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  1. Yeap. Been eyeballing it and gathering data. One thing I *did* find out that kind of deters me, is you loose all OnStar and MyChevrolet app access. Don't use OnStar, but DO use MyChevrolet almost every day.
  2. My 19 Custom was TERRIBLE on bumps. Especially so when cornering and hitting bumps. Bilsteins took care of that. Until the upgrade, I honestly felt unsafe driving my brand new truck. And I'm NOT a dramatic person Everyone complains about the Rancho shocks, but my current 21 RST Z71 feels MUCH more planted then my (stock) Custom did. Maybe things will change with a little more wear, but I haven't once felt unsafe in this truck.
  3. I have the same issue. Have to press the release button twice. Hasn't really bothered me enough to take it in.....Yet.
  4. Whatever's cheapest at the gas station whenever I'm running a quart or two low. KIDDING. I have free oil changes and inspections for life, so I use whatever the dealership puts in.
  5. Same experience here. Broken parts, terrible customer service. Had to dispute through Paypal to get any resolution. The SAD part is, Gator is the in-house brand for Realtruck and actually have decent stuff.
  6. Had mine since Oct. With the exception of the flashing backup camera when applying breaks, and the tailgate not unlatching the first time, everytime, mine's been solid.
  7. I don't. I think I used a stepper bit and just gradually increased until it fit snuggly. If I had to guess I'd say 1 1/4"
  8. Depends on the gauge. I used 16 gauge, which iirc, matched the wire on the outlet perfectly.
  9. Yes. I have a ground point near the fusebox that I have my dashcam grounded to. I just use that. But you can ground to the seat bolt if you wanted. It's right there.
  10. Can't remember the exact one, but there's plenty that are ACC. Just grab one of those. BUT! Keep in mind USB QC can draw up to (I think) 5 amps. So make sure you factor that in. I changed the fuse out with one 5 amps larger.
  11. Bench. And it wasn't too bad. About an hour of labor. Unbolted the seats, unbolted the jump seat, installed port, ran wires under passenger scuff plate to fuse box.
  12. Thanks! This pic is several months old and I've already gotten new shoes. ? And yes, I'm very happy with the step rails. They are Tyger Star Armor. Very sturdy and have held up well. ?
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