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  1. customboss


    Equivocate much? Which one has tried to overtly overthrow the constitution and stop the electoral certification on Jan 6? Here's the deal, I am conservative but know a wanker of a fraud that wanted to be re-elected AT ANY COST, when I see one. If you believe that the election fraud lie after 62 law suits and each states AG certified that the studdering Brandon one won, well you are thick. And a minority. The lies need to stop and party or ideology be damned when it causes our country to nearly be thrown into a constitutional crisis. Try informing ourselves to truth not BS. Unless we collectively want an authoritarian US. I fought for THE US constitution, no man, no BS, no party. Congress is responsible for not holding Presidents accountable and the Executive is not over arching vs Legislative and Judicial branches. No matter what we might believe and hear on miss-information driven media. Why mention all this in a gas prices thread, because the believers in the BIG LIE keep slipping in your missinfo every chance you get, so here's a different idea. TRUTH.
  2. customboss


    Ah ok Bro. Deficit and Debt two different things. The ignorant neo populist facist views that are accepted now online via misinfo are powerful brainwashing. What ruined real honest conservatism.
  3. customboss


    You made my point. It’s not the president that makes any meaningful effect. Congress does. The Brandon comment is for the OP changing his handle to FJB =F JOE BIDEN.
  4. Unless you test you guess. Opinion isn't science and experience is anecdotal but reality for us little people. Be careful using past experience as a guide to these newer IC engines because they are severely stressed and using that 40% cooling the engine oil provides to the system as a lifeline. Many of us posting are 60 YO and older. Our engines experience is half pre unleaded fuels, pre EGR, mostly PCV, pre catalyst, pre DPF and soon GPF. Changing your oil so its clean is a wonderful thing but it WILL mask problems that these critical IC engines and advanced transmissions have that might be corrected early instead of later. I am not telling anyone what to do, just sharing R&D level experience of testing IC engines since 1980 to today. Grumpy Bears 2.4L rings stuck because he did everything right and the engine was OVER fueling diluting oil , nitrating, acidify, and carboning up the rings and valves. Had nothing to do with changing out the oil or frequency or quality of oil. That engine design was asked to do a lot and it can do it if its clean internally. Fuels being pumped in to cool the cylinder, light the catalytic converter, and still properly vent and regurgitate EGR gases is a fine line. The ring design is NOT the cause its a symptom. Grumpy tests and learns and is not going to be caught again with this situation. GM could have done a better job ventilating this engine but you get one plug, coils, or injector not perfect and these engines will load as we saw in observation and analysis. I have had customers over the years and even myself running the 2.4L with NO problems but oil analysis caught a bad plug, cam phaser solenoid, coil pack, loaded air filter, PCV clogged, Emissions vent system causing a sensed lean and adding more fuel needlessly all........ BEFORE MIL code ever set if it would at all.
  5. That engine design should not use a drop of engine oil. Since it did and is the factory fill you need to change most likely based on your comments and replace with a higher quality oil. Especially towing. Your LOW RPM hard pulls up mountains would have seated the rings really well. Remember the OLM is an algorithmic calculation with only temp,cycle,fuel usage calculations as sensing. Its a good guess based on GM engine testing, teardown, oil analysis, etc. Not a direct sensing system. Enjoy!
  6. customboss


    Good news that will counter fuel price rise for taxpayers. Today's CBO report projects that the deficit this year will fall by $1.7 trillion- the single largest nominal reduction in the federal deficit in American history. As a real fiscal conservative I’m wondering why aren’t we hearing this? Maybe Brandon ain’t so bad in reality? https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/briefing-room/2022/05/25/statement-from-omb-director-shalanda-young-on-congressional-budget-office-report-projecting-historic-deficit-reduction/
  7. We have large aggressive voles up here and they are our natural drainage and venting off of water into this arid ground. Moles in that Cape Fear River drainage are probably making it naturally more flood resistant.
  8. customboss


    Gas prices here dropping a few cents. I paid 4.08/gal for Maverik E15 which up here is 87 octane but the L3B seems to like it. Like that option when 85 octane regular is $4.16 yesterday. For all the talk about the L3B 2.7L Turbo its a fuel sipper in a full size truck with factory lift. No wind, driven right you can get 26+ mpg avg on hwy @60 -65 mph. Being in boost towing or hauling a heavy load it might be 11 mpg per one of our fellas posting on the 2.7 thread. I don't tow so its not player.
  9. customboss


    Because 60% of current inflation is driven by oligopolies and monopolies raising prices because they can. So 60% of US inflation is greed driven across industries. Look at baby formula issue, that had 3 -4 major players controlling 95% of the business. One gets shut down because of unsafe product and boom we are in a crisis. The" just in time" supply line and days of a few major players controlling an industry would not be taking place if both US political parties did what we did in late 1800's and early 1900's by busting up the monopolies so they have to COMPETE in a balanced MARKET.
  10. I lived in a 2014 Thor 22' dually Chevy 2500/3500 chassis with 6.0L V8. For an unemployable disabled vet it was perfect but cramped indeed since everything I owned as loaded. I was able to see the West US on the ground since I had flown everywhere in world by then. I could urinate and make coffee, without being locked behind a cockpit door what a life! LOL
  11. By 0300 precip ended was 25F. Overcast and foggy here. We’ll hit 45 today. Snow was evaporating early this am. We might have gotten 6”.
  12. We are tail of that and maybe have 6 inches so far but thats better than nothing. I am just gonna wait until it heats up and melts off. Wet fresh snow doesn't stop the Trail Boss 4 popper. Ice well thats a different story for the Good Year Duratracs if I get centered....LOL
  13. I was an Amsoil ( among others) contract independent lab and failure analyst for 25 years. My business was independent not tied to Amsoil or any other entity. Independent tribological legal expert witness for 30 years. Never was on losing side of a case. I never saw Amsoil products cause a problem. I also used oil analysis to garner warrantied repairs of OEM products out of warranty when they blamed other products failure causality. I have seen Amsoil step in and cover a customer to ease the burden of a difficult situation. I have seen many OEM's blame lubricants and fuels for their own weaknesses in engineering or execution, or dealer miss steps and throw shade on customer and whatever product they choose to use. Since GM bankruptcy and reorganization they have indemnified themselves over what they used to cover and so reading fine print a good idea in a serious issue. A good progressive dealer is a benefit if he or she sees you do good maintenance and care. Finding one you can trust and who wants your business is another story. Sadly. Even Magnussen Moss has to be deliberated like any law. But it's there and most dishonest dealers or repair places will back off once engaged if proved wrong. Retired now for 2+ years but thats my experience with Amsoil products.
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