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  1. Mickey, I understand what you wrote 5 X 5 ( that's loud and clear for the non military types reading this). What you or I think about demonstrable fact doesn't change the fact. Let's use the example of a bullet aimed at my head. I may believe, honestly believe, I can stop it, avoid it, will it away because of strong belief, ........ before it damages my cranium contents but once that trigger is factually pulled and the pin hits the case the projectile will be propelled at high enough velocity that the soft tissue claiming not to believe this is happening is shattered and split. I believe a lot of things about a lot of things, but in combat I saw really smart, tough, people get shattered because of physics. Opinions and belief didn't change physics.
  2. Humbly and respectfully thats total relativistic pap. Next time you believe that you can jump out of a plane without a parachute report back on how the ride was. Mixing fact with opinion seems to be somewhat convenient in isolation and thats true for many of a certain age and education level. Frankly believing what you wrote makes you very vulnerable to misinformation and a perfect target of the authoritarians who will convince you all is lost unless you give up. Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical engineering don't care what we THINK about proven facts. Theories, theorems, informed assumptions are like tools to work problems without complete knowledge, factual proven repeatable foundational knowledge. I agree there is grey areas in the world for sure but we know a lot and just because I might not understand it doesn't mean I can grow a parachute on the long drop.
  3. I digress: There's a common idea being spouted among many with a keyboard, (at least in US and more authoritarian leaning countries) that facts change with opinion or forceful defense of an opinion. As misinformation becomes harder to discern from factual based commentary the thought that the convincing powerful poster shares facts arguing them changes that fact or truth. I shared elsewhere the quote from Goebbels, Hitlers master of disinformation. Saying or writing something often enough does not make it factual or truthful. Facts are facts at least when we speak about science. There is a MISUNDERSTANDING that commenting online or in media changes facts. They don't change. Regardless of what anyone of us thinks. Debate is a great thing, sadly seems that changed in education in US about 30 years ago when no feelings need be hurt. None of us is the holder of all facts. Doesn't hurt my feelings to be wrong because my GOAL IS NOT TO WIN AN ARGUMENT ON A WEBPAGE OR BOARD ITS TO HELP INFORM AND LEARN FROM MY FELLOW GM TRUCK OWNERS SO THEY AND I CAN enjoy a better experience with affordable tough long running tools called GM TRUCKS. In physics, chemistry, and most of the time in mechanical engineering you can disagree but be spitting into the wind. Advertising was mixed with science and fact since the industrial revolution and with mass communication of BS its sorely confusing the masses. I am like Grumpy and others here who could give a flip about branding, we want the best bang for the hard earned buck! Thanks to everyone here sharing with that goal.
  4. If additive falls out of suspension thats not good. In modern days and it rarely happens,.... it may be contaminated with water most likely at a very low but damaging level. Shell and Chevron have seen those issues in the past 10 years at times but pulled all the product off the shelf once they figured it out. If dye then that would make sense. Dye and odorants are used to distinguish and mask formulations. Dye is like the most expensive component in a given lubricant. No ******! XOM is a monolithic company and their additive company co owned by SHELL, yes that Rotella, Pennzoil Shell, is called Infineum and they do not make crap additives or formulations that are defective. Worked closely over the years with them ( former Paramins additive company). Top notch. If XOM lubricants caused an issue I'd like to dig into that! Most likely its the lack of quality at Daimler Benz. Sadly. There are fake oils being sold and if its not sealed I wouldn't buy it.
  5. Amen, been screaming about this to even OEM's for 40+ years; A "Feel Good" report generated from low grade or incomplete testing not only isn't helpful...it's misleading.
  6. Or be marketed to by " entrenched interests that advert there". Why I departed that place 10 years ago. When I met fellow professionals in the lubes and fuels field they would give me hell about how they went there to promote their products as a normal poster. That was all I needed to leave a site I help found.
