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  1. I agree with Grumpy here. I have been through many different brands of wiper blades and never found the best wiper blade other then OEM from the dealer and there right about the same price as the brands off the shelf. One thing that bugs me is wiper blades that make that flip flop noise going back and forth across the windshield.
  2. Sure did waste a lot of time making this video as I don't see your point on none of this. Did you ever think that Silverado and GMC is made on the same assembly line and figuring out what infotainment system to put in each truck so the picture matches the model truck would lead to many mix ups, there are like 8 Silverado's and then a GMC coming down the line behind the Silverado's. The whole AWD thing just had me shaking my head and the cup holders, really?. I am surprised you didn't pick up on the colors of the paint as GMC has one name for a color and Silverado has a different name for the same exact color.
  3. It appears that the plugs have been running to hot with the white ash. Bad fuel or gas additives can cause this as the computer will go to a lean operation and adjust timing due to the bad fuel or a fuel additive was added as additives will make your engine chambers run hot to burn off deposits that's how they work. But yes your on the right track by putting new plugs in and burn that fuel out of the tank before putting in fresh good fuel chances are after your burn threw that gas and putting in good fuel you may have to replace again or at least check them.
  4. You DO NOT want to cut the bump stops to shorten them as they are there to prevent the shocks from bottoming out which will lead to broken shocks or mounts.
  5. Your dealer said they checked the shocks and there not leaking, just because there not leaking doesn't mean there not bad. You say its getting weaker and weaker that points to the shocks. I wonder if they unbolted the bottom of the shocks and push up on it to see if it pushes up easy. I looked at my spring pack and I have 2 leaf's and a bottom leaf (3 total) which the bottom leaf is about 1/2" thick and my bump stop is about 3 1/4" from the axle pad.
  6. Bolting on a charger and running down the road is not that simple. Going to have to get it tuned for the charger maybe upgrade the bottom end in the motor depending on how much HP you want to achieve, you will have fun for a little bit until your tranny and rear say its not funny anymore and jump ship on you. Your looking at big money to do it right.
  7. Press and hold the start/stop button with key fob with you and foot off the brake pedal for 3-5 sec. lights on your dashboard will flash and your truck will go into ACC mode now you can move the gear lever to neutral by pressing on the brake and shifting to neutral. From owners manual. Service Mode This power mode is available for service and diagnostics, and to verify the proper operation of the malfunction indicator lamp as may be required for emission inspection purposes. With the vehicle off, and the brake pedal not applied, pressing and holding the button for more than five seconds will place the vehicle in Service Mode. The instruments and audio systems will operate as they do when the ignition is on, but the vehicle will not be able to be driven. The engine will not start in Service Mode. Press the button again to turn the ignition off.
  8. Did you think roughly 1/2 quart or more still in the oil filter and the other coated to the engine? You are not going to get the same amount of oil out as you put in from the start not going to happen. Your not burning oil. Some motors not only GM will burn 2 quarts of oil in-between oil changes is considered acceptable.
  9. Yup and at the price of $78,000 a piece.
  10. Good write up Gangly you hit everything on the spot. One other thing is DONT go out there and make high speed turns slinging sand up in the air as that sand will get in every nook and cranny in your brake calibers, suspension parts and in-between your tire rim beads causing leaks at the bead, seen it happen. Also if using your truck go fishing etc dont park out on a point on the beach close to the water as I saw a guy fishing out on the point and not paying attention to the tides and as the tide came in his truck more or less looked like it was out on a island, the spot he came in at was covered with water no way out he was done, tide came in and swallowed his truck.
  11. Listening to talk radio iam assuming its AM radio now AM radio is a very static frequency and prone to alot of interference as its kinda of the norm to get this. AM signal can travel a very long way hundreds of miles on a good night but the signal quality is not there prone to fading in and out and alot of static vs FM where the signal quality is good but can not travel very far
  12. HAHA I get a kick out these threads. They had the 5.3 in a Trailboss with bigger heavier tires racing a Silverado 6.2 with lighter street tires, no comparison. Who in the hell gives a $hit on whos truck is faster.
  13. Took mine in last week. Called them they said bring it up mechanic came out moved the seat forward said your good. Took longer to do the paper work then the inspection 15 minutes tops. Keep in mind if you look at it and see the bolt is attached you still have to go to the dealer and have them inspect it to remove it from the recall notice or you will continue to get notices.
  14. I have to laugh at this stuff so I guess get rid of your cell phone, e-mails, internet etc.
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