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  1. Stock Goodyear Tire issues?

    Have you checked on the inside of the tire? The more I look at it is that it looks like you went down a gravel road and it sliced the sidewall because that's right where the tire bulges from the weight of the truck rolling down the road. Mostly the one pic where there is a puncher then a drag make down the sidewall.
  2. Stock Goodyear Tire issues?

    Doesn't look like a tire defect something pinched that tire maybe during loading on the car carrier or putting it on a lift at the dealership.
  3. Fog lites

    I though about getting the factory lights and hook them up direct and bypass the computer.
  4. The Silverado is way better looking then the GMC In the 1/2 ton but GMC has the look in the 3/4 ton market as the Silverado front end is so ugly its a shame. Now the 1/2 ton GMC grill everytime I see one it reminds me of the shape a computer monitor cable connector and yes I cant get over the sim card shaped fender wells. But everybody is different in this world is to why we have choices and people buy what they like, if everybody liked the same thing it would be a pretty boring world.
  5. My T1 has no mesh screens

    Sorry I missed the 6.2L part was thinking 5.3L.
  6. My T1 has no mesh screens

    There not on the exhaust pipe there on the tail pipes after the muffler.
  7. Day time running lights LED's

    By chance are the turn signals on? If the left or right turn signals are blinking that LED will turn off till the blinker stops flashing. Both sides are lite on mine
  8. Headlights burn out really fast

    I might add do not touch the bulb with your fingers, when installing the oils from your fingers greatly reduce the life of the bulb, use gloves or a clean towel.
  9. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Ummmm I don't know what to say.
  10. Vvivid Tint

    You cant find nobody to do it because its illegal. Just hope nobody hits you in the ass due to tinted tail lights now the accident just became your fault.
  11. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    Hell that's the way I use to fix holes in my exhaust pipe way way back in the day. Split a can open, wrap the pipe install hose clamps, good as new.
  12. GM Recalls Canadian Silverados and Sierras For Fire Risk

    Ford did the same thing, my neighbor has a F-250 Powerstroke I think its a 17 and they have a recall on the block heater not that there used around here could start a fire and Ford's fix was pull the fuse till they come up with a fix.
  13. Air conditioner too weak?

    No problems with mine. We get mid to upper 90s with a lot of humidity 80-90% all summer. You have to remember you came from a small truck to a full size and it takes some time to get the heat out of the seats and interior.
  14. Air intake

    Even if it saved you on mpg which it wont it would take you many many years to get your money back on fuel savings on the money you put out to buy it. You already have a CAI from the factory on your truck all the after market does is give you more noise. Save your money for something else.
  15. An 03 with 250,000 miles 3 owner vehicle she is getting tired and you want to make it work harder by towing, myself I would pass on it. With the 8.1 motor yull be lucky to see 9 mpg not towing.

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