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  1. I just don't see why people buy a disabler to turn it off just a waste of money when you can just press the button on the dash and turn it off. I got into the habit of starting the truck moving hand to the right and pressing the button down to turn it off. Yeah you have to do it on every restart but so what. When you start the truck 98% of the people go for the radio controls so what's the difference? Good thing some of these people didn't live back in the day where you had to physically turn your head lights on. When I drive the Traverse or the Equinox I get in put it low and press the button to shift up to 9 in the Traverse or 6 gear in the Equinox and I go on my way that disables the auto stop in those vehicles. No big deal.
  2. We had a vehicle with a sun roof yeah it was cool for awhile then it wore off and never used it. Its just one more thing to have open then something happens and you cant get it closed and they don't like hail trust me my friend found that out, he rode around for a while with a trash bag duct taped to his roof till he could get it replaced , I don't like them and never will own another. You will like it for awhile then it will loose its coolness and you will leave it shut.
  3. I had this happen to me from time to time and found out I didn't hit the button in the center, I saw myself hit it on the side of the button and the button didn't fully go in.
  4. As said above DONT attempt to do it your self as you will never get the rim to the point of paint sticking to it. Rims have so much variation in temp while driving getting hot and cooling off when sitting. It might look real good if you do it your self but it wont last, rims live in a very harsh environment.
  5. It automatic procedure now as all vehicle accidents are investigated for cell phone use at the time of the collision. All part of the investigation.
  6. Man what an a$$hole. Does he even know that Chevrolet and GMC are made on the same assembly, there is no way I would let that go he was showing off in front of the woman adjuster. Go back to that dealership and ask to talk to the owner of the dealership if that don't work call GM customer service dept and file a complaint against him and tell them what he said. No way I would let that go. You should have told him after he said "it doesn't say Chevrolet" and you should have said " yeah your right the emblem says GM".
  7. Be very careful with this company check it out https://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/carvana.html?#sort=top_reviews&filter=none
  8. Why is it on a ship? Doesn't make since to me. Maybe there shipped in bulk from Mexico?
  9. Mine did it the first summer I owned it but this summer it hasn't done it even in the 95-100+ heat.
  10. Its no longer the corona virus its now called the political virus all designed the take down Trump, its nothing but a conspiracy I know a few people that got it and everyone said when they had the flu before that the flu felt worse. This whole corona virus has turned into a whole crock of $hit and iam sick and tired of it. BTW did the flu drop off the map this year and last? Never heard nothing about it like we do every year. I guarantee you China is sitting back and laughing about all of this.
  11. Me too, iam in on that one and what's left of the truck.
  12. Check your rear axle U bolts there have been reports that they are not torqued down tight and making this popping sound. Here is the thread. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/237626-u-bolts-loose-might-want-to-check-yours/?tab=comments#comment-2404086
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