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  1. newdude knows what he is talking about, he works at a GM dealership.
  2. It's not a dealer law it's called state inspection law. If the vehicle is a 5 or 6 etc passenger vehicle then the inspector doing the vehicle inspection is wanting to see the required seatbelts for each passenger based on the vehicle's passenger specs. If he removes the middle seatbelt and gets stopped in the HOV lane with a front bench seat trying to get around the requirements he will be in violation of the vehicle safety code from him removing the middle seatbelt. It's all in the VIN number. New Hampshire is the only state that doesn't require seatbelts so far.
  3. I with you on the rally strips I don't like them either. But as said there just Vinyl decals and can be removed and that might be one thing if you buy it have the dealer remove them based on the sale to you.
  4. Factory to factory rims not so much but factory to aftermarket yes. Aftermarket rims sometimes make it a hard resell on the used car lot because the person wanting to buy the truck on the lot may not like the rims that were put on and walk away that's why alot of people keep their factory rims and put them back on when they trade.
  5. I couldn't give 2 $hits about which one is faster in a drag race, I didn't buy my truck to drag race and could care a less.
  6. Sounds like the Automatic Transmission Manual Shift Shaft Position Switch is bad, the truck thinks its in gear not allowing it to turn over even though you have it in park or neutral.
  7. Throttle enhancers do nothing for HP they just re-index the throttle, let say you take off from a stop and push the pedal 3/8 down and you take off with a throttle enhancer that same take off will be something a 1/4 of the way down with the same take off from a stop making it them more sensitive and that's it. Now a tune your looking at big bucks and both WILL void your warranty.
  8. I have not seen driveshaft blow in person but it does happen. You take a balanced shaft that is balanced at a rpm built into the design and speed and run it out of those specs your at risk as a simple 1/4 oz weight turns into a 3lb weight don't remember the exact numbers and when you take the design out of the spec of the shaft it becomes out of balance and running it out of those specs the shaft will vibrate and come out before you can stop the truck, if you start to feel the vibration its to late. I have seen videos of vehicles on a dyno and the shaft exploded and came into the car blowing right through the floor. If you look at the safety requirements for a 1/4 mile drag car they all have to have the driveshaft loops installed for this reason.
  9. Your right about the front tires as IFS lifted suspensions seem to always eat front tires no matter how well there aligned most is due to most of the time people put aggressive tread tires on which are a softer compound rubber, I didnt have that problem running 42" Swampers because I had the solid front axle on my 87.
  10. I do the same thing but I don't hold it against the windshield I just put it in the recessed tray on top of the center dash.
  11. An H pipe or X pipe do nothing for sound they just balance the exhaust pressure. Just throw some quite mufflers on for the inspection then take them back off and wait for another ticket.
  12. It all depends on what you do with your truck. I had a 87 Silverado with 10" suspension lift and a 3" body lift running 42" Swampers but that truck didn't do interstate driving mostly around town and off-road running. Hauling and towing anything was a pain due to it being so high but I loved it back then but after a few years I returned the truck back to stock (I saved all my suspension parts bolt parts truck had leaf springs in the front) to make it more practical. I broke a few parts during that time but I knew I was going to sooner or later. Two things to think about is that high of a lift you can not return it back to stock due to factory brackets have to be cut off to install the lift kit parts and the other thing is if you ever get tired of the truck and want to sell it alot to most people wont want it due to the lift and people don't want to deal with it and have a bad rep of being abused.
  13. Very true Grump as a lot of people fall for this crap. More air flow means more dirt into the engine thats why they tell you to spray the oil onto the filter to help trap some of the dirt. K&N started out in desert racing many many years ago yeah they came up with the product for more air flow to there desert racer and didn't care about less filtration into the motor because that motor got torn down and rebuilt after every race. Alot of people get caught up in there marketing hype.
  14. Yep I had the Thrush with duel exhaust on my 75 Impala, 350 4bbl turbo 350 trans with a B&M shift kit. I believe it was the first year for the cats well it came off when the duels and headers were put on. If I remember right the hush thrush was the oval muffler and the thrush was the straight through muffler. Man I miss those days the 4bbl opened and the duels blowing out under the rear bumper. Nothing like the sweet sound of a 4bbl. I believe I bought it in 1980 and I got it for 1500 bucks with something like 60,000 miles on it. Quick story had a friend of mine one day in his 72 Chevelle in front of me as we got onto the highway off an entrance ramp he took off and I jumped to the middle lane running beside keeping up with him with just the 2bbl open as I could feel in the pedal where the 4bbl would open I let him have the 4bbl and walked past him, saw him the next day and he said "man I thought I had you till I heard the 4bbl open up.
  15. Thats is what they want, they want to keep raising the price of all fossil fuels to where the price is so high that it will make their green energy look better. Why do you think that they want to shut down the pipelines from Canada to Michigan and the stop build of the Keystone XL line? To drive fossil fuel prices up to make electric power which were not ready for look good and people will fall for it. This country is the laughing stock of the world right now and it's a shame.
  16. These threads are funny, same people that don't want onstar tracking them are the same people with a cell phone that can be tracked, unreal where do these people come from? Don't people realize that there radio waves around you 24-7 no matter where you go? I could say alot more but ill get in trouble.
  17. The dealer will know what you did to make the coating fall off. The problem your going to have now is that PB Blaster penetrates metal (soaks in) and you will have to get that area very clean for any spray undercoating you apply to stick to the metal. Brakeclean may work on a rag and wipe the area down real good and even if and I mean if the dealer fixes it it will just come back off due to the PB Blaster soaked into the metal. I don't know why people worry about frame surface rust, as said the body and truck will be long gone and in the scrap yard before the frame rots in half.
  18. All this truck needs now is a big wing on the back and a bunch of stickers on the body then it will fit right in for the ricer crowd.
  19. Yes your warranty will be gone on engine and power train related issues also emission's Putting headers on will not gain you anything unless you spend your time at WOT or in the upper rpm range.
  20. HAHAHA dont beat yourself up to bad we all do dumb $hit from time to time. When I do it I just call myself a dumb F"er and move on.
  21. Just was what I was going to say, just tell them it came off going down the road and I would bet they will replace the grill under warranty.
  22. The shocks are the least of your concern with that lift and no front diff drop the CV axles wont last long as your angles will be really bad.
  23. Your 100% correct, I have been through the wiper blade replacement detail with just about all brands out there and the OEM was the best replacement and about the same price maybe a few dollars more as the others but OEM blades are cheaper in the long run. I can get about 1.5 to 2 years out of OEM blades where the others ill get about 6-8 months out of the aftermarket blades no matter what brand. Also the aftermarket blades you will get that flip flop sound when the wipers change direction, OEM you cant hear them.
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