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  1. What techniques or products are you guys using to clean the chrome clad wheels? The face of the wheel looks great after just washing it and wiping it down but the sides of the spokes still look dull.
  2. Google just announced a few weeks ago at that their IO event that WiFi based Android Auto will be out soon.
  3. Thanks for mentioning the map zoom knob feature, I didn't know about that either! Not sure how other phones would handle this but on my Nexus with the AA lock screen on, if I swipe up from the bottom the phone navigation buttons show up. If you pick the app switcher button you can jump to any of your recent apps. Once you're in another app the home button will take you to your home screen. Also on the Nexus phones you can double tap the power button to go straight to your camera app, which also bypasses the AA lock screen. There's a setting to enable the double tap power for camera, I think it is defaulted to be enabled.
  4. No issues here, 2016 Sierra. Use it almost daily. Can't say that I've ever even noticed motor noise.
  5. I love mine, 2016 Sierra SLT with 5.3. First 3k miles were a little rough at times but at just under 5k it's now smoothed out. Very rarely when the truck first starts up and you put it in gear it does a funny thing where it feels like the torque converter won't lock up. When pulling out of the garage (in drive, not on the gas at all) the truck barely wants to move, usually it will roll right out just idling. If I touch the gas at all it takes off kind of like you're "dumping the clutch" for lack of better ways to describe it. The problem goes away within a few seconds and doesn't happen often enough for me to really be concerned about it.
  6. That's exactly what I said until we got my wife's Cadillac with the push button start and proximity door unlock. It's really nice to just leave the key fob in your pocket.
  7. That's good to know, I saw a few articles last week about the S7 not working. Guess I should have checked before posting... Another thing I found is that plugging my phone in before starting the truck works a lot better. If I plug in after starting the truck the phone will sometimes struggle to connect. So far I've had 99% trouble free operation with my Nexus 5.
  8. The Galaxy S7 doesn't work with Android Auto, you'll have to wait for Samsung to fix it.
  9. It's a voice based system. You won't see any messaging apps on screen. Notifications will pop-up when you receive messages and the system will read the message. You can respond only via voice. This video pretty much shows everything you can do...
  10. You need to have a phone that is running Android Lollipop and you'll need to install the Android Auto app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.projection.gearhead&hl=en). Open the Android Auto app and plug your phone into a USB port. Press the Projection button on your radio screen (the projection button will change to the Android Auto icon when your phone is plugged in and detected). Once your phone and the radio connects you'll have on screen prompts on both your phone and radio to allow access and accept disclaimers. If it's still not working try another micro USB cable (some of the cheaper cables are for charging only). There is also a setting to enable/disable Android Auto in the radio's settings, but I would think this should be enabled by default after getting the update. All of the USB ports will work but I've heard people talk about only being able to use the USB port in the glove box, this is probably due to the quality or length of the USB cable they are using.
  11. Took about 45 minutes for mine. They said it all depends on how busy the GM servers are.
  12. The TSB only mentions adding Android Auto but I think it does flash an update for the entire infotainment system. Might just be me but some of the swiping gestures on the Intelilink screens seem much smoother - for example pulling the favorites bar up from the bottom or swiping to the second page of the home screen. The other thing I noticed is that the beeping for the parking sensors is considerably quieter, I can barely hear them going off now. These are the software versions my radio shows after the update: Software - 84089010 Gracenote - 23199236 Map - 23346621
  13. I'm at 3326, had the truck almost 3 months exactly. Got it on December 14th.
  14. GM Customer Care told me yesterday that they will be sending letters that have a coupon for the update starting March 7th for the people that took delivery before March 2nd. I did find a dealer that said they would do the update but that I must have the coupon or I would have to pay $100 for labor.
  15. Anyone else having trouble trying to get the Android Auto update? I've talked to four different "small town" dealers and all of them are giving me no good answers. When I bring up the bulletin they get very offensive about it and pretty much tell me to go away. I'm planning to call GMC customer care to hopefully get some answers and report those dealers for poor customer service.
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