  7. XOM makes/blends the ACDELCO Dexos D 0w20 under contract and I suspect both are the same chemistry. The green color is a dye. Not functional. The engine was designed for low dynamic vis to operate properly. It does not need a heavy minimum operating film thickness to function correctly. HTHS testing has limits for that in diesels and Dexos D can be as low as 2.6 . In other words more viscosity is just a drag on the design. For instance FK4 spec for fuel efficiency on HD engines allows 2.9 at 0w-30 grade. CK4 requires 3.5 min. Overkill and potentially needless heat holding viscosity dynamically. I have tested both the Mobil made AC Dexos D 0w20 and Amsoil DP 0w20. I saw better results with the Amsoil DP 0w20 product. Discussed elsewhere on this site were a couple of oil analysis results on newer 3.0 diesels and the Amsoil results I have interpreted improved wear, soot handling, also lower fuels dilution vs the AC Delco product. I suspect from the chemical make up of the Amsoil they are using some bio synthetic base oils to exceed the standard while XOM is relying on synthetic to meet the Dexos D spec. That bio component can solve out soot that the filter and engine oil cannot disperse. CK4 and CJ4 have limits on deposit forming and DPF killing organometallic additives that will sinter into your DPF ruining its ability to clean up. Like welding metals into your ceramic DPF substructure. Sulfated ash testing is how they judge the metals in the oil additives limit. See CK4 limits. GM specs Dexos D 0w20 to a limit of 0.8% max sulfated ash. For the DPF not to be permanently damaged. Most likely the Delvac 1 5w-30 qt you added has 1.0% of what would test as sulfated ash and most likely blows through the phos and sulfur limits so I do not recommend that being used consistently. Understand you needed a top off and its a great oil but if you are using any oil that chemistry will sinter into the DPF. Frequent regen cycles are usually a sign of issues with the DPF not cleaning up enough. @4200 miles complaining about excess sound on this engine is subjective but I am betting its fuel related not engine oil. I do applaud you for pulling a oil sample and get a lab that does KF water testing and GC fuels with a full battery of FTIR work or you are flying blind.
  8. Thanks to newdude I can share the attached. ENGINE VERIFICATION LABEL REFERENCE.pdf
  9. Not sure why one needs the 10 speed, so far 8 speed flawless. Early days maybe but the Dexos HP most likely will solve most issues.
  10. Love this 2.7 thing at 246 miles. Installed poor man’s bedliner today.
  11. If me I would change the air filter out to be safe and get optimum air flow to lower soot and fuels dilute. In 9400 miles in NJ roads, especially urban or turnpike you are going to have more dust and grit in that air filter, especially in a turbo-ed diesel/compression engine. To prove that theory above your oil analysis results pull the old filter hold dirty side over black felt and tap. Look at trash in black felt. Get best quality fuel you can and follow up analysis again to see if it makes a change, if not enough change oil brand to Amsoil DP 0w20 to attack from oil side. Black02Silverado is your best contact for Amsoil at a great price for us members here.
  12. Raymond, sadly the Polaris labs analysts ( thats most labs) you'll speak to are not up to task about engines analysis. Anyone who can interpret properly is old, retired, or under NDA from their employer not to speak. Or they are like Blackstone labs and give you "feel good " info thats not actionable. For years I tried to offer oil analysis to consumers but very few were willing to pay for actionable informative oil analysis. I'm retired so I don't want to be interpreting every sample someone pulls here but suffice it to say your engine is not going to blow up, you don't need to dump the truck! We just need to help you tighten up the regimen and optimize it. It's still wearing-in to an analytical degree but that result tells me it needs so attention. Trends and statistical analysis are for not knowing about what something should be. If you KNOW what certain metallurgy should look like with certain lubes and fuels you can see where a unit ought to be in 1 analysis, then act on that and follow up to confirm we didn't miss something. When I did forensic expert witness work I many times had one sample to work with. I never lost a court case because of my interpretation of even the oppositions data. I loved interpreting their own in house info. I also had forensic mechanics tear down engines that had issues and withheld that info until AFTER I offered the interpretation of the oil and most of time I was spot on. Thanks to the USN and US Army for excellent training then 38 years of doing the science. Anyone want to buy my domain name and IP let me know. I wish someone would before I pass and its lost. Also Raymond when you sampled had it just regenerated the DPF ?
  13. TY to newdude who really helped me out with engine id plate etc. Looks like mine is a J21 engineering code and J22 will be 2022 HO engine but I am not disappointed because I can literally start a slow climb at 7000' elevation moving up 2000' to 9000' via winding gravel road in 8th gear @ 25 mph or so and accelerate on the lug ( 1500 rpm or so,....... if this 2.7T is 348 ft lbs TQ man it kicks ass. Its not noisy at all and does not clatter etc.
  14. No Sir I did not think you meant run bypass without full flow, wasn't answering as if you did. Was explaining what I have tested and observed take place. I assume very little when it comes to engineering my friend. Amsoil bypass systems are made by a contractor that makes bypass filters so its not really amsoil per se as I understand filtration. If that is what you are asking? PALL corp makes a lot of bypass and very fine filtering and yes in a system that needs tight filtering it can work well. Hydraulics and servos critical, engines not normally. For an IC engine its not generally needed unless the engine produces a lot of insolubles or really crappy alloys! Modern engines, even compression engines, all run with EGR ( now run via valve system mostly) re-burn/regurgitate so much of that insoluble IMHO bypass is overkill or a waste. The engine oil is being used as a liquid filter/solvent to a degree. I saw 0.5 um on PW jet engines but they had labyrinth seals that relied on liquid seal to ensure hot gasses staid on turbine side and oil was on other side. Literally liquid stabilized seals. I think GE and RR now use 1 um seals that are traditional on accessory drive on turbo jets as well as power shafts. Hope that helps!
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