to issues.
  6. I kinda wondered the same thing about the factory shims looking like there installed backwards. I installed many lift kits in my time and the fat end always went to the rear. I have the very slight vibration also at about 60-70 mph but can out run it at speeds above 75 so that points to the tires if it was driveline related it would get worse at higher speeds.
  7. No transmission likes what your doing on a cold start up especially sitting for 2 days. Your starting up immediately putting it into gear it hasn't built pressure yet and its going to slip.
  8. The leakers are the slider windows only but not all of them, I have a full back glass no slider as I have had them before in the past and never used them and don't see the reason for them. Just get one without the slider and your good to go and not have to worry about it.
  9. No way iam going to buy a vehicle sight unseen I don't care if its new or used.
  10. Good looking truck and has a nice stance with the lift. Also good to see and truck WITHOUT black rims.
  11. I agree with Grumpy here. I have been through many different brands of wiper blades and never found the best wiper blade other then OEM from the dealer and there right about the same price as the brands off the shelf. One thing that bugs me is wiper blades that make that flip flop noise going back and forth across the windshield.
  12. Sure did waste a lot of time making this video as I don't see your point on none of this. Did you ever think that Silverado and GMC is made on the same assembly line and figuring out what infotainment system to put in each truck so the picture matches the model truck would lead to many mix ups, there are like 8 Silverado's and then a GMC coming down the line behind the Silverado's. The whole AWD thing just had me shaking my head and the cup holders, really?. I am surprised you didn't pick up on the colors of the paint as GMC has one name for a color and Silverado has a different name for the s
  13. It appears that the plugs have been running to hot with the white ash. Bad fuel or gas additives can cause this as the computer will go to a lean operation and adjust timing due to the bad fuel or a fuel additive was added as additives will make your engine chambers run hot to burn off deposits that's how they work. But yes your on the right track by putting new plugs in and burn that fuel out of the tank before putting in fresh good fuel chances are after your burn threw that gas and putting in good fuel you may have to replace again or at least check them.
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