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  1. Fuel Vapors, indeed. -18 offset. No spacers. Rubbed a bit in full reverse lock on the very back of the mudflaps in the wheel well. An inch of trimming took care of that nicely.
  2. Cleaned and waxed her today and decided to take a couple pics.
  3. Got the two port QC receptacle from amazon and wired it directly to the fuse box.
  4. Negative. With my level (front and back) I'm now a bit taller than a stock Trailboss and I have no issues.
  5. Yes. The truck was leveled a month ago. 2" in the front and 2" blocks in the rear. The Billsteins added a bit of rake, but from what I understand, will settle. I actually like a little rake, so this doesn't bother me.
  6. Yes. 4x4. And they are much better! Rear end is much more planted and doesn't top the shocks out when going over a bump. (I have 2" blocks in the rear).
  7. -Swapped stock shocks for a set of Bilstein 5100s. -Painted my tow hooks. -Added thin blue line flag in support of the local officer that was killed here last week. (Officer Thyne).
  8. Man. Thanks a MILLION for your recommendation. Just put these on and WOW what a difference! Truck is MUCH more planted and no more hitting the bump stops. It’s like a whole different truck. Took like an hour in my driveway with a jack and jack stands.
  9. I went ahead and ordered these for my 19 Custom. Looking forward to a better ride!
  10. Looks like you've got an LD, any ideas if this'll work with a T1?
  11. Outstanding! Roughly what would something like that run?
  12. Any recommendations for rear (or both) shocks on my 19 4x4 Custom? This truck tends to get squirrely when going over bumps (especially around turns) unloaded. I’ve got a 2” block in the rear and it’s probably a good idea to get something with extended reach. I was considering the Bilstein 5100, but I don’t think those are out yet. Anything comparable? Pfa
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