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  1. A lot of people don't understand how the G80 works if your stuck DONT go mashing the gas and spin the sliping tire fast you have to let the spinning tire turn slowly then it will engage. People that blow up the G80 clearly abuse them doing doughnuts, power braking to smoke the tires etc then call them junk there's nothing wrong with the G80 if you know how to use it. I use to mud run with my 87 Silverado 1/2 ton running 42" Super Swampers 10" lift kit and never blew one.
  2. Now that looks real good there Cody. Man iam so sick of looking at cars and trucks with black rims.
  3. Wow funny you said that as I was in my wife's Traverse Saturday waiting for her to come out and I heard the same thing.
  4. There's no damn way I would buy an electric truck. You take the truck on vacation to the mountains or some family's house with no plug in then what? Iam sure they will love you using there power to charge your truck. Do you take a generator with you to charge the truck? What about hauling a trailer to max cap. how long is that battery going to last? I can see it now a major hurricane hits a area and knocks the power out to thousands of people and weeks to restore and all you see is a bunch of dead vehicles on the side of the road or people unable to evacuate cause there truck is dead or not enough power in your vehicle to get you out of the area, what a friggin joke. Driving and electric vehicle in a lighting storm man will your butthole be tight.
  5. In the 1/2 ton market the Chevy wins, the GMC 1/2 ton I don't like the looks due to the sim card shaped fender wells and the shape of the grill looks like and big computer monitor plug. Now the 3/4 ton market the GMC wins as the Chevy front end is just flat out ugly.
  6. Sounds like a dealer install screw up and by him saying he seen 5-6 of these is nothing but a lie so you wouldn't get pissed at them for not properly torqueing the bolt or not tighten at all. Those bolts don't just fall out.
  7. That is true, some dealers not all will push your repair to the back of the line if purchased from another dealer and take there vehicles they sold first to keep there customers happy.
  8. I agree the black rim fad needs to go, are they going for the sinister look? Really? Watching too many Mad Max movies? What I do notice around here is less and less trucks with black rims seems to be dyeing fad, all black rims look the same from a distance.
  9. I wouldn't run them as there transport only and may not be made to driven all the time (highways, back roads etc) also rims are not just for looks either there designed to cool the brakes also. I dough very much if you could even buy them.
  10. Just go to a auto parts store and get one there very easy to do and not expensive if your in a hurry. https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/u-joint
  11. What a worthless childish reply. I have had my truck for almost 10 months and I have yet had a problem with anything with it. To the original poster stay local your dealership will locate (search) the vehicle you want and if another dealer has it they must give it up but your dealer will send them a comparable truck in trade its called DXing vehicles and as said DO NOT go to the dealer somewhere else and find that truck you want and if you do find one on another dealers lot DO NOT talk to anyone at that dealership you could write down the stock ID number ex- 19-12345 as long as no one sees you write it down or do it when the other dealership is closed.
  12. I with ya on that. A lot easier a long time ago to do tire sizes now they went to that metric crap. Loved the ol 42x14.50x16 numbers I had on my 87 Silverado
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