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  1. Not misleading anyone and done attempting to explain my points to you. You just want to see, read, hear yourself on the internet banging a gong with half questions and internet trolling. I am done with entertaining you and your ilk. "Showing your work" is bloviating about R&D level things you learned on the fly on the internet. I thought I could engage and trust you. I was wrong. You are a internet troll and bully. You also have little expertise to share about oil analysis which is the single most effective tool for the average Joe to see what is going on in near real time in our engines. Stick with what you know. Be careful assuming all you currently do. Find another info source to manipulate I am done.
  2. What do SPARK engines run on in US predominantly? You said it......
  3. Same, dry and gonna be a fire season I am afraid like no other since 2018.
  4. I base it on 40+ years of OEM and independent engine test cell observance, backed with emissions bags, oil analysis, and then engine teardown R&D testing BOTH compression and IC spark engines for deposits formation. Our fuels HAVE NOT kept up with EGR, DI, aftertreatment, and turbo and supercharging our computer controlled engines.
  5. As I have told you over and over the best you will see with flex fuel programming with this engine is lack of a MIL code for >50% ethanol density detected. Unless you can reset all this for free save your $$ and drive with a MIL code set. The efficiency of the engine to burn higher ethanol content will not change enough to cost benefit you.
  6. At least I restored the love between Grumpy Bear and KARNUT. You both have a new common target. 🫡
  7. Indeed. Last night. .001” equivalent rain converted from dusting. We are gonna burn this spring I fear.
  8. Your Daughter called you "Brother"? If so you got other issues. See quote above......NO I DID NOT SAY THAT. ISO certification by a third party like Bureau Vertias and others ensures consistent results that match consistent results that meet standards. Automation and modern test protocols and equipment takes most of the expertise out of the equation. ITS NOT LIKE WORKING IN A MACHINE SHOP or WELDING both work skills I demonstrated too. So whats that got to do with high throughput oil analysis labs people here consider using, NOTHING. Setting up the automated machines and prepping the samples TO A STANDARD CONSISTENTLY is what that third party checks. Most high throughput oil analysis labs DO NOT meet those third party confirmed standards. Let alone have updated machines. Nicks does with his specific service. You are mixing up things like scripture with excellent workmanship and degreed credentialed bias from work you did years ago. Distractions my friend to make YOUR POV OPINION. You preach to the choir and lecture the reader about things that are coupled together that frankly you have nothing to offer except uninformed commentary. You never worked in a high throughput lab, you never got a degree in chemistry or chem engineering or lead any lab from what I can tell because of your need to puff yourself up, probably attacking yoiur fellow workers and even here reflects that hard to deal with personality. Your random commentary is fine but not when it harms someone trying to make a good living. Thats SyntheticAdvantage and Black02Silverado. Bully somewhere else and remember with AI of today everything you post here on this PUBLIC WEBSITE will be correlated into these AI bots and will be added to that mix of AI junk. I am aware of that and careful what I post here for that reason.
  9. Grumpy respectfully when's the last time you worked at or ran an automotive lubricant analysis lab that is high thoughput? 1000 samples a day of different units not one blending lab for a particular additive or base? You keep disparaging ( hopefully because you dislike my commentary and want to make a point) Nicks Service based on its marketing name. Why do you do that? You remember I am retired but retired in 2020. You remember I have a degree in aeronautical engineering but worked at Cummins WITHOUT A DEGREE IN CHEM ENGINEERING but did the leadership and science work becasue of USN and US Army training and experience? Who cares what you are impressed with? What most folks want is affordable science when it comes to oil analysis for their truck. If that raw lab data is ISO certified its a good thing. One with an active certification provided by a third certification party. Attack me but don't attack Nicks @Black02Silverado livelihood and site sponsorship just because I have consulted for him periodically or maybe taught him along the way. He's way to kind to the disrepect you keep pumping out. Hopefully inadvertantly. You don't take public correction well and seem to like to use lots of words to make your point. Next time we meet you buy at Cracker Barrel and I want the Clark Bar too. You weren't an A-HOLE in person don't be one online. Aquired taste eh?
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